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Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter: Episode 2 Live Recap

Episode 2 Recap Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter
I am ready to see this story deepen a bit more into the peculiarities of these gods and fairies. I’m still on the fence as to whether I will like this show or not, but at least it isn’t making me stressed.

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Character Chart: Mama Fairy Shorthand

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We open in the past. The woodcutter and the fairy had two kids. They both hugged their papa happily as he went off into the woods. The fairy stopped him and gave him her shall to wear to keep him warm. He warmed his hands and put them on her cheek.

VO – My husband left saying, I will be back soon, but he never came back and time passed.

Ok-nam is halmoni Ok-nam now and is walking around Geum’s house. He is happy to let her stay there. But when she picks up a flower, it turns back into a healthy plant and she turns younger again. He asks her how she did that, this flower was dying. I don’t believe it but…barista halmoni, are you a 9-tailed- NONONONO forget about what I said! I was joking!

She pleasantly tells him that she is a fairy. He accepts it…ah…a fairy. The butterfly hair and the transparent clothing. A fairy?

Meanwhile, Yi-hyun is sleeping and having a dream where he floats with a lot of pretty fairies. He smiles as he dreams about it. But then he gets awoken by Geum. he annoyingly tells him that he does not want ramen, he just wants to sleep. But Geum just happily asks him if he can sleep there. he makes his bed on the floor next to Yi-hyun’s.

He also fills him in on the fairy using his place. Yi-hyun tells him that he also dreamed about fairies.

They turn off the lights and lay for bed. But Geum starts to ask him about that person he said was a 9-tailed fox…she is actually a fairy. But Yi-hyun is already asleep.

In the other place, Ok-nam is young and tells her cat daughter that she likes that boy, he is a good person. Her daughter turns into a person again and asks if they can just stay there. Then she unscrolls a scroll that has an image of a laptop on it and grabs the laptop from it. Then she starts to write.

there was a noble man that was approached by a common man that was super smelly. He gave the noble some fish that he caught and their hands touched. The daughter starts to smile and her whiskers grow. She keeps trying her story happily.

Meanwhile, Ok-nam says that the man world and the sky world need to maintain their laws of physics and she hopes her husband recovers his memory soon.

Yi-hying wakes up happily, another night of sleeping well. Then he goes to the bathroom. But he gets a fright before using it.

Cut to Jeom-soon telling her mother that she went downstairs without telling her. She didn’t do anything but she couldn’t flush.

Yi-hyun is in the bathroom freaking out about the poop in the toilet (I guess it was poop). He runs off.
Jeom tells her she couldn’t help it, she ate a lot last night.

At the same time, Yi-hyun tries to eat curry for breakfast but it is all gone. He wonders why Geum ate that much and pooped without flushing, is he declaring war on me?

Upstairs, Ok-nam tells her daughter that not flushing is a big problem and we dont actually know if Yi-hyun is your father or not. let’s pack, we will not go downstairs again.

the house god, Bong-dae is at her coffee shop playing a game again. Ok-nam and Jeom-soon show up. Bong-dae asks them where they slept last night and tells them that she has a place where they could sleep. She takes them to her wharehouse. Ok-nam thinks there are 4 walls so it is nice. But it is actually just a dusty warehouse.

Bong-dae tells her that she is the house god, step out. Then she does a bit of magic with a brick and says it is all ready. They open the door again and step past a few doors that weren’t there before and into a very spacious and lovely house.

Meanwhile, Yi-hyun talks to Geum about what in the world he is doing in his house. YH is at work and Geum is at home looking at the plants in his room, they are all lively and lovely with blossoms all around. Then Ok-nam shows up so Geum gets off the phone with Yi-hyun to talk to her. But YH thinks this means that their war really started!

he goes to his office that he shares with two other people. They talk about how Geum went to get something for a woman so he is not there now. Yi-hyun wonders, what? he got a present for a woman? Did he really bring a woman home?

Cut to Geum giving Ok-nam a present. he says she did not look like she had comfortable clothing. He gives her ajumma clothing (lol). She happily puts it on and says that she never wore something like this, it is so stretchy! She puts it on in front of him so he has to turn his head quickly, but when he turns back she is her younger self and sporting a huge smile.

Later on, Yi-hyun gets hom and tells Geum not to hide a woman int heir house. But even so, I don’t really care about that as much as you coming to the lab so come to the lab. Geum plays with him a little and then goes back to his room to sleep. Yi-hyun calls him jashik and mutters that he should just sleep in his room again tonight so he can sleep without nightmares.

He goes to sleep and wakes up in his dream. But it is a nightmare where he sees crows. So he wakes up in his dream, but he is still dreaming and sees three devil looking ghosts over his bed. He starts to think that there should be a scientific explanation for this nightmare! Why can’t I move my body!
Cut to Yi-hyun and Geum walking to work and stop to get their coffee as normal. But Ok-nam is there to give them their coffee instead of Bong-dae. She tells them that she will make coffee there from now on, don’t worry and just order what you want to order. Here is our new menu.

She gives them a menu scroll that is exactly the same as her old menu. Yi-hyun thinks that menu is so embarrassed to say out loud. But he orders the same thing that geum does.

They get their coffee but it has a leaf in it to keep him from drinking it too fast. YH asks if she thinks he is that kind of person that drinks things too fast and gets indigestion? She says yes and we are sent into a memory of her husband drinking too quickly and coughing.

Geum asks if he can have a leaf in his coffee too, fairy? She happily gives him one as well. They both walk off with YH wondering if something is wrong with all of this and Geum and just everything. But then Ok-nam shows up and asks if she can speak to him at 7pm (but she says seul which is old fashioned between 7-9pm).

Yi-hyun is all like, what, seul? What time is that? Seul-shi? he looks at her and sees that she turned back into a younger woman. He is stunned.

In the offices, Geum takes his coffee back to the lab office. But the smell wakes up the hard working lab students like they are zombies. THEY WANT THAT COFFEE. IT SMELLS SO GOOD. He guards his coffee and tells them to go away and get their own. They turn back to normal and tells thm that this coffee is like medicine, is it that same place? Geum says it is the same place, but they have a new barista.

Meanwhile, Yi-hyun goes to his other office and wonders why he sees Ok-nam as a young woman. But he can’t figure it out so he drinks a sip of his coffee and falls directly to sleep. He is immediately sent into another nightmare where there is a little boy (maybe him?) who is banging against a door to be let in or out of somewhere.

he wakes up suddenly and sees that he slept for 30 minutes! He quickly walks to the lab which is just right next door to his desk and starts to look into his coffee scientifically. Geum asks him what he is doing so YH tells him some science talk about a bug. This bug can make you weak and sleep all the time.

He looks under the microscope to find this bug, but he does not see it. His team goes to sit back at their desk and think that YH is some obsessed with parasite person. Then they start to talk about why YH never dates. However, YH thinks that something is in that coffee.

He calls someone else to see if they can analyze the coffee.

Elsewhere, jeom-soon goes to a cafe somewhere to use their free wifi, only their wifi is not free. So she can’t do what she wants to do. Her anger grows and her whiskers come out.
On campus, YH tells his friend Ham-sook about the coffee and how he can sleep well now and how he has a dream like nightmare. She is not that impressed or interested. But YH tells her that the woman that makes this is a young woman fairy and a Halmoni. She asks if he thinks this coffee has a hallucinogen or something?

She starts to draw a house and says that the subconcious is in a basement. You have the scary moments and moments that you do not want to face in the basement and lock it so no one will want to see it. He asks if she thinks that his subconcious has a problem? She says that everyone has some kind of problem, but you put it in the basement and don’t tell anyone, that is why your subconcious comes out in your dream. Perhaps that woman is knocking on your basement door.

Elsewhere, Ok-nam is in the house that the House God made. She is making cute things for her home where she can hang items. She hangs a plant in the item as well as her hair items. Then she prays and the plant grows to a full size plant with traveling stems.

Park and Oh hang out outside together. Oh is reading a supe old magazine and falls asleep. They both wonder if something happened to Ok-nam. Goo shows up and says that nothing happened to her, we would haev goten word if something did. No word means that she is doing great. Park tells Goo to get his bird friend to find out. Do you not have any bird friends? Theys tart to argue about Goo not having any friends.

Goo gets angry and asks him if he does not want to be his friend anymore! Oh gets into it as well but asks them why they fight so much, are you getting menopausal in your old age? Park tells her that he is a god so he can’t get menopausal. he does not age. Oh tells them both that they are fine, if Ok-nam dies than we will know. If people forget about us then we will dissapear. Look at those trees!

The trees are all shriveling up. Oh wants to go to Seoul to see Ok-nam. The mountain god is a bit concerned because he does not know Seoul language. Oh tells him to just go get his passport. Then she comments about how he probably has a parasite in his brain.
Geum runs into Jeom-soon on the street. She is a cat wearing a little backpack. He tells her that she is Geom, right? DO you need wifi? Are you writing a novel? I love novels. Who is the main person? A cat? Cut to them both eating on a bench. She is still a cat. geum asks her what Seonyo (fairy) likes. You like sausage, so what does Seonyo like? A peach? Ah, she likes peaches, that fits her well. She is a fairy and likes peaches.

But the cat meows for the password so Geum gives it to her on a postit and sticks it to her fur. She happily walks off.

Meanwhile, Ham-sook walks to the coffee shop. She asks for the best seller which is “little birds breakfast.” Ok-nam starts to make it. Both woman check out each other on the sligh. But nothing comes of it as HS gets her coffee and ends up leaving just as Bong-dae shows up. Bong dae asks if anything happened and then revels in the idea of having a coffee.

She happily sips it from a bowl sized cup and exclaims that her coffee is the best. Then seh gets back to surfing the internet for a game to play. Ok-nam asks her some questions about humans. BD tells her that humans have human lives, they are busy with their lives unlike you who have only waitied for her husband. But don’t be discouraged, we have a rumor that your husabnd is someone who never dated (like a 40 year old virgin).

Cut to Yi-hyun drinking in his office.

At the same time, jeom-soon goes home upset that she changes from a cat to a human to easily in Seoul. Her mother tells her that she is half god so she needs to practice using her powers more to maintain them. Ok-nam asks her if she transformed into a tiger? Jeom tells her no so her mother tells her no drinking.

Then she shows her the hanging basket she made for her. The daughter goes over there and changes the baskets into furry hanging basket that look like tiger fur. Then they start to talk about Geum. He can read her mind as a cat. It is a strange ability for a human to have.

Umma tells her that she has to go somewhere with her mother. Jeom complains that she just got home, she does not want to go out right now. Cut to them walking the street. Jeom tells her mother that everyon is looking at her, it is kind of embarrassing. Her mom tell sher that she is also a little embarrassed with these clothes, but it is nive to have a bit of distance from people.

They go to the place they were looking for, a salon. Ok-nam tells them that she would like something pretty (but she says to use something before shampoo was made). The hair dressers tell her that she shuold get a perm like a lot of halmoni’s now. But Ok-nam says that she just wants her hair washed and braided please.

But the daughter wants something fabulous and points to an image on the wall of a woman with very big fabulous hair. Ok-nam starts to get her hair washed, but she actually starts to washi her own hair laying in the chair (lol). Afterward, they both leave with their hairdo’s but Ok-nam wants to help them help her pay for the hair. But they manage to pay.

The daughter got lion hair instead of tiger hair. She says it is cool, she will be a lion in the next life! Ok-nam tells her that she feels so happy to go to a hair salon. She turns into a younger woman when she thinks about her old husband. Her and her daughter hold hands and walk away.
Geum is working at the computer as one of the lab workers comes up to him and asks about his look and if he really has a woman? He needs to care about his OTD: the outfit of today. They talk back and forth about dating for a minute. But that makes Geum think about ok-nam. He remembers that she likes peaches so he looks for a place to purchase them. He also looks up what time “Seul-shi” is.

In the hallway, Yi-hyun is approached by a student. He asks what time Seul-shi is and what time should he arrive? 7 or 8? Why is it a two hour term? But it is almost 7 so he leaves right away as the student mutters that he is so handsome.

He goes to the coffee shop, but Geun is already there. Geum tells her that she is pretty and looks different. Ok-nam tells him that she went to the hair salon so he continues to tell her that she looks very nice.

Yi-hyun wonders what is going on, but gets scared by Jeom as a cat and yells, which alerts everyone that he is there. Yi-hyun comes to the booth so Ok-nam asks Geum to come tomorrow, he will make something nice for him. Geum is bummed, but he leaves. Cat Jeom trots off with him.

Ok-nam closes the cafe and them talks to Yi-hyun. She tells him that her name is Tang Nam Song Star Sun Ok Nam. He says that his name is Jung Yi-hyun. Did you only want to ask me my name? She tells him that she will tell him a story, he will think that she is a strange woman.

VO – A long time ago, there was a poor woodcutter. He lived day to day.

But her story is interrupted by Yi-hyun. Aren’t we talking about names? She tells him that she is setting the scene.

VO – Anyway, one day the woodcutter was cutting a tree early in the morning and saw a deer running away. The deer spoke to him and says to save him from the hunter.

Wait, a deer can speak?

VO – He just hid and told the hunter that the deer went that way. The hunter ran off. The deer showed the waterfall where faries take baths that live in the sky.

ON – Here is the question, describe how you felt in 50 words……

He just stares.

ON – Doesn’t this remind you of anything?

YH – I don’t know, something bothers me.

She moves in closer to him.

ON – What is that?

YH – Well….the deer can speak, that bothers me.

ON falls to the floor, disappointed. Then she pulls something out from under her dress. It is in a pouch so she gives it to YH and asks him if this reminds him of anything?

VO – That day I put a hankerchief on his neck, and that day I saw womething on a tree. I knew who put it there but I could not confirm it.

ON – Have you seen that perfume bag?

YH – I don’t think so, I’m sorry, I don’t think I am the person you are looking for. But I have a question. How do you change from Halmoni to a young woman like at the water fall pond?

But she has actually changed to a young woman right now (he does not seem to notice). He says that he knows it is nonsense, but you changed your form in front of me. And this morning I saw you like that as well. You had a hairdo that looked like a butterfly and had butterfly clothes. What is your identity.

VO – He is not like a normal person, he is like a god.

He continues asking her if she put a hallucinogen on him. She asks if he really doesn’t remember anything? She movs in and grabs his hands. Then she puts his hands on her face. he tries to pull them back but she keeps them there for a moment.

Flashback to when he did that same thing the last tme they saw each other. She tells him to think about it one more time. Plum blossom petals start to fall as he thinks that this woman is crazy.

Fade Out

It is pretty funny that Geum is a true believer in an instant. We have a suspicion over here that he might be a reincarnated deer (the same one that led the woodcutter to the fairy water hole in the first place), which is why he is so attracted to animals and plants. It might also be why he can communicate with Jeom in cat form.


BD – Until he remembers his own memory, you should not be involved with anything.
YH – I hope you don’t say that you are a fairy in front of other people any more.
KG – Can I have black water?
BD – If you transform into a tiger then you will be in a zoo so live as a human.
YH – I sleep better than before but I feel like a part of me is somewhere else.
ON – I will follow what you say.
YH – Me? Husband? Why?

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  1. Sashaa
    November 6, 2018 / 11:34 am

    I am still not sure if I should pick this up. Trailer did not excite me. And this fairy/fantasy is not exactly my cup of tea. Will read your recaps and see where it goes!! Thanks for recalling 🙂

    • V
      November 6, 2018 / 12:15 pm

      I am right there with you. It is not a drama that I would recommend anyone pick up yet, but it is also not horrible.

  2. ann
    November 22, 2018 / 2:58 pm

    Aw, I love your “live-ish” recaps of Mama Fairy. I haven’t had time to comment, but it’s such a warm hearted and funny show. I hope you keep with it. Empress Dignity is too full of villains and horrible evil things. So far the bad guys have 3X the screen time and there are 10x as many evil characters as good. I need a safe warm hearted show to turn to and this is definitely a good one. The story is out there, but the humor and warn heartedness is good and makes it worth a watch. There are no eng subs for “Top Star Yoo Baek” and that’s also a funny warmhearted show. Please consider that show as well. So far Children of Nobody and Empress Dignity are too dark, depressing in terms of how much evil people and events take up the screen time and draining to watch. I need less makjang and more light and lovely.

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