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Love With Flaws: Episode 8 (15 & 16) Live Recap – Part 2

Love With Flaws: Episode 8 (15 & 16) Live Recap - Part 2

This is part 2 for live recap for Love With Flaws.

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Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: We segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!





The two cousins go to their family house and get into a kerfuffle as they argue and kind of fight their way into the house. their family members are all like, um, what is going on? 

They both say nothing so the Grandmother and parents tell them to go bring the food in. Then the mother whispers to the sister that he thinks Min-hyeok has a woman. Can you find out? 

Then she mutters that his parents don’t care about his personal life so she has to care about it as his aunt. Kang-hee tells her to just stop. But the mother says that she wants to care about her own kids but there is nothing to care about.

Kang-ee says that something might happen which perks up the mother. But Kang-hee says that nothing is happening. So the mother sighs and walks away.

Cut to them all sitting around their family table to eat a new recipe. Though they are all apprehensive about eating it.  it looks like the father made this dish and the father might always just put random things together.

The grandmother says that at times like this she thinks that it is amazing that their company is still running. She also asks Min-hyeok to think about what he wants. His cousin is a CEO at a school for a year so you can do something as well. think about it carefully.

After their meal, Kang-woo asks Min-hyeok if he is really quitting being a doctor. Min-hyeok says, maybe. then he asks Kang-woo what he wants to do. Kang-woo says, I have a plan. that is why I made a deal with Grandma.

Min-hyeok tells him that is good that he has something to do. Then he says that only the top can be a doctor. he just tested to see if he was at the top or not.

Kang-woo tells him that really sounds jerkish, but it is true so he can’t really say much about it. Then he tells him not to do things he does not want to do. You know that our grandmother is not that stubborn.


Elsewhere, Seo-yeon is at her middle brothers bar drinking and looking at herself in a mixing glass as she makes vowel sounds and giggles. Her brother just looks at her and sighs.

She says that he will never want to see her again and wants to clank her head on the bar. He quickly puts his arm under her head, saving it from pain, and tells her to go home.

But then she drunk dials Kang-woo on facetime and tells him to just do what you want! You should not do this, in and out and in and out whenever you want!

The middle brother has to grab the phone. He takes it off of facetime and tells him that she is drunk. then he removes that she called him from he phone as she starts to make vowel sounds to the cup image again.

Later on, she stumbles back to her house. Kang-woo is there and asks her why she is doing this when he is he one that is dumped. she asks him if he is going to disappear for 15 more years? he says he wont. She asks if he promised? He pats her lightly on the head and smiles.

She wakes up in her room the next morning as if she just go her soul put back inside her body. She touches her face and asks if it was a dream? Then she checks her phone and does not see his call there so she thinks it was a dream.


Min-hyeoks sleezy friend comes to see him and says that he wondered why he was not working at a doctor anymore and realized that this place is owned by ShinHwa foods. So that means that you are trying to take over your family company?

Min-hyeok tells him that if he wants to talk about BS, then just leave. But Seo-yeon overhears this and looks at him shocked. The sleezy friend asks if that is the girl? Yeah, dressing up is important, I did not even recognize her. Min-hyeok glares at the sleezy friend and tells him to leave.

Then he goes to Seo-yeon’s gym office and asks if she heard everything? She chuckles and says that it would be strange if she says that she did not. He confesses that he is Kang-woo’s cousin and an heir to ShinHwa Group. He is sorry he did not say it.

She tells him that it is okay, he did not lie about it, and actually I already knew it.

Flashback to the charity event where Seo-yeon was in the bathroom and a woman was talking to her through the mirror about Min-hyeok and how he is super responsible and asks how she bagged him. Are you pregnant? 

Seo-yeon thought she was talking on ahead set to someone else. The lady has to say that she is talking to her. She also mentions that Min-hyeok is the heir to ShinHwa Foods. But Seo-yeon thinks she means Kang-woo. The friend has to reiterate that it is Min-hyeok.

In the present, Seo-yeon tells Min-hyeok that he did not want to bring it up and that it actually does not matter if he is the grandson or not. You are still the same. But then she wonders if she actually should have recognized it? He says it is okay. People actually change when they know he is someones son or grandson. Thank you for not changing.

She tells him that she is happy that their school has someone like him. So let’s work together for a long time. Fighting! They both smile.



Seo-yeon goes outside to look at the track team in their new uniforms. She says that they look really good and to focus on track now that the school exam season has ended. Our CEO is interested in you guys! He even gave us special funding! They all cheer.

Cut to Seo-yeon walking back home. She wonders if she should call Kang-woo. Bu then she sees him right in front of her home. He tells her that she is so cruel! How can you not text me after I don’t come to work for many days!

She walks right up to him to shake hands and tell him, thank you for showing up here.

He is taken aback, but says okay, if you thank me then buy me dinner.

She asks where they should go. Then we immediately cut to a pretty big yet cheap meal on the river. However, there is a lot of food there, so it could be like $50 for this spread.

She asks if this is all he wants? I can buy you more expensive things. He asks if he should eat expensive things because he is a chaebol heir? I want to eat this. So he digs in and tells her that it is so good!

She asks him if he tried to lose weight due to what she told him 15 years ago? he says yes. She looks super sad about that and apologizes. He gets a bit uncomfortable and tells her, hey, because of that, I have my beauty. You are the only one that hates it. Everyone else loves it. So hurry up and eat. It tastes really good.

She tells him that she will show him how to peel an egg and might have slammed it on his forehead. But the camera has scrolled away so we don’t see.

We do see him dropping her off at her place. She tells him about the track event tomorrow. It is an overnight event so he tells her not to get the kids injured. She says that they will do their best to meet his expectations and he does not have to worry because Min-hyeok is coming with them.

Kang-woo is all like, oh hell naw, Min-hyeok???

So Seo-yeon walks up to her place and ses Jang-mi siting there. She says that she lost her number. Seo-yeon asks her where to stay now. Do you have anywhere to stay?

She brings her inside where her brothers all sit on the couch looking at her. The youngest says that they are nota  charity! The oldest one says that he does not care what happens upstairs. the middle on says that he does not care what happens, he is going to work.

But the youngest is there and says that he cares! Noona, you shouldn’t do this! But she points her finger at him and says that he didn’t even come home for a few days! why are you talking so much! if you do that again then your gonna get it!

Then she pleasantly leads the ladies upstairs. Seo-joon throws his shirt on the couch which makes Seo-yoon yell at him to behave!

The ladies all go upstairs. Jang-mi thinks it is super narrow. She didn’t think ti would be like that outside. Joo-hee wonders what she is talking about, but Jang-mii just smiles and sets her bag on the floor. 

Joo-hee remembers that this bag had tons of money in it.

Seo-yeon calls Mi-kyung to tell her that they have a new person int he house. Mi-kyung thinks she is crazy, what if she wont leave? she hangs up and then ignores a call from Hyun-soo.

Hyun-soo is in his office wondering why she was talking to someone and now is ignoring him. he talks with his secretary for a moment about Idol things and then picks up the phone from someone else who calls.



The track team all arrive at the bus and start to get ready for the trip. But then Kang-woo shows up. Seo-yeon asks why he is there? Kang-woo smiles and says he is there to support and all that and then asks where Min-hyeok is.

Seo-hyeon tells him that he is coming tomorrow. Kang-woo is super happy about that and tells them, lets go!

On the bus, Kang-woo looks motion sick from taking the bus. Seo-yeon sits next tohim and tells him that he is so weak. Your muslces are only for show. Then she tells him to look outside. When you are car sick it is better to look outside.

He continues to look outside, but smiles.


They arrive at a shabby grubby looking motel. Kang-woo cannot believe how horrible this place looks from the outside. He tells the track team not to come out! Then he asks how this makes any sense for their ShinHwa students to stay here? Go back in the bus!

Cut to a super fabulous hotel resort. Kang-woo is so much happier with this. Seo-yeon thinks it is way out of budget. He tells Seo-yeon to think of the kids. They need to eat well and sleep well to have the best performance.

Elsewhere, we see Min-hyeok at his improtant meeting which is with his father who is back in Korea for the first time in awhile. Min-hyeok asks why his mother is not there. The father says that actually he is just there for a quick visit and cannot even see Grandmother.

Min-hyeok wants to pour him a drink, but his father says he is okay. Then he asks him if he really does not want to be a doctor anymore? Min-hyeok tells him that he never complimented him for 28 years, but it takes only one minute to yell at him.

His father tells him to join him in doctors without borders. Min-hyeok asks if he does not care why he quit? th efather says that whatever it is, it is just an excuse. Join doctors without borders. If you see it in person then you will see how fed up you are.

Min-hyeok asks, I am fed up? then he looks at his cell phone. he got a text from Seo-yeon telling him that they switched hotels. She will text him the address.

Min-hyeok then tells his father that he at least knows what he is missing just to see his father. he tells him to enjoy his meal, it is expensive so don’t leave any leftovers. Then he heads out.


Seo-yeon shows the resort to Mi-kyung on Skype. She thinks it is super daebak and tells Seo-yeon not to worry about the cost since Kang-woo is paying for it with his own money.

They hang up and Seo-yeon starts to play with the sea water and kicks the sea water with her shoes on. Kang-woo comes up behind her and asks if she is really a track person? You can’t avoid that?

She takes off her shoes and throw them at him. Then she happily starts to play in the water barefoot. She tells him to come with her.

He is super duper reluctant. But ends up running into the water to cover her with his jacket. She is super drenched and happy. As she walks back to the beach she tells him that he is all wet due to her. You looked like you were not feeling well, so lets go inside.

He tells her that he will stay like this. He is standing behind her and rests his head on her shoulder. He tells her that he wants to rest like this for a moment. Can you let me rest like this for a moment, Joo Seo-yeon?

Min-hyeok just arrived at the resort and calls her to tell her that he arrived. But then he sees them standing like that on the beach.

So he goes inside to the resort and calls his grandmother to tells his grandmother that he wants a position.

Seo-yeon goes to her room. But she thinks about what kang-woo said and goes back to the beach. he is still there.

She asks him why he is like this? I dont want to see you.

He tells her that if she doe snot want to see him. You can stay here and I will disappear. I will make it so you wont see me.

He walks to her, covers her eyes, and kisses her lightly.  A song starts to play as the camera zooms out

♫ When I want to see you

I close my eyes

Even though I want to call your name

Out loud

Now I can’t stand it anymore

Because I feel like youa re coming from somewhere

Tonight, tonight, 

if I can spend the night with you again


Fade Out


Once again, bubbly and fun and easy to watch. Yet I am not all consumed in it. It is a Kdrama to watch while folding clothes, which is not easy to find.

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