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Love With Flaws: Episode 8 (15 & 16) Live Recap – Part 1

Love With Flaws: Episode 8 (15 & 16) Live Recap - Part 1

We had two confessions yesterday, one sincere one from Min-hyeok and one out of breath one from Kang-woo. I’m not sure where this will lead as this show has so many random things that happen. And yet, it makes me chuckle and has some semblance of good sense, so I’m still enjoying it.

Though I really don’t understand where our wealthy Peeping Tom street walker fits in. Her character is so random.

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How we do this: We segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




Kang-woo walk up to Seo-yeon and apologizes for everything he has every done or will do. Then he says from now on he willmake her think of him and leans in closely to tell her that he is sorry to her because he likes her.

Then she slaps him and runs away. (LOL)

He starts to run after her, but she has turned on her track skills and is gone up the road. He wonders how in the world she can be so fast! Ugh, my stomach! He has to stop and hold a stitch in his side as she continues running off.

When she gets home, she thinks that her heart is pumping so hard because she needs to run more. But she also wonders what Kang-woo wants.

At his house, he tells the window that Seo-yeon misunderstood him. He did not confess because of the bet back then. And at the wine bar, yes, I hated you more than love. But when we went *somewhere* I was truthful. i did not know that Park Hyun-soo lied. Of course, what I told yoy this morning was all truthful.

He turns to his doctor and asks him how he likes it. The doctor says it is all pitiful. Kang-woo is immediately bummed. So the doctor tells him that it is very touching. But you need to resolve things before you say that.

He tells him not to make an excuse for the past. Appeal to her truthfully and you will slowly resolve the misunderstanding. Kang-woo asks how he should show his true heart.


At school, Seo-yeon eats in the cafeteria with Mi-kyung and Min-hyeok. But she is not eating so her friend thinks something must be wrong. Min-hyeok checks her forehead but kang-woo shows up and pulls it off telling him not to touch people while they eat.

Seo-yeon leaves. kang-woo runs after her and smiles. But she keeps walking away. Mi-kyung and Min-hyeok look at her then Min-hyeok follows along to Mi-kyung’s agreement. 

Park Hyun-soo calls Mi-kyung at that moment, but she does not pick up. he throws a temper tantrum in his office now that the tables have turned and she is the one ignoring him.


Meanwhile, Min-hyeok finds Seo-yeon on the rooftop. he asks if the CEO did anything and tells her that she should go with him. Do you really want to stay here? She says no, but my legs have fallen asleep. So she rolls over to her butt and starts to hit her legs. He smiles and tells her not to do that, just put a little saliva on your nose.

She tells him she is not a stupid person. he says you have to do it 8 times. She is all like, hey, I am not a little kid! He tells her it works, really! And the camera pulls away from them.


In his office, Kang-woo waits until the proper moment when Seo-yeon will come into his office to give him the training schedule. But instead of coming in to show her training schedule, she sends an email.

At his workplace, The oldest brother, Won-jae looks at an article about the 5th son going to the police for all his wrongdoings. He thinks Kang-hee is amazing. 

Then a customer comes up to him so he turns around and it is Kang-hee. She is there looking fabulous and tells him that she wants to buy the most expensive car here because she misunderstood him the other day. it is her way to apologize.

He asks if this is an apology? She says it is better than a verbal apology which comes with nothing. So he laughs and points at a car that is fully loaded. She walks off and tells him that her secretary will take care of it. She doesn’t have to hear anything else about the car. He is left thinking that she is a super cool chick.

Elsewhere, Jang-mi eats with her mother at a nice restaurant. The mother tells her daughter that the chairman is upset due to what happened to the 5th kid, so it is a good moment to get in good with him. She also tells her that the guy she messed up the date with still wants to see her. So good luck.

Jang-mi is angry about it and clenches her fist.



Jang-mi gets home and plops on her bed as she thinks that she cannot avoid him forever. What do you want, sigh. But then Kang-woo comes out from somewhere in her room. She is all like, um, what are you doing here?

Kang-woo tells her that the student, Joo-hee, lives here. She recognized me as the CEO and let me in. Then he walks around her room and tells her that it is cleaner than expected.

She asks him why he said those things the other day. He says that he was truthful. If he makes her think about him then that is a good thing. She yells, I am not going to believe what you say!

He leans in and tells her that he sees her properly now. That is good. Goodbye.

Then he starts to head out. But while walking out, he sees Seo-joon who remembers him from the Idol company. he still thinks he is the CEO. But Kang-woo says he is not the CEO for him, he is the CEO for the school. then he walks out.

Joo-hee comes up and tells him that he is the CEO to the school and he wanted to see his sister. Seo-joon wonders why he wants to see his sister. he starts to head upstairs. Joo-hee asks if he is really not going to tell his sister about that thing. Seo-joon asks what thing and goes upstairs.

Meanwhile, Mi-kyung and Seo-yeon sit at a restaurant like its their bedroom and chap while Mi-kyung manually massages her face with some kind of instrument and they both drink.

Seo-yeon mentions that Kang-woo is acting weird with her and Mi-kyung says that she thought he might confess to her. She felt it would happen. She asks what he said.

She compares Min-hyeok and Kang-woo but she tells herself that she supports the Korea University medical school person but then thinks that Kang-woo might be better.

She also says that Park Hyun-soo did the gay lie alone. Lee Kang-woo never knew about it, so his confession to you was truthful. Seo-yeon is so shocked that she spits out her beer, but Mi-kyung can see it coming and blocks her face well.

She leans in and tells Seo-yeon to get ready, your love potential blossoms. The only problem is that they look like that (handsome). Winter is coming!


Park Hyun-soo listens to a new song while in his office with his right hand assistant. She plays it and asks how he likes it. He says that it is too old style, who has this kind of one sided love anymore? Right now it is Obsession! Possession! Mine! Those kinds of things, isn’t it?

But we cut to Kang-woo who is also in the office and he is balling his eyes out as he stares out the window and asks what happened to them? What is the result of the song? DiD that person singing in the song connect to that person?

They are both looking at him like, dude, get it together.

Elsewhere, Seo-yeon walks home thinking about Kang-woo’s confession in the department store and the bridge. he told her that he hoped she would stay with him and how he hopes that she thinks about him and he wants to bother her mind with his thoughts and all those things.

She realizes that all that he said was true and wonders, well, back then…~.

She goes to his place and waits outside for him to show up. he gets out of his car and asks how long she has been waiting. he looks concerned. She says that she thought he would come back soon. So he asks what happened. She tells him that avoiding things is not honorable to you.

Cut to her sitting inside his place on the couch. He is sitting across from her and asks if she would like something to drink. She says that she has a question. What happened 15 years ago? I want to hear everything. I thought that maybe what I know is not the truth. Back then, where you truthful?

Flashback to when the kids were going to make that bet to confess to Seo-yeon for all the money. She overheard it all. Kang-woo tells them that Joo Seo-yeon is his friend and tells them not to do that bet. he gets them all the money he has and says that he does not want them to play this game with Seo-yeon.

In the present, he tells her that he stopped that game with her. He wanted to protect her. He wasn’t sure what made him so cocky. And he never knew that she would refuse him like that.

Seo-yeon asks, so you did not know that park Hyun-soo and you were dating? he says that he did not know about it. So she thinks that she is the bad one. She thought about it herself and imagined things and made her own decisions

He says that it is his fault for not explaining things to her. But she says that he has explained everything now, from 15 years ago and now. Then she apologizes for not understanding everything and hurting his feelings and this time, she is also sorry. She heads out.

He follows her out and asks, why? Then he explains that he knows it is a childish question, but why? I was a douche right? I was a childish person. I just wanted to get your attention like that. 

She says it wasn’t like that. He says, I will be good for you. Really really good. She says that it does not matter.

He asks, is it about someone else? Could it be Lee Min – ~. 

She tells him that she cannot like somoene like him. A Handsome person. She is sick and tired of handsome people like him for her entie life.

She goes home and thinks that Lee Kang-woo will understand. Le Kang broods in his place.

Another remake song plays. (The original is This Night, Once Again by Jo Ha-moon)

♫ The person I met on accident 

Just left me with sadness

But they became a little candle in my heart

Whenever I miss that person

I close my eyes

Even though I want to call their name out loud.

I can’t stand it anymore

because you are coming to me from nowhere♫

Kang woo looks in the mirror and asks himself what he just did.


Seo-joon is asked to come to the CEO’s office right now. It blares over the intervome so all the students here it.

Seo-joon goes to Kang-woo’s office and wonders what he wants. Kang-woo asks him why he did that? Why did you give your sister a hard time. You were training to be an Idol? I will give you a taste of hell!

Then Kang-woo goes to the oldest brothers workplace and asks for a test drive. Cut to him driving like a maniac and yelling at the older brother, Why did you live your life like that!!!!

Then he goes to the middle brother and asks why he did that, why did you give Joo-seo Young a hard time! The middle brother cuts a lemon, not scared at all, and tells him to sit down. So he sits down and the middle brother pours him drink after drink as he tells him not to be around Seo-yeon. It is none of your business and I have nothing to lose.

He sticks his knife in the table and tells him that Seo-young’s skewed view of looks is part our fault but not all our fault. it is something deeper. We dont’ even know where it is, it is super deep. So you won’t be successful in hw you look. 

Kang-woo asks what the root cause is. Won-seok tells him to just drink that and leave.

Kang-woo goes home and looks at his potato head chia pet. He thinks about what Won-seok told him and thinks about climbing mountains over mountains. then he calls his doctor and tells him, SHE SAID SHE HATES HANDSOME MEN.

The doctor is all like, huh? So kang-woo tells him, SHE HATES MY HANDSOME FACE. She hates me because I am handsome.

The doctor yells a bunch of curses at Kang-woo and then hangs up as he mutters that he always calls him when he is eating. he tries to eat his jajangmyun, but it is all clumped together. He tells himself to relax, just relax.


While at school, seo-yeon thinks that Kang-woo does not come to school anymore. But she also tells herself to not think about this right now. 

Her brother runs in to her gym office and tells her that her climbed from the bottom up 100 people! I did it! Seo yeon starts to hug him but he hurries off and hops on the phone to talk to his company people. 

Then Joo-hee comes in to show her grades. it isi also an impressive climb so Seo-yeon tells her that this is wonderful. Ho-dol must be a wonderful tutor. Joo-hee thinks abuot telling Seo-yeon about Seo-joon and how he is terrified of the dark. But thinks against it.


Seo-joon dances at his company while at practice, but he is not focused and keeps thinking about Joo-hee. His dance instructor tells him to focus. Your grades improved to average. Do you think everything is done? High7 will have a huge concert and two of you will be the backup dancer. So you will be in front of thousands of people, okay?

They all straighten up and get back to practicing. Afterwards, Seo-joon thinks about other things once again. he asks his hyung if he can sleep at his place because he doesn’t want to sleep at home. His hyung asks if he is leaving home? 

Seo-joon says that he just has an allergy at home. The hyung asks if it is a dog allergy? Seo-joon thinks it is a bit like that.


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