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Love With Flaws: Episode 7 (13 & 14) Live Recap – Part 2

Love With Flaws: Episode 7 (13 & 14) Live Recap - Part 2

This is part 2 of our live recap for Love With Flaws!

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Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: We segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!





Ho-dol goes to the home for his tutoring job but sees Won-seok’s car there so he is hesitant to go inside. So he sits outside for a moment, and gets scared by a cat. So he rests his back on their front door.

However, Won-seok opens the door so Ho-dol falls in and sees Won-seok. Won-seok asks if he is hiding from him? Ho-dol says no and hurries inside.

Elsewhere, Jang-mi looks at the slippers that Seo-yeon got for her. She has put them in a glass case and gazes at them lovingly. then she looks at her wall and tries to figure out who all the people are.

Though she is stressed because she cant really find a way for her to get inside the house. Then she looks at a black case and thinks that is the only way.


Meanwhile, Seo-yeon meets with Kang-woo at his place to talk about all the kids on the track team. He tells her that Joo-hee is good but the others are not that good. She says that they will keep trying.

She sees his chia pet potato and thinks that it has grown a lot. The water is also clean so she says that he takes good care of it. He tells her to take it back with her if she wants since it is so bothersome.

Her stomach grumbles so he says that she can eat whatever she wants in the fridge. As soon as  she leaves, he whispers to his little potato that he is just joking! You are not going anywhere!

She goes to his fridge and thinks that this fridge is amazing. She grabs two hot dogs and starts to eat them cold. He sees her and tells her that she has to cook it! She says that is fine, it is okay like this.

He is all like, I bought everything, but you want this? She tells him that it tastes good. So he sighs and take the hot dogs away from her and goes to make a nice meal for her.

She is amazed that he made her fried rice in an egg bowl. She is so happy and tells him that he should start a business with her. She wants to share her food with him too. But he doesn’t eat it at first so she thinks that he does not want to share spoons.

But he eats from her spoon and blushes.

Later on, she wants to clean the dishes, but he puts on his gloves and seriously polishes all the dishes. She tells him that he is so serious with this. he says that she can just go eat her fruit.

So she goes to do that and is amazed once again and how pretty and tasty the fruit is.

Kang-woo takes a call in his office so Seo-yeon follows him and starts to tell him that his clothing looks great. But why only mens clothing? You used to draw girls clothing. I have ~.

He quickly stands and tells her to leave then walks out. She is all like, um…? then she thinks back to the wedding dress and actually still has the drawing of that dress at home.


The next day, Won-seok finds Ho-dol and tells him to stop avoiding him and just come to the tutoring sessions. Then he tells him that that night at the bar, he did not like it because Ho-dol looked like he was expecting something great. Don’t think that people in a sexual minority are all nice. There are always bad people in a group.

Ho-dol asks if he was worried about him? You wanted to protect me? Won-seok tries to say, I am the bad person~. But he stops himself and starts to leave but he says that everyone knows, it is not a secret.

Ho-dol runs up to him and asks how he broke the news to his family members! he holds him by the arm as he does this so Won-seok looks at him like, um, too close. then the pretty boy from earlier sees them from a distance and wonders what is going on.


Elsewhere, Soo-yeon is all ready to drive Kang-woo somewhere but he says he does not need her to do that today. So she walks home wondering why and runs into the real doctor who looks like a bum on the street. She gives him water that he takes and then walks away.

While driving away, kang-woo see Seo-yeon sitting at the bus stop and wonders if she is the only person in the world? Why do I see her everywhere. His appointment calls him and asks if he remembers it, but Kang-woo says that they can cancel the appointment. Then he drives back to Seo-yeon and says that they have somewhere to go together.

She is annoyed but smiles when he is not looking and happily hops in the drivers seat.

Cut to Jng-mi steady spying on Seo-yeon’s house. She has a listening device that you point at whoever you want to listen to. But it seems like it does not work. She thinks that she should have bought the $3000 not the $2000 one.

She plugs into her electrical outlet. But then it sparks and all the lights go off on the rooftop and in the entire town.

Seo-joon is singing an old song about “tonight tonight I am afraid of the dark” and then all the lights go out, lol. (The song is called Tonight by Kim Wan Sun). he is terrified and goes downstairs with his flashlight but he loses it when he trips and starts to curl up into a ball.

Flashback to when he was little. Perhaps he was left int he dark when he was little because it shows him crying as a baby also.

Joo-hee comes up to him and asks why he is so scared and starts to hug him to say it is okay. then the lights come on so she asks him if he is okay. He quickly hops up and tells her not to tell noona then runs back up the steps.


Cut to Kang-woo’s car which now has a lot of fabric inside. She says that she has never been to a place like that. He says that she can always drive him to all those places.

But then she has to screech on the brakes and puts her hand out to protect him. The music that starts playing on the radio is “every night, every day, I fee you! My body is responding!”

He quickly puts his chair all the way back and says that he is sleeping! Though he is trying to keep himself from getting too hot.

Elsewhere, Kang-hee is in a private yoga class when she gets a call. She goes somewhere to check her report and overhears a man basically saying that he drugged someone and to take them to his room. But there is no subject so it is not clear.

This guy winks at Kang-hee. Kang-hee spits out her drink. Then she goes to her car and sees a drugged woman walking in with this guy and another guy.

But then the oldest brother comes up, Won-jae. After a few seconds he runs back out with the woman and puts her in Kang-hee’s car and tells her to drive away!

Kang-hee is all like, this is too coincidental, get out of my car. So he gets out and Kang-hee drives off.

But this doesn’t look planned as the guys come back out and ask Won-jae what he is doing? He says he is her oppa. These guys are all like what? Won-seok tries to charm his way out, but a fight breaks out nonetheless.

Seo-yeon takes Kang-woo back to his place and sees a drunk man getting into his car to drive off. So she hops out to stop him. The drunk guy is about to hit Seo-yeon with his fist but Kang-woo hops in front of her and gets hit in the chest instead.

Cut to Kang-hee talking to her lawyer about the pink guy at the hotel. The lawyer says that he is the 5th extramarital son of a chairman. He is in the police station for violence.



The pink guy is one of the guys that Won-jae beat up. The other three are all beaten up and bruised. Won-seok does not have a mark on him. 

Kang-hee shows up and is shocked to see that Won-jae was not with those guys. Then she tells the pink guy that she has all that woman’s footage. DO you want me to turn this in, or do you want an agreement quietly. You know your father does not want you in the news.

Won-jae leaves with Kang-hee and tells her that she should turn them in, that is why they keep doing those things. She says that she did not tell them that she would not turn it in to the media, just the police. She also tells him not to worry about his friend, her parents came.

Kang-hee asks how he knows that they were doing those things? he says he knows that some people go to the club to do those things, They looked different. Kang-hee asks if he followed them all the way to the hotel to rescue her?

Won-seok says that he is a loyal person. She says that he was going to be part of them and changed his mind. Won-seok is all like, do I wear the wrong kinds of clothing? I don’t want to be like them.

He also says that he cant call the police because the bouncers and everyone will come after him. She is his friend but they are not friendly enough for him to risk his life…unless ShinHwa food is behind him.

She asks, can you be that confident if you know about me? He tells her that she knows everything about him so don’t worry about it. I will not be in your life. But thank you for today. he heads out and her lawyer comes.

She tells him that he did not have to come. The lawyer smiles says that it is not about her and heads off. he actually goes to Kang-woo who is there with Seo-yeon. They talk about the drunk driver and how he had 3 strikes and was violent so he’s probably going to be locked up or something.

Kang-hee shows up and asks Kang-woo what is going on and who is this? Seo-yeon is about to say her name but Kang-woo tells her that they don’t have to know and pulls Seo-yeon away.

Kang-hee tells the lawyer not to tell the elders, this is a secret from them. if they know, then we will be in big trouble.

As Kang-woo and Seo-yeon are walking away, Seo yeon tells hm to stop walking so fast. He says that he is shocked that she jumped in front of that car. And you were injured when you stopped your ex from driving around drunk.

She says that she has to stop those things. If there was someone like me back then, then my mom and dad ….~. Then she thanks him for today and apologizes for the evening.

He asks her, what are you talking about, what happened to your parents? But she does not tell him and just heads out.

At home, she eats tubu with her oldest brother. She asks which company it is from, it tastes good. He says he does not know , he just picked it up. So they look and see that it is Shin Hwa foods. They are both like, yuck. 

Then they ask each other why they said yuck and they both say nothing. he asks her about her boyfriend guy. She says that he is not her boyfriend. He says hat he knew it, she should not like someone that looked like him. Do I need to beat him up?

She says no. He says yeah, her fists are strong. But then tells her that if she gets tired of hitting him then he can help. They both smile and he head upstairs.

But then she thinks that he must not think that she is worthy to introduce to his family members.

Meanwhile, Kang-woo wonders what Seo-yeon meant about her parents so he asks her best friend what happened. Mi-kyung asks why he is interested in that? Then she tells him that in middle school… one day before a field trip…~.

Kang-woo goes home looking super sad. He thinks back to her father that he met briefly and then asking Seo-yeon to meet her parents if they still live there. Mi-kyung ended up telling him that her parents died at the same time due to a crazy drunk driver.

Seo-yeon dreams about the event and mutters to herself that she hadn’t had that dream in awhile.


The next morning, Kang-woo goes for a run and runs all the way to Seo-yeon’s house. But it was unconscious. Then Seo-yeon goes outside to run. She takes off running. He runs after her.

VO – I could survive because of running.

She stops to catch her breath and turns around. Kang-woo is there too.

So she smiles and says, Kang-woo?

He thinks to himself, don’t call my name…don’t smile…

She says his name so he takes a deep breath and starts to walk towards her. We also see little him and CEO him taking a step toward her.

He gets right in front of her and apologizes. 

SY – Huh?

KW – For a long time and recently and now and in the future. I am sorry. I am going to bother you and make you remember it.

SY – What are you talking about?

KW – I am sorry for liking you.

Fade Out


This show is so random. I am still enjoying it but it’s weird. it is a show I can drop easily and yet I laugh and have a fun time while watching it. So strange.

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