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Love With Flaws: Episode 7 (13 & 14) Live Recap – Part 1

Love With Flaws: Episode 7 (13 & 14) Live Recap - Part 1

Sang-mi got herself stupid drunk in the last episode while at the teachers dinner with Kang-woo. On a side note, I feel like all these teachers do is eat out. Sang-mi was also Kang-woo’s driver so that won’t be happening. Either grumpy Kang-woo drives her home, or his caring cousin Min-hyeok drives her home and we all know that Min-hyeok would love nothing more.

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Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: We segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




We open in the past at Min-hyeok’s birthday party at home. It is a simple affair as his grandparents and Kang-woo’s grandparents sing to him. His father sent him a birthday card from Tangier saying “Happy Birthday, I will dig a well in your name.”

Kang-woo’s family gives Min-hyeok a big gift. kang-woo says he wants a gift bigger for his birthday! He says it happily and not in a mean way. His parents give him a hi five and say that they will get him somethin gnice for his birthday as well.

Min-hyeok looks at them with a blank face. THough it isn’t clear if Min-hyeok has no emotions or if he is just sad that his parents couldn’t be there.

VO – My parents were outside of Korea 360 days of the year. They dug wells and built schools and hospitals.

Little Min-hyeok looks at all the post cards that his parents sent him an the spots that they visited on the map.

VO – People say that the parents secretly love their kids, but I secretly love my parents. I studied hard to be a perfect son.

Min-hyeok looks at Kang-woo happily with his parens. His grandmother comes to him and tells him that it is not the first time his parents failed to show up after promising. Don’t give yourself a hard time about it.

Later on, he and Kang-woo sat at a table to eat. Two ladies talked about how the youngest grandson is so smart and got a lot of love from the chairman (the grandmother). Kang-woo heard it all.

VO – I heard everything, but I did not want to comfort him. Because hyung had  a lot. I thought I could at least have a little attention from strangers. At least once in my life.

In the present, we see Min-hyeok taking Seo-yeon away from Kang-woo and putting her in his car.

VO – At least once in my life, I wanted to have …. 

Kang-woo asks Min-hyeok what he is doing? Do you…~. Min-hyeok asks him to aks him why he is doing this, you know I can’t lie. kang-woo says he is not curious. They go back and forth between him telling her and Kang-woo not wanting to listen to it. SO Kang-woo puts his hands over his ears and says he is not listening!

Min-hyeok tries to pull his hands away as he yells, I like Seo-yeon! But Kang-woo is  not listing and is actually starting to sing to himself as Min-hyeok tries to pry his hands away. It is such a petty fight. But then they see that Seo-yeon isn’t in the car anymore.

So they go to her house and look outside. Kang-woo says that he was her friend in school, that is why he knows where her house is. Then a cab shows up with Seo-yeon. She drunkenly gets out and stumbles into her home. 

Min-hyeok and Kang-woo hide. Then Min-hyeok tells Kang-woo that he is going to matter in this because I like Joo Seo- ~. But Kang-woo yells for the taxi and runs away.


Kang-woo sits with Mi-kyung at work and thinks about last night. They both see Kang-woo show up at work in a taxi. She wonders why he took a taxi and then she realizes that she still has his keys! 

He walks up to her and she quickly pulls her keys out and offers it to him. He yanks them away from her and then gives her hangover drink. But she thinks this might be poison.

So we cut to her, Mi-kyung, and Min-hyeok looking at the hangover medicine strangely. She asks if she did anything uncomfortable last night? Min-hyeok says no, so Seo-yeon drinks the hangover medicine. 

Min-hyeok looks at the hangover medicine he prepared for her which is behind his desk. 

Mi-kyung goes back to her desk and thinks about Park Hyun-soo. She thinks that Kang-woo’s behavior is like an elementary school kid giving a girl he likes a hard time. She starts to think about the gay lie that Park Hyun-soo told her and then wonders something.

She calls Park Hyun-soo and they meet (he called her the final stage boss, like in a video game). They meet at a cafe where she drinks a whip creamed drink. She tells him that she knows that he thinks of them as gold diggers and asks if Kang-woo knew about it or not? You did everything yourself, right?

Hyun-soo tells her, no, of course Kang-woo knew. So Mi-kyung asks if Kang-woo said that he would pretend like he would date Seo-yeon for his revenge for the past? Hyun-soo says yes. So Mi-kyung asks if Kang-woo does not like Seo-yeon?

Hyun-soo starts to cough up his drink. he says of course not. So Seo-yeon tells him that is good for her because she is going to pick her boyfriend because that dumb girl does not recognize men next to her as boyfriends. 

So stop taking advantage of Kang-woo and just work as a cleaner well. it is common sense that you should live within your means. She also tells him that she will pay for the drink and heads out. He wonders why she is like this? Just be angry so I will feel better. He also wonders why she called him a janitor.




In the staircase, the VP tells Seo-yeon to take good care of his plant and also gives her all sorts of other mundane work because the CEO told them that she has nothing to do. 

Seo-yeon angrily walks off. kang-woo walks off also and then grabs the mundane things that Seo-yeon is carrying and takes it to the VP and tells him that he needs to recycle all of these things! That way we can save money!

Then he turns and tells Seo-yeon that she is the standby from beginning of coming to work and leaving work because I don’t know when I will give you work to do! So dont’ have any other work. Just wait for my order, okay?

Then he looks at the VP and the other teacher and asks, OKAY? he walks out. The VP and teacher think he is crazy.

In his office, Kang-woo angrily asks himself, how dare they give her mundane jobs! She already has a hangover.

Meanwhile, Min-hyeok gets a call telling him to come to one of their many events otherwise people will think he is dead or a drug addict. It looks like this is a friend from college. Min-hyeok thinks about going and also wonders if Seo-yeon will like him if he fancies himself up a bit.

But then Mi-kyung comes in and tells him not to fix his hair! Don’t be pretty! Why are you so handsome! Then she starts to mess up his hair and tries to put marker on him and asks him about his family and college and all that. 

She is stunned to find out that he went to Korea University medical school and wonders why he is not in a hospital. He mutters about something. So she starts to walk away put  comes back to put a marker mark on his cheek.

Later on, Min-hyeok meets with Seo-yeon to ask her if she can come to his school meeting with him. They told him to bring someone, but she does not have to come. She says she will come so that makes him super happy.

Cut to them both going to a department store to buy something for the event. She wonders why they are there and then thinks that she wasn’t considerate enough in her appearance so she will call Mi-kyung to bring her clothing. But Min-hyeok says that Mi-kyung already picked something for her. 

Out comes a lady with her outfit. Seo-yeon goes to try it on and calls Mi-kyung to ask what happened. Mi-kyung fills her in and says that Min-hyok asked her to help him with clothing. These clothes are like $4,000 so Seo-yeon thinks it is too much. But of course Mi-kyung says that she can return it after the event and to just enjoy.

She puts on the dress but does not think that it suits her at all. However, Min-hyeok thinks she looks amazing and is lost for words as he sees this off the shoulder ensemble. He tells her that he is just too afraid because she is so pretty.

but then his aunt calls his name happily and walks up to him. She asks who this person is. Seo-yeon is about to say her name but Min-hyeok says she is a coworker and that he has to get going and walks off with Seo-yeon.

The aunt is all like, omo, omo, omo! Then she calls Kang-woo and asks if Min-hyeok has a girlfriend from his school? She is a coworker, do you really not know?

kang-woo drops his spray bottle.

On the way to the event, Seo-yeon tells him that he does not have to worry, she will not keep these clothes and also wonders if she has to wear them? He smiles and ays yes, the more expensive the better. She calls him teacher so he says that she does not have to call him that all the time. So she says Min-hyeok shi which makes him blush.



They walk into the party together which is a private party. All the people here look very boujie. Seo-yeon explains that she is a teacher and he says that he is a teacher as well. So they all smirk.

Then they start to eat at this posh layout. One of the men tells a woman that she should be mad since he is dating a high school teacher. So one of them asks who likes who first? Min-hyeok says that he fell in love with her first, at first sight.

The friend says that she is pretty but not that pretty. He says that he fell in love with her at first sight and then fell in love with her slowly. he wants to be a good person when he is with her. (he can’t lie so this is all probably true). 



The friends says that he changed a lot. But then another woman says that they are not here to hear his love story.

It becomes time for their donation. Seo-yeon asks why they don’t just give the money. Min-hyeok explains that they donate what they wear to charity. They need reasons to have these unimportant meetings to sound meaninglful. Then he goes around the room and explains what everyone donates and says that they wear expensive clothing all the time, but today they wear something inexpensive.

She says that they can’t force people to donate. Min-hyeok says that today he is going to force people. he stands up and says that they will donate everything they wear.

She thinks back to him saying that the more expensive her outfit is the better. So she stands up and they start to put all the accessories they are donating on a little tray table. But it also seems like they are donating their clothing as well.

They get back to her place. She asks how he knows where she lives? He says it was when they had the company work dinner. She says that she was drunk, she probably told him.

he thanks her for the donation and she thanks him for being a part of it. She says she was kind of soleda when he said so realistically that he liked her. She almost believed it. 

He says it was true, I can’t lie. She is all like, sure sure. he says he is for real. She says, sure sure. So he says he is really for real. She walks to her door and says sure sure, see you later! Then waves and goes inside.

Kang-woo is watching them from  a near distance and hangs his head. He goes home to talk to his potato and says that she never smiled at him like that or joked with him or had conversations like that.


In the cafeteria, Min-hyeok sits with Mi-kyung and Seo-yeon as Min-hyeok recounts what happened last night to Mi-kyung about donating everything. They both squeal in happiness. 

But then Kang-soo sits with them, so Mi-kyung speaks like an old slave and says that she feels so honored that he is sitting with them. Kang-woo turns to Min-hyeok and says, that question that you wanted me to ask you, i will ask you now.

Min-hyeok gets so embarrassed and then throws food on kang-woo. Kang-woo asks what he is doing? Min-hyeok says that he started it. Then he throws some more, lol. 

kang-woo stands up with this food all on him. Everyone in the cafeteria looks at him. So he has to gather himself up and tells Seo-yeon to come to his office, he has work for you.

Seo-yeon asks if she is a town drum that everyone can play? Then she starts to eat again quickly and heads out. Mi-kyung tells Min-hyeok that it seems like he and kang-woo are super close. Min-hyeok bows and heads out without saying anything.


Seo-yeon bursts into Kang-woo’s office while he is changing his shirt. So she gets a bit embarrassed. he finished buttoning his shirt and tells her that she needs to report her kids activities to her because he funded her track team. Starting today.

She is so annoyed but bites her tongue and starts to leave. He asks her what she did last night? She yells that she went to sleep! Why! Then she storms out. After she leaves he frets, ah! I should not have asked her that! Why did I ask her that!

Meanwhile, Seo-yeon angrily goes to her gym office and thinks, okay, fine, I can do that. She walks back into Kang-woo’s office with the report in front of her face so that she does not see any nipples slippage from kang-woo. But he is not there.

So she calls him and he says that he left and forgot. She says that she will reprot it to him tomorrow. He tells her to come to his house. So she is all like what? But he hangs up so she yells into the phone YOU JASHIKGAAAAAAA!


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