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Love With Flaws: Episode 6 (11 & 12) Live Recap – Part 2

Love With Flaws: Episode 6 (11 & 12) Live Recap - Part 2

This is part 2 of our live recap for Love With Flaws!

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Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: We segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




Hyun-soo walks back to his office with his busted up arm and wonders if he should sue her? But then he thinks, no, it was my fault.

That is when Kang-woo show sup like a demon possessed and starts to walk up to him. Hyun-woo tells him to calm down! But Kang-woo just charges at him and Hyun-soo squeals like a baby. Kang-woo breaks the door and grips Hyun-soo by the collar.

Hyun-soo tries to tell him that he was trying to help him. he did not know that he actually liked her!

Kang-woo asks if she was just being nice then and had no feelings at all? Hyun-soo says, yes, maybe. Kang-woo starts to laugh maniacally. Hyun-soo says that he tried to tell her that Kang-woo did not know.

But Kang-woo’s eyes grow wild as he tells Hyun-soo never to tell her! It was all our plan! If she ever knows about it then I will never talk to you ever again! Okay! He storms out over the broken door.

At home, Kang-woo shakes his head as he thinks about this situation he is in. though he also thinks that he is the worst so he will show her exactly how bad he is.


On the rooftop, Seo-yeon explains all of this to Mi-kyung. Mi-kyng thinks that this is not only about them, it is tricking all the sexual minorities in Korea!

they figure out that they guessed wrong about all the gay situation. Seo-yeon is about to angrily jump off the rooftop. Mi-kyung tells her no, they are just poop poop!

Later on, there is a teachers meeting where the VP yells about thing passionately and tells them that they are at their midterm right now finally. Then Kang-woo comes in to the meeting so the VP asks why he came in. 

Kang-woo says that he needs help. So the VP says that they can hire someone else. The VP sys that they dont’ need to pick another person, someone here will have a lot of time.

So Kang-woo points tot he PE teacher, Seo-hyun, and says that she does not have any exam right?

She has to follow him to his office where he tells her that this was all about his revenge on her about what happened before. if I told you to date me then you would say that you won’t.

She tells him, of course, why would I date you? I am not crazy, there is not a gun to my head. He says that is why he lied. But you found it out too soon, so I will just give you a hard time publicly. You are a contract teacher. Can you drive? Check my tires and change my engine oil.

He throws her the keys and asks if she does not like it? Then let me put if a recruitment announcement for a new PE teacher. We are going to hire one that listens to their bosses orders well.

She says okay! And then starts to sarcastically use jongdaemal. He tells her she has one hour to get ‘er done. I have to use it in one hour. She angrily asks if he wants her to be his driver also? He starts to type on the computer so she angrily says that she will do it and storms out.

He sits back in his seat and his belly starts to act up again. So he goes to see the doctor at a cafe after Seo-yeon drives him there. He says that he has to pretend that he is busy and nods to Seo-yeon. he tells the doctor that she is that person.

Seo-yeon sees them looking at her and wonders if they are talking badly about her.

Inside, Kang-woo says that the emotion he has to Seo-yeon is thin as paper. He already shredded it. The doctor thinks that there are probably a lot of shredded pieces left. Then he randomly checks Kang-woo’s ear as if he needs to listen more intently.




Back at the school, Kang-woo gets to his office and sees Min-hyeok standing there. MH asks him why he is doing this to teacher Joo. You are middle school friends right? She is a good person. 

Kang-woo tells him that this is none of his business. Also, you said that you did not want anyone to know that we are cousins so, health teacher, please leave the room. It would be strange if the health teacher and CEO are close. besides, it is none of your business what goes on between me and Seo-yeon. It is our problem.

Min-hyeok leaves angrily. But he is happy to see Seo-yeon in his office eating candy. She apologizes for not telling him that she came to eat. He gives her more candy and says, anytime.

They start to talk about what happened between her and the CEO. She says it is a bad relationship that is like gum sticking in your hair. The only choice is to cut it. It is that kind of bad relationship. Then she head out with her thanks.

Min-hyeok gets a call from his grandmother and aunt who ask him how his cousin is doing. Grandmother hopes Kang-woo is at least working half as hard as Min-hyeok.

They hang up and the mother asks what is wrong with her Kang-woo? Grandmother says that Kangwoo needs to at least work hard even though he is handsome. The mother is a little sad that she favors Min-hyeok. The grandmother says that if Min-hyeok wants then she will make a hospital for him.

The father comes in and starts to talk about how cranky Kang-woo is. The mother hits him. But then apologizes. The sister comes in looking upset right after that and tells the father that they have an urgent appointment with Whole Foods!

The mother and Grandmother are all like, huh? You said you were not busy, thats why we are going to the spa. The father is all like, um, yeah. Then he grumbles and tells his daughter that he will go to the meeting.

So the granddaughter drives them to the spa on the way to their meeting. She tells them that she will call them a driver to pick them up. Then they start to talk about that restaurant whee Kang woo had the blind date and end up talking about Kang-woo and his dating life.


The two students study while at home when the middle brother comes in. She gives him a sweet potato. He says it is good so they tell him that their tutors family has a goguma farm. Then they tell him that he went to the restroom.

So Won-seok goes to the restroom and asks Ho-dol if he knows him as soon as Ho-dol steps out of the bathroom and Won-seok asks him if he remembers him. You came by out of curiosity that day, only?

Ho-dol tells him it was his courage. So Won-seok asks if he remembers now? Ho-dol tells him that he won’t tell his family, I will ignore it! Just don’t get me fired from this tutoring job! I will keep it secret! We never saw each  other at the bar! Okay!

Then he shuffles away.

Won-seok wonders what he is talking about. Keep what a secret? 

he goes outside to their yard and sits with Seo-yeon. He asks her if she wants him to kill him. Seo-yeon says that he does not deserve it. It was all my fault anyway. He smiles and nudges her. She tells him to go ahead and go to work.

Meanwhile, crazy Jang-mi is still looking at her place and wonders why Seo-yeon looks so sad now. She goes to her board and wonders if it is because of him, Kang-woo, and mutters that she did not like him from the beginning.

But then someone calls her and tells her that her mother came. So Jang-mi has to run home. 

Her mother starts to show her outfits and tells her details about a man. She also tells her there is not time, just get dressed.

So Jang-mi goes to a meeting in a lounge and talks to a man who says that her father has 15 kids from his affairs. You are the 5th affair and a daughter. you should at least be helpful for your family and get married to a rich person.

he gives her a card and says that her mother gave it to him. Would you like to go upstairs.

Cut to her mother basically hitting Jang-mi in the bathroom and telling her that she should at least use her body well. But Kang-hee stops her and holds the mothers wrist. She asks if she had an affair with her husband or something?

the woman’s ays she is her daughter! So kang-hee tells her she is really bad to hit her own daughter like this. The mother glares at her and leaves. Kang-hee tells Jang-mi that her mother is weak, she should challenge her more.

Jang-mi just walks outside lookin all broken. She sits on the steps outside by the Han river and massages her bleeding heel. Then we see that Seo-yeon gives her a pair of slippers and tells her that it is only $3, don’t worry. She runs off to her friend. Her friend thinks that she looks familiar.

Seo-yeon does not recognize her and asks if they see that other girl here, that woman with the name Baek Jang-mi? Maybe she found a place to stay. They think that would be good and decides to head out and eat something delicious.

The camera cuts back to Jang-mi and we see that she has left her stilettos behind.




Hyun-soo goes to Kang-woo’s house and tells him that breaking up is the fuel for working hard. kang-woo grips his scissors. So Hyun-soo heads out and thinks that Kang-woo is so cranky.

Outside, Seo-yeon and Mi-kyung walk around. She sees the potato head chia pets being sold and thinks about Kang-woo. She wonders how the potato is doing and thinks that she might be giving it a hard time because he hate her.

Mi-kyung basically tells her to ignore him and Hyun-soo because they are not even like humans.

Inside his place, Kang-woo stands in his studio and thinks about Seo-yeon as he looks at her photos. He thinks about erasing them. But we don’t know if he did it or not as we cut to him working out.

He thinks about how Seo-yeon was hurt with how they treated her and how she wanted to be better to him due to being so mean to him in the past. that haunted her so she wanted to do right by him and this is how he treats her, exactly the same way again.

He is sad that she thinks that about him. He thinks that he changed, but that does not matte to her. He get a phone call right then and reluctantly answers. It is the VP and the teacher.

They ask if he is not coming to work and then mention the dinner appointment. Kang-woo asks if he has to go? hey tell him that he is the one that wanted to have it so he should come. he sighs and tells them to text him the address.

The VP is all like what is this, he is the one that asked to have this dinner, I did not beg him to have it! But the phone was not off so Kang-woo hears all of this and is all like hey, listen to me. But then the VP turns it off quickly.


Mi-kyung tells Seo-yeon, that she should not make trouble. But if she can’t stand it anymore and wants to kill Kang-woo, then call me. I know a good place to bury a dead body.

Seo-yeon tells her to just stop. She also mentions that it is her fathers memorial ceremony so go home and say hi to your mom for me. She heads out. Mi-kyung does not feel relaxed and thinks that Seo-yeon will make trouble today.

Then she sees Min-hyeok walking by and waves happily to him.

Later on we see that Seo-yeon had to drive Kang-woo to the dinner with the VP and the teacher. She thinks that he should have called a doctor. But he says that he is the one that will decide these things.

Inside it looks like all the teachers are eating. Seo-yeon is among them and is sitting with Min-hyeok. So this dinner meeting is for everyone. Min-hyeok wants to pour her a drink but she says that she can’t tonight. She wants to pour him one but he says that he brought his car.

She tells him that he is a good man. he is so stunned by this so he spills the soju. Sh starts to clean it up quickly and talks about how they should not waste the alcohol. Then she licks her finger that has the soju on it and her eyes grow large.

Louis Armstrongs A Wonderful World starts to play as she starts to happily drink cup after cup of beer and soju. Cut to her looking at plant outside and telling it that it is so pretty.

Kang-woo sees her and tells her that she was not supposed to drink! She drunkenly says something and tsks. So he kneels ext to her and cleans the dirty from her hands. She angrily hits him away. he helps her up and says to go home.

She snaps her arm away and says that he has not changed! You are not different, you lied with someones heart! He says he is different, that was 15 years ago! She tells him he is not 180 changed, he is 360! 

He is all like, that means Ii am the same! She agrees and says that he is the same. Ii do not like you at all. You are always the same. Always.

He asks, so what should I do? What should I do to make you like me? She tells him,LEE KANG WOO, YOU ~ . But then she passes out in his arms. He wonders to himself, what should I do to make you like me.

But then Min-hyeok pulls Seo-yeon on his shoulder and says that he will take her home. You gave her such a hard time, don’t you know why she is this drunk.

Kang-woo says it is none of his business. But Min-hyeok says it is his business. he puts her in his car. Kang-woo asks what he is doing. So you really, with Joo Seo-yeon?

Min-hyeok tells him to ask him, you know I can’t lie. So ask me why I am doing this.

Kang-woo looks at him and looks as if he wants to ask and yet he doesn’t want to hear it.

Fade Out


I’m still enjoying this show even though it took a strange turn with he Jang-mi storyline. Though that does help explain why she is so messed up and living the life of a rich bum with a bag full of money that she gives to everyone.

Though honestly, I really don’t see how jang-mi or Kang-hee fit into this storyline. We shall see. Though I hope they focus a bit more on Seo-yeon and Kang-woo and the people affecting their story directly.

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  1. Kate
    December 13, 2019 / 1:33 am

    I love reading your recaps of episodes. I feel like you sum it up perfectly without leaving anything out. Plus you recap most of the time before they even finish translating. You rock! Thank you so much!!

    • V
      December 13, 2019 / 9:55 pm

      Thank you so much, Kate!

  2. Andrea
    December 13, 2019 / 10:23 pm

    Thank you so much. Viki takes forever to translate!

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