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Love With Flaws: Episode 6 (11 & 12) Live Recap – Part 1

Love With Flaws: Episode 6 (11 & 12) Live Recap - Part 1

Miscommunication and half finished sentences almost ruined the day for Kang-woo in the last episode. But a hastily made decision by Seo-yeon to become a human shield for love saved it. If only she knew exactly what she was getting herself into. I have a feeling she should find out today. They can’t really keep up that charade for long can they? Especially when a kiss is about to be landed!

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How we do this: We segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




We open at Kang-woo’s house. He tells her that it hurts his ego. She tells him that could happen. We can try it and if it doesn’t work then we can quit.

He tells her that he feels like he is so happy, he could die. He hugs her and tells her he will be nice to her. She smiles and says she will as well. Though hers is more friendly. 

Then he touches her cheek softly and leans in to kiss her. But she moves backward. He asks, what is it? She pinches his cheek hard and moves his head back. He immediately tells her, I am sorry! I went to far! I will take you home!

he runs back inside to grab his keys.

She wonders what that was, but thinks that they are friends so they can help each other. She also think that Kang Woo is a lot more muscular than she thought.

he runs back out and asks her what she just said. She quickly says nothing! So he grabs her hand and pulls her away to his car.

They get to her house where he tells her that she still lives here. I came here once before.

Cut to a flashback where we see little Kang-woo delivering food to her home. Her father sees him and happily asks him if he is Seo-yeon’s friend. Kang-woo is so nervous that he bows and runs away.

But he trips and falls flat on his face soon after with his backpack flying up for good measure. The father pleasantly helps him up and with a warm smile tells him that as a man, you never know when or where you will be able to protect your person, so you need to tie your shoes tightly all the time. He ties his shoes and tells him that this knot will never get loose.

In the present, kang-woo says that his shoes never get loose because of her father. She shows her shoes as well and says that same thing. Kang-woo asks if her father is still here, I should say hi.

She is about to tell him, but then Won-seok shows up. kang-woo immediately thinks that this is one of the many men that likes Seo-yeon and that Seo-yeon likes. Seo-yeon tires to tell him that this is her oppa – her REAL Oppa. 

But he doesn’t beleive it, lol. He says she is lying, you don’t look aline at all! Then the other big brother oppa comes out and is all like, what is going on? Kang-woo is all like, AHHHH, another one! Won-jae immediately joins this kerfuffle.

Cut to the brothers sitting on the couch and looking at Seo-yeon and kang-woo. Seo-yeon breaks the news that they are high school friends and are dating now. They are all like, wtf, you hate handsome men.

Seo-yeon lifts Kang-woo up and says that they should leave. Kang-woo bows and says that he will introduce himself formally the next time they met and bows as he leaves.

After kang-woo leaves, the oldest brother asks what is going on. He is not your style at all. She tries to say that she is sleeping and slinks off ot her room.

back at home, Kang-woo gets home happily and plops on his couch smiling with the knowledge that those handsome guys are her brother. But he quickly gets scared by Hyun-soo who is sitting ont he couch as well telling him that he hit him like that and never called him back. So is our relationship like that. if I give it up then our friendship ends?

Kang-woo is all like, now you know so go away. Hyun-soo asks if he really like Joo Seo-yeon? Why? You have so many women. Kang-woo says it is becaus seh is pretty.

Hyun-soo tells him that that need to go to an optometrist. You are not normal, that is why you think she is pretty. Moreover, she is not normal at all. She is so crazy, and she likes me, don’t date her.

kang-woo tells him that it is late, she doesn’t like you, dont’ worry. Plus, we are dating now. Hyun-soo screams like someone is about to stab him.

Cut to Seo-yeon telling her best friend that she will be Kang-woo’s fake girlfriend until he and Hyun-soo find a way to live together happily. She says that she would not do this much if she did not see them together with her own eyes. But after seeing this, I have to help them.

Mi-kyung thinks this is nonsense and she is crazy. So, what are you going to do with him? Seo-yeon says that his family should know that they are dating, so she has to show it off and put photos online.


Seo-yeon sees kang-woo standing by his car and runs up with romantic music playing and hugs him. He is so mesmerized as she takes a selfie of the two of them and then hops in the car.

kang-woo is stunned with the hug and happy with it as well as he tells himself that he is more active than expected.

They drive off to a dating spot where Seo-yeon tells him that Mi-kyung told her that this is the hottest place for dating. She starts to pull him to section after section of this cozy cafe to take lots of photos around all the blossoming flowers.

Kang-woo looks like he is blossoming as well as his cheeks grow rosey red sitting this closely with her.

As night comes, Seo-yeon hops out of his car with a lovely shiny bubble looking cake in a huge clear container. She is so happy to have it. Kang-woo moves in for a hug but Seo yeon gives him two big high fives instead.

She tells him that it was great today and pumps her fist. He laxidasically pumps his fist as well and then drives off. he thinks Seo-yeon does so many unexpected things.

But while driving off, he sees the very strange Jang-mi watching his car as he drives away. 



Meanwhile, Won-seok gets home and asks Seo-yeon what this is all about with that guy who gave this cake to you? You never liked someone who looked like him.

She tries to dodge the question and says that people can change their taste. you date many different people, races and nationality and age. I am the same. I am dating different flavors of men. 

Won-seok tells her, let me see it. As your brother, I have to see it because my only sister has a boyfriend. She smiles and says okay, sometime. He tells her tomorrow. Then repeats it as he looks directly in her face – tomorrow. And walks off.

Seo-yeon thinks this is all screwed she is ruined. She is talking to Mi-kyung about it at a cafe as they are about to dig into this huge cake. But Mi-kyng isn’t really listening, she is only looking at the cake and wonders if she should eat it this late

Mi-kyung then tells Seo-yeon that the situation is obvious. Your brother saw Kang-woo and knows that kang-woo bats for his team. Seo-yeon asks,really? Mi-kyung tells her yes, otherwise why would he want to see him? Has he ever wanted to see any other man you dated?

Seo-yeon says no. So Mi-kyung tells him that it is so obvious that Kang-woo and Hyun-soo’s relationship will end with your brother around. You tried to help them, but it is all ruined.

Seo-yeon messes up her hair and says that this is driving her crazy! Mi-kyung tells her to tell her brother honestly and ask for his favor. Then she digs into the expensive cake.


So at home, Seo-yeon knocks on her brothers door and gives him a glass orange juice. He asks her what time he should meet her boyfriend. She is all like, um, maybe, we are just now dating, so maybe it is too much stress?

He says it is her middle school friend. She can’t hold it in and tells him that he is right! What you are thinking is right! Won-seok asks her if they are really not dating, right? She sys yes, she is just helping Kang-woo and hyun-soo’s relationship. Just don’t tell Won-jae. He is pretty conservative.

Won-seok is pretty shocked. Seo-yeon says that Won-jae should not know that she is fake dating someone. I did something wrong to kang-woo before so I want to be nice to him now.


At school, kang-woo is happy that he can watch Seo-yeon practicing from the window all day. While he is watching her the VP and the other teacher try to sneak off behind him. But Kang-woo turns around and sees them.

he pleasantly greats them this time and apologizes for how he behaved last time then tells them that he will buy them dinner. make a reservation. The VP wonders what in the world is going on.

Outside, Seo-yeon sees Min-hyeok at his window. He is calling her to come to his office for a new treat, so she takes off immediately. But she has to have her knee looked at before getting it done.

She she reluctantly sits and shows her knee as he gives her the snack. he tells her that she should take care of herself better, otherwise she will have a scar.

She shares a bit of the snack and asks him if he has a girlfriend. What type of woman do you like? Tell me, maybe that person is close to you. he is a bit embarrassed to say all of sudden, but says that he thinks that person is also close to him. A person that eats everything happily and works super hard at what they do and is a nice person.

Seo-yeon looks at him for like 10 seconds and then asks if there is anything else? He says that is it. he also asks what kind of person she likes. She tells him, without hesitation, that she cares about looks a lot.

Then kang-woo bursts in and pulls Seo-yeon out. Outside, he tells her that they need to tell everyone publically that they are dating. Seo-yeon thinks that would be fine for him, but not for her since he is the boss and she is the employee.

He starts to mutte something. She asks him what he said. He mutters it again and she asks him again so he finally yells, DONT BE TOO CLOSE TO MIN HYEOK.

She asks why. What the f? Kang-woo tells her to just not be too close to him. So she asks what kind of relationship they are in. he says nothing, just, dont’ be too close! Then he walks away pouting.

Seo-yeon thinks about her conversation with Min-hyeok where he said that he thinks that person he likes is close to him and wonders if he and Kang-woo had something going on before.

In Kang-woo’soffice, he frets about sayinng all that to Seo-yeon. I was too much.

We see a flashback where Kang-woo and Min-hyeok are at a fancy event where Kang-woo hears ladies talking about how he and his cousin really don’t look anything alike.

In the present, Kang-woo thinks that it is too embarrassing to say that Min-hyeok is too good and he is jealous about it. he takes out his phone and looks at a photos of Seo-yeon as he says, how dare you make me jealous Joo Seo-yeon. But then he softens practially immediately as he says that she is so great and giggles.




Meanwhile, Kang-woo asks his friend about Hyun-soo and if he is gay. The friend says definitely not, he likes men so much. that is complete nonsense.

Cut to the littlest brother practicing his drance moves outside somewhere near his studio. Seo-yeon comes up and gives him hisi head phones. The littlest brother puts them on and askks if he looks cool now.

She is all like, um, did you just call me this late to make you look cool? He thinks about that and makes up and excuse to tell her that he needs it to practice well! She is all like, you dirty liar, but she smiles and leaves as he keeps dancing.

As she walks out, she gets a text from her friend showing Hyun-soo with all his ex-girlfriends. She calls him immediately so the brother says that this situation was suspicious to him so he dug around and found out that they are not dating at all. Not even dating, they are not gay at all.

She wonders what is going on and runs back inside the company to show a photo to her brother. She says that this ajushi works here right? The brother is so scared and says that the just saw him cleaning here until late!

She runs off and finds hyun-soo upstairs watering. So she runs up to him and does a flying kick and leaping judo arm bar like she’s Ronda Rousey. He struggles on the ground. She tells him not to move! Your arm with break! Now tell me, are you really dating!

He tells her noooo! I was lying! She lets him up as he says she is crazy and tried to kill him! She asks why he lied. He tells her, shamefully, that she and her friend were trying to take advantage of them as gold diggers.

She is all like, huh? Me and Mi-kyung? So you two thought we were gold diggers and lied like that? Hyun-soo says that there are a lot of strange women now. It was just a precaution.

Seo-yeons anger builds as she wonders how dare they lie to them. Hyun-soo says that Kang-woo does not know. Seo-yeon tells him to shut up, I know that you two tried to screw me up together. She faints punching him and then angrily grabs her things to leave

Hyun-soo thinks that he has to tell Kang-woo, but he can’t really use his arm after the arm bar and struggles to get his phone. (um, use your other arm bro!).


Seo-yeon goes straight to Kang-woo’s place and helps her self to his couch as she asks him how he can be like this as a human. I know that you are not dating Hyun-soo. You are the same as you were 15 years ago. You confessed to me and said it was fake.

He is so confused and asks what she is talking about.

Flashback to when they were kids. five kids are all giving money to one of the kids. Kang-woo is among them though he does not look like he wants to be with them. 

he money is for a bet. They pick a girl and says that okay, whoever will confess to Joo Seo-yeon and she says yes will get all the money.

Seo-yeon overhears this and also overhears them say, what if she says yes? One of the kids says that they would have to date. But another kid says that no one could date her, she is so much like a tomboy.

Cut to Kang-woo confessing to her. In her mind she tells him not to do it. After he confesses she tells him that she wont date him! You are ugly and fat and I hate you!

She walks off angrily and thinks that he is such a bad guy. You should tell me you’re sorry and that it was a joke.

In the present, she tells him that he is the same as before. he asks, so 15 years ago, I confessed to you because of a bet? She says, even though it was a joke to you, it always haunted me that I said those things to you. So this time I wanted to help you, but you lied again.

he asks, so you looked at me like that? As trash that confessed to you as a game? Am I that king os person to you? She says yes, to me, you are just like that.


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