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Love With Flaws: Episode 5 (9 & 10) Live Recap – Part 2

Love With Flaws: Episode 5 (9 & 10) Live Recap

This is part 2 of our live recap of Love With Flaws!

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Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: We segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!





Kang-woo rolls his head back in the chair and tells his psychiatrist that he has a lot of thoughts. The psychiatrist asks about what? Kang-woo says, the story that he did not finish, let’s finish it. My emotions to…

It looks like the doctor is abotu to say, love. Kang-woo says that it is a difficult emotion to say. the doctor tells him that he has the emotions where he worries about her and wonders about what she does and who she meets. He is about to say Lo-o-ove. But ends up saying that another emotion for that is jealousy.

He goes on to ask if he feels any anger when she is with another man? Anxious or angry? That is jealousy. kang-woo thinks about this and then leaves. The doctor looks around nervously.

Kang-woo sees a photo of him and asks if he removed his mole? You had a mole in this photo. The doctor tells him, yes, I removed it! And hits his own face.

Kang-woo looks at him closely and then tells him that he looks better.


Cut to Kang-woo working out at home. He thinks, okay, when I dont’ see her then I miss her. But I don’t miss her that much. 16 ours 8 minutes, 23 seconds past since I saw Seo-yeon. I feel okay.

But then he stumbles and wonders, w-h-a-a-a-a-a-t? I was counting to the second about Seo-yeon? What is happening to me!

He takes a shower and wonders what Seo-yeon is doing. Is she hurt when I threw her out? The doctor talks to him in the shower and tells him that she might be sick or meeting someone, you are wondering about that.

But he says no, I am not interested in her! I am not interested in Jo Seo Yeon!


Seo-yeon hurries a student to the doctors office who hurt his knee. Min-hyeok sprays something on it and says that is was just a muscle spasm. The student feels a lot better and heads out.

Seo-yeon thanks Min-hyeok as well. But he sees that her knee is also hurt so he wants to treat it as well. She has a pretty nasty looking scrape so he disenfects it and applies a pretty large bandaid as he tells her that she is still so passionate about kids.

He continues and says that when he first came there, he just went to look around. I was only here because my previous boss was going to another country to work. I did not care about the school issues.

In a flashback we see Min-hyok looking around the school with a lollypop. He sees Seo-yeon running to the school with a kid who got hit by a ball.

In the present, he tells her that she looked so cool back then. Seo-yeon says that they are still little kids, they have big bodies, but they are still little. Even us adults get scared when we get injured.

He tells her that he thinks she is a good person. They look at each other for a moment until she breaks it and starts to move to leave. But he stops her and says that he is okay helping her because it is his job. he kneels and smiles at her as she sits in the chair.

Kang-woo sees this from the partially openeed door. He touches his heart and goes back to his office thinking about what the doctor said about being anxious when he sees her with someone else.

The other doctors come in and happily say that he is there. Kang-woo snaps at them and says that he is at work! I have so much work to do! What will you do if I am no longer here! They are all like, um…what is wrong with him. he kicks them both out.

Then Kang-woo remembers being angry with no reason is another sign of jealously.

He leaves work and starts to walk around. Outside there is a street tap dancer performer. Then suddenly a man dances up to him and gives him a flower.

Another two people come up and dance a flower to him as a cute song plays. More and more people dance flower to him as the bubbly song continues to play.

♫ I fell in love

Please accept my love

That I saved for you

I fell in love

I was selfish

I only knew myself ♫

But now I think more about you than myself

He smiles with his bouquet of flowers as he thinks about Seo-yeon. Then he throws the flowers and stars to dance with the rest of the people in a choreographed step. they all cheer for him in the end and we cut to him skipping through the hallways with a bouquet of flowers.

But then he starts to think about all the men he has seen Seo-yeon with. Though they all happen to be her brothers. he also thinks about her yelling at him to shut up and go poop. The song starts to slow down as he thinks about her telling him that she hates him because he is fat and ugly when they were kids.

So he suddenly throws the the flowers out the window when he sees Seo-yeon happily laughing in the hallway Mi-kyung. He turns around and leaves. They wonder what is going on with him.



Kang-hee steps out from the hair studio and is about to give a tip to the valet in a rude way. But she remembers Won-jae telling her that she should be polite to others, that shows what kind of person you are. So she gives the valet a tip in a slightly better way and drives off.

But her car won’t leave. There is something right in front of it. She gets out and wonders what that is. A nerdy looking guy runs up and says that was his car! But it looks like this might be Won-jae in a super disguise.

She says that she will pay for his toy car, but he says that is okay and leaves looking so bummed.

She drives off but give shim one more look before she goes. he takes off his super thick glasses and smiles. His friend runs up and asks if she is the one? He says yes! So his friend tells him that whenever they see her car, they will call him.

Won-jae walks away looking like his normal self and says that a man loses during the day, but wins at night. Yes-yes during the day, but he is a beast at night. Charismatic women like that kind of man.

Won-seok gets home in his Mini Cooper so the two brothers talk outside. The middle one has a cough. The oldest tells him that Seo-won went to see him to take him cold medicine and juk, didn’t you see her?

Cut to the gay bar where Kang-woo is hanging out. he is getting a lot of looks from the men. Hyun-soo comes up there and asks him why he is here? Don’t you know what this place is? Kang-woo asks if it is a famous place? I am famous.

Hyun-soo tells him, okay whatever, okay, lets drink together. So they start drinking and are sitting side by side.

Seo-yeon shows up to give the juk to her brother and sees kang-woo and Hyun-soo sitting and chatting happily together. They look so close. She thinks they look like a happy couple (and the song So Happy Together is playing. There was also a famous CHinese movie called Happy Together that was about a gay couple who used this song prominently). So she smiles at the two of them and leaves.


The middle brother goes to the kitchen where another person is cleaning the dishes. he thinks this person cleaning is his sister, but it actually ends up being Ho-dol. Ho-dol is the tutor for his brother!

Won-seok is super shocked and points at him. What are you doing here! Ho-dol is also super shocked. Seo-joon comes up and tells Ho-dol that his noona will do the dishes. Ho-dol says that he can do it, okay, I am done…

He walks out with his head tucked almost all the way into his shoulders.

Won-seok asks who that guy is? Ho-dol says he is a super smart kid from Hang-guk University (like the drama version of Korea University).

Outside, Ho-dol walks away from the house and remembers the brother telling him that he wants to tell him this because he is taking him as his little brother. This is not a place for you. You should know that. Ho-dol wonders if perhaps he does not remember him?

He walks away. In a window we see jang-mi taking stealth photos of Ho-dol. She says, hmm, this is a new face. How did you get into that house? I am jeaous.

Then se see her wall that have photos all over it of Joo Seo-yeon. She also decorated some photos like a heart. She sticks Ho-dols photo on the wall as well.

Inside the house, Seo-yeon treats Won-seok for his fever. she tells him to stop moving all around as she puts the wet towel on him. This also makes her thinks that Kang-woo is having a hard time as well.


Cut to kang-woo looking at his potato gift from Seo-yeon. His friend Hyun-soo is still there and put on silk pajamas. Kang-woo asks what kind of things do women like?

They are watching Secretary Kim so Hyun-soo says that they like those things. For a man to buy lots of things for the women.



At school, the track team thanks Kang-woo outside for their funding and they all head leave after practice. Seo-yeon runs up to him. he asks her if she lieks track so much? She says yes, it was basically her savior when she was young.

She tells her that you see the finish line and run like crazy to get there. She imagines what she wants at the end and runs to get it. he chuckles. She tells him that he may laugh but she won a silver medal in the Korean games.

So she tells him that he should run as well, dont’ think of anything else. Just think of what is at the finish line. She pats him on the shoulder and pleasantly walks off.

While she is walking off, he remembers her as a little kid. A song starts to play

♫ When I walk behind you quietly

I cannot look up

I can only look at your shadow

When I see your back

Because maybe I might cry

I want to hold your hand

Which is swinging with your steps

But I can’t do it

I tried to put all my courage together

But it is so difficult for me ♫

Seo-yeon gets a call right then. It is from Kang-woo. he looks at her and tells her that he will run as she said . He will only look at that.


Later that night, Seo-yeon goes to a building that looks closed. Kang-woo told Seo-yeon that he wanted to meet her there.

So she goes inside and wonders what is going on. But then all the lights turn on in the building. there are manequins all around with possibly his designs on them?

He steps out. She asks what is going on? He asks if she likes it? I could have rented the entire theme park (like in Secretary Kim) but I thought you might like this more. She asks if he is going to give this to her?

He says no, this is for your students, consider it the school CEO’s support. Seo yeon’s eyes lighth up as she runs to the outfits and says that they are all pretty colors. But then she wonders, what is this for?

He says it is a bribe to take him nicely. she asks, huh? He says that he thinks it was a long time ago, but I did not need any other women. She is all like, huh? You dont’ need women? But it is all in her head. she wonders, oh no, maybe he knows that I know?

He continues and tells her that he only needs her. I hope that you are with me Joo Seo-yeon. She asks, me? He nods, yes, you. With you, I am always embarrassed, but. I think I will be the real me when you are with me. So, Joo Seo-yeon. Can you be next to me?

She thinks about his blind date and wonders if he needs a shield so that he does nto need a blind date. 

He asks what she thinks? She asksif Park Hyun-soo knows that he is doing this? I am not sure if I shuold do this over you and Park Hyun-soo.

Kang-woo asks, did you…to Park Hyun-soo….

She nods, yes. I am sorry but…already…Park Hyun-soo…(told me everything).

KW – how long…(have you liked him)?

SY – (how long did I know)….well, after I saw you guys together I realized (you guys liked each other)

KW – From the begining to me (I didnt have this chance)

SY – Yes, from the begining to you ( you had Park Hyun-soo)

They both look at each other as if their hearts are breaking.

Cut to Hyun-soo laughing in his silk pajamas as he looks at something on his cell phone at home.

Kang-woo comes in and rages at him and then head butts him and pushes him ont he coucha nd starts to try and gauge his eyes out or something. Hyun-soo escapes and wonders what is going on! 

Kang-woo tells him that Seo-yeon said that she likes you!

Hyun-soo is all like, okay, but why are you doing this to me!!!!!

Kang-woo realizes that he just went crazy and starts to walk out kicking things. Hyun-soo wonders what is going on. Se-yeon thinks we are gay but says that she likes me? She is crazy!


At school, Kang woo ignores Seo-yeon. Mi-kyung wonders what is going on.

That night, Seo-yeon dreams about telling Kang-woo that he was fat and ugly, that is why she hates him. She also dreams about him standing int he department store telling her that he likes her, you will complete me.

She sits up and wonders, he did not like me then and now, so why does he look like that? Why are you giving me a headache!

So she goes to Kang-woo’s house at night. He comes out angrily at first until he sees that it is her. She tells him that they can do it. I accept being your fake girlfriend.

He asks what she is talking about? She says that she knows how desperate he is. With me you can be yourself. He asks, what about Park Hyun-soo? She tells him that he will understand.

Kang-woo thinks that this will hurt his pride too much. She tells him that they should try it first. They can quit later. So he tells her that he is so happy and hugs her deeply as he says that he will be nice to her. She is confused a at the super affection and pats him on the back saying that she will be good to him as well.

He looks at her deeply and stroked her face softly and then leans in to kiss her.



Still enjoying this show! Though I might be the only one, I’m not sure how many other people are watching this drama? It is such a fun tv show though, with no villain whatsoever. Just quirky cuteness.

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  1. Anonymous
    December 11, 2019 / 11:14 am

    Thank you for your live recaps. They tide me over while waiting for the eng sub. I love this show!

    • Anonymous
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      These are so helpful.. Thanks dear

      • V
        December 11, 2019 / 2:26 pm

        So happy to help! 😘

    • V
      December 11, 2019 / 2:28 pm

      You’re welcome! I really love this show too. It is so fun!

  2. anonymous
    January 5, 2020 / 12:43 am

    Thank you so much for this! Would you happen to know what song was playing during the flash mob? I’ve been trying to find it everywhere!

    • V
      January 7, 2020 / 10:29 am

      I am not sure, I hope you find it!

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