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Love With Flaws: Episode 5 (9 & 10) Live Recap – Part 1

Love with Flaws Recap episode 9 and 10

Y’all, little Kang-woo saluting to Seo-yeon in the last episode was so hilarious that it made me giggle mischievously in my seat. SO AWKWARD for them! And yet so funny for ME! I’m not sure how many people are watching this show, but I love it so far. Is anyone else with me?

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Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: We segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




Seo-yeon follows Kang-woo around in his apartment. He turns around to tell her to leave but that is when little Kang-woo rises to the occassion (hee hee) causing all sorts of awkwardness between the two of them.

So Kang-woo picks Seo-yeon up and drops her off outside where they both run into Min-hyeok who is right outside the door. Kang-woo does not even say hi to his cousin and just runs back inside and puts his head inside the freezer as he mutters – so embarrassing.

Outside, Seo-yeon and Min-hyeok walk together to the street and chat. He asks if her and his cou- no – CEO are middle school classmates? (he was about to say cousin).

She tells him yes and she was in a hurry to get a signature for the track team budget. Min-hyeok asks why she was kicked out? Did you make a mess? Hyun  – no – the CEO is particular with cleaning.

She says that she did with the beer a little bit. And then asks why he is there.

Mi-kyung and Hyun-soo walk up right then. Hyun-soo asks why Min-hyeok is there, to see Kang-woo? Mi-kyung asks why Hyun-soo knows their school doctor? Hyun-soo then starts to mumble things and laugh as he deflects the question.

Mi-kyung asks again, how do you know our school doctor? Hyun-soo is about to say how he knows him, but Min-hyeok pulls him into a hug so that he cannot say it. 

He then grabs his face and tells him that his skin looks so good! Are you dating someone? The ladies look at them stunned. Min-hyeok starts to say that Hyun-soo introduced their school CEO hyung…mmmm…to him…mmm.

The ladies look so confused and yet like they know all that is going on right now. They nod and tells him that they will see him at the school as Min-hyeok hugs Hyun-soo tightly by the shoulders and waves goodbye to them.

On the car ride home, Mi-kyung and Seo-yeon kind of think that their school doctor might be…you know….hmmm. They want to say gay, but they don’t actually get around to saying it. Then Mi-kyung asks if she got the paperwork signed? Seo-yeon gasps, she didnt!

In the house, Hyun-soo and Min-hyeok asks Kang-woo why he is like this? he is currently hidding inside his shirt and sitting on the floor. he has his legs curlsed to his chest and looks like a fuzzy stripped rock. His face is tucked in as well.

Hyun-soo says that they should go, when he starts acting like this, it never ends. H walks out. Min-hyeok tells his hyung to sign the documents quickly, she worried about it a lot. He walks out.

Kang-woo pulls his head out like a turtle and starts to sob about how embarrassing it was, so embarrassing, so so embarrassing. He fumbles around the apartment and sees her pink shirt and sobs some more.



Seo-yeon talks to her middle brother as they both sit in the restaurant. She pours him a drink and asks…so…do you have a response to women? Like…well….for women….do you have a physical response? You are not interested in women physically or mentally right? But do you have a physical response?

He is all like, um, why are you asking? She mentions that she is just curious. So he says that it could happen if there is some external stimulation. She nods and says okay.

She gives him the key with thanks and turns around. Her brother stops her and asks what is going on. She says that she used it without his permission! he asks if she is talking about that guy that was hitting on her? Are you sure he is like me?

Seo-yeon says that he said it with his own mouth, people don’t lie about those things right? Then she hurries off. he wonders about this and coughs some more.


Hyun-soo relaxes at home and thinks about the lie that he told. He thinks that if Kang-woo finds out, he will kill him.

Cut to Kang-woo waking up suddenly. He pops his eyes open and tells him self that it is okay, it is okay. But he thinks about Seo-yeon more and then says, it is not okay.

So he works out a lot to rock music and then goes back to bed. But he dreams that Seo-yeon is right next to him with her hand on his chest. She smiles warmly. He thinks he is going crazy.


Kang-woo signs the documents and tells himself that if he does not see her then he is okay. Just enjoy your candy now. In the end you will see the hell of being fired.

Cut to the school where Seo-yeon has a dry cleaned shirt and the signed paperwork. She thinks that Kang-woo is so nice and hugs both items.

Kang-woo is at home unconsciously drawing Seo-yeon when he should be working on his clothing line. then Seo-yeon calls so he asks, what do you want! She tells him thank you so much! and hangs up thinking that what happened yesterday was an unavoidabl accident. She will ignore it.

He thinks that she does not care what happened? Am I the only one like this? he starts to think about her telling him that she knows that he liked her in the past. This was right before he had the erection and got so super embarrassed. He tries to remember what else she said during that rant, but does not remember. Then his mother calls.


Then cut to many of the students in gym class. the dym teacher says that it is dodge ball day. The goal is for the team to survive. So it is implied that whoever can protect their girl the best and survive to the end will have 100 points.

So the students pair up, Joo-hee is with seo-joon. But the only reason they win is because Joo-hee is super fast to dodge everything. So she tells him that she will be the lead! 

She hops to the front and starts to protect Seo-joon from all the balls. Cue super comic books scene where Joo-hee blocks all the balls and throws the balls like she is in Dodge Danpei (the song is the theme song of that show as well).

The coach is amazed. She tells him that the teacher did not tell them that the boy should protect the girl, he just said that we need to survive together. the coach is all like, yes! Congratulations!

So they have 100 points for PE. Joo-hee is happy with the 100 points and thanks Seo-joon for having a chance to have a tutor because of him. She walks off. Seo-joon is affronted with how cool she is all of a sudden.


Mi-kyung is getting ready for a blind date in Seo-yeons gym office. Seo-yeon asks if they are old enough for blind dates now? Mi-kyung is basically like, yes find yourself a man, girl. She starts to talk about Hyun-soo and Min-hyeok and Kang-woo and how they all belong to the “other side”. She never thought Min-hyeok would be gay.

But she also says nevermind and continues to get ready. Her mother has this blind date scheduled for a month. the man is a restaurant owner. Seo-yeon wonders if you have to do this much to get married? Min-hyeok says, as a human, you have to do this much. But she also tells her not to worry, I am not getting married right this minute.

How about this, you come with me. If I order a drink with whip cream, call me 20 minutes later. if I like that person then I won’t eat whip cream from the begining, it is too messy. The other person will also think, ah, she does not like me.

Seo-yeon asks, what if you like that person? Mi-kyung tells her that she can leave then. Don’t you know that there are reasons to have blind dates in expeensive hotel coffee shops? You can go right upstairs and ~. She starts removing her buttons. Seo-yeon tells her, it is a first date! How dare you! Then she buttons her shirt back up.



Kang-woo goes to a hotel and meets with his  mother and Grandmother in the cafe. the Grandmother tells him that she heard that he is not going to work recently. The grandmother tells him that he has to be diligent as their boss, then they will follow you.

Kang-woo says that they also dont’ like a young guy as their boss. I am doing just enough. he moves to order something, but the Grandmother and Mother tell him to just wait and look around.

He asks them what this is? They are all like, no no no, nothing. So he tells them that he will meet whoever it is that they have for him. he also thinks to himself that he should meet more women, that is why he had that response to Seo-yeon.

Seo-yeon and Mi-kyung get to the hotel at that moment. Mi-kyung tells her to look for the whip cream and call in 20 mintues; Seo-yeon goes to the bathroom.

In the bathroom, there is a woman who is talking to someone on the phone about her blind date. She says it is he Grandson of Shin Hwa foods. he never comes to these kinds of things. I need to hang up, goodbye.

Seo-hyeon wonders if that was about Kang-woo? She goes outside and sees that the woman walks right to the table with Kang-woo and his family. The blind date and everone talk nicely for a moment and then the two ladies say they can excuse themselves.

But the date says that they can wall eat together. The mother and grandmother really love how nice she is and says that they can head out now. They talk about how they two of them look like a good couple as they leave pleasantly.

Seo-yeon continues watching. So the two of them eat. The date eats one very tiny piece very slowly and then cuts another super tiny piece and eats it very slowly. hea sks if she does not like the food? She says it is good and smile and continues eating so slowly with tiny pieces of food.

This makes Kang-woo think about Seo-yeon and how she basically stuffs her face at every meal. It makes him smile.

Seo-yeon contineus looking on and wonders why he looks like that? Why do you have a blind date even though you have Hyun-soo? You two love each other so much you fool.

A waitress comes up to Seo-yeon and asks ehr if she needs anything so seo-yeon tells her not and heads off.

Meanwhile, her friend has a huge drink with whip cream in front of her as she sits in front of the blind date from hell. He is super smarmy and touty. He tells her that he never dated anyone over 29. Thirty year old women are not women for him. But he tells her that she is an exception because she takes care of her body so well.

She asks, what about his shape? He tells her that men are different. Have you heard that men are like wine? The taste and smell gets deeper like wine. HAHAHAHA! He laughs at his own joke and claps. 

She cannot take it anymore and takes a huge bite of the whipe cream, it gets all over her face. He tells he that she is so sexy like that, I have decided to date you!

She almost spits out all her drink. 

Cut to the bathroom where Mi-kyung complains abot this guy talking about wine, just drink Makgoli! You are Korean! 

Seo-yeon comes running in right after and asks if it all went okay? Mi-kyung basically is all like, WHERE WERE YOU! But she also says that she took care of it, where where you? Seo-yeon tells her that she saw Kang-woo on a blind date. The girl looked like a nice person. But he looked like he was having a hard time.

Mi-kyung says that he cant say anything to the family members. He is hiding his sexual preference. Hyun-soo told me many many times not to tell anyone that I know about their relationship. So just ignore it okay?

Seo-yeon is bummed, they love each other but cannot say that they love each other. So unfortunate.


Cut to Kang-woo driving home and talking with his mom on the phone. He tells her that she was too perfect, he has too much on his mind to date her right now. His mom is all like, what? You crazy?

But he tells her that he will talk to her later and then imagines that Seo-yeon is sitting next to him. He thinks he is going crazy. he drives his Mini Cooper home and sees seo-yeon standing outside his home. He thinks he is really going crazy.

He walks right by her and swings his hand to run it through the hallucination, but it hits her right in the face. It is a tiny hit though. He is all like, AH! You are really here! 

She holds out something to him and says that she got it for him. it is a little chia seed toy with a face. She asks him if he likes it? it looks like you. But I can change it.

He stares at her so she thinks that she can buy a different one next time. Maybe a watermelon. But he pulls it away and says that he will pick his own. 

They walk to the outdoor shop where she runs ahead to purchase another one and he happily looks at his potato chia seed head. But the merchant is not there so she tells him to give her the potato back. However he says that it is his and already has a name for it.

They start to walk back. She asks him how his day was. He asks if his potato head looks like him? She smiles and tells him yes. It looks like you in middle school. You were so cute back then. How did you grow up so much?

She stamps his head with her thumb like she used to do when they were kids and tells him that he is so tall now. she smiles brightly at him. 

He wonders, when did you become close to me Joo Seo-yeon? She tells him that they should go and continues smiling.


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