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Love With Flaws: Episode 4 (7 & 8) Live Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our Live Recap for Love With Flaws!

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Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: We segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




Lee Kang-hee is working hard at work when she hears a sound. She goes outside to the hallway to see what that sound is and sees a litle Tyranosaurus toy growling and rotating its head around.

His mother runs up to him quickly and apologizes for having to bring her son to work. She picks him up and quickly runs out.


Cut to Kang-woo not having any fun as he stands on the dance floor, not dancing. he is kind of clapping though it isn’t really to any beat. Girls try to dance with him but he just brushes them off. His friend asks if his thingy is okay because he never looks at women.

Elsewhere, Seo-yeon looks through old photos of Park Hyun-soo in their yearbook and sends a photo to Mi-kyung. But it is a blurry photo so she tells her that she can take a photo later. SY asks where Kang-woo’s photo is.

Mi-kyung says that he went abroad after that poopy incident. Seo-yeon keeps looking through her things and finds a photo of the both of them together happily. She says he was a nice guy, I wonder what made him like this?

She remembers calling him fat and ugly, but wonders why he remembers that and not what he said to her first?

A song starts to play (this song is also a remake of another song). While the song plays, we see Seo-yeon and Kang-woo in their different homes.

The song talks about how he wants to give them all his love.

In another room, Seo-joon tosses and turns in bed as he thinks that he was crazy. How can I improve 100????

He gets up and goes to the kitchen but then hops up scared when he sees Jee-hee in the dark. She tells him that he told her that he is a dog, no dog turns on the light. She tsks and goes back to her room.

But while she is trying to sleep, she gets a lot of angry texts from Seo-joon that show memes of dogs turning on lights.


In the morning, Seo-joon is there in Seo-yeon’s room when she wakes up so Seo-yeon asks what it is this time. Cut to the entire family in the living room as they discuss what to do with Seo-joon and if he can even raise his grades. 

He is concerned with being fired because his grades are low since he told everyone at school that he is a trainee. But he has to improve over 100 students.

Seo-yeon says he is 200 out of 230, but if you consider all the kids with sick absences or special absences or drop outs, then he is last.

Seo-joon says that he will be top or last! His brother kicks him. Another brother asks if Seo-yeon can sneak out the exam? She tells him that is stupid, people will find out and they will be in the news and fired and he will still get kicked out.

They wonder about getting a tutor. Seo-yeon thinks that is great and then sees Joo-hee coming in so she tells her to tutor together.

Cut to a sign that says they are looking for a tutor for a high school student that has to improve by 100 students. Someone rips a phone number from the flyer but we do not see who it is.



At the company, there is a post that says that the company will now take care of kids in the evening. Working moms are looking at the sign and think that is wonderful.

They run to Kang-hee who is walking through the lobby and thank her. She tells them not to think about working late, just finish your work. The women end up thinking that she is a b**ch, but she is a cool b**ch which makes them angry.

The oldest brother overhears this and thinks that he likes her even more now.


The two friends chat outside during a break in the school day. Seo-yeon tells MK that Joo-hee works out every morning. This drives her crazy. She needs approval for the budget to compete int he competition. If she competes without it then she is disqualified.

They also talk about Kang-woo and how he has not come to school for 4 days!  Mi-kyung thinks that she is messing her up. Did he say that he would sign it? Think about it.

She thinks about it and actually realizes that he did not say that he would sign it. So seh standsup and yells, that Jashik! He just played with me with words! R-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-G-E. She hops up and takes off running up the track. Everyone is impressed by how fast she is.

Min-hyeok sees this as well so he texts his cousin whil ein his office to come to work. he also grabs a candy from his candy drawer. Seo-yeon comes to his office and asks if she can have one? I am stressed.

He gives her one and says that she can come by for a snack anytime. Then he happily thinks that his luring has worked once she leaves.

Later that evening, Seo-yeon and Mi-kyung decide to call Kang-woo. So they sit in her room and then call Kang-woo about him comng to school. But the conversation is so forced as she tries to speak loudly and smile and talk enthusiastically.

He asks, well, if you are in a hurry to see me then you need to come to my place, I know you don’t want to.

But she says that she will do it! I am coming! Text me your address!

Seo-yeon is impressed that her friend knows Kang-woo’s phone number. her friend says that she has to know at least that much.

Then they start to discuss how to get him to sign the document and happily hop up and down as they practice the sign. The little brother comes in and sees this scene. He wonders why they don’t just get married.

Seo-yeon leaves to go to Kang-woo’s and Mi-kyung takes another photo of Hyun-soo from the schoolbook. the little brother says he knows him. He is the janitor at my company.


At his place, Kang-woo picks up his phone several times over and over again. he tries to work, but he can’t. On his notebook he only wrote her name really big, three times. 

He looks out the window and wonders if she will come. Then he remembers how she did not come in the past so she will not come now.

Outside, Seo-yeon has come. her friend dropped her off and tells her to go ahead in. She waits for her in the car. Seo-yeon reluctantly goes to the door and rings the bell.

Kang-woo is shocked to see her there. She really came!

She tells him that his house is really good! Then she gives him a lot of drinks and food that she got for him.

In the car, Mi-kyung wonders how there can be a third generation chaebol and a beggar together? But he was wearing those expensive clothes? Is this like the prince and the pauper? Were they looking down on me?

But then we see that Hyun-soo has shown up. So Mi-kyung gets out to talk to him. She smiles innocently.


Inside, Seo-yeon gies him the paperwork to sign. He slowly starts to read it over. She tries to contain her rage.

Outside, Mi-kyung and Hyun-soo walk along a nearby park. Hyun-soo asks if she is going to do something in Kang-woo’s house now that she knwos that he is the son of Shin Wha foods? THat is why I tell him not to talk about his family because he will attract a lot of flies.

She yells at him, YAY! At least I try! I studied hard to go to a good school and become a teacher with my own money to marry into a good family! I live an honest life! What about you! You are a friend that is just sucking Lee kangWoo’s money like a boyfriend!

He is all like, what? What are you talking about? Boyfriend? She tells him that he does not have to reveal his sexual preference, but you started it!

Hyun-soo is so confused. She sys that she saw them at the gay bar. Dont worry, I will nto tell anyone. i am just here for a purpose with Seo-yeon becuase she has to talk to kang-woo about school issues.

Hyun-soo thinks that this might be the best thing to resolve this issue. They wont hit on them if they think that Kang woo and he are dating. So he turns to her and says that yes, kang-woo and I are in that kind of relationship.

Mi-kyyung is a bit shocked and then Hyun-soo runs off to help a woman put up her tent.

Back inside the apartment, Seo-yeon has drank 4 drinks now and has to place them all in a row because Kang-woo is a stickler for things lining up. She asks to use his bathroom and is pointed in the right direction.

As soon as she leaves, Kang-woo lets out a huge breath and thinks that she is crazy for coming to a single man’s house!

She walks around looking for the bathroom and stumbles upon his secret clothing and design space. She takes a moment to look at it in awe from the doorway when he comes up and closes it quickly.

She stammers that she was looking for the restroom. He points her in the right direction once again.

Cut to her washing her hands in this huge bathroom and thinking about Kang-woo wanting to be a designer when he was little. She is happy that that part of him did not change.

When she walks back to the living room, she actually see kang-woo as the little friend seh remembers. But then she gets a text from Mi-kyung that tells her that Park Hyun-soo is dating Kang-woo! Daebak!

She sighs and goes to the living room to ask if he is still reading? He says that he is reading it twice. So she sits and tells him to take his time. Then she thinks that she still sees his old face like this.

He wonders to himself why she is looking at him like that. I don’t even look at all those women. You are the same.

But then Seo-yeon opens another beer and it fizzes all over her so she takes off her outer shirt and starts licking the beer off her hand.

He sees this all in super slow and sexy motion. But she is only thinking that she shouldn’t waste the beer.

Outside, we see that Min-hyeok has shown up to the apartment now as well. he is there on Grandmothers wishes to make sure that Kang-woo is okay.

Inside, Seo-yeon sits closely to Kang-woo and says that she will explain all the parts that he does not understand. But then the sexy music cuts back on and makes Kang-woo so uncomfortable so he tells her to go home!

He starts to walk away. She follows and tells him that even a 5 year old can understand this now! He turns around to address her but that is when he gets smacked right into her head.

Suddenly we see a huge rod open up at the campsite that Hyun-soo is putting up. He says, OH, THIS IS STRONG!

Back in the apartment, Both Seo-yeon and Kang-woo look down toward their feet at little Kang-woo who has sprung up at attention. then they both awkwardsly look at each other.

She asks, what?

He looks to the sky with remorse and says, I screwed up.

Fade Out


Okay, that ending was super hilarious. At first I wondered why the friend went to randomly help a woman set up her tent, and was pleasantly surprised that it was set-up for that glorious moment when little Kang-woo saluted Seo-yeon. Hilarious!

I am still really enjoying Love With Flaws, though todays episode was a bit more boring. Overall it is a breezy show that is an easy watch and an easy recap. Let us know if the part one and part two of the recap style are working for you! It is something new we are trying becuase Google does not like that we get so many refreshes on one post.

Part one and two are still recapped Live or semi-Live as we can get at least half the post our early and then the other post out soon after. But we can always switch it to a single post! Let us know!

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