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Love With Flaws: Episode 4 (7 & 8) Live Recap – Part 1

Our hero has realized that he still loves his first love, even though she has caused him all sorts of pain and kick started his diarrhea problem that has resurfaced itself in unfortunately hilarious moments. But now, instead of his stomach acting up, it looks like it is his heart that is taking center stage!

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Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: We segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




We open on a chalk board drawing from the past as we see little Seo-yeon and little aKang-woo. The goal was to match up with partners, but no one wanted to match up with Kang-woo.

Then Seo-yeon came up to him and asksed if she could sit there? He looked at her mesmerized and said yes. She happily and enthusiastically sat down and told him that they can be good friends.

Later on, he walked past her without saying hi while on the street. She calls him out about it and tells him not to ignore her. Then she brings him over to the food stand and tells him that they can get 2 plus one. She can only eat 2 so he can have the other one.

They go somewhere to eat it all up. She says that all her friends are on a diet so no one eats and aks him if he wants to be her eating friend? Then she asks him what he draws in class.

He shows her his drawings which are all fashion concepts. She thinks they are fabulous and asks if he wants to be a designer. He says yes. She tells him that is so daebak.


Cut back to the present where SY is pushing KW up against the wall and keeping him from escaping. He was happily thinking about the past when she tells him that he is messing with her! Lets continue our talk!

He tries to get away on the left side and the right side, but she slams her hand against the wall on each side to keep him in. So he has to slink out and walks away with his hands over his chest.

She asks him about the track team budget and if he had a chane to sign. he says no and then tells her that his finger wasn’t what she thinks. My hand hurts! He continues walking out and tries not to bump into anything.

On the way out, he drives away and thinks he is having a heart arrhythmia. Perhaps he should get it checked out. So he quickly drives off.

But then we see that, back at the restaurant, KW did not pay for the meals! The VP and everyone are looking on so confused as the waitress politely says that he did not pay.

MK asks SY where she buried him since he disappeared. SY tells her that it was a good conversation! Then they look at the VP who is reluctantly giving his card to the waitress. Though she has to pry it from him – and then it is over its balance so embarrassment all around.


Kang-woo goes to the doctor to talk abot these new symptoms. The doctor tells him that he has other feelings now instead of revenge. KW starts to say all the negative feeligns like hate, loathing, disgust…~. But the doctor tells him that it is love.

Kang-woo denies this but the doctor tells him that he needs to open his heart. Think about it this once. But Kang-woo says no, no, no. The doctor continues asking questions like with what situations he thinks about Seo-yeon. Kang-woo keeps saying no. they do this all night long.

Kang-woo stays in the doctors place all night and is fresh in the morning. The doctor is sleeping where he sits and then pops his eyes open when Kang-woo stands by the window and thinks that he must have a heart problem due to stress. That must be it!

the doctor tells him to leave and then basically passes out with his eyes open.



Kang-woo goes to a heart doctor who tells him that he is perfectly healthy. But Kang-woo pushes to ask if anything is swrong so the doctor says that his cholesterol is a liiiiiiiiiitle high. So kang Woo thinks, that must be it! Yes!

He goes home and takes a smoothy to the head to help with his cholesterol. This is it!

Then he starts to drive to work. But he sees Seo-yeon walking in and has heart issues once again. So he revs his engine and speeds right by her.

She wonders what is wrong with him.

In the school, SY goes to her VP and asks about the budget. She thought that the CEO signed it. the VP sys that he did not and then grummbles about the CEO and how he is not at work today. She thinks he should be.

So she runs to his office and sees that he is not there.

He is actually back at home with a face mask on thinking that he is the CEO, he does not have to go to work at all. Why g there and get stressed?

Seo-yeon is at work wondering why he is not coming to work. A poem starts to be romantically read in a voice over as Seo-yeon looks out at the front of the school in anticipation for Kang-woo to show up.

The place you were supposed to come
I go there before
and while I was waiting for you
All the footsteps were coming toward me
Pounding my heart
while I am waiting for you
I am walking toward you

She looks up and sees Min-hyeok, the school doctor. He presents her with an apple.

Through the door that other people open
Following all the footsteps pounding my heart
While I am waiting for you
I am walking toward you.

MK – This is Poet Hwang’s While I Wait For you. How do you like it?

She turns to the classroom of students. They are all sleeping so she changes her soft romantic voice to a drill sergeant and yells WAKE UP to all of them and scratches the chalk board to add insult to injury.

In the back of the room we see that Seo-joon and Joo-hee are still super knocked out.

Cut to MK talking to SY about how she feet hurt. they are in the athletic room. SY tells her to wear flats. Mi-kyung says that she has to wear high heels with that dress.

then they start to talk about the kids sleeping and kang-woo and how she wants to have a good relationship with him. he will come tomorrow!

In the teacher’s offices, the VP gives them an enthusiastic speech and tells them to get to work. SY comes up to him and asks if KW will come in tomorrow? the VP doesn’t know 

Min-hyeok looks on. Mi-kyung asks him why he continues to give her food? He smiles and says it is to lure her. MK wonders, what the f? To lure her? Not like her? Is he conducting some kind of experiment?

Min-hyeok goes to his office and opens his bottom drawer that is filled with snacks. He wonders which one he should give to her to cheer her up and starts leafing through them.

Kang-woo’s sister calls him and says that she heard he goes to a school now. He asks if she is happy that he is not working in the company? She tells him that he is not a match for her. He tells her that she should get married so she can be more secure.

She says he is wrong up till this point. Marriage is the worse business deal. She tells him that his clothing line is good. he asks how she knows? Are you watching me? She says she is just interested, don’t worry, none of the elders know about it. If you want to grow your fashion line, just let me know. I will help you.

He is not that interested. She also tells him that he gets money for his house and clothes and yet you do not want me to help you in the clothing line? he tells her that he does not want Shin-Wha Foods involved at all.

She tells him okay and actually looks impressed when she gets off the phone.

In direct contrast, Kang-woo throws a 3 year old tantrum that his sister already found out.

His friend calls just then to tell him they have a meeting. They hang up and HS is so happy that KW is working under him now. But then he has to clean up all the trash that the Idol hopefulls left.


In a winery, MK tells SY that she has a plan on how to find out what kang-woo and Hyun-soo does all day. Hyun-soo should not be a regular guy just like Kang-woo is not a regular guy. Perhaps I can have another person and another person and another person through them and perhaps get one of them.

Seo-yeon thinks that she is great, though it is sarcastic.

Cut to them talking to the middle brother, Won-seok, while at someones apartment. Maybe it is his room. It looks like an artists apartment, though? Not sure. They ask Won-seok what Hyun-soo’s job is and tell him that this guy and his partner are hitting on her and Seo-yeon.

This gets the brothers attention so he looks at the photo again and says he was at his company and to tell them about him. he says that he does not reveal his patrons private lives. She tries to use aegyo, but it doesn’ work on him.

So they think that they might have to use another of her brothers. 

The brother leaves the house and hops in his Mini Cooper while thinking about what MK and SY where talking about.


Kang-woo goes to the Idol company to meet with Hyun-soo. He rides the elevator up with Seo-joon (the youngest brother). But they dont’ talk to each other.

When the brother gets off, he starts to talk to his team mates and then realizes that he must have just seen the CEO of the company in the elevator! He looked like a fashion model! They all think that isn’t right.

But then their trainer comes in and tells them that they need to improve their grades otherwise they will not be apart of the evaluation.

One of the guys is in the top 20 in the class. She tells him to maintain his grades. he says that he will get to the top ten. Then we have Seo-joon. She sighs and says that at least he has room to improve. So tell me, how many grades do you have to go up? He looks at her and then reluctantly says, 100!

In a large conference room, Hyun-soo tells his team that Idols are walking fashion brands. Whatever they wear can be money. A t-shirt can be 100s of dollars. So we should launch our own fashion brand instead of just selling goods. 

We have our own models and everything, the only thing we do not have is a designer. Then he shows them the clothing they have been using recently and introduces kang-woo as the designer who is also sitting at the table.

Kang-woo bows to them. But he is a man of few words and says nothing more except, let’s talk later. His friend chuckles and says that his friend is a bit of a jerk but he is affordable. They all smile. HS tells them that KW will direct all the styling for the group.

Afterwards, kang-woo and Hyun-soo talk for a bit. he wants him to dress women’s clothing as well. Then they go to the club. Kang-woo doesn’t really want to be at this club but Hyun-seo basically says he should be here because all the people that support him are here.

Won-jae, the oldest brother, is also here at this club. He is talking to his friend who is the bartender about if “she” is here. Does she come here often? The bartender says that even though it is him, it still will not work. She does not care about money or looks, she only wants to dance and leave.

Won-jae thinks that is a great challenge.


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      December 6, 2019 / 8:00 am

      I’m still using the throwback numbering just in case people are watching on Netflix or another streaming site and they use the old episode numbering!

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