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Love With Flaws: Episode 3 (5 & 6) Live Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our live recap, episode one is right here!

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Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: We segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!



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Seo-yeon smiles and waves at Kang-woo. He is so shocked and keeps walking. Then he looks back and sees her waving again. He hops a bit once again and then keeps walking.

Seo-yeon thinks to herself that she will trust him.

Kang-woo gets in his car that he just bought and sees her still waving in the rearview. He remembers what his friend said about him having money and with a sigh and a shrug thinks that Seo-yeon must like him because of that. 

He is about to drive off but the VP and the other teacher come up to him and remind him of his welcome party. Kang-woo asks if he can skip it which the VP thinks is a funny joke. So Kang-woo tells him that he can come and drives off while the teachers comment on how cute his car is (he is driving a Mini Cooper).

As he drives off we see Jang Mi who is the very rich bum. She is there because she remembers that the teacher works for this school. She casually looks around a spots her in the yard.

Kang-woo heads back home to work out. His friend Hyun-soo comes in to talk to him as he is working out and complains about following that Idol around.

Then he mentions that Mi-kyung asked him about Kang-woo and the Shin-wha group. They start to talk about how Mi-kyung is a teacher at that high school. Hyun-soo didn’t know that.

Kang-woo thinks that the funny thing is that Seo-yeon is a teacher as well. They don’t look like teachers at all.

Hyun-soo asks him if he went to the school to get his revenge? I told you that they should not know about your family! What if they start to hit on you all the time? It happens to me often. You should just get married, you don’t know how scary the world is.

Kang-woo drops his work out things and asks why Hyun-soo is there. So Hyun-soo shows him a photo of someone helping a homeless person on the street and says that this should not be you right?

People are talking about how it looks like his model Park Sang-mi so he is following the story. But he thinks that it is Kang-woo. However Kang-woo will not confirm or deny it so his friend gives up.

But this is actually the reason Kang-woo’s hand hurts. He hurt it while helping out the person from the photo.


Elsewhere, the oldest brother shops for a lot of clothing, but his credit card is over the limit so he handsomely walks out. However, once he gets out he thinks that was so embarrassing. So, to take his mind off of it he looks on his cell phone and sees the article about Lee Kang-hee who is a director at Shin-wha foods.

Elsewhere, the littlest brother is working hard at his Idol company. he is dancing in a room with other Idols but heh is not doing as good a job so the dance teacher reprimands him a bit and tells them all that they need to practice 100 more times or they are all fired.

She leaves and they all collapse on the floor like marbles. Ho-dal heads to the restroom where a janitor is so loud and complaining about how disgusting the bathroom is. Ho-dal ignores him. This person is Hyun-soo (?) so maybe he is spying on people?

Ah, yes, he was spying on them because later we see him in his regular. He tells an idol manager lady that she should check the idols manners. Don’t let anyone debut who does not deserve it. also, control their GPA as well. it is difficult to work with dumb guys. Let’s fire all the ones who are not smart. Our concept is smart and handsome.

The woman says that she will do it and heads out.

Then Kim Mi-kyung calls. But he does not accept it. Cut to her looking so annoyed that he is not accepting her call all day long! She tries to cal him again while Seo-yeon asks her what part of the pig she wants to eat at a restaurant.


It looks like this is the restaurant where the party is for Kang-woo because he shows up in his mini cooper and ignores Mi-kyung as well. her rage builds.

Inside, Kang-woo does the unfortunate disservice to cut all the fat off of the samgyupsal to everyones ever loving horror. Seo-yeon thinks that he is out of his mind as he tells everyone that fat is bad for you!

He proceeds to go around and cut the fat off of everyones samgyupsal in a riveting melody of strings until he gets to Seo-yeon who shakes her head nooooooo. But he cuts hers off as well.

But then Min-hyeok gives her his fatty samgyupsal and a cute and famous love song starts to play

♫ If you don’t tell me, I already know.

From your gaze, I know

Just looking at you

You are in my heart ♫

They both look back and forth at each other as she eats. But Mi-kyung is between them so she looks back and forth at them and thinks wtf?

But then Kang-woo tells them all that they should move to a different place, he will pay for it. The VP thinks that he didn’t eat anything yet, but he runs to kang-woo’s car to get in and ride with him happily. 

However, kang-woo’s hand hurts so the VP takes him away to care for him.

Mi-kyung and Seo-yeon wonder when those two became best friends and how they will get to the next place. Min-hyeok tells them that he will take them and puts on some Tom Cruise shades with a smile.

But his driving is horrible! he has a heavy foot so he pushes the break hard all the time which causes everyone inside to lurch forward every few seconds.

Mi-Kyung tells him that she can drive, but he tells them to just relax. So she tells him a secret, their new CEO is the grandson of Shin Wha Foods. Min-hyeok screeches his breaks again.

Mi-kyung tells Min-hyeok to just be careful with his behavior. Seo-yeon tells her that this is high school, not politics! Min-hyeok asks if they are friend for awhile? Mi-kyung says they have been friends since middle school.

Then she starts to talk about the CEO once again while putting on her lipstick, but they go over a speed bump which causes her to roll her lipstick all over her lip.

She runs to the bathroom covering her face and then removes it to show one half of the Jokers face. Seo-yeon runs in as well and says that this place looks familiar. Her friend says it is the place where you were dumped by your boyfriend. It is also Shin Wha Foods.

Seo-Yeon tells her that she will buy something super expensive! Two servings! She runs off. Mi-kyung wonders if she can eat here? This is the place she was dumped.

Seo-Yeon continues running to the eating area but then runs into her boyfriend who is super drunk and does not notice her. She helps his stumbling self up and lets him walk away.

But then she turns around and chases after him as he tries to get into his car. He is trying to drive so she tells him that he is crazy, you cannot drive like this! He thinks that she is trying to screw with him because he dumped her.

But then he tells her that he was dumped and starts to sob. he whines that he was dumped because he had plastic surgery. She said that she wants a natural guy. I SPENT SO MUCH MONEY! Give me my keys, I am going home. But Seo-yeon stops him again.


They get into a kerfuffle where she pushes him to the ground and tells him that she will call him a driver, just wait. But they get into a push fight where he is trying to get his keys and she is keeping the keys from her.

Kang-woo steps into this push fight and breaks it up. He puts the ex in the backseat and then asks if Seo-yeon is crazy/ What are you doing with a drunken man alone?

She sighs and calls the driving service and tells them his address. Kang-woo looks at the ex and sees that he is handsome. So he tells Seo-yeon that she is the same. How come you only look at the look.

He thinks about the other handsome men he has seen her with, which are her brothers. he thinks they all like her.

She ignores him and takes a call so he goes back inside.

While inside, everyone sits at a long table and enjoy while Kang-woo sits at the front of the table happily. Seo-yeon looks at him sadly and remembers that she told him that she hated him because he was ugly and fat. She looks remorseful about that.

She starts to eat up all the bread.

Kang-woo looks at her and wonders why he ever liked her.

Their food arrives, it is all salad all the way up and down he table. Everyone looks at the fruit and salad and vegetables on the table that looks like it was made for a rabbit King.

But then Min-hyeok slides over a bite of meat to Seo-yeon. She happily smiles at him and that same song from earlier plays. She picks it up and smiles some more at him cutely.

She is about to eat it, but then Kang-woo sees her and quickly asks, WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT DISCRIMINATION AGAINST PEOPLES LOOK! She asks, what? So he asks, what about kids saying that another kid is ugly or fat in front of them. What would you say to those students. How would you guide them? Do you have nothing to say?

Seo-yeon stands up and says that that is an honest innocent student. Students should be honest as a people. What kind of thing would you say to a student who confessed to someone they don’t even know? How would you guide them!

He asks, what! Hitting on them?

She asks, someone who holds grudges for super old things. Those kinds of students. What kind of things would you teach them!

The VP and friend run up to the front break this up. The friend accidentally spills the wine on him so that he will go to the bathroom and then pulls Mi-kyung away to tell her that she is crazy. Your job is on the line, don’t you understand! Apologize to him!

Seo-yeon says that she does not want to. But her friend kicks her away to go do it right now! Seo-yeon reluctantly heads away to apologize. 

In the bathroom, Kang-woo tries to get out the stain and wonders if Seo-yeon is hitting on Min-hyeok also. he remembers the googly eyes they were giving each other.

He finished cleaning and heads out right into Seo-yeon. She immediately apologizes about what she said before and extends her hand. But he does not shake it.

She tells him that it is up to him to accept the apology. If you do not then I cannot help it. But at least we can have a good relationship.

His hand starts to hurt again so he start to rub it as seh walks away. But the angle that it forms looks just like a middle finger pointing at her which she sees in a mirror.

So she turns around with rage steaming from her eyes and pins him against the wall. He is so surprised but thinks that that is what happened.


Flashback to Seo-yeon in grade school. He is sitting by himself in class because no one else wants to sit with him. Then Seo-yeon comes up and smiles at him.

VO – I was like that since that time….

In the present, he thinks his booty might act up again, but actually it is his heart that starts pumping. He holds his hand over his heart (instead of his stomach) and says, yes, it was you.

Fade Out


I am really enjoying this show and all its cute fun comedic moments. This is the kind of drama that drew me to Kdramas to begin with, so I am having a fun time so far. This really feels like a light fun show that isn’t too serious.

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