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Love With Flaws: Episode 3 (5 & 6) Live Recap – Part 1

The innocence and playfulness continues with this show. I have no critical things to say about it. I love everything they are doing right now. It is really a lovely show that brings me so many smiles while watching it.

Sadly, they had a death to one of the cast members and gave them a tribute at the beginning of the show. I have that translated that below as well.

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Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: We segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!


In Tribute:

“I will remember your shy smile. Please rest in peace in the place without pain” Lee Jae Heo (Cha In Ha) 1992-2019


We open at the high school with Kang-woo coming in as the new Chairman/CEO of the school. He is the person that owns the school.

He sees Seo-yeon in the audience and she sees him. She motions with her hand crossing her neck that she will kill him! His stomach immediately starts to act up and a couple doves fly from his pants showing that a little bit of booty juice might have escaped.

Cut to a flashback of him at the clinic talking about his issues. The doctor tells him that he will not get his revenge in this kind of mindset. You will be more of a victim! Kang-woo mutters, no. The doctor yells, RAISE YOUR VOICE, do you want to have a diarrhea problem your entire life!

Do it again and do not avoid this woman’s eye contact.

Kang-woo asks if this is really treatment that NASA uses? Cut to the doctor dressed like a woman with a long brown wig on. He asks if he doesn’t trust him? Role playing is the basic of the treatment.

Kang-woo looks at the doctors diploma again and then nods. The doctor puts the drawing of Seo-yeon back up to his face and says, go again!

Back to the school, Kang-woo is having a diarrhea moment and is about to explode in front of all the teachers in their office. The Principal asks him what he is looking at.

Kang motions that he just needs a minute and then turns and belaboredly pops a pill to stop pooping in his mouth. But it flies off and lands in the plant that has all white stones in it that camoflauge the tablet. Oh nos!

He starts giggling and picks up the plant as he giggles his way out of the teachers office. He is sweating and giggling and clenching his booty as he walks out amidst a sea of confusion from the teachers.

The VP starts to laugh to break the silence and says that he thinks their new CEO is a quiet person. So, let’s all attend the welcome party!

Cut to kang-woo sitting in his office and talking to the doctor about how his method did  not work! he is looking for the tablet in the plant as he is talking to him. The doctor tells him that the drawing might not have worked. He should take a photo of her.

Kang-woo asks how he can just take a photo of her. So the doctor tells him to take a photo of others and make sure she is in it. Kang-woo agrees and finds the pill then takes a huge drink of water as he washes it down.

But the VP and another teacher see him doing this and look on with shock. The VP wanted to get his vase back. kang-woo he tells them that he just needs 30 minutes so they hurry out.

In the hallway, the VP wonders why he took his vase and why is he eating stones? What the f? That crazy guy. What is up with him and the chaebol group? Perhaps he is a cousin’s cousin’s cousin. If he was a direct line then he should go to the main company.


Seo-yoon and Mi-kyung eat lollypops and talk on the rooftop as they talk about Kang-woo. Though they call him booty-hole. They wonder if he is really related to their mother company. Perhaps they will be fired if he is?

Seo-yeon says that they shouldn’t be. Mi-kyung decides to call Hyun-soo to ask him.

Cut to kang-woo who is talking with one of his company people about some big issue with not knowing a password to get someone. Hyun-soo says that he knows the password and lets himself in.

Inside is a very nice place for an Idol. It has to be a million dollar condo. The Idol is looking out the window, but it ends up not being the idol! It is actually one of Seo-yeon’s brothers, Won-seok.

So this means that the Idol is most likely gay because Won-seok is gay. Won-seok puts on his clothes and leaves. Hyun-soo hits the Idol over the head as he tries to get him together to go to his meetings for the day.

Then he sees Mi-kyung’s text about Kang-woo’s relationship with Shin-hwa food?


Cut to Baek Jang-mi’s house, the bum millionaire. She is at home asking her maid where her mask is. The maid says that she threw is away because it was dirty. Jang-mi is shocked to hear it.

So she goes outside and starts looking through the trash for her mask. Another bum comes up and pities her. he gives her some water. Jang-mi tells him that she would give him money if she had her bag and then finds the mask. But the phone number is all messed up on it.


Kang-woo gets his tour of the high school. The VP tells him that the Principal is essential but you can’t see him. he still works, he exists everywhere like pollution. Kang-woo tells him that he will find it out.

Kang-woo says that he will evaluate everyone with their performance, not seniority. The teacher blurts out that their principal has a relationship with the chairman of Shinwa foods. But the Vice Principal stops him from talking.


Cut to the chairman, which is Grandma Han. She is happy to hear that her son went to work today. She hopes he is taught well and is made a proper person. She is talking to the principal on the phone and smiles to hear it all. 

After hanging up, her and his mother start to talk about how Kang-woo needs a very smart no nonsense woman. She wonders why Grandmother let her marry her husband, Woo-boo.

Grandmother says it is because she was rich. The mother says, yes, that is also an ability. Then she looks at the women’s photos again and thinks that none of them are that great.

Back at the school, Kang-woo is getting a tour of the outside facilities and sees Seo-yeon outside so he tells the VP and the teacher to pose so he can take their photo and ends up taking a lot of photos of them posing dramatically, though he really just wants to get a photo of Seo-yeon.

After he gets the photo he wants, he heads off to Min-hyeok’s office in the nurses room. The cousin asks why he is like this all of a sudden and asks if he is getting treatment for his mysophobia (being too clean).

Kang-woo asks him when the first time he saw an adult movie was? When, where, and with whom? The cousin tries to hold his mouth but has to blurt out that it was in 1st grade at a friends house!

Kang-woo tells him not to worry about him, worry about yourself. If you cannot lie, are you really a human being? Min-hyeok tells him that people will know that he is the grandson of their grandmother. Kang-woo asks what about it.

Min-yeok says that he keeps himself a secret. Kang-woo asks if that is what he wants? To keep his identity a secret? Min-hyeok nods, yes. So Kang-woo agrees.

Min-hyeok also asks why he decided to come to this school? Kang-woo tells him that he will not stay there to long, don’t worry.

He goes back to his office and starts to look at Seo-yeon’s chart as he fantasizes about telling her that she is fired. Then he starts to look at her photos that he just took and sees one that is looking so evilly at him. He gulps and turns away.

he goes into the hallway were Seo-yeon is standing on the opposite side staring at him. Though he does not notice her. She yells his name but is quickly pulled away by her friend.

Kang-woo wonders what that was and then holds his bottom as he has to run to the bathroom once again.


The friend pulls Seo-yeon to a computer where she shows her that Lee Kang-woo is the grandson of Shin-Wha foods. The friend thinks that if she knew that then she could have become a chaebol granddaughter. But he tricked them so he wants to kill him. But, what can they do, he is the grandson and their school CEO.

Seo-yeon asks if they think she won’t do anything, only because of that! her friend tells her that what she says and her behavior are very different (because Seo-yeon is sweating now). Seo-yeon wipes away the nervous sweat and asks if that is everything?

The friend tells her to just live like air as if she is nothing so that she will not be fired. it is not difficult.

Cut to the Shin-Wha Foods company. The camera scrolls by their motto which is “Diligence Over Success”. We are in the office of Woo Boo who is Kang-woo’s dad. The sister comes in and tells him that it is time to go to the meeting. 

Woo-boo asks if he has to attend the meeting? I gave them power to take care of things by themselves. I am busy. I have so many reports to do! But he is actually playing Tetris and the daughter catches him. So he says, lets go to the meeting. But he complains about having to go and work ad all that.

While walking to the meeting, the father complains about why all these guys have to show off that they are working so hard. Can’t they just sent me the report? The daughter tells herself that she is going to marry a workaholic.


Meanwhile, the oldest brother, Won-jae, is sleeping in one of the convertibles at the company. Music is playing  and there is a beach scene ont he wall that makes it look like he is a model. So his company people liven that up a little bit and add shades and a magazine to his look while he is sleeping.

Lots of ladies come up to take photos of him. Later on, he wakes up but his boss tells him to sleep some more, because of him they sold 3 cars! Won-jae looks at the magazine that he is holding, it is on the page of kang-hee, the sister to kang-woo. The magazine has a full spread of her so he thinks that she deserves to be cocky.


Back at the high school, Seo-yeon tries to find a moment to be nice to Kang-woo, but also thinks that she is so pitiful and starts to hit her head on the door. 

Min-hyeok comes up and cushions her head with bread. Then he gives it to her and leave. She looks at it and thinks, this is also Shin Wha food bread. She starts to eat it and whines that it tastes so good.


The middle brother is working in the lounge when he gets a message that someone wants to meet him. So he sighs and goes to the location to meet him.

The spot is outside a college or high school or somewhere like that where he overhears some guys talking about how much of a bum Ho-dol is. Ho-dol is the kid that went to the gay bar before and looked so lost and out of place.

But Won-seok is not looking for Ho-dol, he is actually waiting for another guy who is very handsome. This guy loves Won-seok and wants to date him and says that he will go to a top school in Korea so you should date me. Why won’t you date me? I am smart, young, and handsome. So why won’t you date me?

Won-seok holds this kid close to him and tells him that he can’t take it. You aren’t even responsible for yourself, that bothers me. Then he puts on his shades and hops back into his car.

In the car, he looks at a photo of his father, then he drives off.



Seo-yeon is coaching her team when her brother comes up to her and asks if he has to stay at school together with that girl as well? She will fall in love with me! Seo-yeon tries to kick him. he tells her that she will regret not listening to her!

Seo-yeon sighs and thinks that she has to raise him better. Then the student, Joo-hee, comes to her side and says that she cannot ignore him.

Cut to a situation when they were in class and he kept bothering her so so so much. He basically said, don’t look at me, don’t look at me, over and over again as well as written messages that say the same thing about leaving him alone, as well as texts. 

She sighs and asks Seo-joon if she has ever gotten 30 texts in one minute before? Seo-yeon pats her on the shoulder and apologizes as she says that she will talk to him about it.

Joo-hee says that it is okay, she only has one month until the competition so she doesn’t have time to think about it. Seo-yeon is happy to hear it.

Then Seo-yeon sees Kang-woo walking around the campus and tries to give him a warm smile.

He hops away, alarmed to see it.


(Part 2 Coming up, though maybe not until lunchtime!)

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  1. sobohomom
    December 4, 2019 / 10:19 am

    So sad about Cha In Ha! So young! I wonder how the show will handle this since his role was important.

    • V
      December 4, 2019 / 11:25 am

      It is so sad! The show said that the family members would like his scenes to stay in that they have filmed so far. So the team is working with that.

  2. fara
    December 6, 2019 / 7:32 pm

    what is the name of acoustic song when the middle bro (played by late Cha In Ha) met that university guy?

    I keep humming to that song all day.

  3. Zaa
    December 7, 2019 / 6:48 pm

    What’s the name of the kid who wanted to date the bartender but wasn’t fully out yet? His name irl

    • V
      December 9, 2019 / 10:02 am

      I’m not sure, but he kind of looks like the brother from Flower Crew Marriage Agency? Maybe he is this person http://asianwiki.com/Jang_Yoo-Sang?

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