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Longing Heart Recap Episode 8

Live recap for the Korean drama Longing Heart
Here is the episode 8 recap for Longing Heart. Two more to go after this one! Please excuse all the typos, I tried to fix as much as I could. I really need to work on my typing accuracy.


We open at the very end of the last episode where SW is piggybacking a very drunk JS. JS feels like it must be a dream, she says that he used to give her a piggyback ride like this. SW puts her down and turns to face her. He tells her to look at him straight and he tells her that he is not her teacher. he wanted to do a lot with her and say a lot with her back then. But he had to endure it all because he was her teacher. He doesn’t want to hear these things again.

JS tells him that he is her teacher and she wants him to say it, she is having a dream so he should just say it. SW relents and says okay, call me teacher. JS smiles and hugs SW dearly while SW has a pained expression. JS tells SW that she really missed him, Teacher, with a bright smile. Meanwhile, a tear falls down SW’s face.

JS notices that they are near their school so they go and break in just like they did in the past by jumping over the fence. They joke that it is great she isn’t wearing a skirt this time and SW tells her to just do whatever she wants with a smile. JS goes to look around the school and SW watches her.

Meanwhile, ySW is looking for JS in the hospital. He has broken into her office somehow and is looking around the desk. he notices a lot of rings and wonders how many rings JS has. But then the sunbae fiance comes in talking on the phone. ySW hides and fiance doesn’t see him. The sunbae fiance tells him, friend, that he only loves JS and has only loved her for 10 years. He doesn’t want to let her go. He says bye-bye to his friend and then looks at one of the rings. he thinks back to what JS said at the ring shop about the fiance dating a lot of people. She said it jokingly and then picked a ring for the sunbae fiance and said that it looked good. the fiance ends up buying that ring and hides it in his drawer. It looks like all of the rings he has bought have been for JS and no one else?

ySW thinks that this isn’t the way the story is supposed to go and gets up, but he bumps his head on the table and something falls in front of him.

JS has found her way into her old seat and is sitting there smiling. SW comes in and asks her if she is tired. If she is, then he can take her home. JS is still a little stoopy and talks to SW as if he is the teacher. She tells him that back then when they were trapped in the school, she said she didn’t have her cell phone, but she actually did have her cell phone. Then she asks SW to do something for her. Can he listen to one of her wishes one more time? Just one wish. Can he tell her that thing one more time….”It’s okay, It’s okay”….she wants to hear that one more time and she keeps asking him to tell that to her.

The thing that fell was a ring. ySW wonders how this guy got that ring, but then he thinks that this isn’t a ring that looks like his ring, it is actually his ring. he thought he gave it to his mother, so why does JS have it?

SW picks JS up off the desk and hugs her. He pats her on the back and tells her that it is okay, it is okay, everything will be okay. JS cradles herself in his embrace and tells him that it would be wonderful if they could turn the clock back.

VO – The cold chilly wind blowing through my heart…my eyes are getting wet, maybe back at that moment, I felt the destiny that I could not sway.

JS wakes up in a bunk bed and wonders how she came home last night. She sees a hangover drink and wonders what in the world happened.

He is still in the hospital wondering about the ring. JS comes in all spiffy and doctor looking. She is in a bright mood and wipes out her text message. Her patient sent her a text message, but she doesn’t know what it means, can he help her? She shows it to him, but ySW doesn’t know what it means at all. SW shows up and picks up the phone and deciphers what the text message means. It seems like the text message was just a cute kid text. SW is a pro at HS kids language.

SW pulls ySW out and tells him that he has to start going to school and all those things. But ySW wants to know why SW wanted him to tell JS that he brought him there. Flashback to the night SW dropped her off. JS said, “SW, I’m sorry.”

SW tells ySW that that is the way he wants it and he is spending several months of salary on ySW so stay there. Bye-bye.

The wannabe fiance and JS are talking outside happily. He asks if JS found her old teacher and she asks him if he had a good birthday party. he tells her that he had a lot of women around him and had a good time, but it is all bluffing. ySW listens to all of this and approaches them. He tells JS that he likes her. The wannabe fiance tells him that she has a long line, this young boy has no chance with her. But ySW says that he doesn’t like JS, he likes wannabe fiance. The sunbae coughs, me?????

He takes the boy inside and they start to talk about being a doctor. The wannabe fiance is kind of happy that this kid likes him and wants to help him out, so he says to ask him anything. ySW starts to ask the wannabe fiance if he has to study abroad to be a doctor? Did JS study abroad? is it hard? he asks so many questions about JS and why she left. the doctor says that they went to school together, but he doesn’t know why she left this town.

The fiance gets a call and tells the kid to grow up, fighting! But ySW stands up and is a head taller than the doctor, lol. ySW says that he is already grown up and the fiance doesn’t know who is in line for JS. The ySW also says that it looks like the doctor didn’t go to the army yet, fighting! The fiance thinks that this kid looks exactly like someone…

YSW and SW
ySW calls SW and tells him that JS can’t be on a ship. SW says thank you for that knowledge and tells him he doesn’t have to pay for one day of his medical bills. they hand up and then NH starts to talk to him about dating. She wants to know how far she should trust a man when he asks if she is dating someone. It looks like someone ran off with NH’s car? She can’t trust what men say anymore because this guy vanished. Ah, it looks like she is talking about SW from the past when he took her car and disappeared. SW feels a little bad about that, kind of, and tells NH that sometimes you have to take what men say literally.

NH wonders what he is talking about and sees a hairpin. Flashback to a hairpin that GD gave her in 2009. GD had this cute conversation with NH about this hairpin that looks like a dog chewing toy. He tells her to think of this whenever she meets someone stupid and to bit it and think of her. She told him to go away! But in the present, she thinks back to it fondly. However, she shakes the thought out of her head.

They are both at home. MS has a lot of packs on his face and SR tells MS that he is not going to cook or do laundry or clean the house so he should do it. MS wonders if this is their divorce letter? But she says it is her resume, she is going to get a job in a hair salon so he should work hard at home and at his drawing. When he starts to make money he should give it all to her. SR looks at all the face packs that he asks and wonders if there is one for the mouth.

SW shows up and they start to talk about JS. MS tells SW what happened in the past. he tells SW that JS was at the funeral and gave him the book to give to SW. At the time so much was going on so he didn’t think about it, but in retrospect, it was strange. Then SR thinks back to what JS said about going to a convention about studying overseas. SHe has to take a ship to get there. She didn’t want to go there, but she was going to take the ship anyway.

They start to put two and two together. JS also had to take a ship at around the same time as his mother. But they aren’t sure if it was the exact same time. SW leaves and SR follows him out. SHe asks him if he still likes her? he says yes and SR tells him that he is an idiot. JS treated them so poorly by leaving and not saying anything to them. But SW thinks that JS must have had a reason and says that SR doesn’t know about JS. He smiles and leaves.

SW calls ySW and says that he has to leave the island right now, but he will be back. He hangs up on ySW when he sees something on the wall. ySW thinks that SW is an idiot, JS is right in front of him so he shouldn’t look for the answer somewhere else. ySW goes snooping in the doctor’s office again and picks up the ring again. he thinks that it is the exact ring that he bought. His mother and JS must have met each other sometime.

SR meets with JS at a cafe, but it looks like SR doesn’t want to meet with her. JS says that she was happy that SR called her to meet with her. But SR says that she was angry and she is still angry when she thinks about JS. Was it so hard to say goodbye that time? JS says that she is sorry. SR says that it is okay because all her anger and grudge has come out now and she feels good. She said that she had this grudge for 10 years, but she is finishing it quickly for SW. JS wants to know why it is because of SW and Sr says that it hurts her feelings thinking about SW and JS. SR wonders if SW said anything to JS.

JS leaves and goes to her dorm. She thinks back to their conversation and then thinks back to what SW said to her. “It’s okay….It’s okay….whatever happened to you, whatever your reason for being sorry is….I don’t know…you can forget about everything…don’t remember…don’t think about it…whatever it is, I will do everything….you can just be happy…it’s okay.”

SW has gone to the overseas convention and found the record from 10 years ago. He finds out that JS would need to take the 2 pm ship, the same ship that his mother took.

ySW comes into the dorm room that JS is in and wonders why she is crying. She says it is because she likes her teacher, but she shouldn’t like him. ySW wants to know why she can’t. he pulls out the ring and asks her if it is related to this ring? JS says that this ring is the reason that she shouldn’t like his teacher. Where is Shin-woo?

JS leaves to go find SW, it is dark outside and she goes to cross the street. We are immediately transported to the past where JS has to take the 2 pm boat. She follows her younger self to get on the boat. yJS is about to call someone but doesn’t. She waits outside in the rain for the ferry. But some grabs her hand.

In the present, SW has grabbed JS’s hand and pulls her out of her revery. JS says that she was waiting for SW on the firefly bridge all night. She wished he found her message in the book, but he didn’t find it. She wished he wouldn’t come actually because hurting him is crueler. So she thought that she would just suffer forever and that is the way that she can repay him. But those were all lies and she was just afraid that he would know the truth. But now, she can’t do it anymore.

She holds out her hand and gives SW the ring that he gave to his mother. She tells him that it belongs to his mother and she says that she is sorry that she is the one that is alive. SW wonders what is going on. JS tells him that his mother’s death is because of her. But SW wants to know exactly what is going on.

JS – The day we had the accident, I met your mother here.

We see a flashback of JS talking to someone on the phone and telling them that she will be back in the evening. then we see her getting her ticket. She wonders if she should call SW but she hadn’t memorized his number yet. And then we see that SW’s mother grabs her arm and introduces herself. She says that she is SWs mom and does she want to get her something to drink? JS says okay and they go get a drink together. the sit and talk and have a fun time talking about SW together. JS says that SW is a really great friend, he is good at sports and everything. The mother is happy about that and aks JS if she is studying abroad? JS says she is n’t, she is just going to a convention.

SW’s mom asks it JS had any contact with SW and JS said she doesn’t because her phone is broken. The mother says that she has to catch a ferry but she couldn’t get a ticket. JS tells her that she can have her ticket since she doesn’t want to go to the convention anyway. The mom asks JS if she can fix her phone and JS goes to fix it. She fixes it and then we start to see that all the commotion happens. The ship is about to crash and Umma is about to die and all those things that happened.

ySW gets the call that their mother is in danger and he tells JS that he has to leave. he runs off and JS tells him that she just saw his mother.

Back in the present, JS tells her that she knew at that moment that something bad must have happened on that ship. that is why she thinks that SW should hate her forever and have a grudge against her forever. She will always remember it. She leaves SW looking stunned in the rain.

SW turns slowly with tears in his eyes and watches JS walk away, stunned. JS tries to walk away and gets pretty far, but then she crumples on the ground, she can’t go any further.

Fade Out.

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