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Longing Heart Recap Episode 7

Live recap for the Korean drama Longing Heart
Finally finished watching Longing Heart. It was a live watch, but when the Monday shows started picking up, Longing Heart kind of went by the waist side. Why are so many shows on Monday? Cross, Radio Romance, Waikiki, Longing Heart, Shall We Kiss First…it’s just crazy.

I’ll be posting the rest of the Longing Heart recaps throughout the day today. See you on Friday for Misty!


JS PUTS SOME FLOWERS next to the pier and says, “Ajumma, maybe I never really forgot anything…sorry I am giving it back to you so late.” She put the ring on the ground near the flowers and we see someone’s feet step up to her. JS looks up and then stands slowly. it is ySW and he is looking at her longingly. they look at each other for a moment and it starts to rain. YSW opens an umbrella over them and hands her the ring.

JS – I’m sorry, it’s because you look so much like my friend (turns to leave)
ySW – (grabs her arm) It’s raining…

He has a very strong grip on her arm and we see them walking away in the rain. They get to where JS works, at the hospital. ySW is happily shocked and says that being a doctor matches her well. They start to talk about how long she has been there and JS says that she has lived there for a while, but this is the first time she has been back since she studies abroad.

Cut to her fiance stepping up to them. He greats them happily and they start to talk about what JS was doing. She says that she saw her friend after ten years and then she thanks ySW for bringing her there and they leave.

ySW runs home and confronts SW. SW is busy thinking about how ySW can get back to the past. The firefly bridge! But ySW doesn’t want to go back. Cut to him sleeping on the floor and SW shaking him a lot. ySW says that he saw JS and SW start to shake ySW even more and ask him all about JS. You saw JS! Ji-soo?!?

Cut to JS looking at an old photo and thinking of how this boy she met can look so similar to SW. She pulls the ring out of her pocket and looks at it.

SW and ySW are sitting for breakfast. ySW immediately says that he is not going back. At least not right now. He wants to see JS even though she is 28 now. SW looks like he is convinced, but then he snaps out of it and starts talking sense to ySW, everyone knows your face! But ySW thinks that he could just be SW’s relative. SW agrees that that could work, but he is not all about that. He wants ySW to go back to the past. But ySW is talking like a typical teenager that wants to do what he wants and he wants to see JS so he is staying. ySW gets up and leaves.

In the bathroom, SW wonders how ySW can be so smart. Then ySW comes into the bathroom and starts getting into SW’s shaving cream and razor. SW is annoyed and starts spraying ySW with the shower. ySW is drenched and that is when Sora comes in.

ySW hides in the house and SW goes outside to talk to Sora. Sora is having problems with MinSeok and is venting everything on SW. SW asks her if she remembers what their teacher told them about not venting on SW and just arguing with MS instead? But she says she doesn’t (as if she does).

Sora gets up to leave to pick up her second kid from school and SW tells her that she is still pretty. SR smiles, but then she says she has to pee and goes inside. SW runs inside and hides ySW, but in hiding him ySW slips on the floor and injures his arm. SW doesn’t think anything of it. Yet, we see that it was probably serious because they go to the hospital. JS sees them coming in.

While at the hospital JS tells ySW that he has a crack in his bone. it is not a serious problem and he doesn’t have to be hospitalized. But ySW says that he wants to be hospitalized! JS tells SW that ySW looks familiar and SW tells her that he is his relative and his student. And his name is Duk-goo! (a super old-fashioned name) he lived abroad so he doesn’t have insurance and he doesn’t have manners.

SW wants to talk to JS some more, but she says that she is busy and has to leave. She goes to help some other people in the emergency room. When she comes back, SW is gone and she looks disappointed. ySW looks at her as she works. But then we see that SW has come back. He brought a bag with him. he tells JS that he wants to see her eating. She is not the only doctor in this hospital, so she should eat. that is when the fiance comes in. Insert SW and finance glaring at each other right here.

SW and fiance have their typical discourse with fiance using jongdaemal and SW using banmal event though he is younger. JS leaves and goes to see ySW and make sure that he is okay. She brings him some food and tells him to eat it. She says that she had a friend who looked just like him once and her friend once ate her food for her. They both agree that they will eat a little each and then ySW can take his medicine. While eating JS asks if ySW’s teacher is a good teacher. ySW says it is and JS smiles and thinks that being a teacher suits SW well. They smile at each other.

But the sunbae fiance comes in at that moment and ruins their mood. The sunbae recognizes ySW as the umbrella guy and wonders if he should be jealous of him. But JS annoyingly says that he is just a high school student and gets up to leave. They go to the hallway and start to talk about the sunbae’s birthday. He wants to spend his birthday with her, but she is busy. SW comes up at that moment. he asks JS if she can spend a day with them after 10 years? it can be like an anniversary.

Cut to JS and SW talking outside. JS tells ySW that she was serious when she said that she didn’t want to see him and she isn’t going to this reunion with the old friends. She walks off.

SW and ySW are in their room with the curtains pulled. ySW wants to know who that guy was that JS is talking to. He tells SW that he knows that SW isn’t dating JS. He told him to confess, but he didn’t even confess. SW just rolls his eyes and asks ySW if he thinks JS acted strangely on the last day that they met? ySW thinks back, but he doesn’t think anything is strange. they both go to sleep thinking about this.

ySW tries to play basketball with one arm and JS is watching him. She gets a text from SW that tells her where they are meeting. Cue her sunbae sunbae calling her. He is sitting at a restaurant by himself. he has a very nice engagement ring with him and a nice set up at the restaurant. She is about to say that she will go……but then the basketball rolls up to her. She says that she will call him back.

She starts to have a conversation with ySW. ySW says that he wants to be her friend. If he can make a basket, will she be his friend? he shoots it with one hand and it goes in. JS thinks back to this happening in the past and looks at ySW. Cut to them sitting and talking. ySW says that JS should go meet her old friends and not the sunbae, he is a womanizer anyway. But JS says a lot of time passed, maybe it is better if she doesn’t go, feelings change… But ySW tells her that he thinks she looks at this picture inside her book a lot. She isn’t actually reading the book, just looking at the picture.

JS glances at him as if he has looked right into her soul. ySW stands and tells JS that he can go with her. that way they can go together.

All four friends are at the bar and Sora is going crazy at Min-seok. MS asks her to give him one more chance. then Gun deok gets out a laser and starts massaging his face with it, lol. SW tells him that his movie ended, so he doesn’t have to do that anymore. But GD tells him that he always has to take good care of his skin.

She is apprehensive about going into the club. But we don’t know what club. then she goes inside and we see that she went into the club with her old friends. Her sunbae is left sitting alone. SW stands when he sees them and pulls ySW out.

SW – Are you crazy! why are you here!
ySW – Wow, they didn’t change at all! that is so surprising
SW – Just shut up! Don’t talk to them about anything!

ySW and SW come back to the table and everyone thinks that it is insane that they both look so similar. Of course, ySW starts talking to them about their lives. When did SR and MS get married? how does GD memorize his lines? He doesn’t even do math.

SW tries to step on his younger selfs foot, but he steps on JS’s foot instead. She smiles and he says he is sorry. But the night carries on. JS they are both drinking a lot and happily talking. they are playing a drinking game where you have to drink if you don’t answer and JS is not answering anything. But then they ask her who her first love was and she says that her first loves name was Kang Shin-woo. then she puts her head on the table, passed out.

All the friends put two-and-two together and know that it is their old teacher who is JS’s first love. But it is the end of the night and GD says that he wants to go see NH noona so let’s get everyone home. ySW takes MS and SR out and JS is left with SW.

Cut to NH at a blind date with a much older man who looks like he is miserable. NH is about to drink out of the bottle but GD grabs it and pours NH a drink. he says the most delicious drink is by a young oppa. But NH doesn’t look impressed and leaves she tells GD not to follow her! She goes outside and cries in an alley and wonders why all the guys are so bad. But GD just kneels next to her and tells her that she should be the assured NH from before.

But then NH just goes off on GD and says that she hates that GD is so amazing and has all the best things and all that.

Sora and Minseok are at home with ySW. They lay MS on the bed and ySW goes and looks at the photos of MS and SR’s kids. he thinks genetics are scary. ySW sits at the table and SR gives him a drink and some advice. He tells ySW that dreams that make only you happy are not good dreams. It’s like marriage. SR tells ySW that everything is not fun anymore and she tells ySW to live smartly and to not talk about his friend who doesn’t’ know about the world. But ySW says that he wasn’t talking about his friend, he was talking about her. how SR used to fix her friend’s hand and help them out a lot, that made her happy right?

ySW goes over to the kid’s picture on the wall and tells SR that she looked happier back then. She looked like her eyes were sparkling back then. SR hits him but he keeps telling her that she looked like she sparkled back then. then he leaves.

SR is left looking at the photo and remembers back to MS telling her that his dream was even her dream 10 years ago. Can’t she trust him like before?

Outside, ySW thinks that it isn’t easy to live like an adult.

JS is piggybacking JS around. She is still stupid drunk. She thinks back to when her teacher gave her a piggyback ride and it makes her think that JS is her teacher… SW puts her on the ground steadily and tells her that he is not her teacher, he wanted to tell her so much back then, but he couldn’t because he is her teacher. But JS is drunk and there is no reasoning with a drunk person. She just wants SW to be her teacher from her dreams. SW says that he will be her teacher, fine.

JS smiles and hugs him.

JS – I missed you a lot….teacher.

She closes her eyes as she smiles and hugs SW. But SW looks distraught.

Fade Out

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