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Longing Heart Recap Episode 10

And here is the final recap for the Kdrama Longing Heart. I wish more people watching this show because it was sweet and had a very interesting story to tell. At the end it dissolved into semi-craziness, (to be expected with time travel) but I’m willing to forgive it because this is the first time travel drama I have seen where the older person interacts with their younger self on a continuous basis, day in and day out. It was especially funny to watch older SW get upset at how stupid and lazy he thought his younger self was.

Now I just need a drama where the husband goes into the wife’s body, but a copy of the husband is still in his own body so he has to interact with himself while seeing how he treats his own wife (which is himself). Can someone please make this drama happen?

We open with ySW telling SW that he will change his future. He won’t see JS ten years later, he will prevent her accident, he won’t go to memorial bridge….(he burns the pink letter)….for me, I hope I don’t see JS at all, after ten years. The last time that we will see each other is as 18-year-olds. JS won’t remember you either.

SW starts running and saying how ySW is so stupid. We cut to JS with her luggage all packed. She packed her book as well. SW gets to JS’s office and sees the luggage and the book inside a box. he takes it out and opens it. he flips through it and sees her picture of the old photo of the 5 of them.

Flashback to how she got the picture. SW actually gave it to her when he went to the past. We also see other flashbacks of SW with JS and how he comforted her. He thinks that these are the memories that JS lived with for the last ten years.

JS is on the bridge looking at the water. It feels like she might jump, but perhaps not. Then SW comes up behind her and pulls her into a big back hug. he tells her that even if she forgets everything, she should remember one word, there is no such thing as being sinful by just living.

He keeps hugging her and telling her that if they turn back the clock, he will go see her 18-year-old self and tell her that it wasn’t her fault JS. She tells SW that she is sorry. SW tells her that the thing he couldn’t tell her was that his first loves name was JS. He thanks her for liking him.

JS leaves to catch the ferry. She is with her sunbae. JS is at home looking out the window.

SW is riding a bus somewhere. he looks back at where JS used to sit and then turns back and looks out the window again.

He gets home to SH crying over their mothers’ belongings. She has to organize her things but she can’t, she is just holding her mom’s purse and crying. ySW says that he can organize it for her. He takes the purse and goes into his room, he starts crying as well and cradles their mom’s purse. She opens the purse and sees that the mom has two of SW’s ID’s. Then he sees that the mom also has two tickets. he wonders what this is.

In 2017 SW has gotten the purse out and finds out that there are two id’s as well.

In 2007 SH and ySW start to talk about the accident. Mom was calling someone, who did she call? he thinks back to the voicemail he got and pulls out his phone. 2007 and 2017 start to listen to the message.

SW, and teacher, no, not teacher, SW… it is Umma. SW you were disappointed because I didn’t recognize you. I wasn’t smart enough. But I think that this was a gift from the sky. After I disappear like this, this is a gift that my kids will grow up well. SW, you are still a baby in front of me, but you grew up so well like the teacher. That is a gift from the gods that I can leave well. I am not scared at all, I am super lucky. Hew SW, you and me drinking soju and thinking about the answer, well I found the answer, the girl that really hated to see you after 10 years, maybe Umma wanted to send you there like right now.

Flashback of her knowing that the teacher is her son from the future, she knows it for sure. Then she sees JS and knows that this is SW’s girlfriend. She thinks that she shouldn’t be there, she should just go see SW. She meets with her and takes her ticket which saves her life. The mom gives JS the ring as a thank you. JS thinks it is too much, but the mom wants to know one thing…can she fix her cell phone?

We cut back to the message and the mom wants SW to tell JS that this isn’t a bad fate, it is a good fate. She wanted to save JS and she gave her good fate and to live happily with as much love as Umma had for them.

SW leaves and finds out what plane JS is leaving on.

JS is waiting and starting to put two and two together with what ySW and SW and her old professor told her. Perhaps they are all the same person? Her sunbae comes to sit next to her and she brings it up to him. Is time travel possible? He thinks that maybe that person was longing that much, to make it possible. JS says that she has to leave and meet someone.

Sunbae tells her to stop because he always has been thinking of something. She always said she hated high school, but she always kept that picture of her friends. Then she realized that the teacher is the same person from the picture. He tells her to just stay next to him. He was always truthful to her, he never joked with her. But if she wants to believe that it is a joke, then fine. But she should just stay with him and it is time to throw away the picture.

6:20 PM
SW is stuck in traffic. He gets out of his car.

ySW is trying to find out where JS went and asks NH noona. Then DG comes out and gives NH a picture and ySW a picture. ySW thinks that he will have this picture later.

He starts to write on it.

“It is not because of you, as soon as you see this, just call me, if I see JS now, the future will change, so just remember that and wait in 2017. I will be there to see you.”

JS sees the writing as it shows up on the picture and wonders, “What in the world….!”

Cut to SW driving. He didn’t see JS so he goes back home. He goes to the high school first and walks around to all the spots he remembers. Montage of remembering all his moments at the high school.

When the montage is over, SW turns to leave, but then JS comes up behind him and gives him a big hug. She wants to know, was everyone she liked was all him? All the people where him? He turns and gives her a hug. He always liked her in every time period. JS thinks that now she knows what it all means.

SW – Your mom, her last wish …

Flashback of the last wish….

Umma – My sons…take care of them? If SW can’t tell you anything later, when you see him again, don’t hate him, just like him, for me. He will be a good man, I guarantee that. The ring fits so well and this ajumma wants you to wear it for a long long time.

SW gives the ring back to JS. His mom wanted her to have it. She takes it and says that honestly, she really wanted to see him a lot. She wants to tell him, sorry. But after that, she wanted to say that she missed him and wanted to see him and a lot more words came up which made her sorrier. that is when she thought that she should be the one on the ship. that is when she missed their teacher a lot too without even knowing that they were the same person.

SW thinks that the memories of 10 years are all messed up with the future and past going together. But he experiences everything. Sometimes he is confused, but they are all his memories. he knows one thing for sure. All those times he always saw her and loved her.

He gives her a kiss, their first kiss.

They sit on the bench and share a long kiss.

SW – My fate that I couldn’t change, even though I went back in time. But the really strong thing wasn’t fate, it was liking you and you liking every version of me.

We end with SW and JS happily walking along the promenade. They laugh and wonder if they want to give each other anything. They smile and SW says that he wants to see that kid again.

ySW is carefully following in SW’s footsteps. he writes to SW that he believes that SW is happily living with JS in the future right? He will put all his hope on that future so that he isn’t the one who messes it up. he tells NH that he will go to Korea University teaching school and NH thinks that he is crazy. She wants to know how he has these detailed classes are. then he asks NH if she knows where SW went to the army and NH says he went to the marines. ySW thinks that he can’t just like him.

SW – My wish for tomorrow is for it to be just like today, no more, no less.

All the friends are together and having a drink. NH is with them as well. The webtoon friend’s webtoon is becoming a movie. They say that they can open a shot for SR and have a third baby. But SR thinks that is too much. NH envies them because they already have a baby and they are all grown up. SR is happy for the thanks, but wants to know why she is there?…..is she dating someone? Any prospects? Does she know any single guys? She can introduce him to SW’s sister.

GD shows up at that moment and says that NH is his girlfriend. They keep drinking and having fun. Finally, they get the first question about JS and SW’s life and the answers are all messed up because JS and SW have so many memories together.

SW still looks angry at JS in a playful way. SW thinks that JS probably liked ySW more than him. then some girls come out and give SW a gift and tell him to wait one more year. He says that it is the same after 10 years. JS tells him to move to a boys school.

They laugh and leave together. Then we see them cuddling at home. JS is a little worried, what if something happens due to ySW’s behavior? SW says that he doesn’t care, he will just get ahold of her over and over again. We cut out and see that they have a very nice apartment.

he walks up to a University with a friend and says that his friend is there, but he shouldn’t see her yet. then we see JS come out.

2013 We see that ySW has grown up a little. he isn’t taking on any blind dates and sees himself in the mirror of the cafe. he is happy that he looks like his older self. He leaves the cafe and we see that JS has come in, they slow motion pass each other.

Then we see that JS is sleeping and someone blocks the sun from her. It is SW, he tells her that he missed her a lot and he tells her that in their new story, his answer is only her.

Fade Out

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