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Longing Heart / My First Love Live Recap Episode 6

Korean Drama Live Recap
In the last episode I was bummed for SW since he didn’t go back to the future at the beginning of the episode yesterday and then I was sad that he went back to the future at the end of the episode yesterday. Why are you doing this to me show? I really want Umma to be alive, though I know that is a long shot. Let’s see what awaits them back in SW’s present!

Also, we think we will be picking up Radio Romance to live recap which means we will change Longing Heart from a Live Recap (Livecap?) to a one hour later Live Recap (Aftercap? Nightcap?). So, it’s basically a Live Recap but one hour delayed.

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Shin Woo – SW | younger Shin Woo – ySW | Han Ji Soo – JS | Jang So Ra – SR | Kim Min Seok – MS | Choo Gun Deok – GD | Bum Seek (aka Mock zart) – BS | Nah Hee noona – NH | Shin Woo’s Mom – Umma | Shin Hee (Shin-woo’s sister) – SH

Airing Time: Jan. 23rd, 21:00 Seoul
Countdown: KKEUT

WE are at the pier from the last episodes ending. SW and ySW are looking at the water. ySW thinks tht it might not happen this time. But SW thinks that it is the same as he past. He yells that he can’t let her go twice like this and he runs and jumps in the water. ySW yells TEACHER.

While in the water SW starts to dissapear and become transparent. He thinks why here, why now!

SW wakes up to SH yelling his name. He is laying in a hospital bed. He sits up and asks what happened to Umma and NH says that she died 10 years ago. SW looks at the calender and sees that it is indeed 2017.

SW – was I hear all the time? Didn’t I dissapear?
SH – Did you have a dream?
SW – It was a dream…
SH – Maybe you have a head injury (she runs off)
SW – All of those things that happened was a dream…

He stands up and thinks that it should have been a dream, he shouldn’t have time travelled. He is looking in the mirror and he touches it. Then he chuckles and thinks that he needs to wake up and get real.

He leaves and walks down the hallway. His friends came and they chat. They think he is crazy, how can he jump into the water? SW tells them that he had a strange dream. They were back in high school and it was heart pounding and painful. His friend says that it might be because he is close to his moms memorial day. Then they start to talk about Sora and if she has heard about JS.

Then his friends start to talk between themselves about whether he went to the mental hospital or not. SW says he did and met NH noona and all that. But it looks like the future might be changed a little bit…

The friends say that they are waiting for information about their teacher Kang Shin Woo. They want to know about him. SW is all like whaaaaaat? Then he gets up and leaves. The friends think that he looks just like their teacher.

SW finds his sister and she says that she found him at the island where they are from and she was surprised to find him there. SW is trying to figure this all out. MS still has old kids so that is still normal. It looks like only SW is changed a little.

SW gets dressed and tells SH that he will go to see Umma. He also apologizes to her because he couldn’t do anythings
SW goes to his moms cemetary and apologizes for not saving her. He is starting to cry and continues to say sorry. He wonders if it was really their last time to see each other. he thinks that he could have hugged her one more time if it was really their last time together. he starts crying at he looks at her gravesite.

he goes home and sits in his chair. He sees his book and pulls it out. He turns to the front and reads the note.

“I will wait for you at the firefly bridge”

So nothing changed. His mom still died and JiSoo still left. He wonders why he went back to the past if things are still like this.

MS gets home with the kids and is confronted by SR. It is his resignation letter. MS tells her that he wants to draw again, not as a hobby, but as a job. But SR isn’t all about that. She thinks he will be in the newspaper because his family died from hunger.

MS pulls out their homework from ten years ago. It is what he wanted to be in ten years. SR told him back then that when he said he wanted to be a gongwon, he didn’t look happy at all. They start to talk about following their dreams. SR’s new dream is family and he needs to support them. But MS says that he wants to support his family and he wants to try to be a webtoonist. he has a letter from Naver that looks like he can be a webtoonist.

Oh, no. It looks like they aren’t getting married anymore. GD gave Mockzart a lot of blind dates, so he is marrying someone else. Then GD calls NH and they start to have a playful back and forth. Their relationship is still teacher and student. GD hits on her and NH tells him that he isn’t a man, he is just her student! But he is outside in a BMW convertible and hittingon her and asking to date him and all those things. He is very persistent. he wants her to come out and waits for her.

SH is at home praparing for the memorial for their mother. SH says they already did that. But SH says that it hasn’t happened yet. So it looks like he is a day removed from coming back. He earned one day, JS’s accident hasn’t happened yet.

JS is coming out from surgery, she looks tired and her friend says that she didn’t sleep at all in the last few days. Her friend will take care of the emergency room so JS can take a break. They say goodbye and JS leaves.

She goes to her office at the hospital and looks at her old high school photo of her and her friends. He still has a ring on and she leaves. The friend comes in at that moment and looks at the highschool photo.

JS leaves the hopsital, she is stumbling though. At that moment SW comes in looking for her. They tell him that she went out and he asks for her phone number. He calls her again and again, but she doesn’t pick up the phone.

He bolts.

JiSoo is at a cafe and is about to pay a woman. She saved this womans life so the woman doesn’t want JS to pay for the coffee. The woman tells her that she should take care of herself. Then they start to talk about death and what you see when you die. The flashback that you see.

Meanwhile SW is at the police station and wants them to filter the streets to catch all the drunk drivers. he says someone will die due to it and they wonder how he knows. SW leaves and he runs into that thug from earlier, but the thug is now a police officer! he does the drunk driving filter as SW wants.

The thug says that he wonders about his old teacher and wants to know if SW has seen him. He wants to thank him for that chance he gave him a long time ago. The thug is a great person now and they say their goodbyes. But SW says that he is so happy to see him again and then the police officer leaves.

Now SW gets serious again. The time of the accident is about to happen. Cut to JS, she is still wobbly and is about to cross the street. A drunk driver shoots through the barricade and everyone starts to chase him. It’s a car chase!

JS is about to cross the street. She is crossing the street!

SW thinks, Not this time. Not this time!

He sees JS crossing the street and the car coming after her. it is about to hit her. SW cuts the car rith in from of JS and saves her life, but he is all beaten up. JS comes to the car and tries to pull her out and he wakes up and gives her a big hug. JS is shocked that it is SW, she wonders if it is really SW. They hug as they stay on the street. All the rest of the police show up and we see JS back at the hospital.

JS is dressed in her doctors clothing and asking about SW. Then SW comes out like he is her teacher, lol. Not really though. They talk and it is similar to before. What she is saying is similar to their conversation from the first episode. But this time it is taking place at the hospital and not the cafe. JS has to leave and SW says that he liked her, he liked her a lot. SW says that it was the past. They can talk about the past later, when they have a chance. She leaves.

But SW follows her. He says that it was not the past to him. It is vivid. The feeling is so vivid like it was yesterday. he doens’t care about anything about that.

But another man comes up and hugs her. her Seonbae. SW flashes to her ring on her finger. This man is the seonbae from their hisghschool who wanted to date JS back in the day. he is her boyfriend now.

ySW is walking down the street, he is all beaten and broken looking. he walks home and NH is there, she says “SW your back?” but then she sees him and stops.

SW basically tells the boyfriend that JS isn’t happy with him. SW says that he is JS’s about to be boyfriend. Him and this guy shake hands aggressively and start to see whos is bigger. They throw their hands away and glare at each other.

JS tells SW thank you for today and leaves because one of their superiors is looking for her.

SW goes outside and gets a call from his sister. One of his stendts came. SW thinks something is weird, he didn’t even go to work yet. SW hurries home.

Back at the hospital JS confronts her boyfriend about them moving somewhere together. It looks like his father told him to go to another hospital branch so he made her go with him with all the paperwork. It also looks like this guy is a casanova who talks to all the ladies at the hospital, which is why his father is sending him to another branch. He is a bad guy.

SW goes home and ySW is washing the dishes. A hilarious confrontation happens where SW is all like huh? What are you doing here? And ySW calls SW his teacher. ySW told SH that SW told ySW to hide their because loand collectors are chasing his family. SH leaves and then SW is all like, “how did you get here!” ySW says that he followed SW.

Flashback of ySW jumping into the water to save SW.

SW is still acting crazy and tells ySW that he is from somewhere without 4G LTE, how does he adapt so fast? But ySW is really sad and starts crying because his Mom isn’t there. He asks SW why his Mom isn’t there and SW starts to wash the dishes with his younger self.
ySW looks over the pier at the sea and SW shows up. SW starts to try and give him a pep talk. A lot hasn’t changed. SW tells ySW to go back to 2007, but they aren’t sure if they know the way. ySW thinks that there is no reason to be here or there sonce they don’t have a mother. He wants to know if it becomes okay sometime inthe future. He feels like he has a big hole in his heart that is killing him. he thinks SW should know hoe long it takes to heal, since they are the same person.

SW says he still has this hole, but you learn how to live with this hole. It won’t heal, but their will be flower and sunshine around it. Somedays he will even forget about it and sometimes he will cry about it. ySW can’t believe that, but SW says the evidence is in front of him. He is alive and ySW will get to learn it.

SW tells ySW to go back first, and he will spend more time there. ySW says okay. ySW asks about JS and if she is okay, Are they together?

SW fronts on him and says that he and JS are together and doing well and for ySW to go back. Then he thinks that knowing the future is poisonous.

JS is on the boat and is sea sick. Her boyfriend gives her something for the seasickness. She thanks him and then she says she saw the revolving calaedescope when she was about to die. Everything came up like that. The boyfriend wants to know what she saw and JS says that she saw this place. Her old hometown was her calaedoscope.

They dock and JS goes to the pier. She puts flowers on the pier and takes off her ring.

Flashback to the car crash and all the memories that flooded her when it happened.

JS looks at the ring.

JS – Ajumma, actually I couldn’t forget anything. That is why I think I shouldn’t have this anymore. Sorry that I am giving it back to you too late.

But then she sees some feet and looks up. It is young Shin Woo. She stands and looks at him and they look at each other. But it looks like she might not recognize him? She might though.

Fade Out

ySW and JS hang out and ySW says that he doens’t want to go back. He tries to be JS’s friend and kind fo turns into his own casonova when it comes to JS.

(Okay so I just realized that OCN puts up some scenes on their YouTube page. Including them below!)








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