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Longing Heart / My First Love Live Recap Episode 5

Korean Drama Live Recap
Let’s see what happens today in Longing Heart!

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Shin Woo – SW | younger Shin Woo – ySW | Han Ji Soo – JS | Jang So Ra – SR | Kim Min Seok – MS | Choo Gun Deok – GD | Bum Seek (aka Mock zart) – BS | Nah Hee noona – NH | Shin Woo’s Mom – Umma | Shin Hee (Shin-woo’s sister) – SH

Airing Time: Jan. 22nd, 21:00 Seoul
Countdown: EDITING…thank you for recapping with us!

SW is walking out of the school after quiting. It is very early in the morning and he hears someone saying, “teacher, teacher” in a very soft voice. he looks around to see who it could be.

Flashback of all his tender moments with JS. He voices over that he wants to go back and that JS should wait for him over there. This is not the end and he will be able to see her again.

Cut back to the school. JS is right in front of him looking at him longingly and slightly upset. She walks directly in front of him and asks him if he is relly quiting. SW drops his box and says that ySW must have told her. JS wonders if it is because of her, but SW says that he has his own business to concern himself with and her promises that they will see each other in the future. He says that he has one thing to tell her as a last word. She will get confused and she will fooled by him, but her heart will not lie to her and she should look for someone that she really likes.

They shake hands.

SW – Thank you for everything. (thinks: thank you for liking me, really thank you.) Take care until we see each other.

They end their handshake and their music is playing. SW picks up his box and walks off slowly away from her.

SW – (Thank you so much, thank you)
JS – (Teacher, when you liked your first love, have you ever thought that you would spend one night together, teacher, I won’t make you uncomfortable anymore. DOn’t be mistaken, I am not crying because the answer is wrong, I know this is the right answer.)
SW – (You will be confused by me, but your heart won’t lie to you. Look around at who you really like and your heart will send you a signal.)

He meets with his umma at the cafe and they start to talk about SW quitting. Umma says that whoever his mother is will be proud of him and they go inside to her cafe and have a drink.

Wile inside theystart to talk about SW’s first love. Will he get back with her? But SW says that it is compicated and he hopes that he will have a good relationship with her. Umma says that young peoples love lives are so complicated, but she knows one thing, him and her Shin-woo are the same. SW is shocked that Umma knows that ySW loves someone and Umma says of course she knows. She notices him acting strange and looking at a girl. SHe says that after his father died, she was so busy taking care of the kids, but whenever their kids come home she knows is they are happy, sad, hungry, have to pee, she knows everything. SHe is also very thankful that the teacher cleared ySW’s name that day.

SW wants her to keep her promise to him no matter what.

SW – ySW’s emo will call you soon and you shouldn’t see her.
Umma – Their real emo?
SW – You shouldn’t go there, you shouldn’t ever go there.

He holds her hands and looks deeply into her eyes as if pleading with her to keep the promise.

SW goes to the bridge and thinks that he is done.

Mini flashback to the him telling his mother not to go meet emo. Then he starts to think about everyone that he has made promises to. JS and ySW.

SW wonders if the future will be different when he goes back. He thinks that if he is here longer than everything will be complicated and they should be able to see each other, everyone.

He jumps into the water and the music picks up beat.

He wakes up in a regular room and we see a series of events happeneing at a hospital.

The sun starts shining on his face and he looks at the wall clock. It is 2007. he wonder how he can go back? Flashback of him jumping into the water and holding his breath. The police run after him and shine a flashlight into the f=water. He comes back up from the water and asks them what date it is?

He wonders how he can get back.
All the students are thinking about their teacher and wondering if he was real or not. GD says that he couldn’t find anything about him in the school records. Then NH comes in and the students straighten up. But we see that ySW has given JS a sticker. it is a SpongeBob sticker and JS is happy about it because it is very rare. Smiles all around.

GD is in love with NH and wants to give her a little vitamin drink. he thinks back to when they accidentally kissed. Somehow they get on the topic of the kinds of men NH likes and she says that she likes older men, oppa.

The three friends are outside contemplating their life as kids do. Then MS hears that he heard from Sora that JS might study oversees.

Cut to Sora and JS talking about it. JS says that she doesn’t want to study oversees. She was considering it, but her heart is telling her to stay there. She puts the SpongeBob sticker on her pencil case so she will see it more often and Sora says that now she knows why she will stay there.
SW is there for a cold. But he gives them his ID and it says that he is born in the 90s. The women working there say that he shouldn’t fake things! he has his old ID looking like ySW and no one believes that he is that age. Then he sees his sister and she asks him where he is going. SW runs away and then the woman says that if that man was born in 90 then she can’t believe it and throws the id on the counter. The sister goes over and has a look at it.

Umma is talking to ySW and the conversation goes to fate. Umma tells ySW that there is no fate. You have to grasp fate and then it is fate, but if you don’t grasp onto fate then there is no fate. ySW thinks to when SW said that his mom has knee problems and he goes to give her a massage. Umma wants to know how he knows about her knee and ySW says that his teacher told him. His teacher knows a lot about the future. Umma says that she hopes ySW becomes like his teacher because she is a kind person. Then ySW gives her a shoulder massage and they have fun

SW is thinking about what his mother said about holding onto his fate and about what his friends said about JS leaving overseas. SW texts JS and says that he will wait for her at the firefly bridge at 1 pm tomorrow.

She is sitting in the park that she met SW at where he told her that he doens’t like her. She has a bag and she sits on the bench and says that she will leave it here, her mind. She leaves the birthday clothes there. She gets the text, but her phone screen is shattered so she can’t see it.

Umma gets a phone call about her sister (emo). Her sister isn’t feeling good. But then she thinks back to what SW said about not going to see her sister when she calls soon. DOn’t see her. He has to promise to him.

Umma is on the phone with her sister and tells her that she can’t leave now, she is sorry and take care. Then she hangs up and wonders how the teacher knew about the phone call. then a package comes in for ySW. it is his ID. Then they have a cute mother son conversation about him growing up and how he is grown now. Then he says that he is going to see his friend.

Umma looks at the ring and says that she forgot to give it to him. SH comes in and says that SW lost his id and gives it to Umma. But Umma says that the ID just came in. How come SW has it? Then she starts to remember all the moments she had with SW that were strange like when he hugged her when they firts met and said “Umma” and all the other things. Umma is stunned, everything makes sense now.

SW is at the bridge and JS is not showing up. But then he sees the gift that JS left. Perhaps he thinks that this is JS’s answer to him?

JS is somewhere fixing her cellphone and she bumps into that thug. She tells the thug that he should apologize to all the kids. Everyone knows that he is the one who smokes. But the thug basically tells her that he didn’t make SW confess about the smoking, SW just took the responsibility himself. JS thinks contempatively.

Little flashnack to SW telling the thug that it is up to him using this chance or not. SW thinks that someones fate can change. Then we see the bad guy in the future, he is doing well and looks like a good person.

JS is thinking about all her moments with ySW. he is walking in the rain and thinking about ySW and she see the text message from her newly fixed phone. She goes to the park and sees that someone put an umbrella over the gift that JS left. JS looks at the gift, she looks down sadly. But then someone touches her on the shoulder and she turns around and sees SW standing int he rain.

VO – Look around, you will find someone that you really like and your heart willsend you a signal.

JS – You should go home, you should tell me to see me later, why are you staying here.
ySW – I am standing here wet and you finally came, let’s go
JS – what do you want to tell me. What is that?

They look at each other deeply in the rain.

SW – people change and fate will change.

SW calls SH and we find out that the mother took the ship anyway because she wanted to see SW in the hospital. SW says that the ship will wreck. Then we see that SW calls ySW. He tells him that his mom in in danger. She is in danger!

ySW is left confused, but he tells JS that he has to leave, lets talk later. He leaves and JS calls after him. She says that she just saw his mom.

Then we see SW meet NH and take her car keys and leave right away. In the car he runs into ySW and pulls him into the car. While in the car SW tells ySW that his mom had an accident 10 years ago. A ship accident. That is today. SW gives ySW his cell phone and says that it will work with his figner print because they are the same person.

ySW is starting to figure it all aout. He remembers all the strange moments with SW and how SW knows everything about him and his friends saying that this guy isn’t from their school. SW thinks that it doesn’t make any sense, but SW says it makes sense. But they have bigger things to do now. Their mother is in danger. He should pray for his mom.

They run and see that the ship left on time. SW tells the clerk person that an acident will happen now. Then they hear everyone talking about an accident that just happened on a ship. It hit a sea rock and crashed. They run to the harbor and look over the harbor at the water. it is still raining. SW thinks it is the same, nothing changed. SW yells that he won’t let it happen again and he runs and jumps in the water. He tries to swim after the boat.

But he starts to tuen transparent. he wonders why this is happening now.

We see that SW eats at his moms place everyday and they haev a very good relationship. He has a peanut allergy just like her SW and they have the same name and they look similar. Umma tells NH to look at the teacher, he looks like ySW right? NH is all like, sure. Then ySW comes in and we cut to SW and ySW playing a ideo game outside. SW tells ySW that he should treat him mom well. He tells his younger self that ySW’s mom has knee probles and all that. he found out after his own mother died. ySW looks around at something and then SW wins the game. So now ySW has to take care of Umma until the shop closes. he sees Umma working hard and pulls ySW by the ear to help his mother clean the front of the cafe.

Then we have a nicemontage of what happened before.

Ah so cute!!!! We have a behind the scenes of the Epilogue scene! This is so adorable. We see them playing the video game outside and JS jumping over the fence and ySW catching her. There are a lot of scenes where we are seeing the behind the scenes and there are so many smiles all around. It looks like they had a lot of fun shooting this drama.

Fade Out

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