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Longing Heart / My First Love Live Recap: Episode 4

Korean drama Live Recap
Everything is all messed up for our hero. And from the preview yesterday, it looks like things are about to get worse before they get better. Hopefully this episode isn’t all doom and gloom. Where’s my brightness, drama!

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Shin Woo – SW | younger Shin Woo – ySW | Han Ji Soo – JS | Jang So Ra – SR | Kim Min Seok – MS | Choo Gun Deok – GD | Bum Seek (aka Mock zart) – BS | Nah Hee noona – NH | Shin Woo’s Mom – Umma | Shin Hee (Shin-woo’s sister) – SH

Airing Time: Jan. 16th, 21:00 Seoul
Countdown: FIN (thank you for recapping with us!)



JS leaving the library and she sees that ySW left. In the bathroom, some thugs are talking about how SW is a crazy guy. Then these thugs see that ySW is throwing something away in the trashcan outside.

ySW – It’s fine, anyways, this is a losing game.

The thug smiles at this and says that they should go to the trash burning area. Then he throws a burning cigarette in the trashcan and a fire ignites.

JS went into the classroom and tells SW that she is about to go home. He says okay and he says that he has something to give back to her.

SW – You are a precious student to me, now and in the future. That is my answer to your question.
JS – Don’t be mistaken, I am not crying because it is wrong. I know this is the right answer, but, sometimes I can give you the problem with the right answer, but I wish you picked the wrong answer and I can’t help it.

SW is taken with her tears and moves his hand as if to wipe them away. But he takes his hand back.

JS – Thank you for formally turning down my confession, it means you considered it seriously. Let’s go.

But then the alarm rings. they run into the hallway and it is all smokey. They go to the boys’ restroom and SW puts out the fire with a fire extinguisher. He finds THE cigarette and wants to know who on earth was smoking at school.

They go to all the windows and open them one by one and then they see that the fire door has closed, so they have to go to the other side. But it is really smokey inside. SW says they need to call someone with a cellphone but JS doesn’t have hers on her. She doesn’t bring it to school. Now they are trying to figure out how to get out.

The lights are out as well. SW goes to a classroom and the lights aren’t on at all. he goes to the window and looks down, perhaps he will jump, but he thinks this isn’t a good idea. SW thinks JSs parents will worry about her, but she says that they are at a conference so they won’t. She thinks she can sleep on the desk but then SW starts to yell at her. He tells her that she should protect herself and take a broom and use it to protect herself.

She wants to know why, he is her teacher, not some thug. But SW just says that he will sleep over there in the hallway and she can sleep in the classroom.

JS – Teacher, are you sleeping?
SW – No
JS – Can you tell me about your first love
SW – It was the same classroom when I was in high school. I liked her a lot and I still like her.
JS – Does she also like you?
SW – It is hard to answer, what should I say, she liked me or she didn’t like me…
JS – What is her name?
SW – I can’t tell you that.
JS – Why?
SW – I will tell you later.
JS – Occupation?
SW – Doctor.
JS – Pretty?
SW – Yes, very pretty.
JS – How come you dated someone who is so high. Well, it is okay, first loves don’t work anyway. I will pray that your first love married someone else.
SW – You are speaking too freely.
JS – I won’t make you uncomfortable any more since you gave me this disappointment present. Didn’t you think about spending one night together with your first love, if I had that one night then I wouldn’t ask for anything. I realize that my dream is here. I won’t make you uncomfortable anymore.
SW – That you for understanding me and look around, there is a guy that has the same idea. Maybe not even one night, but one day or one hour wishing to spend it together with you.
JS – Who is that guy?
SW – There is a guy who will like you for ten years.

He is in the bed not sleeping.

SW comes into the room and sees that JS is sleeping. He tries to correct her head and he gives her his shoulder. Then he watches her sleep on his shoulder. He thinks about touching her hair, but he pulls his hand away and just places it on his own knee.

SW – I would have been happy if it wasn’t this time and location, your confession would have made me super happy.

The image switches to the high school self as they both fall asleep.

ySW comes to school early and sees that the fir door is down. he asks if the teacher is there and SW says that he is there and can ySW get help? ySW opens the door and SW is surprised that there was an emergency exit door in the fire door.

They are happy for a moment, but then ySW sees JS there and he asks if there were there together? SW says he wasn’t there with her all night, you understand? he wants to explain it to ySW, but ySW doesn’t want to hear it and leaves.

In their classroom, JS tries to talk to ySW, but ySW is angry and doesn’t want to talk to him.

SW and JS are eating breakfast together in a restaurant. JS is a little apprehensive, but SW says that they should just eat, even if they are not hungry. JS is a little concerned about ySW, she asks about his face and then she excuses herself and goes to the pharmacy. She buys some ointment for ySW but he doesn’t want it. She tries to tell him about last night, but ySW doesn’t want to hear it. ySW tells JS that this is a big rumor; if it spreads around then it could be a big problem. JS says that ySW knows it is not true, but ySW says that it doesn’t matter if he knows or not.

Cut to all the male students being punished for the cigarette.


They are meeting at the trash burning location at the school and SW confronts the thug about his cigarette. The thug admits it was him, but he isn’t going to tell the teacher at all. then the thug holds up the gift that SW threw away and says, “You like Han Ji Soo right?”

Cut to SW going to the teachers’ room. he confesses that he was the one who lit the cigarette and caused the fire.

His friend GD runs into the classroom and tells everyone that ySW confessed! he is crazy!

SW goes to the teachers’ lounge and sees ySW getting beaten by Mock Zart for causing the fire. SW yells at ySW and says that the real smoker should have lit the fire. Then Umma comes in and asks if it is true. Did ySW really do it? How? She is about to slap ySW but SW grabs her hand and says that it will hurt her mind if she does it. But Umma just pulls her hand away and starts to hit ySW in the chest. SW pulls her away and says that he knows ySW didn’t do it and he will find the answer. SW pulls ySW out into the hall and ySW wants to know how SW knows that.

Flashback to this happening before. It happened with the same thug before and he was slapped by his mom before and all those things. he says that soon after that, his mother and JS both left him. he didn’t know that it was the last moment with his Mom and he couldn’t’ even say that he was wrong.

back to the present, SW tells ySW that he is not hiding his mind to keep JS from knows it, he is just a timid kid who is hiding. he just gives up on him.

SW storms out and goes to the roof where the thug is.

SW – Listen to me, I know that you did it.

Thug – What are you talking about
SW – You smoked and you got the present from the trashcan and you made ySW say that
Thug – I picked up the present, but I didn’t threaten him

In the classroom, JS calls someone, she says that she has a question. The other students are arguing about what is happening to SW. JS comes back and then leaves.

On the roof. SW for the thug to stop pretending like he is strong. he says that everything comes equally in the future. SW is there for ySW and also for the thug. He says that he knows everything that happens to the thug in the future.

JS tells Mockzart that it wasn’t ySW because she saw him leave the school and the timing didn’t add up. Mockzart wants to know how she knows. She wants to say all of the truth but then SW stops her.

They pull out the cigarette and say that they will do a DNA analysis about it. But then they threw the cigarette in the shredder so there won’t be any evidence.

It turns out that the thug was in the hallway also and the thug saw the young student and the teacher together and he is saying, hmmm, what will everyone think? The thug says that if you don’t want that to happen then you should confess.

SW – Whatever you do to change the past, I wasn’t happy because I couldn’t change everything. But something changed…he changed.

ySW and JS are talking about what happened and JS said that whatever happens, she can’t just see him get hit. JS helps ySW walk around even though he is having a hard time to walk. JS says that if she confessed then at least both of them would be kicked out.

SW – One of them didn’t know what the other is thinking and didn’t know themselves.

SW goes to his desk in the teachers’ lounge, looks at something, and smiles.

NH – Huh, you just quit school?
SW – this place doesn’t need me. Can you take care of my class until vacation?
NH – What, it looks like we won’t see you anymore
SW – you will see me all the time, so don’t worry about it.

They are studying in the library and SR says that there is some disharmonious because GD is in the library with them. GD is looking for the teacher, he said he graduated from the school, but he isn’t in the yearbook.

Then they go to lunch and SW sits with them. Everyone asks where ySW and JS are and SR tells them that they went to the snack bar. Then SW says that MS and SR look suspicious, are they dating too? they get really uncomfortable at that, but SW says that he won’t stop them from dating. Then he tells them that he had two friends that dated together in high school but they made a mistake in college. they are happy, but they had to sacrifice their dreams. Then he tells them that they have to pay close attention to sex-ed class and everyone gets uncomfortable.

GD – I have to ask you something, can you stop Mockzart from hitting on NH?

Then GD gets up and leaves with his tail between his legs. SW tells MS and SR that if they fight they have to solve it themselves and not call ySW and give him a hard time.

MS and SR wonder how SW knows because they have only been dating for less than 24 hours.

ySW meets with Mockzart and everything is settled. Mockzart says that the wrong confession isn’t right and lets him leave. then SW and ySW meet outside and SW challenges ySW to a game of basketball. He hits ySW on the butt and ySW starts complaining that his butt hurts a lot. he doesn’t want to play. SW says that they don’t fit each other well. They both sit down and share a bottle of water together.

SW – Why did you do that?
ySW – What?
SW – Confess that you smoked for that other guy?
ySW – I felt like I wouldn’ regret it since you were always telling me about regret.
SW – You are a lot better guy than me.
ySW – You are good because your student is better than the teacher. Hey teacher, are you going somewhere
SW – I quit school so NH will take care of our class. Are you happy now? I will disappear as you said
ySW – you will see JS right?
SW – Are you stupid, you like JS and JS likes me, so why are you saying that I should see JS? Here, you should confess, do it one more time, trust me. You are a better student than your teacher so you should realize your first love.

SW gives ySW his gift that he got from the thug.

At home, ySW calls JS but there is no answer. Umma comes in and gives ySW some medicine, but he tells her to just put it there on the desk.

They start to have a nice heart to heart about his teacher and all those things. Umma says that ySW can study but he shouldn’t hurt his mother’s heart. She asks what this gift is and he grabs it and says that it is for her, but then she wants to know why he is taking it away?

He gives the ring, that was meant for JS, to his mom and his mom is so very happy to have it. ySW leaves and says that he was sorry for all that he did that day.

She is sleeping and her phone is ringing. But she isn’t answering. She tries to answer but it falls on the floor. Then she hears some ticks on the door. It is ySW throwing rocks at her door.

She goes outside and they talk. ySW says that their teacher quit school and he will leave early in the morning. ySW thought that JS would want to see him, so that is why he went there.

Early the next morning at school. SW says the mouse is thinking about the cat. But it is empty there, he is the only one.

SW – What if I don’t want to leave here forever, I think JS will wait for me other there. This shouldn’t be the last time, I can see her again.

JS calls to the teacher and she is standing a few feet in front of him. She is tearing. They stare at each other.

Fade out

SW really quits and he spends a day with his mom. JS gets into a confrontation with the thug. Then something happens at the end and ySW tries to hold SW back in the rain.

Another lovely short episode.

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