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Longing Heart / My First Love Live Recap: Episode 3

I am enjoying how this show is slowly letting everything fall into place which is surprising since it is only 8 episodes. Today’s episode is episode 3 and I think we will get a little taste of just how much Ji-soo has fallen for the teacher.

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Shin Woo – SW | younger Shin Woo – ySW | Han Ji Soo – JS | Jang So Ra – SR | Kim Min Seok – MS | Choo Gun Deok – GD | Bum Seek (aka Mock zart) – BS | Nah Hee noona – NH | Shin Woo’s Mom – Umma | Shin Hee (Shin-woo’s sister) – SH

Airing Time: Jan. 15th, 21:00 Seoul
Countdown: FIN


We open at the school. Everyone is inside. Older SW snatches ySW’s drink away and starts to drink it. He does it in a playful way but ySW doesn’t like it and wants to leave. However, SW keeps following ySW and joking with him. But they get to a little commotion in the hallway.

JS is approached by someone with flowers in the hallway and everyone is gathered around this scene. He asks her to date him formally, but she says that she will not date him because she already has someone that she likes.

SW starts thinking that this is the moment that they started to separate. Maybe if he changes this moment then everything that happened after it will change as well.

The boy asks her who the person is that she likes. He will give up if this person is great.

But SW comes up and says that he was dumped so he should just leave and go away. He shouldn’t make the person embarrassed. The bell rang and the teacher says that the rule is to go to class when the bell rings.

SW wants everyone to write a letter to their ten-year-older self as HW. This HW is due tonight and preferably you can shoot a video and send it to his email. He walks to his younger self and ySW is just doodling “Who does Ji-soo like” in his notebook.

Then SW wants to know what the teacher would say to his 10 years older self and SW says he would tell his 10 years younger self that he should just confess his love to someone.

JS – So you didn’t confess?
ySW – Why?
SW – Because I was timid and stupid and I have been suffering all this time. If I would have confessed back then I would have had a chance to change my future. So don’t forget, love starts from confession.

ySW starts to look at JS, but it looks like SD might confess to older SW. Cut to JS bringing a drink to SW in the teachers’ lounge. While there she sees that it is his birthday tomorrow.

Back in the classroom ySW and his friends are talking about what they want to be when they are older. MS is good at drawing and wants to do that, but maybe not a cartoonist. He thinks he is good at current things so he doesn’t care about his talent. GD says that in 10 years he really wants to love someone. They tell him that he has a lot of girls around. GF says he dates a lot of girls but he doesn’t feel love, that is why he jumps from girl to girl. He envies ySW because he loves JS so much. ySW says that he will confess to JS, he won’t hold it back anymore!

ySW gets up and says that he wants to confess to her tomorrow and he put a little note under ySW’s bag.

Ji Soo,
I have something to tell you.
Can I meet you at 6 pm?
Kang Shin-woo

JS sees the message and thinks that older SW left the message! They have the same birthday.

Montage of ySW and his friends preparing for the confession. JS is also looking at new clothes with SR. But SR wants to know why she is buying men’s clothes. JS says she wants to give a birthday gift and tell that person something.

When they leave SR runs into ySW and his friends. She thinks that maybe JS is buying a gift for him? ySW and his friends get all excited at this news and they get on the bus.

SR sits by MS and tells him that she knows everything about him. She has something to give to him…..your underpants! Then she says that when the wind blows everything goes to her room, so when you dry your clothes put something out. But MS knows that the underpants are fake and he tells her that. Then they start to talk about the HW.

He opens the HW assignment from his students and of course, he is annoyed at his younger self’s motivations. Then he gets a call from NH to go out for a drink that he promised. SW thinks that he has to make sure that he doesn’t get involved with NH noona.

ySW is at home and talking to his sister SH about getting a confession from a man. But she only says that she likes confessions from handsome guys and the next handsome guy. ySW just stands up and tells her that he can’t talk to her about these things.

MS is packing up some things, some paperwork and things like that. Then he leaves and goes to Sora’s room. Sora has a lot of drawings and paintings around her room that all belong to MS. She says that when he becomes famous she will have them and they will be expensive. He threw them all away and she found them all and displayed them all in her room. MS starts to cry and Sora is asking why he is crying. He says that she gave it all up.

He is writing a letter to JS. “Ji-soo, I like you!!!” Then he rolls it up and starts to voice over that the reason you have to be courageous when you go forward is because the future is a probability.

In JS’s room, she is putting on makeup and preparing herself. She gives herself a pep talk and says that she will graduate in two years, so she can do it, she can confess! She picks out some clothing and then goes to a tiny downtown to wait. it is almost 6 pm

He sees the teacher coming out and he is about to say something to him, but then she sees him leaving with NH noona. He watches them leave happily, but she is crushed. SHe is crying and someone bumps into her. But then SH grabs her hand and asks why she is crying. What happened?

She says it is because she likes their teacher so much.

JS is shocked at this news.


SW and NH go to a nice place to drink and NH starts to drink the beer very quickly. he wonders why she drinks it so quickly and we find out it is because she has something to say to him.

Meanwhile, under one of the tables is GD, one of their student who is hiding because he will get in trouble if they find out he works there.

NH – Let’s date!

SW kind of chokes on his words and tells NH that he isn’t from Seoul, he is from their hometown, he is not from Seoul, she likes Seoul men, that is her goal, she doesn’t want to date people from this hometown!

But NH says that she changed her ideal man to someone from a small town. She wonders why she doesn’t know his face if he is from there. SW changes his method, he says that he has someone he loves already. He has had someone that he loves for the last 10 years and he won’t date anyone else for 10 more years!

While under the table GD texts ySW and tells him that NH and SW are dating.

JS and ySW are talking about JS liking the teacher. SW wants to know why it has to be him, why does she like him that much? JS says that it is really embarrassing in front of SW, but when she thinks that SW can like someone else, then she is like that. But she feels better after telling ySW all of this. Then she wonders why he was downtown and he says that he had something to do.

ySW stands up and says that they should leave and go do whatever JS wants to do.

Back at the restaurant, NH is drinking a lot. She gets up and says that she will get her revenge on SW! She storms out and SW tries to get her, but then he runs into GD. SW tells GD to go get NH because she is drunk and GD runs after her. It looks like SW picked that restaurant because he knew GD worked there. He wants GD to take good care of NH.

They are still downtown and they see SW. ySW goes up to the teacher and tells him that he likes him. The teacher is all like, um, what are you talking about? You need to tell it to her, not me! But JS says that that confession is her confession. JS speaks up and tells SW that she likes him.

Cut to the video HW assignment.
ySW – Someone who likes me also, if it is not now, even if it is ten years later.

SW thinks that maybe this is a mistake? But ySW tells him that he heard it right and ySW runs away.

JS takes SW to the park and tries to talk some sense into her. JS asks him to finish his lecture there because it is not fun. Then she gives him his birthday gift and leaves.

SW is so confused and wonders where ySW is now. But he thinks that he knows where he is right now, he just doesn’t want to know it.

He goes to where SW is, which is at the sea pier. he throws SW a beer and says it is okay to drink it if an adult gives it to you. But ySW throws it away and leaves. But SW grabs him and says that they should talk. ySW says that he really wants SW to disappear from in front of him. That is what he wants the most. SW tells ySW that he told him to confess, not to do her confession. But ySW says that it doesn’t matter because whatever he does, he loses. He leaves.

SW – The past is repeating. The only difference is that I am my own enemy.

SW thinks that he has to find a new way.

SW is in the teacher’s lounge and NH storms in. He tries to talk to her but she just dismisses him. She says that she will hate him from now on and for him to not be good to her anymore because it makes her life harder. SW also realizes that he needs to cut his relationship with JS because it might be hard for her as well.

JS gives SW something to drink and he gives it to someone else. Cue tiny montage of him trying to ignore JS no matter how many times she comes up to him. He is also trying to talk to ySW as well, but ySW is ignoring him.

So SW sits at the table and asks GD if he took NH home safely. But GD just gets up and runs off and in doing so he spills SW’s drink all over him.

We see a flashback of NH accidentally kissing GD while drunk. It was a real accident, but GD can’t stop thinking of it. NH also doesn’t remember it as well.

ySW is walking down the hallway and sees JS cleaning one of the classrooms/ libraries by herself. He thinks about leaving, but then he goes inside and helps her flip all of the chairs. He tells her to sit down and he flips them all.

Afterwards, they sit on the floor and talk. ySW says that she can tell him whatever, though he looks grumpy. JS says that teacher is avoiding her because she makes him uncomfortable. But ySW says that he is just the teacher and he can’t show favoritism to anyone. But JS is worried that the teacher doesn’t like her. ySW tells her that it probably isn’t like that.

Cut to SW walking int he hall. Sw changed into the gift that JS gave him because his other shirt was all wet from the drink. He runs into JS and ySW and JS is so happy to see her shirt on SW. She leaves smiling. ySW is annoyed at this and SW is going crazy that she saw him wearing the gift accidentally.

They are deep in a military-style workout where you cannot repeat the last number. Everyone keeps messing up and they have to do it all over again when they mess up. Then everyone gets into a fight and are all bruised up.

Cut to them all getting their discipline from SW. SW tells them that they have to write something and bring it back, but ySW stays there. he is all beaten and broken looking.

ySW – Can I ask you something, why are you here? You have no family here and you are not from here, why are you in the countryside, you are messing up my mind and you are into my personal life, I don’t understand anything, but it bothers me, you are a disturbance in my life…well we can’t change time so I will give you the letter tomorrow.

He gets up and leaves. SW thinks that his self is stabbing him, but it still hurts. He sits at his desk and pulls out the newspaper from the future. He wonders if his existence there is really just screwing up everything.

ySW is grumpily walking down the steps and leaves. JS sees him but ySW doesn’t see her. ySW goes to the trashcan from the past and hold his gift there. He thinks about JS and then he tosses his gift in the trashcan. He thinks that it is okay, he is losing this game anyway.

Fade Out

(already ended at 45 minutes)

Yes! And it is super long. It looks like the funeral of the mom happens in the next episode.

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