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Longing Heart / My First Love Live Recap: Episode 2

My First Love Korean drama recap
Okay, here is our second go at er’day recapping a drama as it airs. Ain’t gonna lie, it was hard to wake up. But this drama is super cute and intriguing so my impending love for it would not just let me sleep in. ^_^

I am enjoying the quiet and soft reflecting moments of Longing Heart that let you absorb the scene. It is also pretty funny. The writer was able to pull me right into the story for the first episode, especially since the future love life of several of our characters is uncertain. Our main guy messed stuff up y’all!

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Shorthand (A work in progress)
Shin Woo – SW | younger Shin Woo – YSW | Han Ji Soo – JS | Jang So Ra – SR | Kim Min Seok – MS | Choo Gun Deok – GD |

Airing Time: Jan. 9th, 21:00 Seoul
Countdown: FIN


We open at the high school cafeteria. Our three friends are eating cup ramen outside and they are talking about JS and how she is athletic and pretty and good at everything. They want to include her in their pool of girls but ySW stands up and yells that he likes her. Then he walks away.

The friends talk about how ySW isn’t interested in girls usually so this is weird. GD goes to find ySW and tries to tell him how to talk to girls via a homepage. They all sit around a computer and GD tells him how to get a lot of girl members on his homepage. he has to prepare his homepage and then find girls homepages that you are interested in. That way you can follow each other and you will know everything about that girl and you can say that you like something that they like.

ySW goes home and tries to think about his homepage. he wants to ask JS to be his friend but he doesn’t know what to say…same classroom friend…same classroom boyfriend? He spends all night thinking about it and then he spends all morning at school thinking about it.

But then older SW comes up behind him and tells him that he has to just do it. DO IT! He has to just ask her. He says that he lived like this and never asked her to be a friend! he is basically going crazy by trying to get ySW to ask JS to his mini homepage. But ySW just turns off the computer and runs away.

In running away he runs into JS and knocks all her books over. ySW tells her that he likes that book. She is carrying, like, 15 books and she says that she really likes that book because she uses it to fall asleep. While walking away SW sees this interaction and then he sees that JS is being asked out by another young man, but she turns him down. SW thinks that he has to try hard to get ySW up to the level to date her.

SW gives the class leader all of JSs information and tells him to hand it to SW. SW is so happy to have it and takes it to the bathroom and memorizes everything about JS. He memorizes what she likes and then walks to a window and watches her playing volleyball outside. SW is also watching her outside, he thinks that he knows everything about her, the songs, movies, books she likes but he doesn’t know one thing, he doesn’t know the man she liked back then.

All the students are outside for gym class and JS starts to talk to SW. JS tells SW about the If Only movie. They didn’t know what If Only meant so JS explained it to him. The girls laugh about that and leave.

SW in teaming up JS and SW for a school activity. They will have to practice and exercise together. SW thinks that he has done this much for ySW so he shouldn’t mess things up now.

JS and SW go outside and practice the 3 person leg race. The scarf was wrapped around one of their legs, but SW unwraps it and then wraps it around the other leg to help block the sun from JS

Afterwards, they talk and SW tells JS that she is great at everything but JS tells him that she just works hard because she doesn’t want to lose. She notices something, a little dog, and SW goes to get it. JS tells him not to, but SW hurries up and gets the dog and brings it over to her. It doesn’t look like SW likes the dog though and then the dog bites SW and hops off.

Cut to SW limping and JS helping him. We find out that SW doesn’t like dogs because one bit her and she never saw If Only, she just knows the storyline. Older SW shows up and JS leaves. ySW tells SW that all the information he gave him about JS is wrong. Where did he get all that information?

SW thinks something is strange, this shouldn’t have happened. We get a flashback that shows SW and JS petting a dog, but it looks like she is a bit hesitant. She says she liked dogs because JS liked dogs. Now he thinks that she might be pretending because SW said he liked dogs.

JS and ySW are on a bus and JS asks if his leg is fine. She says she takes this bus a lot and she wondered if SW also took it? She remembered someone standing next to her. ySW thinks back to the kiss and gets nervous. He says he wasn’t there and then runs off the bus.

Meanwhile, older SW is really trying to figure out what happened with the things that he thinks JS likes. He gets a call from SW and she says that she didn’t close the classroom door. SW says it is okay and then he asks her a question. Does she ever pretend that she likes something even though she doesn’t like it? She says sometimes she does, but only for one reason…if she likes that person. She wonders why he asked her that and he says that it happened to him a long time ago. JS tells him that that person liked him a lot and he says that he liked her more. Then SW tells her not to fall asleep and miss her stop. This makes JS think that SW was the guy on the bus.

SW goes back to thinking and says that he is sorry to know that she liked him too late. he is saying this while at JSs desk, though it is very late so he is alone in the classroom.

Back at home, ySW is still wondering about his mini homepage and the SW asks to be his friend. he freaks out, he is so happy about it but then he accidentally clicks the cancel button. Oh, no’s!

At JS’s house, we see that she is imagining teacher SW standing next to her and blocking the sun.

The next day a student tries to help JS put a book up, but he isn’t tall enough. Then SW comes along and puts the book up for her. He gets very close to her and she is nervous. She is definitely smitten with him. They start to talk about a book and SW says he saw his first love reading that book a long time ago.

ySW comes up and asks JS to go to eat something and they leave together. But SW just looks at his younger self like he is an idiot.

SW goes home and picks up a newspaper. he wants to go back to the future, but he sees that in the newspaper it says that his first love died in a car accident. Cut to the next day. He is sitting in the classroom and just staring at nothing. He thinks that he should have just held her when she was leaving. he wonders why she said that their fate and relationship is bad. he thinks that if he goes back, she won’t be there anymore. He is really sad and tearing, but then JS calls to him.

SW straightens up and JS tells him that she came there early so she can practice. She made a snack for herself for breakfast and she also made one for him. She thought that he lives in a single dorm so he won’t have good food. SW rubs her on her head and tells her that whoever takes her as a wife is lucky. She bows and leaves, but her heart is pounding as she walks away.

She drops a picture though. SW picks it up and he sees that it is a picture of her and her brother. But he remembers that she is an only child. How can she have a brother?

The athletic competition is going on and everyone is having fun. But SW is just deep in thought about JSs brother. In the record, it shows that she is an only child. The picture shows a younger picture of her in primary school. SW looks into her records and sees that she became an only child after primary school.

Cut back to the competition. JS and SW are getting ready for the 3 legged race. They say that they will do well! It gets started and JS and ySW start to race, but they bump into people and ySW steps on JS’s feet. She says she can’t walk but she says it isn’t so bad. But then we go to the bathroom and we see that her ankle is hurt a lot. Sora tells her that ySW should be responsible but JS just says that she is fine it is no big deal.

Later we find out from neighborhood noona, Nahi that JS used to have a brother. JS remembers a scene where her brother didn’t answer her when she called to him over and over again. Nahi tells this to older SW. SW wants to know if they can investigate this anymore and Nahi says to ask her. But SW says that he doesn’t want to do that. Nahi thinks that there may be a way to help her.

back at the school competition, JS isn’t doing too well. They are playing volleyball and JS is barely able to walk around. Her leg is hurting her a lot. Everyone thinks that it is JSs fault that they are losing and she walks off the field. Later in the cafeteria, some gangster classroom guys confront JS and ySW steps up to confront those gangster-like guys. The teacher tells them to settle down and ySW sits with JS and SR at their table.

JS says that she doesn’t want to eat, but they have to eat everything or they will have a point deducted. SW tells her that he will eat everything. Then he tells her that he will do everything in the second part of the competition.

Nahi has a friend who is an investigator and can investigate JS’s brother and her family for SW. She wants to know why he wants to know though. SW says that when he was younger he had a friend who he thought was really great and amazing and special. But now he can see how desperate she was in every moment. We get a small montage of JS clutching her wrist and taking pain medicine.

NH says she doesn’t know JSs story but she knows one thing, SW is a good teacher.

Back at the competition ySW is doing everything. he looks so tired, but he is doing it so JS doesn’t have to do it. JS says that SW has to run now though. he says that if she can’t run then she can just walk.

Meanwhile, SW finds out that JSs brother was a super promising genius student and he died rescuing her. So that is why she has to work so hard to be perfect.

At the competition, JS is trying hard to run, but she can’t run. It is okay though because ySW is working hard at running and he wins the competition for the school. Everyone is happy but then SW comes out and sees JS standing by herself. He is concerned about her leg and tells her that she need to go to the emergency room. He gives her a piggyback ride to the emergency room and ySW just looks at hem as they leave.

At the emergency room we find out that her leg is pretty messed up, but the bone is fine. SW tells JS that when he was 18 his mother passed away. He couldn’t eat or sleep for a long time. But then one day he had this realization…if his mom saw him acting this way, would she like it? The answer is no, so he tells her that it should be the same for her brother. If he were her brother then he would want to tell her that it wasn’t her fault. But JS tells SW that her brother should have lived. No matter how hard she tries, she can’t be like her brother.

SW tells her that she doesn’t have to be like her brother. This competition isn’t important. She just has to be like herself and someone will be happy to have her in front of them and that is enough. He pats her head and tells her that it is okay. She cries a little bit while he is doing this.

Poor ySW is throwing up in the bathroom because he is really worried about JS. His friend thinks it is because he worked too hard on the field.

SW and ySW confront each other and SW tells his younger self that he should be more concerned about JS. But ySW is having a reaction or something. Ah! It looks like he is having an allergic reaction from peanuts. He ate JSs peanuts at lunch for her. SW tells him he is allergic, but young JS just tells him that he did what he could do for her and that is what he could do.

SW goes to the nurse as well and takes his medication. he is in the same room as JS and they are basically laying in the same bed together with the nurse. JS wants to know what is wrong and SW says ySW yelled at him a lot and to ask him.

JS tells him that if he didn’t know he had an allergy he should have felt that something was strange. A curtain is pulled between them and SW is pretending like he is asleep. ySW says that he didn’t know that she was hurt when he told her to run. But JS just says that she is thankful to him because she wanted to hear that it is okay for so long and she heard it because of him.

Back at the school, SW is looking at an old picture of his friends sitting together with their school uniform on.

Fade Out

The girl might confess her love to the teacher. Oh, No’s!

Okay, the plot thickens with Ji-soo. The poor thing isn’t a Wonder woman. She is just a girl trying to be perfect because of her brother that sacrificed his life to save hers. I’m glad that Shin-woo is realizing that his first love wasn’t this perfect person on a pedestal, she was just a kid trying to get by, just like him.

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