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Live Recap: True Beauty Episode 5 (Part 2)

Live Recap: True Beauty Episode 5 (Part 2)

Here is part 2 of our live recap for the Korean drama True Beauty!

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Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Soo-ho goes to meet Seo-joon outside somewhere. They are at some building.

SJ – Give me the key

SH – I like Im Joo-kyung

SJ – Really? DO you want me to congratulate you?

SH – Don’t use her because of me?

SJ – What if I’m not using her?

SH – Are you truthful?

SJ – Why, are you nervous that I will take her?


At the same time, Hee-kyung waits for the high school teacher at the school. Her excuse is to wait for the money he said he would pay her. He says he will but he doesn’t have any cash on him. She tells him she will buy his time with that money he wants to give her. It’s dark right now, so what should we do for two hours?

They end up going to eat at a cafe. They talk about his high school kids and how one of them wants to be an Idol. She works in an Idol company. he asks if that was always her dream? She talks about how no one ever asks her that. They always ask what Idols she has scene or about scandals. She asks if he is the Little Prince? He says no.

They start to eat their food. But his food was brought out all wrong. He can’t eat spicy food but the waitress got his order wrong and brought him spicy food. He eats it so she won’t feel bad. he accidentally spits the food out at Hee-kyung. (Lots of spitting this episode, lol).

She is honest and says she is attracted to him.


Cut to Ju-kyung having ad ream about showing up to school with a bare face. They are in the park. She tries to run away so everyone doesn’t see her. Then Soo-ho comes up on a horse and pulls her onto his horse to ride away. He tells her, to me, your bare face is pretty. But his head turns into a pig.

She wakes up with a start and knows it is a dream. She also thinks a pig dream is a lucky dream, so what kind of lucky thing will happen? 

She looks at the ground, her sister is passed out hungover.

She walks down the steps, but trips and face plants on the floor. (Uh oh, maybe today wont be so lucky?)

She eats breakfast with her parents and brother. Ju-kyung asks what her father liked about their mother. He says she was pretty. Ju-kyung asks, really? Without makeup? With her face like this? She squeezes her mom’s face.

The father says he picked her mother because she was like candy to him. Ju-kyung is happy to hear it.

In her room, Ju-kyung starts to get ready for the day. She uses a UV light and massages some lotion into her skin.


Cut to the high school festival. it looks like a typical festival with booths all around. Everyone is having a fun time. Some guys notices her and whisper that their goddess is here. She tries to ignore them.

She checks her phone and sees that Soo-ho didn’t read her last message. She thinks he might be at home still?

But she hears a lot of people laughing and looks up. Poor Go-woon has put on makeup and made herself look like a clown. Ju-kyung runs up to her and pulls her away.

They go to one of the classrooms. Ju-kyung says this is her first time putting makeup on another person. But let’s try this. You should not ruin your performance because of those girls. 

GW – Do I look strange?

JK – You look pretty. I just want to make some little changes.

Ju-kyung starts to change up the makeup and talks about the type of makeup she is using.



It is almost time for the performance. The teacher makes sure everyone is ready, but their main singer is not there. Suddenly, Go-woon comes up but we don’t see what she looks like yet.

Ju-kyung sits next to her brother during the performance and holds her breath as she waits for the singers to come out. Go-woon comes out and looks amazing and delicate. Ju-kyung’s brother can’t believe that she goes to their school.

Seo-joon is also in the crowd. He is watching quietly.

Go-woon steps forward and starts to sing her solo. She does an amazing job.

Seo-joon smiles.

She gets to the end of the song and everyone claps. Everyone is happy afterwards (except the bully girl). Go-woon thanks Ju-kyung for her help and introduces her oppa, Seo-joon!

But then Soo-ah pulls Ju-kyung away so he can’t figure out how Ju-kyung and Go-woon know each other.

Soo-ah pulls Ju-kyung to the locker and asks if she can help her with something? She is in a mascot and asks if she can wear the – pig one (lol).

Ju-kyung says she likes pigs so she changes and is about to go out. But Soo-ho comes in right then. She starts to chat with him but he doesn’t talk to her about anything. It is almost like he is ignoring her. She asks whats wrong, aren’t we watching a movie together?

SH – Why would we watch a movie together? Don’t be mistaken. I am just nice to you because I pity you.

JK – Why do you pity me? Because I cried in front of you?

SH – Yes.

JK – That is why you said I was pretty and took care of me? Like taking care of a street cat?

SH – Yes. But it bothers me now. I do not want to care about you anymore. So go away.

JK – I didn’t know but you are meddlesome. Who asked you to take care of me? I wont bother you anymore so don’t pity me, okay?

She leaves, upset. Seo-joon sees her walking away.

VO – It has only been awhile to have a dream like life. I forgot about myself and had a hopeless dream. It was just nothing, you stupid girl.

She start to cry as she walks away in the hallway. Some of the other kids look at her, though there aren’t a lot.

In the locker room, Soo-ho thinks about his conversation with Seo-joon. 

SH – I know you think Sae-hyun died because of me.

SJ – I don’t just think it, it is a fact.

SH – How long are you going to be mad at me?

SJ – Until you die and meet Sae-hyun

Soo-ho looks like he can’t believe he said that. 

SH – Okay. *starts walking away*

SJ – Does Im Ju-kyung know that you killed your friend.

SH – *stops walking*

SJ – What is she knows? What would she think of you? Don’t forget, you killed Sae-hyun. You don’t deserve to smile or laugh, you murderer.

In the present, Soo-ho thinks about this as he sits in the locker room.


Outside, Seo-joon’s friends dress all in women’s cheerleader outfits so they can make Seo-joon happy. they look ridiculous.

Inside the basketball game, Lots of people are dressed up to cheer on the high school team. Soo-jin is also there, she tells Soo-ah that she cancelled her tutoring session to be there.

Ju-kyung comes walking up in her pig outfit. She has the head on.

Then the teams comes out. Soo-ho and Seo-joon stare at each other. Then it’s on and popping.


Soo-ho and Seo-joon are the stars of the game. Ju-kyung is bummed and sad the entire game. Fnally, as time ticks by, Seo-joon gets his shot blocked and Soo-ho shoots the winning shot.

Ju-kyung claps but she is pretty sad and teary under her mask.

Soo-ho goes up to Seo-joon on the court and tells him, as he said, it is all his fault. You can get angry or whatever, that is all fine. But don’t play with Im Ju-kyung. Then I won’t endure it anymore.

He walks away.


Everone goes outside to the outdoor concert. The trip of friends sit in the crowd. Then the Idol that died’s song starts to be played by the band.

KSJ – Ugh, Seo-joon will give Soo-ho a hard time because of this song.

SA – Do they have anything to do with Jung Sae-hyun?

KSJ – They were best friends. Didn’t Lee Soo-ho tell you?

SA – Oh, yeah, I remember that.

JK – What?

Soo-ho walks up and looks at the concert. He starts to cry stoically. 


So-ho goes back home. Outside, he sees his fathers manager talking to someone on the phone about how Lee Joo-hun does not date anyone. He is not her sponsor, that is all nonsense.

Soo-hoo looks on angrily. 

Inside, he sits quietly and steams. His phone starts to ring. It is Sae-hyun. He ignores the call.

But he gets word and runs to the scene where Sae-hyun committed suicide. He tries to go through the barricade, but he is held back. He falls to the ground and cries in disbelief.


Back in the present, Soo-ho holds his knees as he listens to the song. He an’t really stand up. Ju-kyung tells her friends that she will go home first. She gets up to leave and sees Soo-ho trying to breath normally. She asks if he is okay. He tells her to leave.

Seo-joon looks at this, but he doesn’t try and step in.

Soo-ho manages to walk away. Ju-kyung and Seo-joon look at him.

At the end of the concert, Seo-joon thinks back to his sister telling him that Im Ju-kyung helped her with her makeup which helped her sing better. She might not have had the confidence without her. He also thinks about Soo-ho telling Seo-joon not to play around with Ju-kyung.

He is walking away with his cheerleader gang. They ask him if he thought about “him”. (or something like that?) Seo-joon said he did not think about him. He’s sorry about it. He starts to walk away. They asks if it is because they were dressed like this? They start to chase him.



Ju-kyung gets home wondering about Soo-ho and Seo-joon and how they were friends. But she thinks, whatever, and falls down on her bed. Her father comes in and asks if she is sleeping? Sh says no. He tells her to wash up and then go to bed.

So she hops up to wash her makeup. She sees Soo-ho’s clothing and remembers the initial from the rooftop. She starts to think back to the rooftop. The initial was on the hoodie of the guy that grabbed her. So was that initial on that ajusshi? So was that ajusshi, Lee Soo-ho? 

Was he just like me on the rooftop?

She takes off running with his sweater and thinks about what he said to her on the rooftop about how someone might suffer their entire life not being able to rescue you. You cant do anything for the dead, so don’t die.

She runs to the rooftop with his jacket. She takes the stairs and runs all the way up the stairs.

But she doesn’t see him when she gets to the rooftop. She looks out over the side, a tear falls on her face. But then she hears someone sobbing in the background. She runs to around the corner and sees Soo-hoo hugging his knees and crying.

She kneels in front of him. He looks up at her.

SH – Here, here, Sae-hyun….

JK – I know…

SH – Sae-hyun…

JK – I know….I know everything

She hugs him closely. He cries into her embrace. She pats him on the back.

Fade Out


I really enjoyed this episode. It had some things that made me scratch my head like “Why is Go-woon being bullied when her brother is Seo-joon?” But my guess is that she isn’t telling her brother that she is being bullied? I will just let that slip since it could happen.

I loved watching Soo-ho and Ju-kyung slowly start to reveal that they like each other at the bus stop and in the text message conversation about going to the movies. I was pretty heart broken when Soo-ho was mean to Ju-kyung which is a pet peeve of mine. Why can’t he just ignore Seo-joon, ugh! But I can also understand why he might feel like he doesn’t deserve to be happy so he wants to make sure no one is nice to him. The only way to do that is to be mean to Ju-kyung so she leaves him alone. I don’t like it, but I can accept it.

Now that Allllll the secrets are out though (or almost all of them), I really want to see what happens tomorrow after the rooftop crying scene.



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  1. angelica islam
    December 23, 2020 / 9:04 pm

    do you know what the title of the song was at the end when jukyung is patting suho and they’re both crying?
    been looking for it everywhere but couldnt find it.
    thanks in advance, love this site so much <3

    • V
      December 24, 2020 / 2:36 am

      Oh no, I don’t know it! Does anyone else know it?

  2. Laura
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