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Live Recap: True Beauty Episode 5 (Part 1)

Live Recap: True Beauty Episode 5 (Part 1)

Somehow it has felt like weeks since the last episode of True Beauty aired. That is the mark of a good show! In fact, I am enjoying this show so much that I might try and read the web comic!

Check out our video review of True Beauty!


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Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Soo-ho comes out and sees Ga-young walking outside. He starts to follow her. Seo-joon also sees her and he might also see Soo-ho following her So SJ throws Ju-kyung his keys. She asks what this is about. 

SJ – You told me not to ride a bike.

JK – Huh?

Random girls – Wow

SJ – From now on I will only listen to what you say

Kids – Wow, a confession. Han Seo-joon, Im Ju-kyung, in love!

SJ walks away happily. Ju-kyung wants to run after him. But Soo-ho stops her and holds her sleeve. he tells her, Don’t go.

JK – Why?

SH – I have to tell you something

JK – What do you have to tell me

SH – Well

JK – Well?

SH – El Nino and La Nina caused Australias wildfires…

JK – What? Nano?


Ju-kyung looks at the motorcycle keys and tells SJ to take it back. Why are you giving it to me? He tells her that she should have it because I will only listen to you.

The kids all gasps.

JK – is this your revenge because I took a photo of you and threatened you?

SJ – Of course not.

He gives her a drink.

SJ – I picked it up on the street. Drink it.

Kids – Wow…

JK – I like strawberry 

This drink is lemon or orange or something. Soo-ah sits and wonders why SJ is doing this now? Soo-ho looks a them.

Later on, Ju-kyung catches Ju-kyung outside and throws him his motorcycle keys. He is distracted so he catches them. His friends all ooo and ahhh


But, SJ put it back in Ju-kyung’s backpack somehow so she looks at the keys while she is walking into the classroom.

Soo-ho sees her and pulls a seat out for her to seat next to him. She puts her lemon drink on the table. He takes it and gives it to another student since she said she doesn’t drink that flavor. She looks at him confused. Then he puts a strawberry drink on the table for her (the kind she likes). Her heart starts to beat a bit harder. She holds back a smile.

The science teacher starts to teach but Ju-kyung just sees hearts coming out of the teachers hands. The heart shoots out and hits Ju-kyung on the head. It also hits Soo-ho on the head. Ju-kyung looks at Soo-ho working and is in love. She looks at the strawberry juice and wonders if he bought it because she likes strawberry?

Soo-ho looks at her but she looks away quickly.


Ju-kyung tries to sit and eat with her friends but Seo-joon sits next her. Soo-jin tells him to go away if he just wants to give Ju-kyung a hard time. His friends all jostle and yell. He says he only listens to Ju-kyung.

So she tells him to go away. He says he won’t do that.

He takes her chicken and starts to eat it. She yells that that is her favorite, she saves it to eat last. He tells her that he only listens to her and signals to his friends to bring them more chicken.

Soo-ah wonders if this is fighting or some? he and Soo-jin just look at this and shake their heads. It looks like they want to tell Seo-joon and his guys to go away but they aren’t being mean.

Seo-joon starts to sing that his bike is in front of her house which makes her spit out her foot at him accidentally. Rice goes all over him.

In the hallway, Seo-joon tells her that she has a white tail like a white tailed monkey. It is actually toilet tissue. another guy bumps her so she trips and falls. Seo-joon grabs her by the head and waist so she won’t hit the ground hard. Which puts them in a compromising embrace on the ground.

She head butts him.

SJ – I rescued you!

JK – Don’t rescue me! Just take your bike!

She runs off thinking that eh just wants to go to school quietly. Soo-ho asks her in the hallway if she is okay. She looks at him and stammers, y-yes.


The music teacher teaches a group of singers in class. One of them is better than the other ones. Ju-kyung hears this and listens to her. This girl that sings great is like another version of Ju-kyung. She also has her own bullies that mess with her because she sings too well.

Ju-kyung thinks they are horrible. How can they do that to their classmate. The girl and Ju-kyung lock eyes. She runs off.


After school, Ju-kyung and Soo-jin ride to study class. Ju-kyung notices that Soo-jin’s hands are all cracked so she pulls out some lotion to put on them. She jokes that she is pandora’s daughter (her mom’s shop).

The bus stops and the bully girls come in. Ju-kyung immediately stiffens. The bullies walk up to her and says she is really daebak. Sorry, I felt like I knew you. Soo-jin tells the bus driver that they are getting off and tells these bully girls to move the f out the way. She bumps them and pulls Ju-kyung out.

The other girls asks who that was? The main gully says it is a girl she follows but she thought she knew them.

At the bus stop, Soo-jin asks Ju-kyung why she is so scared of them? Do you know them? Ju-kyung thinks of something and says they look scary. Soo-jin tells her not to be scared. If you are scared then they will haunt you even more next time. So be strong.


A bike rider drives up to a stop light. Then another bike rider drives up to the same stop light. It is Soo-ho and Seo-joon. They both flip up their visors to look at each other then speed off! It is race time!

But we see that this is actually a VR game (lolol). He is challenging Seo-joon on the game in the safety of his own home. In fact, he might just be imagining that he is playing Seo-joon.


Ju-kyung gets home and sees a guy sitting on the bike. It’s her brother. She comes up and hits him upside the head.

JY – *North Korean Accent* Do you want to switch your ribcage revolutionarily.

JK – If you don’t want to Crash Landing on Hell then get out!

She pulls him off the bike.


Meanwhile, Soo-ho looks at his phone and thinks about Ju-kyung so he calls Ju-kyung. But her brother answers and tells Ju-kyung to come out, it takes too long for you to remove your makeup.

SH – Is this Im Ju-kyung’s phone?

JY – She is taking a shower.

SH – Who are you?

JY – I am going to wash next

JK – Hey! When you pee you should flush! And use the fan when you poop!

JY – Why do you care about my pee and poop!

JK – Why are you answering my phone calls!

She snatches her phone away and sees that it is Soo-ho. She hangs up quickly and sneaks to her room to call him back.

She calls and he picks up right away.

JK – I accidentally hung up

SH – Was that your brother?

JK – Yes, younger brother

Both – Ahh

JK – Sorry, you speak first

SH – Can you come out now?

JK – Right now?

SH – Yes for the clothes also.

JK – What clothes? Oh, okay the clothes. I will be there at the playground

She starts to rush out but then sees herself in the mirror and jumps. She tells herself, ah, goosebumps. 

She leaves the house with full makeup and grabs Soo-ho’s clothes and puts them in a bag. But she thinks something is wrong.

So she runs to the park without the clothes and asks Soo-ho if he waited for a long time. He is petting a stray cat.

SH – He comes to you, he was pretty cranky

JK – Yes, very hostile cat. But I give it food all the time. 

SH – Now even cats? You matter with anyone.

JK – But that poor thing is alone all the time since he is cranky

SH – Just like me.

JK – Yeah, you know you are cranky. You at least have family but that cat….

SH – I have  no family.

JK – Do you live alone?

SH – Yep, alone

JK – Then you eat….ah, sorry, I shouldn’t have said that

SH – Its okay. Why did you put on your makeup?

JK – Huh?

SH – Well, um, your brother told me your were taking a shower.

JK – Oh, haha, I take a shower right before I go to bed. I will take one now. Are you here to get your clothes

SH – Yes. You know, this late. Of course I come here to get my clothes. No other reason. Those re my favorite clothes.

JK – really? Well I am really really sorry but the clothes are not dry yet. I am sorry you came all the way here for them.

SH – What can I do?

JK – thank you, next time I will buy really nice food….okay….bye

She starts to walk away.

SH – Look, that basketball.

JK – Huh?

He grabs the basketball and starts to bounce it. She thinks that is amazing and tells him that she didn’t expect him to know how to dribble so well. I thought you only studied.

She asks if he can shoot as well? he shoots and misses. 

SH – it is because the ball is deflated.

She shoots and makes it.

JK – Daebak! See, you use your left hand to support it. Your left hand has too much wight on it. Like this.

She throws it again and misses.

SH – I was the basketball team captain until last year.

JK – Then why don’t you play?

SH – Just because

JK – Were you fired because you couldn’t score? Left hand only to support (note-that is a famous quote from a Japanese basketball high school cartoon)

He tells her that she would pass out if she saw him playing basketball. He throws it. She catches it and….trips again and falls right into his arms.

This is a moment. They both look at each other But then he hugs her tightly. their hearts start to beat. The basketball is still between them. His face might be a bit flush. Then they push away from each other.

SH – So, um, how was it?

JK – The hug?

SH – The smell?

JK – Um

SH – I switched my detergent.

JK – What?

SH – The smell won’t go away even if I exercise. I am checking to see how it works.

JK -Ah, okay, it is a good smell. So why is your face….

The comic cartoon guy walks up. Soo-ho runs up and hugs him.

SH – How do you like my smell? I switched my detergent.

Comic guy – citrus? *smells deeply* It is pretty cool

SH – Really?

CG – It is really good. Is it an imported product?

The comic guys smells him a lot and won’t let him leave.

Cut to Soo-ho and Ju-kyung walking back home together. They are quiet but are thinking to themselves.

JK – (He checks his detergent in a really shinkoon way (heart dropping way))

SH – (Ah, what was up with that detergent)

JK – Well you don’t have to take me home.

SH – My bus stop is closer on the other side.

JK – Hahaha

They are quiet again. He sees a leaf on her shoulder and removes it secretly.

They get to her place. Seo-joon’s bike is still there.

SJ – We are here.

JK – Yeah, so, goodbye

SJ – I want to get it.

JK – Your clothes aren’t dry yet

SJ – No, the bike. I will take it back to him

JK – I don’t want you two to fight.

SJ – It’s okay, I will take it back to him



The bike is gone when Ju-kyung walks outside her door. She thinks, perhaps they didn’t argue?

She gets to school and asks Soo-ho is Seo-joon took the bike? They are on the field during PE. This reminds her that he is good at hugging so she tells him that. He asks, what? She tells him, no, I mean, you are good at receiving the ball.

Some other kids on the field joke about basketball things. Tae-hoon yells their Soo-ho god came back to basketball again.

Ju-kyung asks her friends what this means? the other guys wonder who can fight against Soo-ho’s physics (or physique?). They think Seo-joon should join the basketball competition. But Seo-joon points at Ju-kyung and says he only listens to her. He asks if she wants to see him playing basketball.

She says no. She does not care about those things. All the other guys tell her to say yes! I do not want to lose again! He tells her that if she says yes then he will do it. She tells him whatever, which he takes as a yes.

SA – Maybe he really likes you? that paparazzi photo of his bike wont’ make him behave like that

SJ – [said something like whatever, and how she doesn’t understand Soo-ho] see, he plays volleyball alone.

SA – it is not volleyball, it is handball.

Ju-kyung looks at him playing.

Later on Seo-joon gets a call that his motorcycle is towed. He yells to Im Ju-kyung about this. Soo-ho throws a ball on his head, though. So he turns around and asks what this is about.

SH – It is your turn to take care of this.

he drops off all the balls.

SJ – So childish

SH – Don’t you want to find your bike?

SJ – You called the police? Your crazy

SH – i have your bike, by the way.


The Ju-kyung look alike gets picked on by some girls in the bathroom. Ju-kyung throws water on them. They yell, are you crazy! Ju-kyung tells them that they are already mops so she wanted to wash them. How dare you say that to her! Is everything a pretty face but your inside is so dirty!

The bully asks why she is bothering them. Ju-kyung says, I am her eunnie! The other girl runs out. Soo-jin and Soo-ah walkup as well. The bully calls Ju-kyung a b*. Soo-jin asks, what did you just say?

She does a roundhouse kick that just misses the bullies face.

SJ – AH, I just missed you. If I see you doing this again, expect to put silicon on your noise.

Ju-kyung runs to the bully who is on the rooftop. She thinks about herself and all her bully memories with those other girls. She gives this girl a napkin.

Girl – Do you think there are some other kids who are better on stage?

JK – No, you are good at singing, I heard you sing.

Girl – I just thought only ability was important. But I am afraid the audience will laugh at me like them. I am worried that because of my face my voice will also be a joke.

JK – Those kids are wrong, not you. Don’t run away because you are scared.

Girl – Eunnie, you are pretty. You don’t understand me.

JK – (No, actually, I know it the best)

Later on, Ju-kyung looks at YouTube videos to see which makeup would be the best for this girl. She is sitting outside a shop. Soo-ho comes up to her and asks what she is looking at.

JK – it is a makeup video. I just met a girl that is in trouble. I pity her situation. So I just want to help her.

SH – You are mattering in other peoples business.

JK – yeah. I am.

SH – But it could be helpful.

JK – Actually, she is just like my old self. That is why I care about her. Actually, my bare face is worse than hers anyway.

SH – No, you are pretty without makeup.

They look at each other. Her heart pumps like a drum.

SJ – Your bus is here.

She sees it and quickly hops up to catch it. He watches her get on and watches the bus drive away.

She sits and feels like she is all pitter patter about Soo-ho. So she pulls out her phone and asks her online friends what this all means.

JK: Hey kids, a guy hugged me and asked what his detergent smell was like and just told me I was pretty. What does that means?

They respond that it means that he likes you. Detergent was just an excuse. You should ask him for a date.

Ju-kyung thinks she can never ask him for a date. Never ever.

Meanwhile, Soo-ho is sitting on his bud wondering how he could say that without filtering it in his brain at all? He gets a text.

JK: Did you go home okay? My eunnie gave me movie tickets. Would you like to watch a movie together if you have time?

He smiles. In her bus, she sees the read message and grows instantly nervous. Then waits for his response.

SH: yes, let’s do it.

She stands up excitedly. Everyone looks at her. She looks around and sits.

JK – This is crazy, Lee Soo-ho and me? What should I do?

She smiles giddily.

On his us, he also smiles happily.

JK: What movie?

SH: Do you have anything you want to watch?

JK: How about a horror movie?

He smiles. She smiles.

Their busses stop. She texts that she will see him tomorrow. Seo-joon calls Soo-ho right when he sees her message.


Click here for part 2!


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  1. Saman Ejaz
    December 23, 2020 / 9:18 am

    Thank you,waiting for part 2❤

    • V
      December 23, 2020 / 10:02 am

      Coming up! ☺️

  2. Caryn
    December 23, 2020 / 11:24 pm

    True beauty drama is getting better and better! Seeing suho and jukyung cry together at the end broke my heart. Can’t wait to see their relationship develop. I hope there’s not too much push from suho against jukyung again because of the whole cold demeanor trope. We want to see character development happen for them! Also, seojun is really mean and really death bringing for constantly telling suho that it’s his fault someone else committed suicide. That’s how people are driven to commit suicide themselves after a loved one dies. I hope to see character development in seojun too, for him to be able to let go of his anger and forgive suho.

    I can confidently tell you that the drama does a better job at story telling compared to the webtoon. The webtoon definitely gave a good concepts and themes that provided strong foundation for the drama but the webtoon doesn’t explore deeper into it as much as the drama does. And the drama does a better job at hitting key points. The webtoon kinda dragged for a while.

    I think you made a mistake in your final comments. You mixed up suho’s name with seojun’s name in your comment about them revealing their feeling at the bus stop.

    • V
      December 24, 2020 / 2:38 am

      I am reading the webcomic now and completely agree with your thoughts. I am treating the drama as basically a completely different thing. Thank you for the correction in the comments. Off to try and find it now!

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