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Live Recap: True Beauty Episode 4 (Part 2)

Live Recap: True Beauty Episode 4 (Part 2)

Here is part 2 of our live recap for the Korean drama True Beauty!

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Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




It appears that Seo-joon’s mother and Ju-kyung’s mother are friends. They chat while Seo-joon takes a lot of photos of Ju-kyung with this mud mask on. She sighs and tells her mother that will go home, but her mother tells her to wash her face first so she doesn’t scare everyone in the neighborhood.

Ju-kyung sighs again and thinks that she has to put on makeup again.

Meanwhile, Soo-ho goes to the bathroom and looks at his hand. He has Ju-kyng’s kiss mark on his hand from when he protected her from falling on the bus.

Back at the salon, Ju-kyung comes back out with Seo-joon. The mothers ask if they are good friends at school? Ju-kyung says no so they laugh and says that they can be good friends now. She invites her over to her house.

Ju-kyung says she has a study date. Seo-joon says it is a blind date. So the mothers starts to talk about dating and how that is why she wanted a mud pack and all those things. The mother mentions that her son used to ride his bike but doesn’t anymore.

So Ju-kyung outs him as riding his bike all the time. This gets him in a tiny bit of trouble with his mother. Ju-kyung thinks, look at this, he pretends to be tough but he is a little baby in front of his mother.

The mother tells Ju-kyung to tell her if her son rides his bike again. She says yes, trust me and puts her hand solemnly on her chest. Then she smiles at Seo-joon.


Ju-kyung mutters to herself that she can’t ride around barefaced anymore. Seo-joon comes out too and asks, hey, what was up with that with my mom?  Ju-kyung doesn’t back away and says this is her promise to his mother. Also, you hit Soo-ho and you almost had the violence council but I will not tell her. I will zip it.

He looks upset and leaves. But he smiles and chuckles happily walking away because he is looking at her mud face on his phone.


The next day, Ju-kyung watches a YouTube video on the type of makeup she should use for a blind date. She applies her makeup at that point. The Youtube person tells her to do the same make up you always do, just with a bit more detail and more lovely.

So Ju-kyung puts on fresh makeup with a good amount of light pink and curls her hair. She also practices what she will say.

The only problem is, when she looks in her closet she has nothing to wear. All her clothing is heavy metal related. So she sneaks into her sisters closet to steal some clothing. Though she thinks all those clothes look the same.

However, there is a red box on the top of her closet that has an unworn outfit in it. The tags are even still on. So she sneaks out with that.


Soo-ho walks into the math competition exam. Soo-jin sees him there and chats a bit about studying for it. She tells him good luck but that he shouldn’t get higher then her score and leaves.

Elsewhere, Ju-kyung goes to her blind date. She looks sweet and innocent which makes all the mens heads turn when they see her.

He asks if he can speak comfortably and then asks what she would like to drink, bubble tea? She says she likes it. He jokes, are you already confessing to me? Ju-kyung is a bit confused and says she meant she likes bubble tea. He laughs and says it’s his joke.

Then we cut to the movie that they are going to. Her date asks to pay for it so that they can see it next time.

But Soo-ho is in this movie as well! Is he following her around? Did I miss something? He hides his face with the popcorn when she comes in. The movie starts.

Soo-ho looks at Ju-kyung and the date. The date puts his arm around Ju-kyung which makes Soo-ho says, oh no he isn’t! He hops several rows and pulls the couple apart!

But this couple isn’t Ju-kyung and the date. This is another couple (and a cameo by Lee Jae-wook and Kim Hye-yoon from Extraordinary You, lololol). Their names are Dano and Haru in this show? They end up running off and Soo-ho hides in another mans lap.

After the movie the date tells her that he has to go to his college but would like to see her again. Soo-ho watches all of this and tries to hide behind a triangle sign when Ju-kyung walks off.

But then he notices that the date has another date that shows up right after! It appears that this date is his actual girlfriend? Jerk status confirmed.


While walking away, Ju-kyung texts Soo-ah about her date. Soo-ah gives her dating advice and all those things. The date sent her a text so Soo-ah tells her not to text back right away.


Ju-kyung gets home and tells her family all about her blind date. Surprisingly no one is upset that she is dating yet. Her mother tells her that if she goes to college then she can match her with a guy like Seo-joon. 

Ju-kyung tells them that Seo-joon is a playboy thug. Her father says he is not like that and the mother says he is a nice boy! When my friend had a kidney transplant her son took care of her for many months and had a part time job and paid for his school and living and hospital bills even. I just wish he didn’t ride his bike, she was nervous about it because her husband died from a traffic accident. But, don’t tell that to Seo-joon.

Ju-kyung asks, you said he was a good boy so why isn’t he listening to his mother?

Hee-kyung’s phone rings. She has been waiting for the teacher to call sos he answers it right away. But it is just a spam call. She immediately yells for them not to call her!

Meanwhile at home, the teacher has his hair tied up and looks in a mirror at his eyebrows. His eyebrows are going “bald” so he sighs and thinks that he understands Mona Lisa. Then he picks up his phone and looks at Hee-kyung’s number.


Back at Ju-kyung’s home. Ju-kyung and Hee-kyung chat in the bathroom about her blind date and how to do a push-pull properly. It has been 30 minutes since he text her so is that enough? Her eunnie tells her that she does not wait.

So Ju-kyung pulls out her phone to look. He sent her another text.

Guy: I cancel what I said. Actually I have a girlfriend and just wanted to have an affair with you. I am super trash to want to date you. Sorry.

Her sister looks at this message and thinks that she is dumped. He is trash. Ju-kyung accepts that she was dumped and thinks yeah, of course, with my face and all. Her sister tells her that it is difficult to date someone with a blind date so just forget it.

The sister gets a text.

Text: Hello, you told me to buy you a meal but I do not want to take your precious time by eating so I will send you money. Can you text me your account number?

She wonders what they mean by her number?

Cut to the brother who is pooping int he background (god lawd, whyyyy) and tells her that she was dumped. Then we get a shot of the brother pooping and yelling at them to go away while we still see the sister chatting.


Ju-kyung sees Seo-joon riding his nike to school so she pulls out her phone to tell his mother. He stops her right away. She chuckles with him and says her mother said to tell her if he is riding his bike.

He says that he also has something on her and pulls out the picture of her wearing her mud mask. She starts to chase him around the outside of the school

Soo-ho watches them from a close distance.



Ju-kyung fans herself after chasing Seo-joon around and thinks that she expended too much energy this morning already. She turns a corner and is met by a finger in her forehead.

This finger belongs to Soo-ho.

SH – Focus. You almost face planted in my uniform again.

JK – Wah?

SH – Just focus and go study.

JK – I memorized everything, all the Kings names in Joseon *she starts to sing the King Name song*

Meanwhile, Soo-ah and Tae-hoon chat and play with photoshop in the classroom. Her boyfriend says he feels like he dates two women. Instagram Chae Soo-ah and real Chae Soo-ah. She gets mad and tells him to only date Instagram Chae Soo-ah then! He immediately apologizes and they are all lovey dovey.

Int he classroom, Soo-ah asks Ju-kyung how her date went. She mentions that she was dumped and shows her the text message.

Flashback to Soo-ho attacking the gigolo guy in the bathroom and telling him to delete what he said. he puts him in an arm lock behind his back so that he will do it.

Soo-ho smiles int he classroom thinking about this.


Later on, Ju-kyung sees Seo-joon chucling with his friends in the cafeteria. She thinks he is showing her mud mask photo. So she steals Seo-joon’s bike keys from him and runs off. He chases after her all the way outside and grabs her hand to stop her.

Soo-ho shows up and asks what is going on so it appears that they are about to get into it again. Ju-kyung tells them both to stop, don’t fight in front of me, then runs off.


Ju-kyung hangs out with her two friends and Tae-hoon. Ju-kyung mutters that she wants to get out of the stage of having to wear a mask everywhere. Soo-jin, thinking she means something else, tells her that she can do it. Don’t give up. They walk to a study group. Soo-ah asks if they can include a guy she knows.

They go inside the place they were going to study and see Soo-ho there. They all stop and stare at him. Soo-jin asks why he is here when he said he didn’t want to study? He says he didn’t want to, not that he wasn’t going to.

Tae-hoon thinks this is daebak. They have the #1 and #2 students in their study group.

They all start to study. Soo-ho explains something to Ju-kyung She looks at him and asks how he can solve all these equations with his tiny head.

JK – What is your IQ

SH – How can you not focus on this tiny moment. DO you have a two digit IQ? FYI, dolphins have an IQ of 80.

JK – What? Do they have that much IQ?

SH – So work hard okay? Focus.

Soo-jin looks at them both.

Later on, Soo-jin and Joo-kyung go to the bathroom together. Soo-jin cleans her face but Ju-kyung retouches her makeup. She thinks that she envies Ju-kyung.

KSJ – By the way, when did you become so close to Soo-ho? He is not a guy that teaches other kids.

JK – Am I close to him now?

KSJ – By his standards, yes.

JK – Well, I don’t know. I am really really bad at math so maybe that is why he taught me?

KSJ – *chuckles* Maybe he is bragging

They all leave together and decide to go to coin norebang. Soo-jin asks Soo-ho if he is not coming? He tells her that he can stop by.

Noreang singing montage. Soo-ho stays sitting and watching and trying not to look at Ju-kyung so much. But he can’t resist.

Ju-kyung takes a break to go to the bathroom and hears a person singing that sounds great. She peeks in the window but does not see who is singing. However we see that it is Seo-joon!



Soo-ho’s father, Joo-hun, shows up at a company. Hee-kyung works at this company and starts to give a presentation to Joo-hun. Her presentation is about a memorial album for his memorial.

It appears that something is going on behind the scenes with this particular client.

Back at the norebang. Ju-kyung looks outside and sees Seo-joons bike. So for some reason she decides to kick it. he comes out and asks why she is kicking his bike. She sees Soo-ho in the store above them and pulls him to run away.

They run around the corner.

However, they run into the real thugs that beat up Seo-joon on the day they met. Ju-kyung does not wait for an explanation and pulls Seo-joon to run away.

Soo-ho sees them running away together. Seo-joon switches their hands so he is pulling her. Soo-ho follows them.

It is a chase scene on foot, y’all.

Seo-joon manages to hide himself and u-kyung. But Soo-ho follows the thugs and goes to a dead end. So now he is in trouble.

Back with Ju-kyung and Seo-joon, Ju-kyung sees that the thugs are gone so she starts to sneak away. But he is mad that she pulled im away. What will those thugs think?

SJ – Hey, why did you pull me here? I told you to go. What will they think?

JK – What will they think?

SJ – If we run away like that. You dummy.

JK – What! You call me a dummy! Who is the next King next to King Sae-jong!

SJ – Ko Jong (that is wrong)

JK – Where do you sell 400 years of history? You are dummer than me.

These are the same questions that Soo-ho told her. She walks away.

Meanwhile, Soo-ho tries to leave these thugs but they tell him that he has to call Seo-joon, then I will let you go. It does not look good for Soo-ho. But he knows jujitsu so as soon as they try to take his things he fights them all off and they are all left sprawled on the ground.

However, they are all able to grab him and hold him back. So the head thug gets one punch in before the cops break it up and the thugs run off.

Back at the motorcycle, Ju-asks Seo-joon to lend her some money because her phone and wallet are in the bag and the kids left with it. But he tells her to go away so she calls him cold blooded.

He is about to leave, but changes his mind and tells her to hop on. She thanks him and grabs the spare helmet. She also grips him kind of tightly though she doesn’t sit on the motorcycle properly. She sits more like how a lady might sit on a horse? You know, that really dangerous way since ladies aren’t supposed to straddle things.

He drives her to the comic cafe where Soo-ho is waiting on her. So Soo-ho and Seo-joon get into it. Soo-ho asks why he gave her a ride. Seo-joon asks why he is waiting for her.

But then Ju-kyungs sister shows up super drunk and knocks into both of them.

HK – Hee hee hee, look at these two flowery boys. Am I dead? This s heaven!

She puts them both in a head lock and tells them that she will debut them. She also gives Ju-kyung an accidental head butt.

The boys reluctantly walk her back to Ju-kyungs house, mostly because they are trapped in his head lock.

But, to make matters worse, Hee-kyung throws up all over So-ho. He cannot believe that this happened. Ju-kyung apologizes and takes off his jacket right away and tells him that she will clean it or burn it!

Seo-joon kind of chuckles.

SJ – Do you like Im Ju-kyung?

SH – What?

SJ – You don’t like her?

SH – Why are you around her? Do you like her?

SJ – Should I?

They stare at each other.


Ju-kyung goes home and lays in his bed. He looks at the sticker on his lamp and Ju-kyungs hair tie and the snickers bar that are on his bedside table.

Flashback to Soo-ho taking the math exam, but he just left the room and starts to run.

In his room, he thinks about what Seo-joon told him: do you like Im Ju-kyung?


The next morning at school, Soo-ho watches Ju-kyung walking in. He is smiling. 

Then Seo-joon comes up and throws the keys to his motorcycle at her. 

SJ – You told me not to ride my bike. From now on I will only listen to what you say.

The kids around look and whisper, Daebak!

Seo-joon smiles and walks away. 

Shi-hyun and Hyun-gyu walk by and wonder if he likes her?

Ju-kyung starts to run off to the school, but Soo-ho holds her arm and stops her.

SH – Don’t go.

JK – Just a moment

SH – Don’t go!

They both look at each other. She is s bit stunned. She looks at his hand holding her jacket sleeve and then back at him.

Fade Out


Still adorable. Though I have a feeling this might be moving into damaged and needs fixing territory with a good amount of these characters. But so far I still like it.

One thing I have to say is that this episode felt so much like a webcomic with Ju-kyung either running away with Seo-joon or pulling Seo-joon away. At some point I thought, girl, what are you doing? Just leave him alone already.

If anyone is counting, I do believe we have two falls from Ju-kyung today. One at her mother’s salon and another one on the bus when she was about to clang her head and fall into the aisle. Will we have another episode with falling shenanigans? Or will Ju-kyung be able to stay on her own two feet? That is the real story.

Check out our video review of True Beauty!



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