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Live Recap: True Beauty Episode 4 (Part 1)

Live Recap: True Beauty Episode 4 (Part 1)

Will Ju-kyung manage to stay on her feet this episode? Let’s see!

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Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Han Seo-joon rides on his motorcycle and thinks about his friend that died. 

A few years ago, maybe last year? Han Seo-joon looking at his cell phone and walking somewhere in a hurry. On the phone it says that Sae-hyun was accused of being a bully at school. He tries to call Soo-ho, but Soo-ho does not pick up the phone.

The press are all after Sae-hyun to ask if he has something to say about the victims he bullied. The Idol walks away. Seo-joon runs to him and stops him. He asks where he is going. The friend says he is going to Soo-ho. Soo-ho will believe me. If Soo-ho believes me then our CEO will believe me (the CEO is Soo-ho’s father).

But then the reporters break through so he has to run away. They cut directly to his funeral. Seo-joon cries over him.

Han Seo-joon keeps riding his motorcycle and thinking of this.


At school, Seo-joon sees his desk. His helmet is there and it is filled with candy. A note is left as well that says sorry. The note is from Ju-kyung.

Then we open on how it closed yesterday with the altercation in the cafeteria. Seo-joon knocked Soo-ho’s food onto the floor and then went to sit with Ju-kyung.

JK – Is this about the helmet?

SJ – No, I just want to eat with you.

Kids – *Murmur*


Soo-ho grabs Seo-joon. Seo-joon mutters, look at this a-hole. They stare at each other then Seo-joon breaks free of Soo-ho and punches him really hard. Soo-ho falls to the ground. But he hops back up to punch Seo-joon. Seo-joon does not try and stop him. He just tells him to punch him.

The teacher comes in and breaks this up right away. They go to the teachers office where they are yelled at for throwing punches and we find out a bit more about Seo-joon. He tried to be an idol so it looks like he left school for awhile to do that possibly.

Hyun-gyu is there as well and tells them that it was so surprising! They were fighting right in front of me! The teacher tells him to leave. Then he starts to berate the kids again about stopping school because his mom was sick and coming back to cause problems.

The Vice Principal comes in t that point and basically says that they should not bother Soo-ho. He needs to take care of his condition so no council. He tells Soo-ho to leave.

The teachers tells Seo-joon to tell Soo-ho sorry. Seo-joon does not look like he wants to.

Outside, Soo-jin waits for Soo-ho and asks if he is okay. She jokes that he should break his arm so she can win the math competition this year. He doesn’t really talk to her though he doesn’t ignore her either.


Meanwhile, Ju-kyung is surrounded in the classroom. All the kids think she is in a triangle relationship with Seo-joon and Soo-ho so they want to know who she will pick. Ju-kyung does not know what they are talking about. She does not think those guys would like her.

All the students are like, no no no no, why does Mr. H sit next to Mrs. I, that is what I want to know. They all start to murmur again. But  Soo-ah steps up and tells them all to break this up! Ju-kyung said that it is not the truth so everyone leave! Then she tells Ju-kyung that it is tiring being so pretty. If you weren’t so pretty then they wouldn’t have this rumor.

Ju-kyung wonders what is going on. She rests her head on the desk and thinks that it would be better to have zero presence.

Sooho comes in and everyone stares at him. Then the “thugs” come in and tells Soo-ho that they want to see him. They all go outside.

Cho-rong asks Soo-ho, how dare you fight with Seo-joon. But he makes a mistake with his words so Soo-ho keeps correcting him. Then he asks i f they are pretending to be gangsters.

He starts to leave. Cho-rong tries to punch him but Soo-ho grabs his fist easily. The other thugs pretend like they can kick his butt, but they fall all on the ground without any effort.

Seo-joon comes out and grabs Cho-rong’s other arm and tells him to stop it. Then the teacher comes out and yells at them all again so they all have to apologize. Cut to their punishment which is to clean the gym, possibly?

But Soo-ho is the only one cleaning. The other guys might have finished already so they say something to Soo-ho (who ignores them) and head out. Seo-joon also starts to head out. 

Soo-ho asks him what he needs? SJ says he does not need anything and he has no reason to look for him.

SH – That day, when Sae-hyun came to see me.

SJ – What? Are you going to make excuses now? That poor guy on that day. Do you know what his last words were? You will trust him. He didn’t even know that you were this cold and selfish guy. He ran all the way to you because he trusted you. So don’t talk about Sae-hyun anymore out of your mouth.

Seo-joon walks away. Soo-hoo looks pretty devastated.



Soo-ho goes home and thinks about what happened with him and Seo-joon in a park. Seo-joon yelled at him to bring Sae-hyun back. Bring him back you jerk!

A tear trickles down Soo-ho’s face.

He goes to the comic cafe and thinks. He is still crying a bit. Then we go to a flashback of the little Soo-ho crying in the comic cafe and a little Ju-kyung coming up and making him smile and laugh by doing a daramgee dance.

He remembers that and smiles. Then Ju-kyung comes in. She says she passed by and saw him. She gives him his favorite PPL drink and sits. Then she asks why they would do that in the cafeteria. But she says that she also just fought her little brother.

JK – When my brother and I fight. My mother asks us to do something together to get closer and say I love you. We had to cut each others toe nails and say I love you. You know, it is ticklish when you cut toenails so you laugh and are happy again.

He chuckles.

JK – Ah, you chuckled. I have never seen you smiling.

SH – No, I didn’t.

JK – I don’t know what happened but if you need to tell it to someone then I will listen. What can’t I do for Soo-ho shin (god).

SH – Soo-ho shin?

JK – I heard your nickname is Soo-ho god

SH – Dn’t call me that.

JK – You are my protective angel. You are keeping my barefaced secret.

(note – Soo Ho Shin means protective god)

SH – Does it bother you that much?

JK – What?

SH – Yourbareface

JK – Don’t say that to anyone else. My difference is a lot more than others.

She grabs a book. He protects all the other books from falling on her.

JK – No, I don’t see it.

SH – Hey, your eyes are bad. How do you not know?

She looks at him and sees that his lips are busted so she points to it and asks if it is hurt? It is a moment. But then owner ajusshi comes in and tells them not to read adult comics. He hops back, removing his hand from the books so they all fall on Ju-kyung’s head.

he also pushes Soo-ho away and tells her to go to school. You are a student, you should not be at this cafe so late! Then he quizzes her on history with King Seo-jong and pushes her out to study.

She goes reluctantly so. Then he walks back into the cafe and wonders what he was talking about.


While Ju-kyung is walking to school, a motorcycle drives by making her mess up her lip gloss. It looks like her nose is bleeding from the mess up. Seo-joon takes his hemet off and asks if she is dating Soo-ho?

Ju-kyung says no. he walks off.

Inside, Tae-hoon tries to get a high five with Soo-ho, but he doesn’t do it. Ju-kyung peeks into the classroom and thinks that this classroom is like her pimples. When will it explode?



Meanwhile, Ju-kyungs sister is waiting at the cafe for the teacher she has a crush on. She wonders why he is waiting so long to contact her. But decides that she will wait another day for him to ask her out.

Back in the school, the teacher tells all the students to solve the problem. But they all ignore her. So she asks he Soo Soo couple (Soo-jin and Soo-ho) to solve the first two and the new student, Ju-kyung, can solve the third one.

Ju-kyung does not know what she is doing. Seo-joon notices this and just shakes his head.

At the front, Ju-kyug asks Soo-ho for help. He does not help her. He jsut finishes his problem and sits. the teacher congratulates him and says he will be #1 in the math competition again.

Soo-jin also finishes. So Ju-kyung is left alone. She mutters that this is the max value of her despair.

Seo-joon chuckles so the teacher asks him if he is confident with solving it. He pretends like he is sleeping. The teacher tells him that won’t work, you come and solve it. So he has to reluctantly go to the front. Ju-kyung is very happy to sit again.


The trio of friends talk about the math hogwans that they can join to help out Ju-kyung. They ask Soo-ho if he can join. But he tells them he doesn’t want to and leaves. So they roll their eyes and says that it will just be the four of them then including Soo-ah’s boyfriend.

Soo-ahh also tells J-kyung that she arranged a blind date for Ju-kyung to get rid of that love triangle. Soo-ho hears this.

Soo-ah says this is a good idea because Oppa already likes her from her photo.


Ju-kyung rides the bus home. Soo-ah hops on the same bus and sits next to her. She asks why he is there. He says he is there to go to the comic cafe.

JK – You read a lot of comics, how can you be #1 at school?

SH – *shrugs*

JK –  Good luck on your exam *gives him a snickers bar*

SH – I don’t like sweets.

JK – Okay

She is about to put it away, but he snatches it away and puts it in his bag. This makes her smile.

JK – Hey, in the math competition, all the math geniuses come from around the country right? What do you solve? Math intersection Venn Diagram stuff? 

SH – You only know about that right? [because it is the first thing you learn]

JK – *Laughs* Yes, you learn that in freshman year.

He asks her more questions about math .She says she is a little weak in math. So he asks her the Kings names. She tells him not to ask her thing suddenly or her brain will scramble.

She gets a sudden text from the blind date. He says, hello my name is Ki Boo-yunog. When shall we meet?

SH – You don’t even study but you have a bind date?

JK – That is the story of life.

She texts him back and says her name then tells Soo-ho that she might have a Hanguk University boyfriend that will teach her how to study. My grades might even go up.

The date asks, tomorrow?

Ju-kyung asks Soo-ho if people have blind dates int he evening? He tells her it is during the daytime when it is very bright. So she texts that back.

SH – You look so happy.

JK – I am not happy, this is all because you and Seo-joon fought in front of me and I have all the rumors.

SH – Don’t do it if you don’t like it.

JK – It is not like I don’t like it, I am just nervous. Actually, this is my first time meeting a guy alone.

SH – I see you outside school now.

The bus slams on the breaks. Ju-kyung falls forward. He puts out his hand on her head so it won’t hit the bar in front of her.

JK – Hey! You shouldn’t hold my face like I am a rolling pumpkin! I have an eyes and nose and mouth!

he looks at his hand and looks away. She gets another text to watch a movie. Then another guy gets on the bus and sits between them.

Soo-ho decides to get off. Ju-kyung yells, aren’t you going to the comic shop? Good luck on your exam! he doesn’t look back.


Meanwhile, Seo-joon meets his mother at the hospital. It looks like this is the day she checks out. She asks if he rode his bike. He tells her he is not riding his bike, dont’ worry so much.

They chat about her health and her transplant and how she is taking the transplant liver well. She just has to take her medicine and eat healthy.

He says that is great, lets go eat something nice to celebrate and call Go-woon (his sister). She thinks they can do that next time because she has something to go right now. 


Cut to Ju-kyung’s mothers salon. She is complaining to her husband about putting too many candles around. He wants her to give them to her clients so he can sell them. 

The client tells him that she likes aroma smells and asks him about it. So he starts to tell her all about it. But his wife tells him to go away and pushes him out. Her friend tells her not to yell at him all the time. Hyun-sook tells her that without his face she would have thrown him away a long time ago.

then Ju-kyung comes in. She bumps her head and is not wearing makeup. It looks like hse came from the back door? Or perhaps she was in the back already.

However, Seo-joon comes into Hyun-sooks cafe with his mother just then. Ju-kyung’s eyes grow wide and she quickly turns her back and takes a few steps away, then starts to slather the mud pack all on her while her mother talks to Seo-joon and his mother.

She also hides like she is one of the customers on a make up bed. But the bed falls so she tumbles out into the hallway so of course everyone looks at her. Seo-joon asks, Ju-kyung?


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