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Live Recap: True Beauty Episode 3 (Part 2)

Live Recap: True Beauty Episode 3 (Part 2)

Here is part 2 of our live recap for the Korean drama True Beauty!

Check out our video review of True Beauty!

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Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





Soo-ho sends Ju-kyung a text saying he is thirsty. She stands up right away which makes the teacher ask her whats the matter. She tells him that she has to go to the bathroom! She runs off.

He jokes that if she did that in the Joseon Dynasty then she would not be called a young lady. The class chuckles. 

But the teacher says he can call it a day, I also need to use the restroom. He heads out and the students all take a break.

Meanwhile, Ju-kyung runs back with Soo-ho’s ginseng drinks. She bowls over a dude and hurries to give it to him. But she talks like she is a pretty young lady when she hands it over. Then she slinks away. He smiles. (that barely there smile that he has)

Later, Ju-kyung carries a lot of printouts and accidentally bumps into Seo-joon. But she manages to hang on to all he print outs. Of course, he stops her and asks where his helmet it. He slams his hand into the wall to prevent her from moving forward.

JK – I’m sorry.

SJ – Do you think I am a pushover?

JK – No, no, of course not. I will definitely bring it tomorrow.

SJ – If you don’t bring it tomorrow then you will see what will happen.

He moves his head for her to keep walking. She ducks under and leaves. her friend Soo-jin sees it and does not like that one bit. Though Ju-kyung does not see her. 

All Seo-joon’s friends think he is so scary. What if she wanted to get your attention with your helmet as an excuse.

he says she ran away with his helmet to draw his attention. His friend Cho-rong asks, so that woodchopper stole the goddesses clothing? That is her goal. 

But then the teacher comes up and pushed him. They all act like they are good kids in front of him, but he is not fooled. He yells at them to FIX THEIR BUTTONS!

Meanwhile, Ju-kyung finishes delivering the stack of paperwork, bumping into several people as she does. She goes back to class and texts So-hoo that she completed her mission.

So-hoo looks at the text and chuckles. Which causes Soo-jin to ask him why he chuckled. He says he didn’t chuckle. But she tells him that she has goosebumps after hearing him chuckle after a year of not smiling. tell me, what was it?

But he won’t tell her so she walks away annoyed.

However, then she gets a text from her father asking her to come home early to eat dinner with Mr. Choi. She tells him yes and walks off to the bathroom quickly. Her shoulder hits several people as she does.

A friend starts talking to her in class, but she does not hear them at all. the other kids wonder what is going on. Soo-jin keeps cleaning her hands. She smells them and thinks they still smell so she cleans them again.

But her friend Soo-ah comes in and snaps her back out of her delirium. Soo-jin tells her its nothing, I just had something on my hands.


That evening, Ju-kyung looks for something in her closet, but it is not there. Her appa comes in to give her some clothing so she asks where that helmet went.

Cut to her throwing a roll of tissue paper at her brother in the living room. She yells, WHY DID YOU SELL THE HELMET!

Fight scene as Ju-kyung accidentally hits her father several times as she runs around to hit her brother. But their mother comes home and tells them, STOOOOOOP. ring it to me!

They both tell her no!

She yells, bring it! Then throws her purse at her husband. He collapses from the weight of it.


Their umma torture is that they have to tell each other I Love You while clipping their toe nails. (Eww, that is so gross, lol).

The sister comes in and immediately knows that they got in trouble. 

Ju-kyung whispers to her brother that that helmet belonged to Han Seo-joon. her brother is immediately nervous and asks, why didn’t you tell me that earlier!

But then Soo-ho texts which pulls all her attention away. 

SH: The Garden of Blood. Playground. Ten minutes.

Joo-kyug thinks, ten minutes? She leans in and kisses her brother and hugs him closely. She looks at her mother and says we are all better now, see! then she runs off.

She manages to coerce a little kid to give her that book at the cafe. But it takes a minute because she has to buy him an icecream. She waits while he drinks it. Soo-ho is sitting at the playground and asks where she is, via text.

Ju-kyung grows nervous and tells the kid that she would like the book now. But the kid does not want to give it to her. She yells, hey, I bought you this ice cream! he says he told her that he was only thinking about it.

She hits her lap in frustration. He says she is getting angry. I was going to give it to you but you ruined my mood. She stops him and asks what she can do to make him happy.

She starts to do a funny dance. He says that is not cool, that is an old dance.

She says she can be a zombie and starts to act like one. He says that is really cool! One more time! How do you do that!

Soo-ho has walked up at this time and sees the entire scenario. He leaves smiling, brightly.

She runs all the way to the playground. He is leaning on a post and tells her that she is late.

Out of breath, she tells him that she is sorry, she was arguing with a little kid. Okay, see you! Then she takes off running back home.

He is so startled by how quickly she leaves that he doesn’t even have a chance to respond.



Unfortunately, Ju-kyung does not have the helmet. So she gives Seo-joon a letter to read and runs away. His friends think that is so love sick!

he starts to read the letter.

Letter –


Only enduring will bring you virtue. So make sure you watch this proverb and read this letter. Your helmet, well, my brother sold it on Used Heaven (Korean Craigslist). I am really sorry. I will find it in one week. Definitely!

So, I hope you endure your anger and have virtue.

PS. Don’t hit me!

His hands shake. His friends ask what she wrote but he hides it and tells them that it is nothing! Cho-rong gripes that he has never received this kind of thing! I want to see a confession love letter! Yaaaaaa, read it to meeeeee, read it to meeeee!

They all start to chant read it to me as they walk away.


Ju-kyng enters her classroom. Soo-ho beckons her over with a wag of his finger. She sighs and thinks it has started again. She puts on a pleasant smiling face and goes up to him.

In the cafeteria, he sends her another text. “My earphones in the classroom” She reads it and ignores it so she can eat. But then she looks up and sees him looking at her from a distance. 

The caption says “You read it and ignored it?”

She motions, “This is spicy pork”

He shakes his head “No”

So she has to hurry off and get it. She gives her plate to Hyun-gyu. He is super happy to get it.


At home, she asks her brother about the helmet. Her brother is happily playing on the couch. She hits him with a pillow when he tells her to just wait. But then she gets another text and has to run to the comic cafe.

She gives Soo ho a head rest while he is there then runs off. But he had two ramen, one for her and one for him. He looks at her running off.


The three besties walk in the hallway. Soo-ah asks Ju-kyung why she looks so tired? Ju-kyung shakes her head and mutters that its nothing. But then she gets a text and has to run off again.

She runs right into Seo-joon. He calls her helmet. But she is unconcerned and yells, hey I am going to get it for you I wrote you that letter! Then she starts to run off again.

He asks, what? She realizes what she said and comes back to apologize. Then heads off again. Soo-jin looks at her and wonders what is going on.

She goes to the “thug” hang out place and yells HEY, DO YOU THINK YOU ARE THUG! One of the thugs falls on the ground.

KSJ – You made the mood super bed as a freshman and now you are coming back to school and taking money from our transfer student? You are playing like you are a bully with all these lowers. It is so pathetic to me. If I see you giving the kids a hard time one more time then I am calling the school counselor and making it so that you cannot come to school again. OKAY YOU LOSERS!

She storms off. They guys all wonder what what was. Cho-rong thinks she is the coolest person ever.


Meanwhile, Sool-ho and Ju-kyung sit at a picnic table onthe rooftop. There is a pretty nice lunch spread in front of them. 

JK – What do you want me to do? Clean the table?

SH – Eat.

JK – Me? What happened?

SH – I am taking care of the leftover food. I usually throw it away.

JK – Of course. I thought you were feeding me nice food because I am working so hard….ah, this tastes good.

SH – It shouldn’t be.

JK – it does! Why do you throw away this delicious food? I am going to eat it all!

She mixes all the banchan together and puts it in her container. Then she starts to shake it all up to make bibimbap.

SH – What are you doing?

JK – This is the best way to take care of all the leftover food.

SH – You enjoy.

JK – You are not eating?

SH – No.

FJ – You never try it this way before, right? This is the kind of food that has someone who has never tried it but no one who has only tried it once. Try it.

He says no, she says yes, its good! Try it! How can I eat all this? Try it! She holds up a spoon for him to try it. He reluctantly tastes it and can’t believe that it is good.

JK – How is it?

SH – it is strange.

JK – What? It tastes good to me.

SH – Its strange because it tastes good.

he starts to eat some more.

JK – I made it well.

SH – [he says something]

JK – Eat it with japchae

he eats some with japchae. She chuckles and eat some too.

JK – Well, how do you feel now? Good or bad?

SH – Why are you asking me?

JK – Just good or bad?

She puts her thumb up and down. He puts his thumb sort of sideways.

JK – Hey, let’s be equal with one big thing.

SH – What do you mean?

JK – I told you that I would be equal in everything that we do, but this is not matching a guy like you that is handsome and smart. You are not going to ask me to run your errand forever, right? It will be stressful forever.

SH – So you want to do it with one big thing?

JK – Yes, like ask me to find a classic horror.

SH – I don’t want to.

JK – Hey, just think about it.

SH – Okay, do it.

JK – Really? SO what do you want me to do?

he hits the desk twice with his knuckles.

JK – Why are you knocking on the table?

The camera scrolls across the table. it is a banner for the talent show audition. She reads it over and looks at Soo-ho with horror.



Montage of all the teams practicing to be int he talent show. they are all equally bad and also epic.

Outside, Ju-kyung tries to sing to a song on the radio. But she is so bad. Poor thing. Kids behind her laugh, though there aren’t that many. She knows she is bad and thinks this is messed up.

She goes inside and stands in line for the talent show. She is the only solo act and the only one that doesn’t look dedicated. She drinks some more water. But her bottle is all gone so she thinks perhaps she can go to the bathroom.

She tells one of thee teams that they can go first. But after she leaves, we see that everyone standing there was actually all on one team.

Ju-kyung goes to the bathroom and tells herself, the end of the scare is downfall. You can do it! Epic music plays.

She goes back outside and sees that everyone is gone. So she bravely opens the door and goes out on stage. It is all empty but there are still judges in the stands.

She starts to do the dance that she set up to do. It is a traditional Kpop dance that is very inappropriate for the school. Though she does it slightly badly, she is also pretty okay, enough to make the teachers uncomfortable.

Soo-ho comes in at that point. He is at the top of the stage and watches her.

Good Lord, she kneels on the floor and starts to bounce up and down.

The teachers look so confused. Then a powerpoint changes. On the power point is “This is how we can recruit new students and how we should evaluate teachers”

Ju-kyung keeps dancing. She finally does her pose on the ground on stage.

JK – Please pick Ju-kyung! Sophomore! 5th Classroom! Save me in your heart!

She flips her hair back and forth and throws up a heart.

The light turns on with Teacher Jun-woo standing at a podium on stage.

JW – Delete.

The lights turn on in the auditorium to show teachers and the principal sitting there.

JW – I will erase everything…..Ju-kyung is a good teacher…


Ju-kyung bows an apology and then runs off. The principal keeps yelling at all he teachers. Soo-ho runs off to find her and sees her running off muttering to herself, ah, this is so embarrassinggggggg.

He smiles happily.

When he goes home, he thinks about her flipping her hair around and looks at her hair tie and chuckles.


Seo-joon visits his mother int he hospital. he brings her flowers and they sit and chat happily. She looks really nice and says she is happy to see him in his school uniform again. He jokes that someone gave birth to him well. They both laugh happily.

She touches his cheek and tells him to go home and sleep. DOn’t leave your sister at home alone. Also, don’t ride your bike that is dangerous.

He smiles and says she doesn’t have to worry. But he looks a bit more sadly when he leaves.

Walking down the hallway, he sees Lee Joo-hun walking up. two people want to take a photo with him. Joo-hun takes a photo pleasantly then keeps walking with two hospital executives following him. It appears that he might be donating money or something.

Seo-joon looks at him with anger.


Later that night, Im Jae-pil (JK’s Dad) reads a book on how to make perfume or aromas. The book is “Understanding Aromas”. His oldest daughter asks why he is reading that?

JP – I am going to try and make aroma candles at the cultural center.

HK – You go to the cultural center?

HS – Cultural center? How did you pay for that?

She sits on the couch.

HS – Did you take money from my wallet!

JP – Don’t say that I took it, the kids are listening

HS – I thought my wallet was getting emptier! Before you understand aroma’s you should understand your wife! You are having a hobby? You are jobless!

JP – it is not a hobby. I want to add to the family economy.

HS – Just cook at home!

HK – It is difficult staying at home doing nothing, umma. He might have a daebak with the candles.

The father starts to say all the history of aroma candles and Pakistan and all that. The mother scoffs and says she is the one that is so stupid for only getting married with that handsome face!

Hers on tells her that she likes handsome faces.

Ju-kyung comes in right then looking all tired. They ask what happened. She tells them that she missed her bus. her mother tells her to stop putting so much makeup on her face. With the time you spend doing that, you could study for the SAT’s!

Her father says kids even younger than Ju-kyung put makeup on now. The mother yells THEY ARE ALL BAD STUDENTS. In the real world, everyone is evaluated by their ability.

JK – Umma, if you go to school now, the look is everything.

HS – You look pretty with makeup does not matter. Your true face is all bad, okay? With your face, if you do not have ability then how will you get married!

JP – Honey….

JY – Wow, that is a reality bomb of fact

HK – Hey umma, that is wrong

JK – Even porcupines like their own kids, umma, you….*storms off*

The sister tries to calm the mother down as the mother yells.

She lays on her bed sulking. Her brother comes back in with the helmet and tells her that he paid $20 from his own money to get it back. She reminds him that he lost it to begin with. He chuckles a, yeah, true and walks out.

Ju-kyung rolls over in bed and looks at her Instagram account. She thinks that person is really popular. But then her camera turns on showing her face. She screams in alarm. Then she thinks she is ugly in her mothers eyes so she must be ugly in her moms eyes.



Meanwhile, the bullies from the other school are all hanging out. The main bully follows Ju-kyung and likes her photo.

Ju-kyung hears the click and thinks, ah, I got another like. But she is not enthusiastic about it at all.

Soo-ho sends her a couple more texts.

SH: The garden of Blood #4 and #5

SH: Ten minutes at the playground

Ju-kyung mutters that she has no time to rest. She hurries out to the cafe. It starts to rain when she goes inside. By the time she comes back out, it is a straight downpour.

She tucks the book away and runs off.

But she accidentally bumps into some older kids. They start to talk badly about her and they are also drunk so it is that much harsher. other people laugh as well.

Ju-kyung starts to walk off. But she stops. Everyone is still talking bad about her behind her. She thinks about people talking bad about her at school too. Poor thing.


She finally gets to the playground. Her knee is bloody from where she fell after running into those bullies.

Soo-ho is alarmed to see her with a bloody knee and no umbrella. He asks if she didn’t have one? 

JK – Why, do you want me to buy you an umbrella? Okay. *turns to get one*

SH – I am not talking about that.

JK – What? You just call me whenever and have me run your errands. You are too bad. Event hough I tell you that I will do everything for you. You are taking advantage of me weakness. Are you having fun? You are the same as the kids that ostracize me and bully me. Being ugly is not my fault. Why does everyone hate me? Putting make up on and being pretty doesn’t matter. I am still ugly Im Ju-kyung. As soon as I move to a new school, someone like you find it out and I’m scared of people knowing about me and I can’t even sleep at night because I am so nervous and I run errands like this. You don’t understand me. Don’t you have a secret you want to hide? you shouldn’t play with someones pain.

She starts to cry. He puts the bag down and takes off his jacket. Then he wraps her with it and pulls her over to the pavilion.

SH – Wait here a little bit.

he hurries off.

She is still sniffling. He goes to the cafe and then runs back out.. He runs across the street. Seo-joon sees him running back to the park and takes off his helmet. He walks up to him.

SH – Im Ju-kyung? Im Ju-Kyung?

Ju-kyung is still there. she is sitting on a bench. He runs over to her.

SH – I thought you left.

JK – I was just embarrassed. I was out of my mind.

He kneels and puts some ointment on her knee (good lord with a heavy hand, though). he thinks about her aslmost killing herself on the rooftop and then telling him that no one can learn about this or I can’t go to school anymore and how she is so desperate and now how she cried a few minutes ago about him playing with someone else’s pain.

He puts the bandaid on her knee.

SH – I’m sorry. I am sorry.

Seo-joon looks at this. But he does not see Ju-kyung’s face, only her back.

He drives off angrily on his motorcycle. reckless music plays.


The reckless music continues the next day when we see Soo-ho entering the cafeteria. He scans it and spots Ju-kyung in her pretty face. She smiles at him and points to the bandaid on her knee, showing him that she still has it.

Seo-joon looks angrily at this. He approaches Soo-hoo in the food line.

SH – You killed your friend. But it looks like you are happy.

They stare at each other for a moment. Then Seo-joon bumps Soo-ho hard which sends his plate crashing to the ground. The reckless music continues and escalates. 

Seo-joon smiles smugly then goes to Ju-kyung, pulls the seat next to her out, and sits as if nothing is the matter in the world.

Everyone looks at them. Ju-kyung looks around at everyone. 

JK – Is this about the helmet?

SJ – No, I want to eat lunch with you.


Soo-ho stomps to him, seizes his arm and yanks Seo-joon up to face him.

SH – What the F, douchebag?

Ju-kyung, eyes bright in alarm, looks at them both, stunned.

Fade Out


I just love this show so much. It is cheesy, but in a way that is done well, which I think is exactly what I need right now. Cringe worthy moments are definitely when Ju-kyung gets made fun of for the way she looks, today by some drunk strangers. I hope she gets her comeuppance on these types of people and can throw back as well as she takes.

Like with this drunk guys, she should have said something like you look like a dead panda and your hairline is receding! See how that looks in ten years Mr. Toupe! You know, something like that.

I love how she went off on Soo-ho for having fun with her by using her pain. He didn’t really see it that way, but understood immediately that, well shoot, that was what he was doing. He apologized right away as well, which I love. He didn’t try and yell at her for something (which a lot of dramas do with their male leads by the way) so I loved that even more.

I might try and possibly video recap this? I made a video recap of the shipping wars which was pretty rambly, but it was fun. So if I can get them down to maybe 5-10 minutes then I think I could possibly try and review each episode on YouTube. I still might delete my video in the future, but it’s up there for now. Don’t be surprised if suddenly its gone because it is weird to see yourself on screen y’all.

See you tomorrow for another episode and check out our video review of True Beauty below!


Check out our video review of True Beauty!


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  1. Emily
    December 16, 2020 / 1:13 pm

    Love your rundown, thank you so much! I watched without subs because this drama is my happy place atm, but I only understood like 25%. Your commentary is exactly what was needed. And I totally agree about the scene with Jookyung goes off on Suho and he apologizes, I’m glad she got to say her piece and he immediately understood he had messed up.

    • V
      December 16, 2020 / 1:43 pm

      Emily, that scene had to be my favorite of the episode because she did get to let it all out and just go off. She did it in her cute way which was so touching and then she apologizes for taking the other things that happened out on him even though she was completely in the right to say it all. I just loved that! So happy we can help with the recaps !

  2. Poppie
    December 16, 2020 / 5:42 pm

    Thank you for your recap which is more detailed than subs. I am hooked. It’s so funny. SH seems to really care for JK. He bought 2 ramyeon bowls hahaha.

    • V
      December 16, 2020 / 6:21 pm

      That scene was so cute. I really wanted them to eat ramen in the book cafe together! Hopefully they get to do it tomorrow.

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