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Live Recap: True Beauty Episode 3 (Part 1)

Live Recap: True Beauty Episode 3 (Part 1)

We are back with this adorable show! The drinking game is also on for how many times Ju-kyung falls. So, everytime she falls, take a drink. You might be drunk by the end of the episode. Or, perhaps she gets her act together and keeps it standing today?

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Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Lee Soo-ho covers Im Ju-kyung with his jacket and walks out with her. Everyone looks on, mouths agape and then follows.

Seo-joon also sees him walking out with her and stares for a moment. But the other students don’t follow them all the way out because one of the teachers comes out and yells at them all.


They all run away.

Im Ju-kyung is able to wash her face in the bathroom while Soo-ho waits outside. She has all her makeup with her so she gets to putting it all back on.

meanwhile, Seo-joon comes up to Soo-ho outside. 

SJ – Are you acting out?

SH – Did you come back to school only to watch me?

SJ – What?

SH – Why are you focusing on me?

SJ – What the F?

SH – Hey, just ignore me. Don’t show that you are always following and watching me.

Inside the bathroom, Ju-kyung puts on all her makeup super fast. She comes looking gorgeous though nervous at how close it was. She goes outside and thanks Soo-ho for helping her. But it isn’t Soo-ho, when she turns around we see that it is actually Seo-joon.

He tells her to give him his helmet back. Startled, she says okay and quickly runs off to her room.


All the kids are concerned about Ju-kyung. They ask if she is okay and Hyun-gyu apologizes for throwing the cake in the first place. They are all crowed around her. They also think that it is strange that Soo-ho helped her. He never does stuff like that.

Things get back to normal quickly. Everyone takes their seats. Ju-kyung looks at Soo-ho who is in his seat and wonders, why did he do that? He shouldn’t know that this is my bare face?

After class, she runs off and drags her brother off to a school bench outside. She feeds him gummies and asks what he thinks about her situation.

He thinks that Soo-ho might know.

JK – But why? He is not the kind of guy that helps someone. His nickname is sociopath.

JY – maybe he wants to torture you by holding on to your weakness.

JK – Why! It is not a crime that my bare face is ugly!

JY – You know, it is a crime that you are pretending to be a goddess.

JK – I didn’t get any money or affect anyone.

JY – You acted out daringly and, you know, people were faked by you. You are in big trouble.

JK – Why won’t he just be angry with me?

JY – Maybe he wants to get his revenge on you and choke you slowly. Revenge is more fun when it is cold.

JK – Ah, this is driving me crazy! I’m leaving.

JY – Bye, bye.

She walks off. Two other guys come up and sit with Joo-young to ask him about that pretty girl he was sitting with. They want to date her! He stands and hits his friend upside the head. He reminds him that he has a girlfriend.


Cut to the English classroom with an actual really good foreigner English teacher teaching it! His accent is really good (according to O). But of course, Ju-kyung is not really thinking about that because she is thinking about Soo-ho getting his revenge on her.

She shakes her legs so much that it appears to be a slight earthquake to her friend Soo-ah.


Ju-kyung and all the rest of the class prepare their experiments in science class. They have to burn something in a glass tube. But Ju-kyung is not paying attention. All she is doing is thinking about what her brother said about Soo-ho choking her, slowly, and her blood evaporating.

She looks up at Soo-ho, he is looking at her. His eyes go red like the devil….

She drops her vial and all the contents splash on the table. The science teacher asks if she is okay? All the other students at the table look at the liquid that spilled and quickly start to clean it. 

But Ju-kyung is still breathing hard and looking at Soo-ho. The teacher asks if she is okay. She nods but she is still stunned.


Soo-ho walks in the hallway drinking the ginseng drink that he likes so much. Ju-kyung notices him. But then another kid accidentally knocks into Soo-ho which makes him spill some of his drink. The kid apologizes immediately and then continues on his way.

But Ju-kyung sees the “blood” fly out of the ginseng bottle. Then she sees his lips covered in blood. She imagines that he is Dracula who has come to suck all her blood. He is even in Dracula clothing with a lace up blouse and long jacket.

He wipes his blood red lips. His skin is super white. He has blue piercing eyes.

He takes a step closer to her. And another step. and another. Then leans in close to her neck to bit and whispers….this is my revenge.

She screams and runs away. The normal Soo-ho looks confused.

She runs all the way back to her classroom. Everyone asks her what is wrong. But then Soo-ho comes in and says he has reve–

She falls to the ground. The students wonder what is wrong with her. Soo-ah hurries to her side.

Soo-ho asks what is wrong with her then explains that the Science teacher wanted him to review these notes for her so she could copy them. (he said “boksa” which is copy. Revenge is “boksu”).

She looks at the notes with wide eyes and mutters, ah, okay, boksah. Haha.

He sighs and walks off to his desk.



Ju-kyung walks home from school thinking that this has been a day! Little does she know, Soo-ho is watching her.

When she gets home, she falls on her bed exhausted with pretending. But then Soo-ho calls.

JK – *clears throat* This number does not exist.

SH – Im Ju-bal, this is no fun.

JK – Oh, yes, it is not.

SH – See you in the comic cafe.

JK – *stands up alarmed* Why?

SH – *cool as a cucumber* I have to give you something

JK – No no no no no. You don’t have to give it to me.

SH – What do you think it is? I will wait for you.

JK – Hello? Lee Soo-ho?

But he has already hung up. She frets but then thinks that perhaps she can make him think that she is not even Im Ju-kyung. She gets up ready to enact her plan.


The lights flicker on and off at the comic cafe. The owner thinks he needs o change it so he tells Ju-kyung (who just showed up) to watch the counter for him while he gets the lights.

She yells, YES! JU-BALL IS HERE! and looks around for Soo-ho. The owner mumbles something about why she is yelling and leaves.

Ju-kyung walks around the corner to where Soo-ho is. 

JK – Long time no see.

SH – It has not been a long time.

The lights turn off almost like he is controlling them supernaturally.

JK – Yeah, ha ha, so why did you want to see me?

SH – Here. *hands her a cake* It tastes better when it is chilled.

JK – Revenge?

SH – It is tiramisu. Thank you for the cursed mask.

JK – Ah, tiramisu. It’s okay, you don’t have to. Um…so you came here right after school. It is my first time seeing you in your school uniform.

SH – Was it your first time?

JK – Haha, you have a nice uniform.

SH – In our school, there is someone that is really similar to you.

JK – Is there….*walks away to the side*….I have a normal looking face….*lights flick on and off*….where is your school? Do you go to a coed school?

SH – Sae-Bom High school

JK – I have never heard that name *looks at books* Maybe it is not a school nearby.

SH – Which school do you go to?

JK – Aaaaall the way over there. Do you know far far south in the farthest island province

SH – [corrects the province name]

JK – Hahaha, okay, yes, Jong nam province *looks at him then looks away*

SH – Did you transfer to a new school?

JK – No no no, we are immigrating to Canada. I am just staying at my halmoni’s place

SH – Where in Canada?

JK – The Capitol

Both – (He) Ottawa? (Her) Vancouver

JK – Ottowa, yes that place….heehee….I am not so good at geology. Well, anyway, it was nice to see a horror comic comrade but I am a little sad that we will never see each other again.

SH – I feel like we will see each other.

JK – You are also sad? When you go to college, come visit Otta

SH – Ottawa.

JK – Ottawa….um, bye, thank you for the food. Be healthy. *starts to run off*

SH – What the f?

The lights flicker on and off.

SH – Im Ju-kyung.

She stops in her tracks.

SH – You are not good at acting. You are Im Ju-kyung.

JK – *turns to face him* I am Im Ju-ball.

SH – I called your number that I got from school. But you showed up. How do you explain that?

JK – I will explain everything.

SH – Do it.

JK – It’s my cousin. My cousin is broken so I am using her phone.

SH – Do you want me to believe that?

JK – Well, why not???

SH – You have the same voice.

JK – *deepens her voice* It is a family thing.

SH – You say you are not.


SH – *sighs*

he starts to take several steps towards her. She backs away until she hits a post and can go no further back. He puts his hand around her head and grabs her hair. Then she pulls out her hair tie slowly. He also takes off her glasses.

SH – But, to me….you are Im Ju-kyung.

The lights flicker on and off.

He is looking right in her face. The water boils. A phone rungs. The cup falls on the ground. Then her mother shows up and yells IM JU KYUUUUUUUNG.

(Oh no!)


She is busted! She knows she is busted. He kind of smirks a little.

JK – Okay, I am Im Ju Kyung! What about it! What are you going to do!

She pushes him backwards several times.

The lights turn off.

She grabs her cake and then runs out the door. Her mother yells at her as she does to go home and study.

He looks at her leaving and then looks at her hair tie. It has the devil skulls on it that they both like.

Ju-kyung gets home and sinks to the floor in the doorway. She mutters that her life is over.

Meanwhile, Soo-ho gets home and mutters to himself that he has a new uniform. He wonders what is wrong with him and Im Ju-kyung when it involves his uniform. ( because cake got on it). But he does not throw it away this time! Progress! He puts it in the wash instead and goes to the bathroom.

While in the bathroom, he looks at the skull hair tie and thinks back to when he had that gift at school. he was walking down the steps with the pretty bag and looked inside. 

He saw the book and pulled it out to read what was on the cover. “Thank you for keeping my bare face secret!” He was shocked to read that but then she ran up and took it back from him. Her excuse was that it was her pads.

She took it away but then the two Im-jung’s show up on Soo-ho’s shoulder. He is trying to process all of this. Tae-hoon runs up so he asked Tae-hoon if he knows Ju-kyung’s phone number.

He also remembers the night she showed up in the helmet. He went to the bathroom as well and heard her fretting about all this makeup secrecy. “Ah, my messed up life!”

He chuckles in his bathroom and puts the hair tied on the counter.



Ju-kyung is still all slunk in the doorway at home. Her mother comes up and chides her about being in the doorway still. Ju-kyung asks if she can quit school. Her other ignores her and just walks to wherever that smell is.

her sister comes up and sees Ju-kyung all slunk in the doorway. She asks what she is doing???? Ju-kyung asks her if she can step on her and kill her. Her sister ignores her and asks her mother what is up? They start to talk about the sewer smell.

Ju-kyung mutters that the sewer smell is more important than her. She sinks even lower in the doorway.


Ju-kyung sets the table like a zombie. Her father comes up and secretly takes money from her wife’s purse and then goes to get the cups. Her mother comes up and asks what Ju-kyung is doing right now! 

Ju-kyung slowly meanders away. Her mother tsks about what is wrong with her daughter. Why is she acting just like her father! Then she hits her husband. her husband tells her to drink more cold water.

Ju-kyung slinks all the way to her sisters room to tell her that dinner is ready so she should eat it. Her sister is playing her video game.

Video game voice – Don’t be scared. The end of the scare is your downfall.

HJ – Huh? Downfall? Do you think I will die like this? I am going solo now!

Video Game – It is downfall, downfall, only downfall (or destruction)

Her sister manages to win and stands on her desk like she is Tyrannosaurs Rex and roars triumphantly. Ju-kyung looks at her and feels the power of the moment then stands triumphantly as well and says that she will not let this be her destruction! She holds at the spoon in her hand and looks at her reflection then holds it up triumphantly after telling herself, yes, don’t be scared!


Soo-ho eats a tiny breakfast at home. It appears that a maid is making his food. Or maybe she is his aunt. She asks, you didn’t eat dinner, was it because it doesn’t taste good? He says he eats out and accidentally says her food doesn’t taste good.

She mutters that she only comes here to clean so she doesn’t have to bring the food. But he tells her that it does taste good so she is super happy and leaves the food there.

He gets a text from Ju-kyung that says, I need to talk to you. See you early.

He tells the maid goodbye. She asks if he doesn’t want her to clean “that” room. He looks at the door and says no, he doesn’t want her to clean it. He will do it. He hurries out.


Ju-kyung goes down her steps looking all sorts of determined. She has smokey eyes today to give her strength! her parents look at her and wonder, what happened to your eyes? Did someone punch you? The father tells her that is eskimo style eyes. The brother tells them that is smokey eyes.

Her mother yells, WIPE THAT OUT.

Ju-kyung heads out and tells them not to instigate her. She is going out to kill someone now. her father tells her, Fighting, daughter! She leaves, determined!


She gets to the school and sees Lee Soo-ho walking across the soccer field.


He turns and looks at her.

JK – (The end of the scare is your downfall)

She lights up from her feet to her head and turns into a video game character complete with armor and weapon.

The soccer field changes into a colosseum for gladiator fights.

JK – (I already pulled out my sword).

He looks at her.

JK – (There is no way back)

She starts to run at him with all this armor on and with a semi cartoon look.


She jumps and holds the weapon high above her head

She starts to drop from the sky to stab him.

He calmly holds up her skull hair tie.

The spell is broken, she stars to fall without her armor or smokey background around her.

JK – (The end of the scare is the downfall?)

She looks around and is just floating in her school uniform. Then she falls.

Cut to her kneeling. The school is normal once again.

JK – It is not like I am going to do anything. I am just here to beg you not to do it. You know. Guys like you that are natural born handsome. This is like life and death to me. I beg you.

SH – Me, why? Why do I have to listen to your request when you lied to me with that face?

JK – Please. Just like a heart the size of this field. Can you give me one break? if you keep my secret, then I will do anything you say.

SH – Just stand up.

JK – (Okay…*Hallelujah plays*….He is one of the two towers, Soo Ho god….*he turns into an angel with wings and halo*….please give me your mercy)

She stands up and smiles.

JK – You will do anything I tell you to do?

His white wings turn black and the halo vanishes.

She stares at him. Uh oh.


Meanwhile, her sister is off stalking the teacher that she likes outside the cafe. She imagines him playing with that little kid and then wonders what she is doing? Am I general Kims Horse? 

(Note – General Kim is a famous general. When he was soldier Kim, he used to drink a lot. But he wanted to be a general so he said he would not drink anymore. However his horse would still take him to the giseng house due to just being trained to do that.)

Hee-kyung looks around wondering how she got there, but then the teacher actually does show up in a beat up old smoking car. She gets out and asks if he needs help? He says no, it’s fine, I will call insurance.

She tells him that there is no time to wait. Aren’t you busy! She goes to her trunk and pulls out two cases. Then she walks over to him with it looking all sorts of fabulous. he is a bit mesmerized.

She tells him to take out his spare tire. he runs to do it though he is a bit awkward with it which makes her think that he is super cute.

HJ – Do you never change your tire?

JW – No, I never drive around.

HJ – *starts to change the tire*

JW – How can she have that much strength with her tiny wrist?


Soo-ho and Ju-kyung get to the classroom. He sits at his seat and blinks with the shine of the sun through the window. Ju-kyung runs over to him and closes the window quickly.

JK – Because your eyes are important *smiles*

Then she goes to her desk and thinks that So-hoo will not spread the truth this way. That ruthless bloodless….

But he looks at her so she has to change her dagger glare to a pleasant thumbs up. He looks off and kind of smiles.

Back outside, teacher Han Jun-woo takes Hee-kyung a coffee as she finishes up changing his tire. He watches her drinking the coffee like all she drinks is straight black coffee. She wipes her mouth like a dude and then asks him if he teachers there?

He is mesmerized and answers that he is a high school teacher. She asks him about his car. He says his father bought it in 1995. They have a lot of memories with it so I don’t want to get rid of it. I drive it around sometimes. But it made this big trouble all of a sudden. However, it could be a good memory.

She mutters that she doesn’t like that. She doesn’t want to be a memory, she wants to be the start.

JW – What? A new start over a memory? Ah, that is a good sentence….but, um, what new start?

HK – All done.

JW – Thank you, I want to pay you for it.

HK – if you want to thank me then buy me a meal.

JW – Huh?

HK – Give me your number

JW – …Okay!

He hands over the number and mutters, ah, electricity.

HK – if we have electricity one more time, then we date.

She is very straightforward right here like she is the one wearing the pants in this situation. She gets a all and asks his name. Then she tells him to call her. Think about a new start.

He watches her walk away and mutters, I feel like I am possessed or something.

The camera cuts to their two drinks sitting side by side. The straws almost touching.


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