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Live Recap: True Beauty Episode 2 (Part 2)

Here is part 2 of our live recap for the Korean drama True Beauty!

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Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





Ju-kyung folds Soo-ho’s jacket. It is all clean. She puts a message in the Cursed Mask that says, “thank you for keeping my bare-faced secret. She happily checks her makeup and wonders how he could tell the difference between her make up face and no makeup face.

She runs out to catch the bus, but it has already left. But all the men on the bus notice her and yell for the bus so stop. then they stare at how much of a goddess she is. They even stand for her to sit.

She thinks about how she was before with being pushed into the bus window. But now she has a lot of room.

She falls asleep. A guy sits next to her and tries to take a secret photo under Ju-kyung’s skirt. Her friend Soo-jin stops him and thens tarts to chase the boy away. She yells for Ju-kyung to call the police!

the bus keeps driving. All the kids on the bus look at her chasing that other guy down. She swings her bag and throws it, hitting the guy in the back of the head. Then she tackles him and tells the cops that this is a pervert! His cell phone should have all the evidence!

Soo-jin gets back on the bus because it conveniently stopped at a light right where she tackled the guy. Ju-kyung thinks Soo-jin is amazing. She wants a boyfriend just like her.

They meet up with Soo-ah and talk about how Soo-jin is great. Then Soo-ah asks about Ju-kyung old school photos. Ju-kyung doesn’t want to show her and is saved by Soo-ho telling them to get out of the way. Soo-jin yells for him to say it nicer.

SUddenly, the motorcycle guy revs up to the front of the high school. He takes off his helmet revealing the lost BTS member look alike that he is. Ju-kyung asks, what? He goes to our school?

Soo-ah’s boyfriend joins them and mutters, ah, Han Seo-joon is back again. Soo-ah explains that there is the Bermuda Triangle and Black Holes and our school has two guys that you cannot remove yourself from when you are in their presence.

Flash to a dreamy scene with Soo-ho sitting on a bench and loads of girls being draw to him and swooning.

The same is true for Han Seo-joon who pours water on his head after a soccer working out which makes all the girls faint.

SA – Chic, cold, handsome god, Soo-ho. And the wild mustang god, Seo-joon. Jajang vs Jangpong (the two biggest things Koreans want to eat when they go out to Chinese restaurants) and pizza vs fried chicken, they are the two gods of our high school! Two Tops.

JK – (Time and space is all mushed.)

TH – What about me?

SA – You are the top in my heart. *cutely*

Then she says she hates both of them, Soo-ho and Seo-joon.

Soo-ho and Seo-joon stare at each other at the entrance to the school. Some other girls think they will fight each other soon. Ah, it is so noisy, I like it.

Ju-kyung asks why they are staring at each other like that. Soo-ah explains that they were best friends before but because of something they became Siberia when they see each other.

SJ – Ah, what the f. 

He walks off.


Seo-joon is of course, in Ju-kyung’s class with Soo-jo. The teacher tells him that he can sit next to Soo-ho. But Seo-joon is all like, um, no.

So Seo-joon goes up to Ju-kyung and tells her to move since that is his seat anyway. The teacher tells him that she does not have good eyesight so she will sit there.

The teacher asks Tae-hoon to move. Tae-hoon pretends like he is mad and then happily frolics to the seat. The teacher tells Hoon that he is cool with his swagger. The kids tell the teacher to stop trying to be cool.

Ju-kyung looks back at Seo-joon. He ignores her and lays his head down. But then he thinks she looks familiar.

The teacher says something cheesy so Hyung-gyu stands up and says that his hands are all curved because that was so cheesy, call 911. The teacher gives him heart fingers so the kids all laugh.


It is break time in the classroom. Ju-kyung looks at Soo-ho and winks. He wonders why she is winking at him but doesn’t say anything. Soo-jin goes up to him and tells him that the English teacher wants him to come to the teachers lounge. So he walks off with him.

JK – Are Soo-ho and Soo-jin good friends?

SA – I think they are. Their families have known each other ever since they were young. Soo-jin is the only one Soo-ho talks to.

JK – (Ah, really. So he is good friends with Soo-jin so he must be a good guy).

Hoon – Those smart kids all stick together. Tsk, tsk, tsk, they even look good.

SA – hey, that is why I am modulating my grades so I won’t look too inhuman.

She does a cute look for him. He says he has intestinal trouble because they are breakdancing because of her cuteness.

The door slams open. A big grizzly bully of a high schooler walks up to Seo-joon and tells him that he has to report now that he is back. Seo-joon stands up and stares at him.


They go to an alley in the school grounds. The grizzly guy tells Seo-joon that it is a good day to die (

Guy – Its nice weather to die, brother [from a famous Korean Movie called New World]

SJ – Hey, are you all a girl group? Why are you standing there like that?

Guy – Why are you going to hit me? [they are all saying movie lines]

Guy – Come come

SH – Hey Kim Cho-rong! *steps to him* You are joking too much.

They all start to laugh and says that they are joking. You act well! Like you are a boy group trainee.

SJ – Hey that is so childish, how long should I act with you guys.

Guys – Hey, you are having fun.

They all shimmy. Seo-joon tells Kim Cho-rong that he looks better now, did you bulk up? He says he lost 10 kilograms! They ask SJ how his mom is. He says she is much better now. 

Cho-rong says he is sorry he didn’t visit her for the funeral, SJ tells him he is dumb, you are supposed to visit for the hospital (his mom is still alive). They all joke and word play. It appears that they are all  not that bright.


Ju-kyung asks Soo-ah about Seo-joon and mentions that he looks dangerous. Soo-ah basically says he is. There is a rumor that he got suspended for punching someone. 

Ju-kyung wonders about giving his helmet back. Soo-jin tells them that those rumors are not true, he had a family issue.

Ju-kyung is about to stuff an entire chicken in her mouth, but then someone says she is so pretty, she even eats pretty, so she decides to try and eat slower and prettier. her brother looks at her and smirks.

After she finishes eating, she gives Soo-ho a ginseng drink. He asks what this is for. She winks and tells him that it is because he likes it. Then she hurries off. He is so confused.

Outside, Soo-ho reads a book. Ju-kyung runs up to him and takes his earphones out then tells him to come to the rooftop and gives him a wink. She runs off.

he looks at her and wonder if she is crazy.

But he goes to the rooftop. She is so happy to see her.

SH – What are you doing Do you want attention?

JK – Just relax, no one is up here, don’t worry. I have your uniform and the thing I wanted to give you–

SH – *snatches the bag away* Do you like me?

JK – No.

SH – Then why are you pretending to be close to me?

JK – We saw each other two days ago, why?

SH – I don’t know what you are imagining, but be realistic. Don’t make me angry.

he starts to walk off. She runs up to him.

JK – Wait, so you never saw me outside?

SH – *shakes her off* You are pulling my attention like this? If you touch me one more time without my permission then I won’t hesitate. *storms off*

JK – Wait, so he didn’t recognize my bare face at the comic cafe?

She thinks back to putting the note on the book that said “thank you for keeping my bare-face a secret”

JK – No! Noooooo!

She thinks about him saying that if she saw him at school then he wouldn’t dare behave like this.

She grimaces and chases him down in the hallway She grabs the bag but he doesn’t just give it up. So she tells him, these are my pads!

He lets it go quickly. She tells him that she will give him his jacket back tomorrow and hurries off to the bathroom and sits on the toilet.

JK – What kind of secret is Soo-ho keeping? Did I see him when I was young? Ah, I don’t know, what should I do? I was behaving like that, if he find out then I am dead.



The classroom has been split up in teams of six and have a group assignment. Soo-jin asks Seo-joon if he knows about power points, PPT. Seo-joon pops his jacket and says he knows, he used to be a fit model.

They all look at each other. Seo-joon is super dumb y’all. He is just a handsome face.

Ju-kyung is in Soo-ho’s group. But she can’t bare to lift her head and look at him. The teacher walks around their group and asks Ju-kyung if she is taking a nap. Ju-kyung lifts her head and tells him nooooo. He says that is good.

Soo-ho is staring daggers at her though so she still can’t really look at him.


That night, Ju-kyung looks at her sister playing an online shooting game in her room. She asks Ju-kyung about that teacher in her school that looks like Jung Woo-sung and Brad Pitt in a 7 to 3 ratio? Think about it carefully.

Ju-kyung tells her no, I thought about it carefully but I can’t think of anyone like that. Hee-kyung asks why she looks like that. JK grumbles that life id difficult. HK tells her she is only 18.


HK – *looks at her like she’s crazy* YA! YOU COME BACK HERE RIGHT NOW!

Ju-kyung runs off to her room. But she gets a phone call right away.

JK – Hello?

SH – It’s me

JK – Who?

Sits up dramatically

JK – How do you know my number?

SH – I found it out. You have something to give to me. Bring it out.

JK – Something to give you? What is that?

SH – Are you joking? I will text you the location.

Hops up.

JK – Right now? *cough cough* I don’t feel good. What about tomorrow?

SH – I will go there, give me your address.

JK – No! I will be there. Give me your address.

He gives her the address. Ju-kyung is left wondering which Ju-kyung he called? Barefaced Ju-kyung or make-up Ju-kyung? She runs to his things and wonders which one she should bring, the jacket or the book!!!!

She starts to reason that it should be the book, not the cartoon since he told her to throw it away. But her phone number is easier to get at school.

She imagines meeting him as bare-faced Ju-kyung and giving him the jacket

SH – You are Ju-kyung? How dare you ie to me!

She imagines meeting him as make-up faced Ju-kyung and giving him the book.

SH – You are the girl with pimples, how dare you lie to me!

She imagines meeting him with half her make up face half covered by her hair. 

SH – You…

She pokes his eyes and flips to the other side to show her bare faced skin

JK – What, any problem?

She frets and starts putting on half her makeup. Then she runs downstairs and asks her brother to do a favor for her this time. I will be your cartoon shuttle forever if you do!

She gets on her knees and begs him. She says she will be his younger sister okay? He tells her it is tempting. But he says he is sorry he has an appointment he has to fulfill. How about next time?

JK – Is your appointment more important than me!

JY – Of course!

She wonders what she should do then decides to wear the helmet that she got from Seo-joon.

She rides her bike to the meeting which is at an outdoor sitting area and cafe. He looks at her like she’s crazy.

JK – I am not late.

SH – What is up with your helmet?

JK – People wear helmets when they ride bikes. You know it is very dangerous when something happens.

SH – You said you don’t feel good so why are you riding that dangerous bike.

JK – *achoo* I don’t feel good but I wanted to give this to you quickly and rest.

SH – Then give it to me.

She opens her bag to get it. But she still doesn’t know which one. She is sweating all under her helmet.

SH – Is it that hard to find? It is just a tiny comic.

JK – (Comic!) Here it is, I am giving it to you for free okay!

She grabs the comic and gives it to him. Then she stands to leave.

SH – I ordered something warm. Drink and go.

JK – No, no, no I don’t have to drink.

SH – I have to throw it away?

JK – *sits back down reluctantly* I am really okay (why did I say that)

SH – Are you going to drink it with that thing on?

JK – *grabs his straw* I will use the straw

SH – Do you have to? You look warm inside

JK – It is just cold sweat. *tries to drink it*

SH – Everyone is looking at you.

JK – Whatever

SH – You are a little strange today.

JK – *stands* I will take it off in the restroom. *runs off*

She takes it off in the restroom showing her half done up and half bare face. All the ladies run off terrified. Soo-ho whines about what she is doing and is upset that she has to be ugly now.

Outside, Soo-hoo reads the comic book quietly. Some girls walk past him and think he must be an Idol or something. Then Ju-kyung comes walking bashfully up. She has tissue stuck to her face from patting it.

JK – How did you et my phone number?

SH – The comic cafe

JK – *ahhhh* Did you really want to read it and call me this late?

SH – yep

JK – You know, that secret you said you would keep.

SH – Yes.

JK – If I ask you what it is, will I look like a crazy person?

SH – Yes, you will.

JK – Why don’t we ask each other a question about each other?

SH – No, no, no, don’t do it.

He looks at her closely. 

Later on, she goes home with the bike and the helmet. She puts the helmet on her table at home then lays in bed relieved that he did not discover her.

She thinks she will have to change her cell phone number and void him tomorrow. She thinks she can’t sleep at all, but she falls asleep right away.

The camera scans away.



The next day at school, Ju-kyung slides the jacket over to Soo-ho then sneaks away. She accidentally runs into Seo-joon (he steps on her foot) she also slides away from him. 

However, now he recognizes her from that night.


The class goes outside to play dodgeball. But it looks more like a one on one match with Seo-joona nd Soo-ho.

Seo-jon does get out though so he has to sit on the side. That gives him a chance to talk to Ju-kyung. He tells her that she is the one that took his helmet. She says um OVER THERE!

He says she didn’t trick him last time. But he really gets hit by a ball this time. She grabs the other ball and says she will bring him his helmet another time, then runs off.

But she trips, naturally. So-hoo steps over her. He friends help her up. They think Soo-ho is a jerk but Ju-kyung is glad that he just doesn’t recognize her.


The three friends walk around. They ask where hoon is. Soo-ah says something about how her boyfriend doesn’t even know that today is there 100 day celebration. She thinks they might have to break up if he doesn’t remember it.

She does not need to worry because Hoon is preparing a big surprised in their classroom. He has a huge banner and a cake and has corralled all the other kids in class to hold balloons and throw confetti. 

Soo-ah walks in and is amazed. Hoon also has the Love Actually flip book so he flips one page after another to show their relationship story. She is super happy.

Hoon does a dance around Soo-ah and then tells her that he is going to jail because he kidnapped Soo-ah from Heaven and embraced her in his heart. I love you my angel!

They hug and are about to kiss, but then one of the guys says, ah, just stop! He throws the cake at them, but the couple dodges so it all hits Ju-kyung. They all yell at that guy and then tell Ju-kyung that she should wash her face!

But she says she can’t wash her face, they will all see her barefaced!

No one touch me!

She runs off with her keys. Seo-joon is walking up the hallway with his two friends (almost in a parody of Extraordinary you, even the music is similar). 

But he stops to tie his shoe. Ju-kyung comes running up and jumps off her back. The other two guys move to the side and kiss on accident.

Seo-joon wonders what just happened!

Soo-ah comes running up yelling for Ju-kyung to wait! This causes the other guys to accidentally kiss again.

Ju-kyung runs to the bathroom but there are a lot of girls in there. So she opens the boys room and there are a lot of guys in there. Her friends catch up to her so she is cornered. They are all concerned and want to help her wipe her face.

JK – Don’t do it!

People in the hallway wonder who that girl is. Then they say it is the new girl that moved, the goddess.

Ju-kyung starts to think of all the bad things, like going to class and no one knows it is her. She will walk in to class and they will all be mean to her. This is all in her mind though. She imagines them all acting very badly to her and laughing at her just like her old school.

But then Soo-ho comes walking from around the corner in super slow motion. He takes off the jacket that she just got him and covers her with it. She looks up at him. He looks at her. Then he walks away with her.

Everone follows them as Soo-ho walks away with her. Seo-joon also looks at them walking away.

Fade Out


Another enjoyable episode! I am really having fun watching this show. It truly feels like a webcomic come to life, but in a really good way. Also, it is just fitting that Han Seo-joon is dumb as a doornail. That somehow makes him even cuter? I loved his interactions with his “thug” friends who ended up not being thug-ish at all.

I do have to say that I am noticing all the different ways that Ju-kyung manages to trip and fall and be rescued by our two lead men, so if you wanted me to notice that, writer, then well done. I think it might have happened 4 or five times this episode? It is really just funny at this point. If this wasn’t a high school drama then I would tell everyone to take a shot whenever Ju-kyung falls.

Actually, for all the of age people, let’s do that. DRINKING GAME. Whenever Ju-kyung trips or falls or otherwise flings her arms around to potentially take a dive, take a shot of something or at least keep a tally to do later.

Though, I am not complaining with all the falling because that is what makes it feel like a webcomic and yet not in a super duper obnoxiously exaggerated way. This show has also brought back all the poop humor that used to be so prevalent in Kdramas (they have since toned that down a bit).

Now for some housekeeping things out of the way. This show airs pretty late at night in Korea, about an hour after all the other shows, so that means we won’t start reacapping it until anhour later which means that the recap will be up an hour later than we normally try and get out live recaps up (whew, long sentence).

So if you are tapping your watch and wondering where the recap is, that is why. We just have to start it an hour later. Do Not Panic!

To see a list of all the shows we are planning on covering, just check out our sidebar (on a computer, you might have to scroll way to the bottom on a cell phone) and look under Current Lineup.

Alright, enough of that, see you loves next week for some more True Beauty! I hope it continues being as cute as it is.


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  1. JC
    December 11, 2020 / 10:54 am

    What is the title of the song that Hoon danced to when he surprised his girlfriend?

    • V
      December 12, 2020 / 9:23 pm

      Oh, I’m not sure. Does anyone know?

    • Anonymous
      December 14, 2020 / 7:04 am

      ive been wondering that too, ive been looking everywhere but i cant find it 😭

      • Sel
        December 15, 2020 / 7:05 pm

        it is joah by jay park

        • V
          December 15, 2020 / 7:06 pm

          Thank you Sel!

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