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Live Recap: True Beauty Episode 16 (FINAL)

Live Recap: True Beauty Episode 16 (FINAL)

Here we are at the final episode! Hopefully it goes well. See you on the other side!

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How We Do This: This recap is in one part. We watch and recap at the same time which means their will be typos though I try and clean it up as best and quick as possible. We will post the preview on a separate post!



Ju-kyung and Seo-joon walk to her house after their first date. She tells him goodbye when they get to the corner. He tells her that he will use his wish coupon right now.

He gives her a hug. 

Suho comes out from the comic store just then and sees them. Seo-joon sees him as well. He holds onto Ju-kyung tighter. Ju-kyung pushes him away. Suho has left already.

JK – Seo-joon, I’m sorry.

SJ – I have one more date. Go inside.

He walks away. Suho walk in front of him so the two of them look at each other and then go for a drink.

SH – Did you still like Ju-kyung? Did you confess to her?

SJ – No, I am dating Im Ju-kyung

SH – I know that’s not true

SJ – What do you know

They clink glasses

SH – I told you I met her yesterday

SJ – Why yesterday?

SH – It was the first snow

SJ – Are you nervous because of me

SH – I’m not

SJ – Jashik

They keep drinking.

Ju-kyung lays in bed and looks at her ceiling. Suho gets home drunk. He takes off his shoes and starts to think about Ju-kyung and how she said they broke up and he doesn’t want to see her. He passes out in his entrance way.

Meanwhile, Seo-joon goes to his studio. He looks more sober than Suho. He lays down on the bench.


Ju-kyung wakes up and goes downstairs in her home. her father is sitting at the table. He put the flowers in a vase on the table and asked her who gave them to her. He says it is nice to see flowers like this but looking at it without anyone is pitiful.

Ju-kyung goes to Seo-joon’s company and asks to see him after practice. She says she will wait in the lobby and texts the message to him. Seo-joon sees the message on his phone. He is at practice right now so it distracts him a bit.

he goes to meet with her in the lobby and asks how long she waited. If he didn’t answer then she should go. She says she is there and asks if he would like to eat dinner? I have something to tell you.

He says they can talk later, he is a bit busy today. Next time. He hugs her again. She doesn’t reciprocate the hug in any way, just like last night.

JK – Seo-joon…

SJ – Did you know that Suho is going back tonight overnight? He said he just stopped by to pack things up after his abogi woke up. If you want to say goodbye then you should go. If you don’t want to let him go.

He turns her around and pushes her in the direction of Suho. She turns around and looks at Seo-joon walking away. Then she runs to Suho’s place.

Seo-joon goes to the elevator but decides to take the stairs up. He runs up the stairs but stops on a landing and starts to cry. He sits on the steps and thinks about all the moments he spent with Ju-kyung. Like giving her a birthday cake on her birthday to give her a break from studying. he sang her happy birthday.

He also walked with her to her SAT test and asked what number she will pick if she does not know the answer? She says 3. He tells her he will pick anything but 3. He gives her a chocolate gift and says not to be nervous. She gives him something as well.

Then we cut to graduation and see all the kids graduating high school with their bouquets. Seo-joon comes up and tells Ju-kyung to take a photo with him so they take a photo together. He messes with her hair in the first one but they take a nice second one. that is the one on her phone.

He keeps crying in the stairwell.


Meanwhile, Ju-kyung runs to Suho. She runs up the street as fast as she can.

Suho is folding clothes at his house.

Ju-kyung tries to catch a taxi and then we see her running up to Suho’s building and then banging hard on his door. She yells his name and calls him a napoonom and asks why he came if he was going to live like that.

He opens the door and is startled to see her there. She bursts in and hugs him and says she will not let him go so don’t go. He holds her and tells her that he won’t go anywhere. Then he whips her tears and kisses her on her forehead.

She keeps crying and telling him not to leave. He says he isn’t leaving. He says he wasn’t going to go because he was nervous that she would say that she doesn’t want to see him anymore. She tells him he is lying. I heard you are leaving today to America.

He asks why he should leave? She asks what’s with the carrier? He says he was unpacking. She tells him Han Seo-joon says he was leaving today. He asks, so you came here because you thought I was leaving.

She tells him that isn’t it! Then takes off running. he runs after after her and holds her arm to stop her. She tries to run in one direction he tells her not that way. Then she runs in another direction. He holds her arm and says he will take her home.




Suho and Ju-kyung sit in the car and talk. She asks why he did that? He says he worried about her and how difficult it was for her. She says it was more difficult than waiting for him.

He holds her hand.

SH – Me too. It was so difficult. So, I was looking for a way to come back. If appa didn’t wake up then I would have come back.

JK – What if I forgot about you?

SH – I would follow you around.

JK – What if I still said no?

SH – I would cry and beg you. And I would try and seduce you. *smiles*. Ju-kyung, look at me please. I am sorry to have given you a hard time.

JK – Don’t be sorry. I understand you but when I see your face I only think of all my heartache.

SH – I’m sorry I have you a painful time

JK – You also should have had a hard time, far away and alone. It must have been difficult with no family and you couldn’t do anything in the hospital. It must have hurt a lot. I worried about you so much! I wanted to run to you but I was 18 and had no moneyyyyyyy*cries*

SH – We were too young.

JK – *nods*

SH – Don’t cry.

He wipes her tears and then drives her home. In the car, they talk about how her teach and her sister are getting married. She thinks he is the only person that can marry her. She looks at him and says it seems like he changed a lot. You can drive.

She holds the keychain and says she still has hers too, you didn’t throw it away.

SH – We are the same. We didn’t change at all. Before.

JK – When before? When you were a crying boy?

SH – I only cried once

JK – No, you were a crying boy. If I didn’t see the scribbling then I wouldn’t know

SH – I wanted to tell you in a special occasion but I did not have the chance.

JK – You should have told me

SH – When I was little, I waited for you in the comic cafe often. Maybe I am not the only one liking you since you remember it?

JK – I just remember you as the crying boy at the comic cafe

SH – So it was one sided love? What about your sickness?

JK – Am I sick ever?

SH – You went to the emergency room with constipation

JK – Um…

SH – You should work out and eat fiber [he gives her lots of advice on pooping]

JK – DO you have to say that? that was so embarrassing! My intestines are fine! Stop the car! I will walk for exercise.

he stops the car and they look at each other. He unbuckles his seat and leans in to kiss her but he looks at her for a moment before kissing her. Its a long kiss.

Ju-kyung goes to her room, completely happy. She looks at her keychain in her box and calls Suho. He is still in his car by the comic store. She asks if he is going home? He says yes. She says he shouldn’t talk while driving. He says its fine (he is actually parked) he wants to hear her voice.

She asks what he is doing tomorrow? She thinks it is like a dream that she can see him tomorrow as well. he says, me too.




Seo-joon is pretty depressed while in his studio. He thinks back to his talk with Suho. he says that today is his last day. the thing he couldn’t do two years ago, confess and get dumped. Now I did it.

He looks at his cell phone Then he walks out of the building. Ju-kyung is there to meet him. He asks why she is there and they both go for a drink and snacks. he asks what she wanted to tell him. But he also says she is so easy to read so he knows what she is going to say.

She says she just wanted to say thank you and sorry. He tells her that he k new everything. You still loved Suho. You don’t have to be sorry to me. Your heart didn’t have any space but I tried to be greedy anyway. I am sorry that I confessed to you and made you all confused. It would be cool if I said that, but I still have to confess to you. Your brother told me once, that when you are dumped once, it is easy to wrap up your heart.

I don’t have time to think of you anyway since I have to get ready for my debut. Don’t look at me like that. She says okay, I will buy this. He says okay, lets eat. They start to eat.


Later on, Ju-kyung, Suho, and Ju-kyung’s appa practice walking Ju-kyung down the aisle to give her to Suho as practice for her sisters wedding. The mother asks why he is doing that? Mother and Father walk her down the aisle together now. that is what’s common.

They all sit to eat with the rest of the family. Suho asks when he should pick up Ju-kyung and gives her some food. She pushes some food to him and says he does not have to pick her up. W also find out that the brother failed to go to college and that Go-woon was actually the one that got in. They talk about that for a moment.

Ju-kyung happily eats next to Suho and wraps her arm around him.


Ju-kyung sees a competition for a new debut group flyer while at work. The Idol is her client so she asks if Ju-kyung is dating Seo-joon? Ju-kyung says no. But Seo-joon has standards, he doesn’t date just anyone.

The Idol asks for mist so Ju-kyung sprays it on her but the idol gets angry. She gets angry for anything Ju-Kyung does.

They leave and the Idol complains as to why Ju-kyung is still around. The older woman says she is an intern, she is teaching her. The Idol asks why she has to be the one to teach an intern? The Idol says she is hungry, why don’t you buy cheese kimbap? They leave. Ju-kyung has to get it. J-kyung mutters that she was a dumpling shuttle in high school and is now a kimbap shuttle.

She grabs the kimbap, the Idol says she doesn’t like cucumbers. Ju-kyung says she will buy it again. The Idol tells her never mind, just get in. She throws something at her and tells her to take the cucumber out.

Ju-kyung gathers her courage and tells the Idol to take the cucumber out. Then she goes off at the Idol and says she didn’t learn makeup to deal with this! I am quitting! I am not getting fired by someone like you!

The manager comes up and asks what is happening? The Idol points a finger at Ju-kyng so the manager pushes Ju-kyung.

But then Soo-jin comes up and spin kicks the manager and asks if Ju-kyung is okay.




They go to a cafe to talk. Soo-jin says she quit school. Her mother and father divorced and she went to live with her aunt. Ju-kyung asks if she started studying again? Soo-jin says no, she is a volunteer in different countries. She was in Haiti and came back.

Ju-kyugn says she wondered since no one know what happened to her. Soo-jin says she didn’t tell anyone, that is why no one knows. When I came back, I wanted to apologize toyou. I am sorry, Ju-kyung. It is late, but I want to apologize to you. It is not about being forgiven. Back then I was all screwed up. I thought you had something I did not have. I thought that if I took it from you then I would be the winner because I should always be the winner. That is what I was thought.

But after leaving appa, I realized how much pain I gave you and how much I lost. I regretted it a lot and wanted to apologize to you. I thought I shouldn’t say it on the phone.

Ju-kyung says she should have told her, she would have been happy to get her phone call. Soo-jin says she should have. Ju-kyung tells her that she is really okay. The memory of what happened does not hurt anymore. Maybe that is why I don’t hate you anymore.

Soo-jin says, at least I am happy now that I can apologize to you. Ju-kyung says she is happy that Soo-jin is out of her obsession with washing her hands. They are pretty now. And your kick is the same.

Soo-jin says she was angry and hit him, but maybe that got you in more trouble. Ju-kyung says the worst thing that will happen is that I am fired. They both chuckle.


Ju-kyung’s sister talks to Suho about Leo’s song. it was her pick as her favorite song. It is the song that you and Sae-hyun did together so if Seo-joon sings it then it would be meaningful. It is too good a song to leave it as a plagiarized song

SH – I can’t believe it, I never studied music properly and just made it after being taught by Sae-yun.

HJ – Seo-joon told me that with all your music equipment at home you should be sincere about music. If the song isn’t good enough I will not put it on the album so don’t be excited prematurely. I want to hear a new version of it. But don’t be too stressed. Okay, that is the end of work talk. Can I open your present.?

She opens it, it is a Bosch set of power tools. She loves it.

Suho leaves and goes back to his house. He goes into his music studio and sits at the computer.  The song plays that is Sae-yun’s song. He puts on his headphones and starts to work on it.


Suho calls Ju-kyung while still in his studio. He asks who that guy is? I will give him a lesson. Ju-kyung says Soo-jin already kicked him. She is at her beauty job. She tells him its fine, at least I am not fired. But I am in detention so I have to finish this quickly. Bye.

She hangs up and her boss comes in. It looks like her boss is Selena? But her hair is different. Selena gets upset at Ju-kyung for using hot water and gives her details on how to wash properly depending on the fabric.

She also asks if she is the person that fought the Idol Chaeni. Ju-kyung says yes, she is sorry. Her boss tells her good job, she looked down on our girls too much. I told her to go to another salon.

Ju-kyung asks if she can apply for the Idol makeup contest as the makeup girl? The boss asks if she can read Korean and says anyone can apply.


Ju-kyung studies at a cafe. She is eating a huge thing of ramen for some reason. Suho comes in so she gives him some ramen. All the people inside think he is super handsome. She tells him not to smile at all those other girls. they joke about her calling him jagiya (honey or baby). Then she takes him somewhere to practice her makeup skills on him.

He sits and plays around to make it hard for her by winking. She tells him that he’s her model so he shouldn’t play around. So he starts to act properly and let her put on his makeup.

Later on, Seo-joon takes photos for his groups debut.

At the same time, it looks like Suho is working on the final version of the song. He sends it off and lets out a deep sigh.

Scene change to Ju-kyung giving her boss her application for the competition.




Soo-ah and Ju-kyung go out looking at purses. She is out shopping for her wedding. Later on Soo-ah and Ju-kyung look on an app at her house (PPL overload) to find clothes for the wedding that is tomorrow, lol.

Then Soo-ah talks to Ju-kyung about her and Suho and what happened with them and all that. She says they just had a train trip back then. Soo-ah asks if they  didn’t do anything else? Why don’t you meet Suho today on his day off? Ju-kyung says Suho is meeting Tae-joon.

Soo-ah asks why she didn’t tell her. I had something to tell Hoon. Hey, call Suho. Ju-kyung calls Suho. But he doesn’t pick up. Soo-ah tells her to call him again. But he doesn’t pick up again.

Soo-ah checks Instagram and sees that Tae-Hoon and Suho are at a bar. From the photo she knows that this is a hook up pop up bar. Suho is also in the photo so the girls think this is horrible. Soo-ah angrily calls Hoon and asks what he is doing right now! 

Tae-hoon says he is having a fun time with Suho! he hangs up.

The girls take off to the bar.

They catch Tae-hoon outside calling a taxi. Soo-ah yells at him and asks why he is hunting! Tae-hoon says they went to a Sauna. he points at the sign. Then we see Suho looking super drunk off to the side. He has all his bathroom things in his hands. He is super drained from being in the sauna and also looks drunk.

Ju-kyung picks him up and helps him stumble off. Soo-ah is about to leave as well. But Tae-hoon stops her and asks why she is here? You know, we broke up so what does it matter if I go to a hot place or something? What do you care?

She says she does not care. They bicker back and forth. He tells her that its late so I can’t let you go alone. She tells him whatever and happily runs off. He follows her happily.


Ju-kyung helps pull Suho to his house. They both stumble inside. She lays him on his bed and tries to take off his jacket.

he is super passed out looking though he might still be awake. She sees the sticker on his lamp and remembers giving it to him. She also sees the worry toys sleeping next to his bed.

She looks at him smiling at her with his eyes partly closed. She tells him not to smile at him like that. He asks who she is and why she is in his place. She says she is Im Ju-kyung.

he tells her his girlfriend has that name and she is also pretty. She tells him to dump his girlfriend and date her. He tells her NO, I can’t! I am Im Ju-kyung’s man!

She giggles and says she is sorry about that, okay, goodbye. Have a good rest.

She pats him on the chest and walks off. But he holds her arm and says, wait, come here.

Then he pulls her to the bed with him and starts to sing the song about how he likes her so much, what can I do? She tells him he is so cheesy. He is like a different person when he is drunk.

SH – Ju-kyung, the song that me and Sae-yun made, Seo-joon will sing it.

JK – Really?

SH – do you think Sae-yun will like it?

JK – Of course

SH – Really?

JK – Really. If I were him, I would be so happy.

SH – I really wish that.

They both fall asleep in bed together. He wakes up and taps her on her nose then whispers, Ju-kyung…wake up. Ju-kyung ah…its late…wake up. I woke you up, you didn’t wake up….I love you.

She is still asleep so he lets her sleep and cuddles with her.

Then her phone goes off. She wakes up and hops out of bed when she sees Suho. She falls right on the floor.

SH – Are you okay?

JK – I was about to leave and fell asleep

SH – I was about to wake up up

JK – Ah, my mother called three times!

Soo-ah text her as well and told her that she told her mother that Ju-kyung was spending the night at her place. Have a fun time together, friend~

SH – Aren’t you going to call your mom?

JK – Soo-ah told my mother already

SH – I can take you home

JK – You are drunk

SH – Maybe I should call a driver

JK – I can call a cab…Maybe it is difficult to get a taxi since it is late…maybe I can go out and catch one?

She starts to open the door. He closes it and asks, can’t you not go. Since its late? Don’t go.

Then he leans in and kisses her on her neck. Cut to the two of them in bed together. He leans over her and kisses her and the camera fades away.




The next morning, Suho makes Ju-kyung breakfast. She asks if he is cooking and says he is pretty cool. I can’t even make ramen. He says he will have to cook everything forever. They sit to eat the food happily and talk about how good it is. he says that he told her to eat a lot of food with fiber since it is good for her constipation. She shoves a bell pepper in his mouth so he stops talking.

He tells her to wait a moment and gives her the hair tie that he got her in high school. He ties her hair up with it. he isn’t the best at it, but he gets it on there. She asks why he kept it, he says it is good to have it.

She asks if he would like to watch a movie later? He says he can’t, he has something important to do.


Cut to Seo-joon recording his vocals for the song Suho made. Suho is there listening along with the sister.

Afterwards, Seo-joon, Suho, and the sister all chat about how Seo-joon sounds great. She asks “Leo” how Seo-joon was. Suho says it was just okay. Seo-joon says he will kill him. He pretends like he is going to hit him. The sister puts them both in a head lock and then tells them to finish up well. I am getting married tomorrow so, see you.

Seo-joon tells her congratulations since you have a great husband. She tells him yes, I will make my grapefruit happy. I’m off.


Suho and Seo-joon go out to eat something at a cafe. They joke about things and talk about how they might not see each other often when he debuts. Suho says he is going to study song writing from the basics. He asks if Suho is going to take the SAT exam? Ju-kyung will have to support you.

Suho says if he takes the exam right now he will get into any good school. They keep bickering and joking. Suho tells him to drink water, not coke. That is why you voice isn’t as good as before. Seo-joon asks if he is his wife?


Go-woon and Ju-kyung look nice and chat before the wedding. She basically tells him that she knows he will go to college and not to date any other girls there. That makes him happy. he runs after her.

The sister is getting ready along with her husband and parents. They are all happy. the father tries not to cry and yet cries pitifully.

Ju-kyung is there as well. Seo-joon’s mother shows up happily. She says Seo-joon is too busy to come though.

Outside we see some of the other friends at the wedding. Hoon and Tae-hoon are dating again. Hoon also dyed his hair jet black. They wink at each other. But then a fight almost breaks out with Hyun-gyu when Hoon is about to hold Shi-hyun’s hand on accident instead of Soo-ah’s.

Suho comes to the wedding and talks to Ju-kyung about it. She says she is nervous about the wedding since its her sister getting married. Suho asks how her application was for the competition? Ju-kyung says she failed since she is the youngest in the shop, but she is happy that she tried it out. When school starts, her internship will end so she will be busy. She also says she failed because everyone was looking at how pretty her model was and not her makeup.

They see Hoon and Soo-ah, Hoon and Suho high five. Soo-jin also shows up hesitantly. Ju-kyung invited her so Soo-jin gets a chance to make amends with the friends. Soo-ah says she missed Soo-jin and gives her a hug. Suho says he heard about her father and thinks that was great.

Behind the scenes, the sister has a hard time getting her wedding ring off so her father tries to pull it off. It pops off and starts to roll. It rolls under the table. The sister gets it, but her head gets stuck under the table.

This leads to an awkward moment for the husband to sit in the brides seat to great all the guests. The teachers from the high school show up and think he looks great. They take photos with him. The teacher that used to like him is pregnant and has a contraction right when she is next to the teacher which makes her pull his hair hard.

So the wife’s head is stuck behind some bars and the husband is getting his hair pulled out at the photo section.

They finally walk out but the bride has the bars still around her neck. She has to get married like that but she is confident with it.

The person marrying then is super dramatic. Afterwards the sister yells Han Jun-woo is my man! Then they kiss.

Then the dancers start to dance and everyone has a nice time. This is kind of strange but I’m going with it.


The music continues and we see Seo-joon preparing to debut. 

He walks with his team and we see Ju-kyung walking with the makeup people to her makeup studio.

The music is still going on and we see Ju-kyung helping the debut artists get ready.

Then Seo-joon and Ju-kyung run into each other. She tells him he looks cool today. He asks if it is only today? I look cool everyday. He sits and Selena puts on his makeup. Ju-kyung is her assistant. Selena tells Ju-kyung that she is focusing well today. her boss then asks if she would like to put some of the makeup on Seo-joon and asks what kind of makeup she would like?

Ju-kyung tells her what makeup would be good so the boss says Ju-kyung can finish him off.  Ju-kyung squeals. Selena tells her that her proposal wasn’t that bad as the youngest staff member, Ju-yung shi. 

Ju-kyung is happy that her boss said her name and gave her a compliment. It is the firs time she has done that.

Seo-joon chides her and tells her to just finish it up. He also tells her a joke to help relieve his nervousness perhaps? She puts on his lip color and says she is all done. He thanks her.

She tells him not to be nervous and have a successful debut. He puts up his hand to high five. She high fives him and sees that his hands are clammy so he is nervous. He tells her he is not nervous, I have an iron heart. Then he walks out.

The team all gets ready for the debut.

Suho and Ju-kyung run to the audience. Then Seo-joon comes out and stats singing with his band. He sings the song he, Suho, and Sae-hyun worked on together.

He might sing the entire song. he sings for awhile. Suho thinks back to the friends happy time together. Suho gets teary eyed watching Seo-joon and listening to it. He smiles.

Then Seo-joon starts to sing another song, they also play this one for a while.


Suho and Ju-kyung cuddle and read comics int he comic shop. He says she is so slow. She tells him that she enjoys it page by page, did you really read it? he says he reads fast. She tells him not to brag. She says this isa  good remake to the zombie book.

he starts to talk about the theory to the book. She tells him some classics are better. They playfully talk about some scary books. then she tells him she is done, you can flip the page. He wants a kiss so he puckers up.

The ajusshi comes in and asks what they are doing so they hop away from each other. Suho bumps his head. The ajusshi tells them to finish up, he will go eat a full course meal

Suho asks if she wants to finish this book? She says no and goes to grab another book. He walks behind her and reaches up to grab the book. The books says Happy ending.

Then he leans in and kisses her.

In the end, they show a montage of little Suho and Ju-kyung. High school Suho and Ju-kyung and then Adult Suho and Ju-kyung. It ends with their kiss.



Okay, this episode was my least favorite of the group. I thought that last twenty minutes went on too long. We didn’t need the wedding scene to be that long and what was with the wedding anyway? It felt like I was watching something that wasn’t a Kdrama. It was fun of course, but it just threw me off with how wacky it ended up being. Of course, they had lots of wacky scenes so perhaps it fit right in?

Then we had the concert which I thought should have taken up the full last twenty minutes and they could have 86’d the wedding. But Seo-joon just had a tiny amount at the end which was nice closure for him and Suho, but still, I wanted more, show!

Overall, this was a cute drama that did not have a lot of story going for it. It was cute and adorable and I really liked all the actors in it. I feel like if you don’t like the actors then you will not like this show, but if you love the actors then you will just go along with everything (like I did 😊).

So, how did you like the ending? Was it not for you or did you think it was perfect? Let us know!

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  1. koreanoona
    February 4, 2021 / 10:07 am

    Am I the first? haaha!

    I watched this whole drama with it being a webtoon in mind so I was ready to accept any overtly comic scenes/scenarios. And there were plenty in this episode. The 1st 15 mins was a bit tough to watch as Seojun’s heart gets broken in slo-mo (I feel. I shed tears for the poor boy). The rest of it was mostly fanservice to Team Suho (which I’m in, actually). I do love that everyone mostly had closure. I loved how Soojin redeemed herself and was forgiven.

    Between Ep 15 and 16, I’d much prefer Ep 16. Ep 15 with Seojun making the confession and asking for the 3 dates, and Suho acting out of character was the weakest episode, in my opinion. I think the high point of the whole series was at Ep 14. Then it kinda went somewhat anti-climax for me.

    Nonetheless, it’s still a nice little fluffy drama to lift our spirits through this strange time that we are living in. Happy to have spazzed with everyone here 🙂

    Off to bed, and tomorrow, loop play the OST again while waiting for Hwang In Yeop’s OST release 🙂 It should be the new song that was shown in Ep 16, yippe!

    • V
      February 4, 2021 / 10:33 am

      Yes, this show was wacky from early on so I could definitely get how the wedding could be wacky. I do love how they wrapped everything up and everyone had closure. I didn’t personally need to see Soo-jin again, but I do understand wanting to show that she is her normal self. It’s nice that she was welcomed back into the friend family.

      • koreanoona
        February 4, 2021 / 9:04 pm

        I agree with you. I wanted some closure for her, and it is good that her parents are divorced and she has left the stressful presence of her dad. I have a soft spot because I felt she was one of those cool, kickass female characters that we don’t see very often in kdramas. Was truly upset when she went nuclear on Ju Kyung because of Suho. I have to keep remembering how jealous felt at 18, haha. I truly believe the writers meant for her to be a good person underneath everything (unlike the webtoon which I heard she was basically just nemesis making Ju Kyung’s life miserable). So this closure was nice, at least in my opinion.

  2. Anonymous
    February 4, 2021 / 11:17 am

    I don’t like it at all. I am Seojoon and Jukyung shipper😭

    • V
      February 4, 2021 / 11:24 am

      Yes, this episode would be hard for the Seo-joon and Ju-kyung shippers.

    • koreanoona
      February 4, 2021 / 9:15 pm

      Awwww…. I totally understand. I cried for Seojun even though I’m not a shipper. I think he just got the crown of ‘Most Heartbreaking Second Lead’ this year, and we are just in February! :'(

    February 4, 2021 / 1:00 pm

    Thank you for the recaps, especially the last four episodes. I read about them rather than watch them- and likely won’t watch them. The redundancy of the story became too tedious for me to continue, but I did have enough curiosity to want to read about it.

    The similarities between this and Gangnam Beauty gave me deja vu nearly every episode. I get that the message is the reason most people liked this drama, but it just didn’t make a lot of sense to me in this context. Women wear make up nearly universally so what is wrong with our FL wearing make up? How is that a deception – and geezLouise – I’d like the wash the make up off all the whiners and hand them a mirror. Secondly I couldn’t understand why our FL ever ran around without makeup. Most women wear it all day and take it off before bed. Why risk it going out barefaced if she didn’t want to be caught? And third of all, there is something called waterproof makeup. Eye roll on the makeup being washed off. The entire school became the bad chick in Gangnam Beauty – that you have to be a flawless beauty naturally – is there really anyone who believes this? Make-up fallacies aside, doesn’t Korea have any dermatologists or acne creams? The ‘foundation’ was so weak in the story it undercut the essential requirement for enjoyment – believability. (double entendre included). Kdramas are fantasy – but they have to fold the veneer around something. In this drama there is no there there.

    Anyway – I usually enjoy these actors so that’s why I kept up for as long as I did. By ep 12 I stopped caring who she would end up with and decided to read about it instead. Your commentary was far more interesting. Thank you for giving me that option.

    Sorry for being Debbie Downer.

    • V
      February 4, 2021 / 4:01 pm

      I think you are right on the money. You definitely have to side-eye the foundation of this story and just go with it. For the high school makeup scenes I think that worked because, and someone correct me if I’m wrong, I do not think you are allowed to wear makeup in highschool. So she was wearing makeup illegally. They didn’t explain this in the drama probably because everyone in Korea is already familiar with this.

      But YES YES YES, why didn’t she go to a dermatologist? Me and O talked about this all the time. All she needed was a good old fashioned acne treatment and she would be golden!

        February 4, 2021 / 5:05 pm

        Thank you for clarifying that it was a rule that was broken. That helps!

        This is why your site sometimes gets overwhelmed – you’re a great source of insight and information, and you’ve got something special here that a lot of people enjoy. I’m wishing you much continued success.

  4. Jang-mi
    February 4, 2021 / 2:13 pm

    It is a good ending…💜💜
    I loved the drama than the webtoon and extremely grateful for a blissful ending.
    All the cast did an excellent job portraying their individual characters.

    Maybe that’s why I’m extremely drawn to the drama.✌️💜

    Thanks for the recaps. They were really helpful with me not having an heart attack 😅

    • V
      February 4, 2021 / 4:02 pm

      Happy to help, Jang-mi!

    • koreanoona
      February 4, 2021 / 9:12 pm

      I was just wondering to myself last night when I couldn’t sleep after watching the last episode raw (I’m one hour behind Korea time here) – why we are so drawn t this drama? I think I have my reason. For many of us, there is probably a little Ju Kyung inside us from our own teenage experience – lack of confidence about how we look, really looking dorky or just feeling plain ugly, being betrayed by friend, maybe even being bullied in school. At least for me, it’s a bit of living my youth again vicariously through Ju Kyung. They really did a good job writing Ju Kyung’s character, and Moon Ga Young did an excellent job in the role. You just wanna root for her to succeed because of her tenacity and optimism. And in the end, she did – she is on the way to achieving her dream of becoming a make up artist, working with her idol Selena, snagging the most handsome man (dare I say – on this side of the planet?) and a decent guy as boyfriend. For True Beauty fans, that’s satisfying.

      February 5, 2021 / 10:43 am

      I quite liked the ending, it was as expected, as she dated Suho in the drama, of course she will end up with him.
      What I liked the most is when she was busted for her makeup, because in the webtoon, as far as I read it, no one ever found out and she never had the chance to grow to love herself, even without make up, and not only be comfortable with Suho, than SeoJoon.
      After all it is a cute drama, not my favorite (IONTBO ^^) but cute

        February 5, 2021 / 10:44 am

        Also Cha Eunwoo’s acting is so much better than before, even though he plays the same kind of role 😊

  5. Gold
    February 4, 2021 / 2:38 pm

    Thanks for the recap, i enjoyed the show. I cant wait for mr queen to be released on saturday

    • V
      February 4, 2021 / 4:03 pm

      I need something to do once Mr. Queen finishes airing. I feel like I will be so empty!

      • Hi
        February 4, 2021 / 5:54 pm

        Thank you for your hard work and I agree with your comments. I hope you can recap river where the moon rises after mr.queen ends which is the day after lol

        • V
          February 4, 2021 / 7:46 pm

          We have our eyes on that one! We also like Vincenzo so we will have to see which one we can do.

  6. Anonymous
    February 4, 2021 / 4:44 pm

    it is a very good dorama but you know it feels like you need more and more of it, I mean there is less emotion between Suho and Ju-Kyung
    the 16th episode should show their future like when they become adult and live happily

  7. Clementina
    February 5, 2021 / 4:32 am

    wow! it is a nice and interesting movie to watch

  8. Anonymous
    February 5, 2021 / 3:30 pm

    Just finished this drama. In the last scene there was a mark on Cha Eun Woo’s neck, was I the only one seeing it? It doesn’t look like a birthmark. I’m really curious, does anyone know anything about it?

    • koreanoona
      February 5, 2021 / 9:27 pm

      Could be a rash. I haven’t noticed it before on his variety show ‘Master in the House’. I noticed it in the bed scene too, but I thought ‘wow, they are so detailed with the drunk makeup they even put a rash on his neck?’. Then I noticed it in the final scene too.

    • Nika
      February 11, 2021 / 5:05 am

      Me too. I thought it was only for the drunk seen but it was also seen in the last part when they were about to kiss. I’m so curious right now. 😭

  9. Anonymous
    June 5, 2021 / 11:40 am

    I love the ending but what happened to ju young

  10. Anonymous
    September 5, 2021 / 6:26 am

    really what happened after Seo Jun debut

  11. September 5, 2021 / 6:28 am

    what happened after seo Jun debut

  12. Anonymous
    January 23, 2022 / 5:33 pm

    I really enjoyed the movie it was awesome
    It got to a stage I wanted ju kyung to be with seo joon
    But it was a happy ending, I’m glad it ended well
    Ju kyung were good together after they settled things between
    Seo joon really tried managing his feelings 😊😊

  13. July 6, 2022 / 1:57 am

    I think ju kyung and su-ho should get married, i relly love them.

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