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Live Recap: True Beauty Episode 15

Live Recap: True Beauty Episode 15

We are in the final week! Time to find out just what happened in the interim between Suho and Ju-kyung. Will this episode send a lot of us to Seo-joon? Or will we still be on Suho’s side?

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How We Do This: This recap is in one part. We watch and recap at the same time which means their will be typos though I try and clean it up as best and quick as possible. We will post the preview on a separate post!




Suho gets to the hospital and sees his father in his room. He is behind a clear curtain so Suho walks behind it to look at him. His father is unconscious or sleeping perhaps? Suho calls his name and his father wakes up but he can’t talk to him clearly from his mask. He tells him that he is sorry, he wanted to tell him about this but he was worried that he could not tell him, I’m sorry.

Suho tells him its okay and holds his hand.

Some time passes. Suho cuts his fathers food and feeds it to him. He tells him he should eat. His appa eats the food and Suho cuts some more.

Appa – I was planning on buying you a nice meal

SH – After you recover. Then you can buy me something really nice.

Ju-kyung wakes up at 3am to call Suho. He answers and asks if she didn’t sleep? She says she was studying since she will be a senior soon. They talk about how Suho will go back to Korea. But his father won’t be able to travel long distances for awhile so Suho is coming back first.

Ju-kyung mentions that it has been a month. He says he’s missed her. She says she will wait for him at the airport. He said not to wait, he will let her know when he gets there. But she said she will and they hang up.

He keeps packing. But then he sees his father rushed to the operating room. He runs to see what is wrong but is held back.

It turns out that he has a second brain hemorrhage. The doctor tells Suho that the team will try their best but the hemorrhage is in a difficult spot.

Ju-kyung waits at the airport.

After the surgery, the doctor tells Suho that his father is stable but still in critical condition.

Ju-kyung keeps waiting at the airport. It looks like she has been waiting for a long time.

Suho is still in America. He stands by his fathers bedside. A lonely teardrop trickles down his cheek.


Ju-kyung goes to school as a senior now. She still doesn’t wear makeup to school. Her friends happily chat and joke with her in their new class. It looks like this new class has a lot of the same kids.

Hae-mi, Soo-ah, Hoon and Hyun-gyu and Ju-kyung are all in this class. Soo-ahh tells Ju-kyung that Soo-jin quit school during the break. She heard she went abroad to study. Hae-mi asks if she is okay and asks when Suho will come back.

Ju-kyung tells them that there is actually no news from Suho.

Summertime comes and Ju-kyung studies hard in her room with a fan next to her. She checks her phone. Suho and her have been texting back and forth. She asks how his father is, Suho says he is the same.

We cut to Suho  in America looking after his father. he pats his fathers head though iti looks like his father is unconscious.

But Ju-kyung suddenly has a stomach ache. Her mother runs in to see what is wrong.

Back in America, Suho heads home and calls Ju-kyung. Her mother answers and tells him that Ju-kyung is actually sick at the hospital. Suho is worried about her so the mother says she is okay, it is just a stomach ache. She might have been worried too much from studying.

She asks how his father is and says that things are probably hard for him right now. She will tell Ju-kyung to call him when she wakes up. Suho looks worried and hangs up.

Later on, Ju-kyung happily answers a call from Suho. He asks how she is. She says she is great, she got her license.

SH – Ju-kyung.

JK – Uh huh

SH – Lets break up

JK – Huh?

SH – I don’t know when appa will wake up so it is difficult for you to wait for me right?

JK – What are you talking about, it is not hard to wait at all. I can wait for you

SH – I am really sorry I can’t be with you right now. I feel really bad about that. That is why…

JK – I didn’t say that you should be sorry for me. I don’t want to break up with you. It is fine, you can be there forever. I can save money and travel

SH – How can you do that. You should go to school well. Don’t wait for my phone call. Sleep well.

JK – Don’t do this. Don’t say this is the last time. I didn’t hear it. I don’t accept this phone call.

She starts to sob and sob and hangs up.

Suho also cries in the hospital.

They both keep crying.




The comic owner brings the old chair outside to give away. Ju-kyung comes in and asks why he is getting rid of the old chair. She asks why he is doing that? The owner says it is old so he is getting a new one.

Ju-kyung thinks about Suho sitting in the chair and reading. She goes inside and sees all new couches all around. She sits in one and looks at her backpack keychain. She thinks about buying all the presents for him.

Then she looks over and sees Suho’s message on the wall.

Message – i am Lee Suho, not the crying boy. When are you going to remember me? When the first snow falls, I will go to Namsan Tower and pray for you to remember me.

JK – You should have told me, then I would know. How could I know? 

She remembers sitting in the comic store with little suho and reading. He kept sneaking peeks at her. She tells him that she heard that you can grant a wish on your first day of snow for the year. Those people should be so happy so why are people out in the snow miserable. But my appa still doesn’t have a job. I thought about it and think that the wish is realized only for the first person who asks for it.

He tells her that is nonsense. She tells him she is going to go to the highest point and see the first snow first. He asks how she is going to do that, will you get on an airplane? She says she will go to Namsan Tower. He thinks that’s silly. She tells him that he will see, when her wish is realized then he will see that she was right.

In the present, she thinks that he remembered all those things. She touches the wall and mutters why is he so smart. Then she starts to cry.


Ju-kyung stands outside the college entrance exam. It starts to snow. She looks up at the sky and sees the snow falling and holds out her hand to touch the snow.

Then she goes to Namsan Tower.

VO – I took the college exam today. I think I can go to the college I wish for if I pass the practical exam. This is what it feels like to move forward to my dream. It is soleda and happy. Did you start to study music over there? I would be happy to hear your music sometime, somewhere. I always send you texts because I was having a hard time. But college exams ended right now so I don’t have that excuse anymore. Suho, it is snowing over there. I hope where you are at right now is warm and not cold. Now, I wills top contacting you. Goodbye.

Suho reads the message and looks out the window.


Ju-kyung stands in the background as an Idol is getting her photo taken. It looks like her task is to make sure this Idol is well taken care of during the photo shoot so she has to bring her drinks and mist and all that.

The Idol also asks when Ju-kyung is going to introduce her to Seo Joon oppa. Ju-kyung tells her that he is an Idol trainee so he doesn’t have time to meet anyone. But I thought you saw him at your company?

She says she can’t just hit on him all the time. I heard he was your real friend so can’t you make an occasion for us to meet? can’t you do it right now? Right now?

Ju-kyung gets out her phone and asks Seo-joon to meet this Idol because she is bugging her al the time about it. Seo-joon says no. So she tells the girl that Seo-joon is busy. The girl pulls Ju-kyung’s phone away and reads all the messages.

Seo-joon’s last message was that he hates that Idol style. This causes the Idol to spill her drink on her dress and of course Ju-kyung gets int rouble for it. But the Idol tells everyone that she is fine and tells Ju-kyung to tell Seo-joon to meet with her. It is a kind of agreement between Ju-kyung and the Idol to get Seo-joon to meet with her so that Ju-kyung won’t get in trouble for this. 




So Ju-kyung goes out drinking with her high school friends and complains about this idol girl. She is getting herself drunk. Cho-rong asks why they called all of them to come drink, I was going to go eat with my mini me. Then he starts to do cute things with Hae-mi since they are dating.

Hoon asks if they are teasing single people? So it looks like he and Soo-ah broke up. Soo-ah says Hoon said he had “some” with another girl so are you dumped again? They kind of argue between them. Hoon stands up and says that the reason he summoned everyone to meet is because he has a big announcement.

He takes off his hat revealing a short haircut. Then he holds Hyung-gyu’s arm and says he is going to the army with Hyun-gyu! We are going there together as best friends! So, everyone, support us.

But then Hyun-gyu says, sorry friend, I did not apply. I have a girlfriend. He shows his finger. It looks like he and the really cute friend, Shi-hyu,n are dating. So he is not going to the army now.

Hoon yells and says he betrayed him! He pulls his hair and they argue. Shi-hyun pulls them apart to protect her boyfriend.

Ju-kyung is super drunk and hits the table to yell EVERYONE STOP! QUIT! Then she passes out.

Seo-joon shows up right at that moment and sees Ju-kyung passed out so he asks who made her drink like this? He sits and pats Ju-kyung on the back to tell her that he is here. She smiles and says, you’re here. Then passes out on his shoulder very comfortably.

But she she sits up and ays Seo-joon….I WILL KILL YOU, BECAUSE OF YOU CHAENI IS GIVING ME SUCH A HARD TIME! She starts to jerk him back and forth by his jacket collar.

Cut to all the friends leaving. Ju-kyung is super drunk so Seo-joon has to help her walk home. He tells the friends that he is taking J-kyung home so they can go drink another round. 

But it is a precarious trip as Ju-kyung yells that she can walk and yet she can’t walk and then grabs an octopus from a store that Seo-joon has to put back and then gets into a little kids car thinking its a taxi and starts to drive away and seo-joon has to pull her back and apologize to the parents.

They end up sitting on some steps near some shops. He gives her some water. She asks why he ran with her piggy backing, I feel like I am going to throw up. 

JK – Han Seo jooooon

SJ – What?

JK – Why dont you meet Cheani?

SJ – No

JK – Just one dinnerrrrr

SH – I don’t see anyone without meaning it.

JK – I didn’t say you should date her.

SH – Don’t tell me to see another woman, it makes me mad

JK – Why?

SH – Why? It is time for you to recognize my heart.

He pulls her close to him and it looks like he is whispering to her? Perhaps he kissed her? it isn’t clear.


Ju-kyung wakes up drunk and goes downstairs to get some water. She kicks her brother who’s head is in the fridge. But that isn’t her brother, its actually Seo-joon. He slept at their house tonight.

The mother says that she came to their house super sweaty and so early in the morning. Of course I am so embarrassed! Ju-kyung says she does not remember anything from the bar.

They all sit and eat together. The sister mentions that Seo-joon is going to debut soon, he is almost ready. The brother tells him not to wash his clothing and give it back to him when he is super famous so he can tell people that Han Seo-joon wore it.

The mother asks when Seo-joon becomes a big star, it will be difficult to see them.

The father teases…to see Ju-kyunnng?

Seo-joon and Ju-kyung look at each other. Seo-joon says no, it will be to eat your food ajusshi. It is better than my moms. Th father says he was good at everything except studying. Do you want me to pack you some?

Seo-joon tells him to pack him a lot a lot.


Later on, he leaves there house. Ju-kyung walks him out and gives him his food. She is about to go back inside. He asks if she remembers what happened yesterday? She asks what? He asks if she really doesn’t remember what happened? She says she does not. he tells her to not pretend like she remembers.

SJ – We kissed.

We see a flashback of Seo-joon pulling Ju-kyung in for a kiss, though he did not kiss her. Instead he knelt so that he could piggy back her all the way home.

In the present, Ju-kyung says they didn’t kiss! he asks how she knows since she says they didn’t. You remember it that is why you are behaving awkwardly. I have known you many years. She asks what she should do if she remembers. You were confused because you were drunk.

SJ – I am not. Also, I didn’t do it because I was drunk. I could have told you many times but not like yesterday. But you made me mad because you kept talking about Chaeni (the idol). But it does not matter. Just wait for me. I will confess to you properly. He walks off.

She goes back inside kind of dumfounded. She wonders how it can be that Seo-joon likes her? how can that be? is it April Fools Day? No, it isn’t so, how long has this been?




Seo-joon sits on a bench at the Gym and asks Cho-rong what he should do. Cho-rong is working out with tiny dumbbells and says that he waits to confess for a long time and then you confess in front of her house while holding kimchi. You confessed like that?

Seo-joon is still holding the Kimchi.

SJ – I did not confess like that! I teased that I would confess.

CR – It was a confession teaser? Wait, don’t cry, I can’t talk to you because I will lose my muscle. Hey, it is good actually. If you did not confess using your temper – LEE SUHO – well, anyway. Because of him you would not confess anyway so good job. This happened anyway so lets push it.

SJ – How can I confess to her in a super cool way.

CR – Don’t you watch dramas? The men in dramas rent a theme park or put a helicopter on a rooftop or rent a boat and have fireworks!

SJ – Hey, I am not a chaebol, I have no money.

CR – Yeah, yeah, well, then use your face. Whatever you do will be cool. Get your eyes ready and say, if you drink this then we are dating

(Note – That quote “if you drink this then we are dating” might be from the drama/movie A Moment to Remember)

Cho-rong says that actually makes his own heart beat faster. he tells Seo-joon to try it. So Seo-joon tries it which makes Cho-rong’s heart beat faster. He tells him to just stop.


the father is massaging the Comic Book Owner in a studio in the mothers salon. It looks like he got a massage certificate? he chats with the comic store guy about how he has a blind date so they chuckle about that.

The mother comes in and starts to talk about their oldest daughter who said she would never get married and is getting married soon. the father runs out. She mentions that her husband is always like that when she talks about their oldest daughter.

They also mention that today is Ju-young’s college announcement day.

Cut to Ju-young and Go-woon sitting on the couch looking at whether they got into their college of choice yet or not. He checks his phone and sees that he got in. They both cheer and she kisses him and says they should date now! 

Ju-kyung sees it but doesn’t say anything. Go-woon checks hers and sees that she failed so she mentions that they aren’t dating anymore.

Ju-kyung leaves and thinks something is going on here. I thought they were just good friends but now they are dating? She thinks about what Seo-joon said about recognizing his heart and shakes her head.


She goes to her assistant job with Selena but she isn’t thinking of her job. She is only thinking about Seo-joon and his upcoming confession. So Selena tells her to leave since she isn’t doing her job properly.

Later on that night, Soo-jin passes out flyers about hungry kids in Africa. She sees Ju-kyung running happily by and starts to run after her but bumps into someone so she doesn’t catch her.


Meanwhile, Seo-joon is at his Idol company practicing. he gets a text and quickly runs to his phone. Ju-kyung tells him, okay, yes, we can talk. He happily says he will see her tomorrow.

Elsewhere, Ju-kyung’s sister tries on wedding dresses with her fiancé, the teacher. She is her normal alpha self and tells the teacher that the dress actually isn’t important, getting married is important. They think they can pick the tuxedo first. So he tries on a tuxedo and shows it off for her. She tells him he looks really cool, lets get that one. He asks if they should get the first one or current one? She says it is the same, tuxedo’s are tuxedos. But he says it is not the same and starts to explain all the differences.

She closes her phone and sys he can try on the next one. This time I will look at it more carefully. The woman helper tries to sign not to say yes to this one. The sister says this one is the absolute best! the husband tells her that this one is the same as the last one. I didn’t change.

She goes outside to see if he is mad. He says he feels like the only one getting married and is the only one that is happy. There man and woman roles basically changed in this scene. He tells her to call him when she knows what she did wrong. He hides his smirk and walks away.




Ju-kyung is back on her Idol job. The Idol hops out of her van and Ju-kyung is the assistant. The idol throws something for Ju-kyung to run and pick up. It looks like she threw her high heel far away for her to pick up. So Ju-kyung hesitantly runs off to pick it up.

But Seo-joon picks it up. He is holding a bouquet of flowers and gives them to Ju-kyung. Then he asks the Idol if she has hands and throws the shoe even farther for the Idol to run and get it.

The manager tells Ju-kyung that she can finish stuff up which lets Ju-kyung leave to eat with Seo-joon.


They go inside the restaurant which looks like an upscale hipster spot. Ju-kyung looks a bit out of place to eat here. She asks if she can wear what she has on? He tells her she looks pretty. 

They start to eat. He asks if she is nervous? She says no.

SJ – I am nervous. I did that yesterday to you and thought about how I could confess in a cool way. I don’t want to do it like a drama or TV show. I thought a lot of people come here so there should be a good reason. I am just telling you honestly, I like you Im Ju-kyung.

JK – Um, Seo-joon, well….

SJ – I liked you for a long time. I knew how you thought so I could not confess to you or give up so it has been three years. Now I can’t stop anymore. My heart is coming out like that. I can’t hide it.

JK – Seo joon….

SJ – I am telling you that I want you to see me as a man now. Please me shaken just once. I am not telling you to tell me right away. But lets date three times as man and woman.

Later on, they walk up the street together. He asks her what it is. It looks like she has a bit of stomach pain so he asks what happened? You don’t feel good?

He gets her a digestive drink at a convenience store and asks if he made her that uncomfortable. She tells him no. He says she should feel uncomfortable in front of him all the time. I want you to recognize me and get nervous in front of me like I am. But don’t get sick. He pats her on the head.

She goes home and up to her room with her flowers and thinks about what Seo-joon said about seeing him like a man now and being shaken just once.

She opens her phone and actually has his picture as her cellphone picture when they graduated high school together.

She goes to her closet and pulls out her box of items that remind her of Suho. The white scarf is in there along with the necklace and doll and backpack keychain. She wonders why she opened it.


The family and the teacher all get ready for the teachers surprise proposal to the sister about them getting married. He has balloons all around. The parents and brother are helping him make this surprise. The father cries again since his little girl is getting married.

The mother asks if he is crying again? Then goes to tell the sister that her boyfriend is going to surprised propose to her tonight at their house. She tells her to cry no matter what happens. Th sister wonders how she can cry. She tries to practice and just can’t do it. She wonders when she will be able to cry.


Ju-kyung is off buying snacks at the convenience store when she sees that it is the first snow fall. She remembers Suho saying that he will make a wish or pray for her to remember him on the first snow fall. So she goes to Namsan Tower.

While riding a lift to Namsan tower and walking up the final steps to get there, she sees the back of a man who looks a lot like Suho. She follows him up there and turns him around. A strawberry juice falls.

But it isn’t Suho, it is another guy

(A cameo from yet another Extraordinary You actor)

The man says, my woman likes strawberries (something he always said in Extraordinary You, lol). Then he walks off and calls his woman.

Ju-kyung sits on the bench and thinks that it might be time to change.



Meanwhile, Seo-joon sits inside and thinks that he is still nervous. He opens his note card of all the things he was going to say like, “you are my world” “All our moments are everything to me” “the color of a tulip means…”

he thinks he couldn’t tell her any of these things, he couldn’t even tell her the meaning of the flower he gave her.

Back at Namsan Tower, Ju-kyung drinks her drink and thinks that drinking alone is the best. That looks like a juice box, but it is actually an alcohol drink. She finishes it and then checks her phone and leaves. But she left her wallet.

She walks off and that is when a man that looks like Suho shows up.

She goes all the way back to the lift to be carried back to the ground. But realizes that she left her wallet. So she has to run up the steps again. Her wallet is still there.

She grabs it and that is when she sees Suho standing there. He is in all black and turns around to look at her. She rubs her eyes like she can’t believe what she is seeing.

SH – Jukyung? Ju-kyung ah?

He walks to her, surprised. They both stand in front of each other.

SH – I came all the way her as soon as I arrived. And you are here.

she stares at him. He holds her cheeks.

SH – Your face is cold. You should be cold.

JK – Why are you here?

SH – I missed you

JK – We broke up. Why did you miss me?

SH – Still, I missed you. It was killing me because I missed you so much.

He takes a step to hold her hand. She pulls it back.

JK – I did not miss you at all.

She walks away and he runs after her.


Seo-joon happily texts Ju-kyung to see if she got home okay. he is actually at his Idol company. He runs into Ju-kyung’s sister. She asks if he is there to practice? he says yes, he can’t sleep. She says his debut is almost here so he probably can’t sleep.

She also tells him that the previous CEO woke up from his coma last month. Everyone said it was a miracle. That is a good thing right? Seo-joon is a bit surprised and says that is a good thing. Then he mutters that Suho is a jerk for not telling him and calls him happily.

Back at Namsan Tower, Ju-kyung is still running away from Suho. He tries to stop her. Her stomach hurts so he asks if she is okay and piggy backs her all the way to the hospital.

She sleeps at the hospital and he waits with her. Time passes.

She finally wakes up.

JK – Why are you still here? I told you to go.

SH – How can I?

JK – leave.

SH – I am not leaving.

JK – I am leaving then.

The doctor shows up and tells them that Ju-kyung is actually constipation but he says it in English. She asks if that is a big disease? Do I have to get surgery? The doctor tells her what the word is in Korean and says that is why she had big pain. In this image you can see that this is all poop. How long has it been since you pooped?

She says she always poops! He tells her that alcohol and candy are not good for constipation. She runs away, highly embarrassed. He tries to follow but has to settle her doctors bills which allows her to run out.



At home, the family is all ready for this emotional proposal with rose petals and singing. But Ju-kyung runs in instead. It looks like it would have been a nice pretty proposal but they have to start over.

However, the sister comes running in right away when they are not prepared at all. Though she is prepared to cry as if she put onions in her eyes. The mother tells her they are not ready! And pushes her out to start over again.


At home, Suho gets a call from the manager asking Suho why he was in such a hurry to leave. that is when we cut back and see Suho walking up to Namsan tower. he passes by the Extraordinary You guy and walks all the way to the top where he meets Ju-kyung.

He tells the manager that he heard today was the first snow and thanks the manager for delivering his clothing. then he sits on his bed and calls Ju-kyung. She sees it and hangs up right away.

He messages her and asks if she went home alright.

His doorbell rings so he answers it. It’s Seo-joon. They greet each other like friends and says welcome back and all those things. They go to the kitchen. Suho says his father is fine now, he is going through rehab. Seo-joon tells him he should have called him first, I called you all the time. Suho says he was just busy.

He also says he saw Ju-kyung today on accident.

That makes Seo-joon think back to a meal he had with Ju-kyung when she was crying. He asked her why she was crying. She told Seo-joon its because she misses Suho. He asks why she doesn’t just call Suho? He is not calling you because he feels sorry to you. Do you want me to call him?

She says she is just going to forget him. She doesn’t even know why she is crying now. Maybe because it is snowing.


Suho goes to Ju-kyung house and sees her leaving. He says it isa  coincidence that he sees her there, though he is playing. She starts to walk off and tells him not to follow her. He is actually in a good mood.

He asks why she went to Namsan Yesterday, you thought about me right? You are right, my wish really came true.

She runs off and gets into the first taxi she sees and takes off.


She goes to her hair salon and gets ready to work Though she mutters that he did not contact her for a full year and now wants to talk to her?

She goes to the chair and sees Suho sitting in the chair. She asks why he is here? He says its a coincidence, he is there to get his hair done. She angrily tells him to have a nice time.

She tries to ignore Suho but he asks he for snacks. She is also annoyed that she remembers what snacks her likes. Her boss tells her to give him a lot of snacks since he is cute.

She drops them off. He wonders why she isn’t sitting to eat with her. But his hair is all done so its time to leave. However, he asks to do it all over again.


Later on, Ju-kyung finishes up working and heads out. Seo-joon is waiting outside for her. he tells her he knows she saw Suho yesterday and not to think about anything and only think about him. You trust me right? Then he takes off walking somewhere. She asks where he is going.

Cut to Suho goes to the salon with a gift, but Ju-kyung is not there.


Seo-joon takes Ju-kyung to a skating rink. He tells her it is the best place since he can hold on to her and keep her from falling. He is actually really good at skating though he pretends like he is not. Then he tells her that they should make a bet. Whoever makes it to the post has to listen to a wish.

She chides him for always wanting a wish granted. So they start to head to the post but she falls and gets a tiny scrape. He takes her to the side and starts to put a bandaid on her which makes her remember Suho putting a bandaid on her so she says she can do it.

Suho goes to Ju-kyung’s house and calls her.

Meanwhile, Seo-joon and Ju-kyung go walking around the street. He bought some earrings for himself and tells the owner that Ju-kyung is paying for it.


Suho goes to the comic store and sees that it changed inside with all the furniture. He sees the note he wrote. She also wrote a note underneath it saying “You said all this and then you broke up! You bad guy! Get constipation!!!

Suho texts Ju-kyung and says he will wait for her.

Ju-kyung is out eating dessert with Seo-joon. He said since she bought the earrings he is buying the dessert. But she gets a text so he asks if she wants ice-cream since this dessert is greasy? he ask the owner for mint ice-cream.

Later on, he walks her home.

JK – You don’t have to walk me home

SJ – If we are just friends then I wouldn’t take you home but today we are man and woman. You are close to the station anyway.

JK – it is far from the station

SJ – No, it is so close.

JK – We are here now. Goodbye

SJ – Hey, Im Ju-kyung. I am going to use my wish coupon.

He hugs her tightly. Suho comes out from the comic book store. Seo-joon sees Suho and keeps holding Ju-kyung tightly. She does not know what is going on.

Suho keeps looking at them and Seo-joon keeps hugging Ju-kyung.

Fade Out


Okay, I have to say that Suho was acting really strange at the ending of this episode. It’s like he completely forgot that he ignored Ju-kyung for a year even though she tried to contact him and he read her messages? Then he didn’t even apologize, he just started following her around? Is he really a psycho? Did he eat his father then fly back to Korea like Hanibal Lector?

Whatever the case, I did not like that whatsoever that so he will have a lot to do in the next episode to pull me back on his side because right now I kind of feel like Seo-joon might actually have a chance now. Will they make the high school love as a high school love and now she will move on to a more adult, grown up love story based on three years of friendship and understanding with Seo-joon?

I have to say, I am kind of rooting for Seo-joon right now.

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  1. koreanoona
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    Nnnnoooo! Why is Show doing this, dragging it out unnecessarily?? And Ju Kyung is all confused now. Either boy will get hurt.


    • V
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      Yes, they are dragging this out until the last moment!

  2. Anonymous
    February 3, 2021 / 2:41 pm

    Same i likr seojun more!

  3. Gillian
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    This episode allowed me to wrap up my heart regarding SML syndrome. Gahmsamnida❤

    • koreanoona
      February 3, 2021 / 5:50 pm

      Maybe that’s why they did it, but I feel so bad for Seojun. (And I’m for Suho)

  4. Grace T.
    February 3, 2021 / 5:14 pm

    Seems like the Seojun shippers are too much and writers are noticing lol

  5. Anonymous
    February 3, 2021 / 6:10 pm

    From what it looks like, he is setup for a heartbreak …. .. Knowing that she still in love with suho, I think he will let her go ..

  6. koreanoona
    February 3, 2021 / 7:29 pm

    BTW, I really, really, really like the fact that Seojun didn’t kiss Ju Kyung in her drunken state. So different from the usual kdrama trope, which I totally hate (it just normalises the whole ‘getting physical in drunken state’ situation, which is couched as romantic in kdrama but nearly always dangerous and regretful in real life).

    Seojun is a gentleman, right to the end.

    • V
      February 3, 2021 / 7:35 pm

      I like that too. At first I was like, um, ew, he shouldn’t kiss her. But then when they showed that he didn’t actually kiss her, it made me a lot happier.

  7. saya
    February 4, 2021 / 12:26 am

    I read the webtoon first before the drama. they are following the webtoon plot. It is around this time that I became frustrated with the webtoon creator because the story seems like its dragging between suho and seojun and the girl with not much development. The story is good up to before Suho left to USA

    • V
      February 4, 2021 / 10:35 am

      Yes, the webtoon definitely dragged a lot towards the middle and end.

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