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Live Recap: True Beauty Episode 14

Live Recap: True Beauty Episode 14

Time for some fun dating scenes! But pain is on the horizon…

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How We Do This: This recap is in one part. We watch and recap at the same time which means their will be typos though I try and clean it up as best and quick as possible. We will post the preview on a separate post!



Ju-kyung wakes up in the morning and stares at her ceiling for a while. Then she starts to get ready. She puts on her makeup and her school clothes but then looks in the mirror and stops. She decides to take off her makeup and put on her couple backpack keychain. Then she heads to school.

Cut to the bathroom scene with all the bullies talking about her and how Suho can date her. They laugh about it. Ju-kyung leaves the stall and yells at the girls in the hallway to take back what they said.

She yells I AM DATING LEE SUHO! HE IS MY BOYFRIEND!  Are you happy now? He does not discriminate people based on their face! He likes me as a person! He is better than you people without morality! So tell me things to my face! Do not talk bad about Suho behind his back! Why don’t you spend more time studying instead of evaluating someone’s face! Get out of my way!

She pushes them apart and marches through them. Suho sees the entire thing and happily gives her a kiss on the forehead and warm hug. All the students go crazy. They both smile at each other and he tells her let’s go. They walk to class together with their couple keychains on their bag.


Outside, the teacher is still being melo about his girlfriend leaving with another man. He imagines his girlfriend enjoying her ride with the other man and telling him that from now on you are my grapefruit. She leans in to kiss him.

The teacher yells I AM YOUR GRAPEFRUIT! Which startles all the kids about to cross the street with him.


Suho and Ju-kyung sit on a bench and hold hands. A lot of kids whisper, maybe they are really dating. He asks, so today our secret dating ends? She nods and says yes, today is my coming out day for my bare face and my boyfriend.

He asks if she is okay. She says no, my heart feels like it is the size of a bean. He asks why she didn’t put on makeup. She says Go-woon once told her that kids don’t like it but if I hate my own face then I acknowledge that I am ugly. From now on I will only listen to people who like me. I don’t care about the opinions of people who don’t know me. That is why I came to school without makeup. He smiles and tells her she is all grown up now.

Cut to the brother telling their mother that Suho is with noona. The mother asks if she is fine or does she have to go to school? He says she is fine. So the family thinks, okay, maybe she is okay. they are all sitting in the car outside the school.

But then the teacher sees them and yells at them to leave! He throws leaves at them even. The mother and father get out and asks who this crazy person is. But then they see that it is the teacher so he has to tel them that they cannot park here. That makes me sad. He takes off running. They wonder what is up with him. The sister says he has a problem with his cuteness.

Suho walks Ju-kyung to class. All the kids swoon. But Soo-ah still isn’t talking to her. Ju-kyung sees a strawberry drink on her desk and a note.

Note – Ju-kyung, I worried about you a lot. But you were cool. – Hae-min.

Ju-kyung smiles.

The teacher comes in and says that if you are not our class student then you should leave. They tell him that she is Ju-kyung. He is pretty startled and happy to the point of almost crying and welcomes her back. The kids don’t know what to make of this. He apologizes and starts to cry. They tell him not to cry. he stops and then starts to cry again. The kids are all like, wow, this is weird.

Soo-jin goes to the bathroom. Ju-kyung is there. She asks how Ju-kyung can go to school like this? Are you showing off? Do you want to get attention? Do you have this courage that you never had now that you have Suho?

Soo-ah shows up and yells at Soo-jin. She tells her that she is the worst! You should kneel and beg Ju-kyung! You are the one that spread the picture and the video on our website!

Flashback to Soo-ah running after Seo-joon and Soo-jin when he pulled her out to tell her to remove the post. She heard everything.

In the bathroom, Soo-ah says she tried to understand Soo-jin. I thought you were jealous because you liked Suho. At least you might regret it now. I thought you would be sorry to her. That is what I thought. I was waiting for you to apologize to her. But you are this kind of person?

Soo-jin says yes, I am this kind of person.

Soo-ah runs out teary eyed. Ju-kyung runs after her.



Soo-jin also leaves. She runs into Suho. Suho asks her why she became like this? Do you have a big problem at home? Is it your appa? She tells him it is none of his business. He says he can’t think of a reason. You are not this kind of person. Do you really want this? She says yes. He says he knows she is not like this. You should apologize to Im Ju-kyung. She says she won’t.

Ju-kyung finally catches up to Ju-kyung in the basketball court. People are playing basketball. Ju-kyung says that she didn’t tell her because she thought she wouldn’t be her friend anymore. Soo-ah tells her that they are friends, how can you think that? Even if I look dumb, how can you think I am that kind of person? And you told Soo-jin. 

They both pitifully cry. Soo-ah says she tried so hard to get her a boyfriend. You didn’t tell me you were dating Suho. Why should I find out about that from the homepage. Ju-kyung says, sorry Soo-ah! They both keep pitifully crying.

They go to the bleachers and wonder what made Soo-jin like that. Soo-ah says that she decided to be like that. How can she be like that? Kang Soo-jin let go of our hands. This is all we meant to her. Let me see your face. What is wrong with your face! Why did you hide it so much!….You will be prettier if you take care of your skin more. You should go to the skin climic and eat a lot of oranges, okay? And you have to tell me everything! When did you start to date Suho? How can you date that sociopath? Does he get angry at you?  TELL ME EVERYTHING!


The brother talks to Go-woon and asks him  what this bandaid means. She tells him nothing. He lays in front of her and says to step on him if it means nothing. she steps on him and leaves.


Elsewhere, Seo-joon thinks about Suho and Ju-kyung openly dating at school. He also thinks about Soo-jin telling him she is not going to be cool with one-sided love like he is.

He kicks a can. It hits Ju-kyung’s brother in the head. He starts to cry, not because of that but because of Go-woon. He hugs Seo-joon and pitifully tells him that he loves his sister. She is so cute and lovely, how can I not love her? One-sided love is so difficult.

He understands completely and says he didn’t think it either. They are both hugging, though Seo-joon is stoically hugging. The brother says that he can wrap up his heart now that he is dumped.


the kids are all into when Ju-kyung and Suho started dating. They say the school trip. Hyun-gyu asks when their first kiss was? Suho says the school trip but Ju-kyung covers his mouth and says they shouldn’t say those things. The teacher starts class so they all get back to work. he says a poem. Sho and Ju-kyung hold hands and play footsies.

Afterwards, they walk around the hallways. She is a bit sleepy and says she will take a nap in the music room. He tells her to wait there and he will get her something to eat. He runs off.


So she goes to the music room to sleep. Seo-joon also goes to the music room and sees her there. He sits in the seat across from her and watches her sleep. He also thinks about the first time they met when he was running from those other thug bullies. And their second meeting when they bumped into each other again on the street.

The wind blows her hair so he lightly moves it away from her face. But his phone rings which wakes her up so he has to pretend like he wasn’t watching her. he sits in front of her quickly. She asks when he came and says that he woke her up. He also tells her that he isn’t dumb, he knows she and Suho were dating.

He looks at her closely and tells her that she looks about the same with makeup and without makeup. So she didn’t lie about anything. She thanks him for comforting her. He says he is just saying that she is ugly with and without makeup.

She scoffs and thanks him for being the one that removed her video from the homepage.




Suho’s friends talk to him at school about dating and kind of joke with him about it. Suho asks them if they know of a good place to date. They joke that he doesn’t know good places, let’s see what you searched.

They look through his phone and think he picked some good places. But then they see his dance and song he filmed for Ju-kyung and starts to laugh about it. Suho sees Ju-kyung leaving and runs after her. Soo-ah says she is taking her away today! They leave. The other guys continue mocking Suho and tell him that they will hang out with him! They run after him.


On the street, Soo-ah and Ju-kyung hang out and do girl things. They both music and posters. Ju-kyung finally showed Soo-ahh that she likes heavy metal and hard rock. Soo-ah tells her she looks cute and likes hard music, she didn’t expect that. They grab a sausage corndog happily.

But then Ju-kyung sees Hae-mi getting bullied ad runs off to help her.

The comic thug leader is also at the corndog station and buys several hot dogs.


Meanwhile, Suho and his friends are playing video games at his house. He kind of wants to know when they are going home. But they are having a fun time playing video games.

Outside, the bullies keep bullying Hae-min. Ju-kyung yells at them. The head bully turns around. The bullies call her dumpling and laugh.

Ju-kyung tells Hae-mi to come to them so she runs to their side. The bullies asks, so you are dating Suho and ware with Seo-joon but your video spread everywhere. I heard you are screwed again.

Ju-kyung throws the huge hot dog which hits the head bully in the head. Then Ju-kyung yells, you guys are dead! They all start to charge and punch each other. They get into one of the most adorable fights in the history of dramas.

But at Suho’s house, the guys are also playing a girl fighting game where they are using the same moves as the real girls fighting (the game is called Dead or alive). The guys KO the other girl. Suho says he will play now and starts to play his player. The players turn into Ju-kyung and the bully.

They start to do the same moves as the fighters and this is so adorable. So its like Suho is controlling Ju-kyung in this fight. She beats up the other girl and spin kicks her.

But then we cut to them and see them all in a circle pulling each others hair. Another guy shows up and stars to hit them. But then the comical thug shows up with his corndog and asks the guy, what are you doing! Are you touching my school kids?

he winks at Ju-kyung and her people and tells them they can leave.


Ju-kyung, Soo-ah, and Hae-mi go out to eat afterwards. Ju-kyung tells her to call the cops if that happens again. Don’t be a victim! Hae-mi smiles and says she isn’t afraid of her anymore. I should have just head butted her the first time. They all agree.

Soo-ah is upset that her special edition CD is ruined. Hae-mi pulls one out and asks if she wants to have it? I always buy two. Soo-ah thanks her so much. They find out that they are Jelatin (sp?) third generation. It looks like it is a Kpop group that they love so they start to gush about the end of the year concert ticket and all that. They are so warm. It looks like they found another person to hang out with in their friend group.

The three of them walk home together happily.

VO_JK – My memory that I don’t want to look back on anymore. The different thing now is that I am not alone anymore.



Suho stays at home alone bored. He starts to text Ju-kyung to see if she is home alone? Bored? Should I pick you up? But then the phone scans and shows that his friends are still there happily. they ask him if he is that kind of boyfriend who texts a lot. They tell him not to be so obsessed with her, let her have fun.

Suho says he worries about her. Hoon says he worries about Suho. I was like that when I first started dating. I always text her and worried about her and was about to be dumped in one week. Soo-ah told me that I am a tiresome style. 

Suho asks, what? 

Hoon says that eve though you have a lot of love to give you should just make her want it so she does not get bored. Write that down.

Suho tells them to go home. He says he is eating chicken. Then Hoon’s girlfriend calls so he goes all cute aegyo for her and says he will pick her up. He runs off. Hyun-gyo is about to tell Suho how to date even though he doesn’t know how to date. Suho tells him he could just leave so Hyun-gyu says he will eat fast. He starts chowing down again.


Ju-kyung gets home. her phone was dead so she starts to charge it and thinks that she has to call Suho. But she falls asleep.

Suho is trying to study hard but wants to touch the cell phone to call Ju-kyung. He keeps himself from doing it. He stays up until 3am and finally decides to call Hoon. He tells Hoon to text him on KaTalk because something is wrong with his cell phone.

Hoon tells him his cell phone is fine! If something is wrong with it then how can you call me! He says he thinks he can call bt it won’t accept anyone else’s phone call. Hoon tells him to just go to sleep!


Ju-kyung calls Suho as soon as she leave the house. But he doesn’t answer so she thinks he might be sleeping still? It looks like it is the weekend. The phone rings on Suho’s forehead. 

She goes to her mom’s place to help her at her shop a little bit. Her mother tells her not to do anything. She kind of bickers with her a bit. Ju-kyung is about to say something to her. Her mother tells her to look under the couch. Ju-kyung pulls out a big pink makeup kaboodle. She is shocked.

Her mother tells her that she did a bit of makeup and beauty research. You have a lot to prepare so how can you do that with your part time job. She asks if she is letting her go into beauty school? Her mother tells her yes so quit your part time job. Ju-kyung gives her a big hug and several kisses.

Cut to Ju-kyung at school. Suho runs to her and angrily asks, why didn’t you answer my phone calls! She asks, why? I am just having fun with my friends! Why are you bothering me so much and sending me texts and calling me! I want to be free!

She walks off. He grabs her into a hug and asks, what do you mean? Do you want to break up? She pushes him away and says he is suffocating! Seo-joon drives up on his motorcycle and says he isn’t suffocating. Hop on? She says yes and hops on. They drive off. Suho yells NOOOOOOOOO!

Suho wakes up, the entire thing was a dream. He checks his phone and sees that she called him. Then he wonders what kind of dream that was? He starts to get ready to go out and calls Ju-kyung.

She answers at her beauty school. He is about to say all the things he wants to say like when did you go home? You said you would call me, why didn’t you call me? I am not saying this because I want your apology! You should call someone who worries about you! I waited for you all night but after hearing your voice I want to see you. So let’s see each other now. I was about to go see you.

He thinks of Tae Hoon’s voice talking about how Suho is so suffocating.

So Suho just says, where are you at? Ju-kyung tells him she is in class. I will call you when it finishes.

The teacher comes in and they start their makeup class. There is a real person at the front who is getting her makeup put on. The teacher shows them what to do and tells them o practice on each other.




The teacher passed out at a pop up bar on the street. So the owner called the sister to pick him up. The teacher wakes up and does a Basic Instinct move with crossing and uncrossing his legs. He tells her not to run away from him. One year later I will make you my woman. Then he passes out again. She laughs.


The mother goes to the grocery store and is about to buy the discount ramen. But he conman wants it too. They fight over it. The conman recognizes her and immediately lets go so she can have it. It takes her a minute, but she recognizes him too and starts to run after him, yelling COLUMBUS PARK!!!!

they run all down the street to where the sister is putting her boyfriend in her car. So the sister strong arms Columbus Park which knocks him out. 


Seo-joon goes to see Suho at Jujitsu. he asks what he didn’t doing not dating his girlfriend on the weekend. Suho says Ju-kyung is busy. They playfully banter back and forth. Suho finally asks why Seo-joon is there. Seo-joon says he is bored.

They start to talk about fighting and how it is feeling or instinct which leads to a challenge. Whoever throws the other one wins. Their rule is no rules, only a 3 second take down.

They both pin each other but not for three seconds so the fight continues. Suho finally gets Seo-joon in an arm bar and pins him for 3 seconds though he extends it to like 10 seconds.

Seo-joon tells him he is taking his anger out on him. Suho asks if he wants to learn how to do it? Seo-joon kind of says whatever, and asks what he has to do.

Suho forces Seo-joon to sing in a street concert somewhere in Seoul. So Seo-joon starts to sing there. It’s a nice musical moment. Several people record him singing. He sounds great.

They both go eat pizza afterwards and keep on their bickering. Suho tells him his singing isn’t as good as before. Seo-joon tells him his voice is manlier and deeper now. Suho asks why he doesn’t just sing with his deep man voice now? Seo-joon says no. Suho tells him he hopes he sings again. Sae-yun would also wish for it. He asks what he would have told him to do if he had won? Tell me.

Seo-joon says he wanted to ask him if he could confess to Ju-kyung. He wanted his permission so that he could get dumped and wrap up his heart.


The family talks about how it looks like the conman got conned by another guy so he has no money. But at least they could send him to the police. They think this is fate, they at least went there to avoid those bullies and Ju-kyung met a boyfriend. The sister also says that she met her grapefruit as well. The father asks, when is he going to wake up? And we see the boyfriend sleeping on their couch.


Suho waits for Ju-kyung at a cafe. he is trying to be cool. She asks if he is mad at her? He says no, I am not that kind of guy. She thinks in her head that he is clearly mad at her so she says okay, you are busy so I will leave.

He quickly asks where she is going! She smiles and asks why he is mad at her.

He hits the table and stands and says that after we started dating we never had a proper dating because you were too busy and Tae Hoon told me I am suffocating and Seo-joon said he wants to confess to you and that all makes me mad!

But he didn’t say any of that. He just says I love you. I love you Im Ju-kyung.

She is surprised and touches her cheeks. He asks how her first class was. She tells him that it is basic course but everyone looks like they know what they are doing. She is the only one that didn’t take the written exam yet. He says they can go out after her exam. She tells him she wants to go to the ocean in winter.

She asks if she can eat what he has. He says yes, I ordered it for you. She tells him he was really mad. He says no, I wasn’t. We can eat it together.


Soo-jin’s father is angry at her since she skipped tutoring. She isn’t answering him. He asks for her cell phone so that he can see if she is dating someone. She says no, I don’t want to. He yells, give it to me. She throws everything off the table. he asks if she is crazy. She grabs her head and screams. her father is all like, what the what?




the teacher finally wakes up int he morning. The family prepares breakfast right in front of him on the coffee style table. So he sits to eat it with them awkwardly. The father calls him grapefruit. He calls him abogi. The father asks, you call me abogi? the teacher blushes. The brother asks if he has to call him teacher? Ju-kyung asks why he told her sister to break up because of me? he says he is ashamed in front of them. The mother calls him son in law and says it is fine.


The next day at school everyone looks at Soo-jin strangely as she walks to class.

Ju-kyung gets to class at the same time. Shi-hyun asks if Ju-kyung saw the website? She did not so they all check. Someone posted that she heard this int he woman’s bathroom. Kang Soo-jin posted all this footage of Im Ju-kyung. They used to be best friends but Ju-kyung and Suho dated so Soo-jin exploded in jealousy and exposed her friend. I did not make this up. My friend saw he yelling at Ju-kyung. she is like the devil woman from a drama. She is a psychopath. Like the betrayal woman in the country.

Everyone looks at her quietly and wonders how Soo-jin could do this to Ju-kyung? She just took their photo secretly? You are scary. Like a stalker. How can she come to school anymore. Soo-jin starts to think about what Seo-joon said. That she thinks she destroyed Ju-kyung but she is the one that is destroyed. Soo-jin runs out.

Ju-kyung runs after her and stops her outside. She asks why she is running away. Aren’t you going to apologize to me? Aren’t you sorry to me at all? Soo-jin says she is not sorry to her. Ju-kyung says she does not want to be like this with her. She will offer her one last time since she does not want to regret. Lets not be like this Soo-jin. She holds her hand.

Soo-jin pulls her hand back and asks if she thinks they will be back together like before? She walks off. Ju-kyung thinks about when they first met and all their fun times together.

Soo-jin goes around the corner and cries.


Cut to a montage of Ju-kyung studying hard for her exam.

Suho is actually working hard making the white scarf. It looks like he stays up late at night and works on it.

After the exam, she walks out looking depressed. Suho asks if she failed? Its okay, you can study and try hard again. She brightens up and says she passed! I guessed on one and it was lucky! She gives him a big hug. He jokes that he can’t breathe.

Cut to Seo-joon looking at his cast. He wonders if it is recycle or trash and throws it away. Then he thinks about calling J-kyung.

Scene change to Suho and Ju-kyung walking together. he asks if her test was hard and it should feel good passing and all those things. She says the next test will be harder than the written one (or vice versa). Then Seo-joon calls her. He asks if she is done with her exam? She says yes, what happened. He asks if he can see her now.

She tells him she is with Suho, do you want to come together? He says no, just you and me. I want to tell you something. She says that today is not good. He asks if she remembers his wish? I will text you the location. He hangs up.

Suho asks what that was about. Ju-kyung explains it to him but sys she will see him later. Suho tells her its okay to go see him now. So she goes to see Seo-joon in a park. He tells her that they can go eat.

They go to a cafe to eat something. he tells her that she should buy it. She tells him to eat something better since this is your wish. Do you really like this? He says yes, I can eat it all week. She asks if he called only toe at this? He says yes, it’s a dating consultation.

She tells him she does not know anything about dating. Tell me, maybe I can help. 

He says he has someone he wants to wrap up his heart with. He has not confessed yet, because she has a girlfriend.

JK – Do you like her a lot?

SJ – A lot a lot

JK – Then why don’t you take her?

SJ – Should I?

JK – Who is that person? Someone in our school?

SJ – it is a secret

JK – is it…

SJ _ *looks up*

JK – Soo-ah? Hey, you should not take Soo-ah, what about Tae-hoon.

SJ – its not her

JK – What kind of girl? She should be pretty to have your one sided love

SJ – Yeah, she is pretty.

JK – you should have confessed first

SJ  -If I did it, would she accept me?

JK – Well, I can’t do anything for you but at least I can buy things for you.

She buys more food and asks what else he wants to eat. He mutters that this is so awkward. She smiles.

Later on, Ju-kyung fixes her hair in a crimped wavy style and applies some makeup and perfume.

Cut to Suho going out with his scarf on. His father texts him.

We cut to the father happily texting Suho to see where he wants to eat at. But then the father has some kind of headache or something. He reaches into his drawer for some pills and passes out.


Suho meets Ju-kyung at the bus stop. He is wearing his scarf he made and gives Ju-kyung a scarf as well. He tells her that he made it for her with the things she gave him. She jokes that he didn’t have to. He helps her wrap it and they head off.

They go to a tiny goat farm and walk around. 

She says she is going to post their photos on Instagram. She posts one of only herself. He asks why she only puts single photos. She says just in case you didn’t like it. He says she can post couple photos so she posts one o both of them. He tells her it is really good.

he asks what she wants to eat and they go to a cafe. They both try and draw each other. Her drawing is pretty good. His drawing is not good at all. She says he is actually not good at something. They both joke and smile.

They go to a viewing skywalk and happily walk around like they are over the forest and ocean. She even swings on a sky swing that looks so scary and yet exhilarating. They both look out over the ocean from this sky walk and happily cuddle.


The sister goes to the coffee shop to talk to Seo-joon. They both use banmal with each other and they also remember when she got drunk and threw up on Suho. he asks what she needs. She tells him he is viral now. She shows him the song he sang outside.

He asks what about it. She asks if he really is not going to sing? he says he will never go to that company. She asks why not? We have new executives. We are not the same company. He asks why she wants to convince him like this?

She tells him that she has a feeling and wants to convince him to sing again. Seo-joon remembers what Suho said about how Sae-yun would like him to sing again.

Then Seo-joon gets a frantic call from someone who asks if he is with Suho?


Suho is still having a fun time at the beach. He and Ju-kyung run on the beach and play with the waves and hug and joke and take lots of photos together. She writes a nice message on the sand that says Suho I love You, but the waves wash it away before he can see it.

He is about to take a photo of her in front of the ocean but her phone ran out of battery. Or perhaps both their phones ran out of battery.

Meanwhile, Seo-joon looks around everywhere for Suho. he calls Tae-hoon to call Soo-ah to see if Suho and Ju-kyung are on a date. he finds out that they are at the ocean.

Later on that night, Suho and Ju-kyung eat at a pop up place on the beach. She happily eats a lot and says she is amazed since she ate a lot with Seo-joon.

Suho asks how their meeting was? Ju-kyung tells him that it was a dating consultation. i think he might like Soo-ah but it should be. J-kyung laughs. Suho says she has something on her nose. He cleans it off but that actually makes it dirtier so he laughs.

Meanwhile, Seo-joon drives to the beach to find Suho. He is with the new manager.

At the outdoor cafe, Ju-kyung is about to tell Suho what she wrote on the beach. He happily walks up to her like he is about to kiss her so she closes her eyes and puckers up but he doesn’t kill her. He asks why she has her eyes closed. She starts to say she has sand in her eyes. He smiles and gives her a little peck then lights some sparklers on the beach.

She tells him it is pretty and thinks they should take photos. He says he will get the phones that are charging in the restaurant. But then Seo-joon comes running up with the manager. Suho asks why they are there?

Cut to them all driving back quietly. it looks like this has made the news as well so they found Suho before he saw it on the news at least. Ju-kyung holds Suho’s hand int he car. Suho looks straight ahead.

They go to the airport. Ju-kyung sits with Suho. Seo-joon sits on the bench next to them. Ju-kyung says he should be okay. Suho says yes, he should be okay. They all stand and walk Suho to the escalator with the director.

SH – You can go. Goodbye. Seo-joon can you take Ju-kyung home?

SJ – *Nods* Don’t worry.

SH – *Turns to leave*

JK – Suho ya *runs up and hugs him* Don’t worry. Have a safe trip. I love you.

SH – *starts crying and wipes his tears away* I will call you when I get there. Goodbye.

He goes up the elevator and smiles at Ju-kyung as he rides it up. She tries to smile bravely back though they are both on the verge of tears.

After he goes all the way to the top, she falls and starts to cry and wonders what would happen if his father dies? Poor Suho. *tears* Seo-joon kneels and puts his arms around her to comfort her.

Suho sits alone on the airplane and starts to cry.

Ju-kyung and Seo-joon walk out of the airport.

Suho looks out the window of the airplane.


Several college kids hang out in a bar and drink. Ju-kyung yells something drunkenly (Just stop everything!) and passes out. Soo-ah puts her arm around her and asks if she is sleeping then asks he is coming? They say he should come quickly and take care of her. Seo-joon shows up looking pretty cool. He asks who gave Ju-kyung a drink. he lightly wakes her up and smiles. She looks up at him and smiles then comfortably rests her head on Seo-joon’s shoulder.

Fade Out


Aw, poor Suho. Though I do like how they are hitting all the key moments of the webcomic (even though the webcomic lacked a solid structure). I enjoyed this episode and all the cute moments between the cast members. I also really like how this episode set up what was to come with the future of our team as far as college is concerned.

But now it is time to wait one week to see how this time jump will affect our duo. Will Seo-joon be a successful singer or perhaps preparing for his debut? Will Ju-kyung be a makeup artist yet or still studying for it? Will Suho be a student at MIT? All theories are welcome!



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    January 28, 2021 / 10:36 am

    Poor Suho. I watched the ep without subs and I cried for him.

    I love how they take the webtoon premises but made it so much better by turning them into a heartwarming and coherent story. All the characters have some level of dimension which is great.

    I think Seojun never confessed and still hold a torch for Ju Kyung 2 years on, but he is a loyal friend to both Suho and Ju Kyung so he will just keep quiet about his feelings.

    • V
      January 28, 2021 / 12:44 pm

      YES! The drama is taking the premise and really expanding on it though keeping many of the situations the characters find themselves in intact. It is something I really appreciate as I feel like I kind of know what is going to happen and yet I don’t know for sure if that will happen.

      • koreanoona
        January 29, 2021 / 7:57 pm

        I agree with you.

  2. faw
    January 28, 2021 / 6:48 pm

    i hope seojun never confess to jugyeong, my heart breaks for suho cause i saw how much he love jugyeong..
    i hope all these are just infatuation on seojun’s part, maybe he’s lonely and need a female close friend like jugyeong

    • Anonymous
      January 29, 2021 / 1:54 am

      He broke her first i hope seojun gets his chance 🙂

      • faw
        January 29, 2021 / 10:08 pm

        jugyeong is one lucky girl and she is already seojun’s half girlfriend at this juncture. no wonder park semi is ruffled..
        i love the dynamics of suho-seojun’s friendship to the extend suho gives permission to seojun to confess even though it’s for him to be rejected and move on..

    • V
      January 29, 2021 / 8:08 am

      This is one of those rare dramas where I love both male leads.

  3. Owl Lip
    January 28, 2021 / 10:58 pm

    The parting and the time jump reminds me of Start Up… But i guess this would be a far better version. 😀

    Will Seojun confess and kiss Jukyung like in the webcomic version? 😆 Will they be together and then break up? 😭

    • V
      January 29, 2021 / 8:10 am

      These are all things I am wondering too, Owl Lip!

  4. Anonymous
    January 29, 2021 / 3:14 am

    Do you know the song thats playing when seojun was trying to confess?

    • V
      January 29, 2021 / 7:33 am

      I don’t, does anyone know? It might be part of the OST.

      • koreanoona
        January 29, 2021 / 7:59 pm

        Hwang In Yeop will be singing an OST… It’s been announced. The song is coming out 5Feb – after the finale episode.

        I’m hoping we get a Cha Eun Woo song in the OST too.

      • koreanoona
        January 29, 2021 / 11:25 pm

        I rewatched that scene. That background music im not sure but near the end it is the 3rd song of the OST, called ‘Happy Ending’ by Car, the garden.

    • koreanoona
      January 29, 2021 / 11:20 pm

      I do wanna know the title of the song seojun sang when he lost the bet (and it went viral). Or maybe that’s gonna be the OST?

  5. Chi
    January 29, 2021 / 9:54 pm

    Does anyone know the poem that the teacher was reading in class?

  6. kdrama123
    March 25, 2021 / 12:49 pm

    team suho but poor seojun barely got closer to ju kyung, she is one not-so-lucky but lucky at the same time girl

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