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Live Recap: True Beauty Episode 13

Live Recap: True Beauty Episode 13

Time to find out how poor Ju-kyung is going to take this horrible news and just overall horrible day she had. Because, honestly, what do you do when your absolute worst most embarrassing fears come true? What do you do if you literally went to school naked one day? How do you ever go back? Ju-kyung is going to have to figure that out this episode and I am rooting for her to succeed!


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How We Do This: This recap is in one part. We watch and recap at the same time which means their will be typos though I try and clean it up as best and quick as possible. We will post the preview on a separate post!




Ju-kyung goes to school and all the other students act ignant towards her. She does not know what is going on. She goes to the classroom and finds out her worst fears. They all see her without her makeup and that she was bullied at her old school. Soo-ah shows her the post and runs off. 

The room spins around Ju-kyung. She feels like she is actually at school without makeup on. She backs away teary eyed and takes off. But she bumps into someone in the hallway and falls. Suho comes up to her but she pushes him away and takes off running again.

She runs into this school bullies. They pull her away to the bathroom. Hae-min sees it and looks concerned. The bully girls yell at her and asks how she seduced Suho and Seo-joon. Do they know how you look for real? If they know how you look then what would be wrong with him? You aren’t a goddess or whatever.

They hold her and start to rub off her makeup. Suho runs around looking for  and finds all these bullies in the bathroom wiping off Ju-kyung’s makeup. He yanks the bullies hand away and yells at them about what they are doing. Ju-kyung looks at him teary eyed and ashamed and runs away again. he follows her.

Seo-joon sees her running away crying. he grabs her and asks where she is going and if she is crying. She breaks away and runs off. Suho comes running up and asks where Ju-kyung is. He asks if they fought again? And says where she ran. Suho runs off. Seo-joon tries not to care. 

But then his friend runs up to him and shows him what happened at the school. He looks shocked and looks back to Ju-kyung.

Ju-kyung hops on the bus at the perfect time. Suho doesn’t see it and runs past the bus.

Ju-kyung cries on the bus and sees her message. The bullies basically tell her that she is taking Suho to a lower class with her. She cries even more.

In the school, Ju-kyung’s brother sees some guys talking about how ugly Ju-kyung is and starts to punch them. He tells him to say it one more time. Go-woon has to pull him off. They go outside to talk. She tells him to calm down and not be so upset. It makes me mad what happened to Ju-kyung eunnie but don’t use violence. You know people say that you shouldn’t even hit with flowers. Do it with conversation okay?

he shows his hand to her for her to put the bandaid on, she asks if he is a dog and gives him the bandaid to put on herself. Then she leaves. But he is very happy that she gave him that.


The teacher goes to the classroom. He says that Suho and Ju-kyung are not there. One kid jokes that they might be on a date together But one of the friend, Shi-hyun sadly says that Ju-kyung might not come to school today.

Hyun-gyu says that Seo-joon is not there also.

Cut to Seo-joon walking up the hallway of the bullies school.

She is happy to see him in the hallway but he tells her to erase it right now while I’m asking nicely! Erase the video you showed me yesterday!

She does not know what he is talking about but thinks that daebak that it was in his schools website. She tells him it is not her, how would she go into his school website and do it? He asks who can do it then if it isn’t her. She tells him, of course, how do you think I knew Im Ju-kyung was the shuttle dumpling?


The comic store asks his tarot cards if he will ever get married. He pulls one and looks at it hesitantly. It says Guardian angle? (Suho shin) and then Suho runs into the store. He asks if Ju-kyung is there. He says no so Suho runs off.

He runs to Ju-kyung’s home where he sees her mother taking the trash out. She is happy to see him and starts to make small talk about his leg and his father and all that. He tries to ask where Ju-kyung is but stops himself and tells her goodbye then runs off. She yells after him to eat and be careful with his meals. She also wonders why he is here since it is school hours.

She grabs a box and takes it inside her room. That is when she sees that she signed up for the beauty school. This of course makes her angry.


In school, Soo-ah is all depressed because she did not know anything. The other kids talk badly about her, but Hoon tells them to watch their mouth. Seo-joon comes back inside in a quiet rage and tells Seo-joon to come outside. She doesn’t want to but he pulls her outside.

Outside, he asks if she was really this trashy? Erase the video. She tells him no. He tries to take her phone. She asks what he cares for? Seo-joon asks what she thinks Suho will think? She tells him she does not care, go ahead and tells him. Nothing will change if I erase it. Everyone saw it.

he asks why she did this? Because of Suho? Do you think he will still be your friend if he knows? She tells him she will not have a heart aching one sided love like you and just be his friend. Seo-joon asks if she thinks she destroyed Ju-kyung? You are the one that is destroyed. He walks off.

Seo-joon goes to the bathroom and tells his best friend Cho-rong to come out. Cho-rong tells him he is pooping. So Seo-joon breaks the door open and exposes the poor guy to the restroom. He asks who the webmaster is so they can erase this video.

They argue back and forth about not knowing and your should know. Seo-joon tells him to find it out. The friend asks why he is so angry? Do you like Im Ju-kyung!!!! Seo-joon tells him whatever and tells him to find out, then leaves. The friend asks how he can find out and  walks out which shows everyone in the hallway that he is half naked.


The teacher of the classroom doesn’t know what is going on in his classroom. He doesn’t know that two people have not come to class or anything. One of the teachers asks him about it but the other woman teacher that likes him says something sly. So the teacher is just all in his mind about his girlfriend.


Meanwhile, Ju-kyung road the bus all day and night. She road it all the way to the end of he line and had to get off. Suho has been looking for her this entire time. He has been texting her as well but she isn’t responding.

he runs to the rooftop but she is not there. He looks out over the city and then turns and runs out.

Ju-kyung is sitting on a bench somewhere looking so sad. She is actually still at the bus station. The bus driver asks why she is still here? The last bus stopped, it’s too late. Go home. he walks off.

Ju-kyung checks her phone and sees that she has a lot of missed calls and texts from her boyfriend. She looks around and finally might realize where she is.

Suho is still running around everywhere looking for her. he runs to a park and calls her but has to leave a message asking where she is because she still didn’t pick up.

He goes back to her house and calls her brother to ask where his sister is. He says she didn’t come back and also wonders where she is.

Suho runs off and that is when Ju-kyung comes home. He runs back and calls her name. She is super sad and goes inside her gate quickly then sniffles on the opposite side.

He stares at the gate and listens to her crying but he doesn’t say anything for a long time. Finally he says her name but she just keeps on crying.


Ju-kyung’s mother is upset inside the house and asks her where she went without her phone. She is super upset about this makeup school and thinks she went there after school. That is why she came home late.

Ju-kyung is all cried out and wants to talk later. Her mother yells at her to talk to her right now and asks about the makeup school and how she payed for it. Her brother sees that she is home now and runs up looking concerned.

Ju-kyung yells, can’t I talk to you about this tomorrow? Her brother and father also say they will talk to her about it tomorrow. But the mother wants to talk to her about it now! She yells at her about the makeup school and tells her to get a refund.

Ju-kyung asks why she is doing this to her? I want to do it, what is so wrong with that? CANT I DO SOMETHING I LIKE AND MEET SOMEONE I LIKE AND JUST BE HAPPY? DON’T I DESERVE IT? She storms off to her room. Her brother runs after her. The father holds the mother back to talk to her tomorrow.

Ju-kyung cries on her bed. her brother knocks on her door, but the door is locked.


Soo-jin reads all the comments under the message. The replies are all bad about Ju-kyung. But the last message says, Who reported it? This is school violence/bullying.

Meanwhile, Seo-joon sits with his comical thug friends at a restaurant and says he is going to kill all these people that are replying badly. No one should respond under my text! His friends tease him about liking Ju-kyung. Seo-joon tells him that he needs to find out who the webmaster is.

They keep joking and mocking him about it. One guy says, Im Ju-kyung! So Seo-joon stands up and asks, where! They all start laughing.


Meanwhile, the teacher looks serious and stoic as he stands on the side of the street waiting to cross. He looks like he is in a melo right now. He sees his girlfriend on the other side of the street and calls her. She asks why he is calling, do you want to hear my name first?

He tells her to stop and not cross the street. When I see your face, my heart softens. She asks what he is talking about. He tells her, let’s break up for now. She asks why? He says he thinks it is wrong. I did not know this would hurt Ju-kyung so much. If I knew that you were Ju-kyung’s eunnie then I would not have started.

he tells her that he will move to a new school, one year later, if our love does not end until then we can start again. she is all like, what? He tells her to stay there, goodbye. Then he runs off. She is all like, what? 


Suho leaves his house. The manager person shows up right outside to apologize to him about Sae-hyun. Suho tells him to apologize to Sae-hyun’s family. The manager director person says he did apologize and will live his entire life apologizing. he tells him that his father did not know about any of this. Your father is taking all the responsibility though. He cares about you a lot. When I heard that you had a hard time for a long time I wanted to come and tell you this.

Suho walks off.

He goes to Ju-kyung’s place but checks his phone. His father left a message saying that he is going abroad and wants to see him before he goes. Ju-kyung’s brother comes out and tells him that Ju-kyung is not going to school.

Suho asks the brother to tell her that he will wait at the comic store? The brother says okay. Let’s go to school, I will tell appa to tell her to pick up the phone. Let’s go. They walk off together.


The other teachers finally see the school homepage the next day. So now the teacher realizes that Ju-kyung skipped school because of that and not him. The vice principal says he can’t have a bully/school violence committee because the kids in the video are not their students. They also do not know who posted the video.

They think it is pretty bad situation. The VP tells the teacher to meet the parents and talk to them about it.

Elsewhere, at work, the sister wonders what she should do about her boyfriend and this one year thing. Someone asks her if she has data ready. The sister curses ONE YEAR and slams the paperwork on her desk so the person tells her to take their time.

Back at school, Suho takes off all the poster images of Ju-kyung and stares at anyone talking badly about Ju-kyung. Seo-joon is trying to erase the poster. Suho tells him to just remove it. Seo-joon tells Suho that he knows who posted that video. Suho tells him that he knows as well. So Seo-joon asks, you know?

In the classroom, Soo-ah is still sad. Hoon tries to get her to smile. Soo-jin still looks evil. Hoon finally gets her to laugh a little then the teacher comes in.

The teacher asks if any of them worry about Ju-kyung? He is very disappointed in them and scared as how they can just laugh and mock their classmate? Ju-kyung’s pain is nothing to you? Only gossip?

Suho goes outside and texts to see if Ju-kyung ate anything or is just crying? Some girls come by and whisper about Suho and if he is dating Ju-kyung. He yells at them I AM DATING JU-KYUNG. they run off.

Hoon comes up right then and asks if he is dating Ju-kyng? Ii thought you were dumped. My heart ached for you. Suho apologizes and says that Ju-kyung wanted to keep it secret. Hoon is sad that Seo-joon knew and he did not. Are you going to abandon me right now? Who will you save first? Me or Seo-joon?

Suho says you. Seo-joon is good at swimming. But Hoon is just happy that he said he will save him first. He tells him to ask him anything my best friend.

Suho asks, when my girlfriend is sad, what should I do? Hoon happily starts to tell him something.


Back at home, Ju-kyung’s father tries to get her to come outside by cooking samgyupsal right in front of her bedroom door. He tells her IT TASTES SO GOOOOOOD, COMEO UT AND EAAAAAT. He keeps cooking and telling her to come out to eat and get strength to fight her mother.


back at school, the head thug tells Seo-joon that he found out the information about the homepage. He has found the webmaster. The webmaster is Jim Hee-jung. So Seo-joon goes to find him.

Inside the school, Go-woon attacks several girls to see if they posted Ju-kyung’s stuff on the webpage. She is straight up going after the bully girl and pulling her hair and some other girls hair.

The brother comes up and tries to save her but then Seo-joon comes up and yells at the girls to let her go. Then he asks the bullies what they just said to his sister. The bullies are all like, what? She’s your sister? One of the bullies tries to walk away. Seo-joon pulls her back and asks if she is the webmaster? Aren’t you going to erase that?

Later on, Go-woon yells at her brother that she told him not to recognize her at school. He says he is her oppa, how can I not? The brother is there too. Seo-joon asks if she is ashamed of him or something? She says it will be like middle school, all the kids with bother me and ask me to introduce them to you. Never come to the first floor. She walks away.

The brother tried to follow but she tells him not to follow. Seo-joon pulls him back too and asks if he is still following his sister? The brother asks if he can’t have his own one sided love? Haven’t you had your own one sided love? You can’t just stop love by yelling. He bows and runs off.

Inside the school, Suho and Soo-jin accidentally bump into each other. Suho walks off without saying anything. Soo-ah asks what happened to them? Soo-jin says nothing. Soo-ah looks like she feels strange about how Soo-jin is acting and tells her that the video was erased on the homepage. Soo-jin halfheartedly says, oh, thats good, let’s go. Soo-ah looks at her walking off.


Suho goes to Ju-kyung’s house again but Ju-kyung is not coming out. Her brother tells him that she is not coming out at all. They make a deal for the brother to take a delivery to Ju-kyung from Suho. He says he will give him his shoes (or buy shoe for him?). 

The brother goes inside and starts to try and break the sisters door down since he doesn’t hear her inside. She comes up from behind and asks what he is doing. he tries to hug her but she avoids it easily. He tells her that Suho wants him to give her this. he hands over the package. She goes inside her room and then grabs her jacket and leaves.


The mother and teacher meet to talk. The mother is still upset about the makeup stuff and asks the teacher if he knows about it. He says he wanted to see her for a different reason. You might be shocked but I think as a parent you should know that Ju-kyung is in this condition now.

He shows her the video of all the bullying. Her mother is shocked. She asks, is this my Ju-kyung? This is really my Ju-kyung? It looks like her heart grew three sizes that moment.



Ju-kyung waits for Soo-jin outside her gate. Soo-jin shows up so Ju-kyung stands to talk to her.

Ju-kyung asks why she isn’t calling her? She has a question for her.

JK – You shouldn’t have done it but I have this scary idea. Soo-jin, it wasn’t you right? My secret, you are the only one who knows my secret and about me dating Suho. You are the only one, but it isn’t you right? You didn’t post it did you?

KSJ – Why did you come to see me if you don’t think it?

JK – I want to hear you say no.

KSJ – I’m sorry, I can’t tell you that.

JK – Why did you do that?

KSJ – Because I did not want to see you with him?

JK – What?

JK – You ran away from Yong Pa high school when that happened. Why don’t you run away this time since you are good at it. Run far far away and hide. That is what I want.

She goes inside her gate. Ju-kyung starts to cry a lot in disbelief.


Suho is at the comic store waiting for her and cleaning a bit. He looks at what he wrote on the wall which says something like “Im Ju-kyung’s seat” he starts to write something else there. Then he tells the owner that he is done cleaning up. He wants to do something else so that time will go faster. The comic store says he can just rest, did you get dumped by Jubal? When a guy waits nervously in front of the girls house it means…

Suho says it is nothing like that. the owner tells him to pick a tarot card so he can tell him what he thinks. The owner tells him to pick one. So Suho picks The Lovers but he picks it up upside down. So the owner looks up that meaning. Suho walks off.

Upside down means that you are breaking up.


Ju-kyung gets back to her house and goes inside. Everyone is downstairs. The mother asks where she went and to eat. Ju-kyung says she just went around the corner and she isn’t hungry. The mother yells, why didn’t you eat! Then she cries and hugs Ju-kyung.

Ju-kyung doesn’t know what is wrong with her mother. Her brother and sister say that their mom went to the school. So they have a crying moment together while the mother hugs her. Then the mother asks who did this to her daughter, she will do the same to them! The sister tells the mom not to cry. The mother asks if that girl hit her? Tell me everything.

Ju-kyung says she didn’t get hit, she is okay. They keep hugging and crying.

Later on, the mother and father have a drink in the living room. The mother thinks it is all her fault because Ju-kyung is scared of her, that is why she didn’t want to tell her. She starts to say that after having Ju-kyung they had Ju-young right away and sent Ju-kyung to the countryside. That is why people say we adopted her. She is not loved at home, that is why she is not loved outside. It is all my fault for not raising her preciously and prettily.

The father says it is all his fault. he made her work so hard so she would not have time to take care of the kids. Now the mother knows that is why she was so mad she threw away the cosmetics. But I just yelled at her.

Upstairs, her sister apologizes for not understanding her and tells her to not worry abut those other kids. You can be confident and then if you are confident then no one can hurt you. She leaves.

Ju-kyung cries a bit in her bed.


At home, Suho looks at his tiny dolls that Ju-kyung gave him while he lays on his back in bed.


The next day, mother and daughter go to a plastic surgeon to have a consultation. He asks her to take off her glasses and looks at her face. he says this could cost a lot. The mother says do everything to make her a goddess.

so he starts to draw all on her face and says all the things he wants to change about it. With the eyes and hair line and chin and cheeks…really just the entire face. it is really a lot. Ju-kyung looks like she is not that into it. The mother gets upset and asks who made this guideline on who is pretty and who is not pretty!

The doctor shows them a photo of what she will look like after surgery. They show a picture of an ideal woman. The mother says she becomes like this with makeup! Your plastic surgery skills are not as good as my daughters makeup skills! She is okay, she does not need surgery! She takes Ju-kyung by the hand and leads her off.

In the bathroom, Ju-kyung looks at herself in the mirror and sighs.

In the car, her and her mother talk about how she heard that video was spread everywhere at school. Don’t worry, I will move you somewhere where no one knows who you are. She holds her hand reassuringly.

At the comic store, Ju-kyung thinks about what Soo-jin said about how she should run away and hide since she is good at doing that.

Suho finds her at the comic store. She is still not ready to see him and hides her face in a pillow. He asks if she cried she says no. He asks why she doesn’t want to show him her face. She says she is just sorry to him since he is in trouble also.

SH – But you should show me your face, I waited here…daramgee….daramgee…meow… aren’t you going to laugh?

JK – That is an old kid thing.

SH – You don’t know?

JK – Huh?

He sits with her and cradles her head.

SH – That is good, I missed you so much. Let’s go.

JK – Huh?

SH – How long are you going to hide here? Let’s go.

He pulls her up a hill but it is hard work for her to walk. Sh says she didn’t eat and has no energy. He piggy backs her. She tells him she is too heavy.

They get to the top of the hill and sit on a bench.

Sh – How is it? Better outside?

JK – Its good.

SH – Why did you go out that day? I am next to you now so why did you run away?

JK – Yeah, I ran away again. Maybe I just wanted to hide

SH – Why do you have to hide? You didn’t do anything wrong.

JK – It is embarrassing. Everyone knows how I really look. What should I do?

SH – Your makeup face is fake then?… whatever you look like, with makeup or not, you are always Im Ju-kyung. I read somewhere about which tomato is the most tasty in the world. it is Spain. Because Spain is the worst place for tomatoes to survive so that is why they are the most tasty. 

JK – You said it is difficult to live

SH – Since it is so difficult to live, they try their best to survive so they are heartier and have a better smell.

JK – Okay.

SH – You know the fruit with bumps and scrapes are the most delicious. I think that people are the same.

JK -Are you telling me that because I am ugly.

They both laugh.

SH – I don’t know but you are stronger than you think. More than me. I want to try and be strong like you.


Elsewhere, the teacher looks at his apartment (or his girlfriends apartment?) and asks why he is there. He thinks about her giving him shoes and thinks that his feet are moving towards her. he takes off his shoes.

But then he sees her walking out so he hides. Another man comes up to her and starts to talk to her to see if she would like to eat dinner? She tells him that they don’t have that kind of relationship to eat dinner together. he asks why not? Do you have a boyfriend?

The boyfriend throws his show and then tries to grab it secretly. She sees him and says she doesn’t have a boyfriend for ONE YEAR. Then says she will go eat with him. They hop into the other guys convertible sports car and drive away. The teacher looks at his barefeet sadly.


Seo-joon works in the coffee shop and texts Ju-kyung to see if she is okay, but he does not send it. he thinks of something else to say like “are you okay” but erases it. He wants to also tell her that her video was removed but erases that.

Meanwhile, Ju-kyung gets home hand in hand with Suho. He asks if she is going to school anymore. Ju-kyung says her mother wants to move her to another school. But that is nonsense, we don’t have money for that. She doesn’t want to go inside because it hurts her that her mother is having a hard time. He asks if she is going to stay out all night? that would be good for me. He smiles.

She smiles and says goodnight. She is about to go inside but he stops and gives her one of the little dolls she gave him then tells the doll to please help Ju-kyung sleep well without worry. He kisses on the forehead and tells her to sleep well. She says okay and goes inside.


Inside, she checks her messages and sees a message from Suho where he sang her a funny song and does a little kid dance to make her laugh.

Outside, it looks like Suho is kind of shocked that he did it. Then we see a flashback where he say Hoon doing that for Soo-ah to make her laugh. he studied Hoon doing it and practiced it at the comic shop. He also filmed it at the comic store for her.

It is successful since it made her laugh. She runs to her balcony to see if he is still there but he isn’t there. She thinks he left. But then we see him come out from under the balcony. He looks at bit embarrassed. he asks why she is out. She asks what this video is. He tells her goodnight, thoroughly embarrassed. Though he does look a bit happy. He walks away quickly after telling her goodbye. She looks at him walk away and smiles. She goes inside with her little toy and says, it will be difficult but at least I want to talk about it

While Suho walks home, he looks at his fathers text telling him that he will go overseas soon. He remembers Ju-kyung telling him that it will be difficult to talk to him but it would be nice to talk to him so that you do not have any regret.

Suho catches a taxi and goes to his fathers place. he calls him while he is outside to tell him he is in front of his house. His father answers right away. he is happy to talk to him and tells him he is actually at the airport. There are too many reporters right now. Suho asks when he is coming back to Korea?

His father says he will be back next month for work. What about staying in America with appa? Suho tells him he doesn’t want to. When you come to America, buy me something delicious. See you.

His father is happy and says he will when he comes back to America. he tells his new assistant to reserve a restaurant the day he comes back. But then he says no, I will take care of it. Can you find out what young kids like?


At Ju-kyung’s house, her family is still trying to get her to come downstairs so they not so secretly yell that they are eating all her favorite foods. Finally her brother runs upstairs to get her. But she is not in her room.

Ju-kyung is actually at school. She is standing at the gate of her school and gets all her courage together and goes inside. We do not see  what she looks like. But we see all the kids reactions to her. 

Finally, they show Ju-kyung with her bare face and glasses. her skin looks like it has actually improved a lot since she started wearing makeup, but ti is still slightly splotchy. Ju-kyung is actually happy to go to class with her bare face and glasses.

Her friends are happy to see her. Hoon and the other friends tell her that she is cool. Soo-ah runs off though. Ju-kyung runs after her but she hides when she sees the bullies.

She goes to the bathroom and hears the girls talking about her and how her bare face is worst than the picture. They think Suho won’t want to talk to her like that. Maybe he is dating anyone now since his father is having a hard time.

Ju-kyung actually confronts them! She yells at them in the hallway to take what they said back! They laugh and asks if she is crazy to walk around like that. Ju-kyung yells, yes I am dating Suho! SUHO IS MY BOYFRIEND! Are you happy now? he is  not the kind of guy that classifies people based on the way they look! He likes me the way I am, not how Ii look. He is a lot better than you people without any morality! So don’t talk bad about Suho because he is dating me! Just talk to me!

All the kids around think she is super cool for calling them out. Ju-kyung tells them to study during all this time they talk bad about others. Do you know who King Seo-jong’s mother is! Go away!

She bumps into all of them and walks past them. Suho heard the entire thing and happily kisses Ju-kyung on the forehead and gives her a hug. All the other kids go crazy. They smile to each other and that is the end of today’s episode.


When Ju-kyung was young she walked behind the girls who said they would eat ddukboki. She asked them if she could eat with them but they said no, you are not our friend. What the heck? So Ju-kyung goes to the comic store.

That is when she sees little Suho crying. She asks if he is crying because the comic is scary. it is okay, don’t cry. Then she does the daramgee dance and the meow dance. That makes him laugh a bit. She tells him that if you cry and smile then you will have hair growing on your booty. He laughs even more.

Cut to them as adults, that is the same thing he said to her in the comic store when he finally found her.

Fade Out


Now that was a great ending to this episode! I love how Suho and Seo-joon had Ju-kyung’s back in their own ways. Of course Suho was more concerned with finding Ju-kyung and comforting her. Since Seo-joon couldn’t really do that, he was focused on finding out who posted that stuff about Ju-kyung. I also really like how Hoon told people to stop talking badly about Ju-kyung.

Soo-ah still looks conflicted, though I think she feels bad about how she acted in the entire situation. It looked like Soo-ah was putting some things together in her head about Soo-jin during today’s episode, so she, hopefully, came to her own understanding of what went on.

I just love how Ju-kyung got up the courage to go to school without makeup on and also to stand up to those bullies that talked badly about her in the bathroom. That was a really wonderful moment. I also love how she told the school that she is dating Suho and that he isn’t superficial and inconsiderate like they are, he is a good person that looks at the person for who they are. That was just so lovely. And of course, Suho heard the entire thing and showed the entire class that they are dating when he kissed her forehead and hugged her in the hallway.

That was a lovely ending to this episode. it looks like the next episode is going to be all about their beach date and the airport scene that was in our last spoilers and rumors video! We’ll try and see if we can find out anything else and post it in today’s spoilers video!



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  1. Lyn
    January 27, 2021 / 11:37 am

    Finally Ju Kyung accepts herself and Suho on the path to patching up with his father. 3 episodes left and i think it is going to settle everything nicely!

  2. Lyn
    January 27, 2021 / 11:38 am

    I believe Ju Kyung completed her self acceptance because she witnessed how everyone whip values her cone together for her. Especially her mom.

  3. Gold
    January 28, 2021 / 4:26 am

    I like the ju kyung stood up for herself and didnt run away this time around. what lovely couple, i love ending

    • V
      January 28, 2021 / 6:26 pm

      I love that too!

  4. nushi
    February 1, 2021 / 12:07 am

    Hi, can someone help me figure out which drama/movie did they take Mr. Han and the older sister’s scene from? The break up scene in the street on their phones. I vaguely remember it from somewhere. Please help! lol

    • V
      February 1, 2021 / 6:32 am

      haha! I am not sure but I want to know as well! Does anyone know?

      • Nushi
        February 1, 2021 / 6:37 am

        my friends and I are losing our minds trying to find the drama reference for this scene. someone help usssss hahahahahaha i am 10000% sure this scene was taken from a real break up scene ommo 😅😅

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