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Live Recap: True Beauty Episode 12

I have a bad feeling about this episode! It feels like either it was a dream in he preview about the kids finding out or it wasn’t a dream. We are coming close the end so perhaps this is when she gets outed! We shall see!

Episode 13 Preview

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How We Do This: This recap is in one part. We watch and recap at the same time which means their will be typos though I try and clean it up as best and quick as possible. We will post the preview on a separate post!



Soo-jin runs to the hospital and is looking for Suho. Suho is standing on the stair landing and looking out the window. The news of his fathers retirement and stepping down from the management company is everywhere. 

Ju-kyung finds Suho first. They are both teary eyed. He tells her he missed her and she came. She tells him that she is there to hug him and gives him a big hug. He hugs her back.

Soo-jin sees them hugging. Then Ju-kyung and Suho look at each other and Ju-kyung rocks up on her tippy toes to kiss him. Soo-jin turns her back on them and leaves.

Suho and Ju-kyung go to a waiting area to talk. She asks if he is okay. He says he has no memory with his appa. After his umma died, his appa was in America most of the time. He grew up with his grandmother on his mothers side. He lived alone since middle school. He hated his appa for a long time. He let out everything that he suppressed in his heart. He thought it would be a little lighter, but it is still heavy.

She holds his hand.

SH – Maybe because I still  can’t forgive him or maybe because I pity him a bit . I still don’t know how I am now.

Soo-jin goes home really angry and is immediately slapped by her father for running out on her study session. He tells her this is the most critical time right now. She stares daggers at him. He tells her, how dare you look at e like that! She goes to her room which looks like a wing of the house and locks it. He knocks on it.

Suho goes home by himself. He is still on crutches. There is a voice over of Suho asking some guy how the company is. The manager told him they are in big trouble. Black Swan fans are swarming in and reporters and we lost a lot of money. Our CEO should be in big trouble.

Suho goes to his music room and plays the music they recorded together on his phone. He looks at the photo of the three of them. His crutches fall and he accidentally finds out that one of the piano keys doesn’t play. He looks at it and there is a letter under it. He opens it.


To Suho and Seo-joon

In a flashback we see the trio playing in Suho’s music room. Sae-joon sits at the piano and writes them a letter as they are playing in the background. They are celebrating his #1 album.

VO – This is so cheesy so I didn’t want to write it. Today when I got the award I couldn’t mention you two because I was too busy crying. I am writing this just in case you two are pissed. Because of you guys that came into my cold life. My life was so warm these last three years. I smiled a lot and became more confident and realized my dream.

Suho reads it and tears up. The camera scrolls to the painting.

VO – On the shiniest day of my life, I will remember this moment we have together forever.

Suho and Sae-joon go to Sae-yun’s resting place at a mountain cemetary.

VO – My dear friends, I love you. I hope never find this letter because it is so “Kicking the blanket” (Korean expression). From Sae-yun.

Seo-joon reads the letter at the gravesite and cries. Suho pats him on the back.

Later on they sit on a bench at the cometary. Seo-joon asks if he remembers what Sae-yun said when they bought this bracelet? friends forever. I told him it was so childish and mocked him. Suho says, yes, you did. Seo-joon says that back then he took it for granted. I thought we would be together forever. But I never knew that this forever was so short. Leaving him alone when he had difficult times. I really regret it, it drives me crazy. But he is not here anymore so if I didn’t yell at you, I couldn’t live anymore. But I didn’t know how hard of a time you had. I am sorry.

SH – Why are we like this?

They stay there a while and then wait for the bus. Suho has a missed call from his father. Soe-joon asks how his father is? Suho tells him, I don’t  know.

SJ – I really envied that your father was rich back then. I don’t envy you anymore.

SH – You have a mom.

SJ – Is this a who’s more pitiful battle. You are rich.

SH – We are bankrupt now.

SJ – Even so, rich people go bankrupt and still have three meals to eat.

SH – Three generations to eat. (he corrected him)

Someon throws a cigarette at Seo-joon’s feet so Seo-joon curses. The man stops and yells, are you yelling at me? Seo-joon stands and asks if he is a thug to throw cigarettes as people?

Yes, they actually are thugs. They all get out of the car to fight them. Seo-joon tells Suho to run! He takes off running. But Suho can’t run so Seo-joon throws his crutches at them and piggy backs Suho away from the thugs.

The thugs catch them after a bit of running and that makes Seo-joon and Suho accidentally fall into manure. But that is lucky because the thugs don’t want to mess with them with poop all over them.

Suho yells, hey, your temper! Seo-joon says he didn’t know! I gave you a piggy back ride.

They ride a tractor back home. They are both super smelly. Seo-joon tells him that Im Ju-kyung should see him like this. Suho asks, do you think she will be disappointed? That doesn’t mean that she will go to you.

They argue back and forth. He asks if he wrapped up his heart. Seo-joon says it isn’t that easy. Suho asks if he is going to confess! He says no, she is your girlfriend! Suho asks, so you aren’t giving up! Seo-joon tells him to shut up. They keep arguing as they ride the tractor. But it is friendly.


Ju-kyng steps into the makeup school and goes to the front to sign up. It looks like she got all the money she needs to join.

Meanwhile Seo-joon and Suho are at Suho’s place. They took a shower and eat ramen together. Seo-joon tells him to get him some water so he goes to do it. But then someone gets a text so Suho checks his phone quickly, but it is Seo-joon.

Seo-joon tells him not to show off that he is dating. Then he asks if they argued because of him? Seo-joon tells him that she should have a good reason not to be open about dating. Suho asks what the reason is? Seo-joons ays it seems to be about Kang Soo-jin.

He thinks about Soo-jin for a moment but then gets a call from Ju-kyung and is instantly happy. They FaceTime together. She asks how his trip was. He says it was almost good. They had a spectacular ending.

She asks what happened. He says they jumped into poopland. She tells him he can joke now. She asks how his leg is and that he should not try too hard. You should eat banana and seeds and spinach. They are good for healing.

He chuckles. She asks why he is laughing. She says that she is happy that someone is nagging him. She tells him that she has something to give him and pulls out a heart fingers. Then asks if he has something for her? He awkwardly gives her heart fingers.

She gives him heart hands and then her brother comes in, farts, and passes it to her. She pushes him away which reveals her pajama pants bottom. So she tells him she will call him later and hangs up.

Suho is happy and then looks at Seo-joon who looks like he looked at the entire thing. So its awkward. Suho is about to come out, but Seo-joon locked it so he is locked in some room. he yells for Seo-joon to let him out but Seo-joon just gives him heart fingers and a thumbs down. Or something like that.




The next morning, Suho meets Ju-kyung at her house so they can walk to school together. He tells her that they shouldn’t show it off at school but they can walk to the bus station like this. She asks if he okay going public like this/ He says he was blinded by jealously. She tells him he doesn’t have to be.

He tells her that when she is ready, they can break the news. He is about to mention Kang Seo-joon, but doesn’t.


On the track field, Soo-jin talks to Hae-min the new student. She uses the excuse of zipping her bag up and says she saw her in the teachers room. Then she calls to Ju-kyung and waves at her. Ju-kyung turns and sees Hae-min. It looks like her world stops.

they both walk up to her. Ju-kyung is a deer in headlights. She remembers being humiliated at the other school and tells Soo-jin that they should go. She quickly runs away.

While walking in the hallway, Ju-kyung wonders why Hae-min is in their school. Soo-jin asks her if there is any problem? Ju-kyung says nothing.


Suho gets back to the classroom. Hoon karate chops Hyun-gyu to get to him first. Seo-joon stops him from walking and asks if his leg is fine. Suho says yes. Seo-joon tells him, good for you. Suho asks, are you sleeping this morning? He says yes.

Hoon and Hyun-gyu think this situation is actually kind of warm?

Suho goes to sit.

Soo-jin and Ju-kyung get to the classroom. Soo-ah tells Ju-kyung that she posted her photo for an Instagram goddess competition. You are a close #2 and could be #1. Soo-jin asks what is so good about being #1? Soo-ah explains that it just feels good but a celebrity was actually #1 once so it isa  cool competition. A lot of schools are participating. She shows her someone from another school. It is actually the bully that is #1 right now.

Cut to the bully taking photos. Her friends tell her that she threatens kids to vote for her, that’s why.

Back in their classroom, Soo-ah shows Ju-kyung the photo that she put up of hers. She tells all he kids in the classroom to vote for her so all the kids start to do that.


Jun-woo checks the kids work and gives Ju-kyung an A+. The girl teacher thinks he is favoring Ju-kyung. They argue back and forth about that. She thinks he is detailed about his explanation which means that it isa  detailed excuse! She runs off. 


Soo-jin runs up to Suho outside and asks if she can talk to him after school. He says she can talk to him now. He tells her that he has an appointment with his girlfriend. I didn’t tell you but my girlfriend is Ju-kyung. She doesn’t want to be public with it so can you ignore it. Soo-jin asks why he is telling her? He tells her that she is his friend so that is why he is telling her. He walks away.

Inside, Ju-kyung avoids the sad bully victim. Suho puts his arm around her and pretends to be limping so they can get some cuddle time out in the open.


In the cafeteria, Soo-jin lets Hae-min sit at the same table as the friends. Soo-ah tells Soo-jin to introduce her so they find out that she is from Yang Pa high school. They ask Ju-kyung what school she is from? Ju-kyung says she is from far away. 

Hae-min quietly asks if she is from her old school, you look similar to someone. Ju-kyung says no, she is not from her school. Then she tells them she feels sick and leaves.

In the bathroom, Soo-jin stokes the fire a bit more and asks Hae-min if she really can’t tell? Does Makeup change a person that much that she can’t recognize her.


Ju-kung frets a bit about Hae-min. Suho comes up and asks what’s wrong. So she tells him nothing. Then she gives him some gifts. One is a paper bag for him to breath into if he feels like he has a hard time breathing. She also gives him some worry toys that will take all his worries away. he tells her it is superstition. She says no, it is doctor prescribed.

She gives him knitting things because it is good for calming down. She also gives him a couples keychain. He asks, if we go to school together wearing this then kids will know. She tells him they can wait until everything is fine and then wear them. 

he asks if she just wants him to keep it? She says yes, it will feel good to just keep it.

She asks if he talked to his father yet? He says no. She tells him it will be difficult, but you should talk to your father. I hope you don’t have any regrets. He jokes that she needs the worry toy more than he does and they have fun looking at all the gifts.




At home, Seo-joon looks at the Instagram goddess high school competition. he can’t believe that bully is #1 and thinks Ju-kyung should be #1. He is about to vote for her but then his sister comes in and complains about how bad his cast smells and how he should throw it away. They argue for a moment. He throws it away but then takes it back out and mutters that it is his right arm, how can he throw it away.

He goes back to the goddess competition and sees that he accidentally pressed like for it.


Suho goes to his bedroom. He has that same painting over his bed. He looks at his phone and his fathers phone number. Then he pulls out the worry toy and pits one under his pillow. He looks at the couples backpack chain and smiles. Then takes out the knitting and flips it  back and forth.

He has to YouTube how to knit things and tries that out on his bed. Though he mutters, is this really calming down?


The kids all celebrate that Ju-kyung is #1 in the Instagram competition! They all celebrate but she is shocked and kind of sad about it. Soo-ah tells her that she turned Instagram upside down!

The bully finds out that Ju-kyung is #1 and not her.

Ju-kyung looks at all the comments. A lot of entertainment companies are following her now. The entire school is all aflutter that Ju-kyung is the winner. Tons of kids are peeking into their classroom.

The strict teacher asks what is going on. One of the kids say that they have a #1 instagram goddess. He points Ju-kyung out.


Ju-kyung avoids Hae-min in the bathroom. When she finally comes out of the stall she looks int he mirror and thinks in her mind, how long are you going to live like this?


Outside, Go-woon gives Ju-kyung’s little brother some ointment for a scratch on his leg. He is super happy about it. She asks if he likes her that much? He says yes. She tells him he is smart so you should understand me. She asks if he likes little flies? He says they bother him. So she tells him that is the right answer so stop flying around me. Since you are Ju-kyung eunnies brother, I will at least let you be my friend. She walks away



Outside, the bullies  walk up to Ju-kyung and Soo-jin on the street and ask if she remembers them? Ju-kung says no and tries to walk away. They tell her that she is really different from the Im Ju-kyung that she knows. They ask why she is avoiding them and wonder Where Seo-joon is. Ju-kyung says she doesn’t know and leaves.

The bullies see Hae-min and run to her. Hae-min tries to run away but the bullies surround her and tell her to follow Ju-kyung and see if she has another man or not. 

Ju-kyung walks away but she comes back to help Hae-min. She tells her that she has homework with them today, did you forget? The bullies say she has to go somewhere with them. But Ju-kyung tells her that homework is more important. She pulls her away and Soo-jin hits away the bullies hand.

Ju-kyung runs away with Hae-min. Soo-jin asks the bullies if they are from Hae-min high school.

Around the corner, Hae-min thanks Ju-kyung and asks if she is really Ju-kyung? She tells her she is really pretty, she didn’t recognize her. Ju-kyung tells her that helping her doesn’t mean she forgave them. The bully apologizes and says that she was scared that if she didn’t do what they said then she would get bullied even more. She is really sorry.

Ju-kyung tells her that she doesn’t want kids to know how she was before so don’t tell anyone. Hae-min says she won’t tell anyone, so don’t worry. Ju-kyung leaves.


Seo-joon knits at a cafe and waits for Seo-joon. Seo-joon asks why he called him. Suho says he had a question, you said the reason she said we couldn’t’ date is because of Soo-jin. Do you know anything? Seo-joon asks why?

Suho says Ju-kyung is a bit strange lately so I wonder if something happened? Seo-joon tells him  not to ask him questions about his girlfriend. Seo-joon does tell him though that Ju-kyung did talk about the friend of a friend friend story which makes Suho think about Ju-kyung asking Suho if he can just throw away his friends?

Suho asks when it started so Seo-joon tells him when they made mandu. Then Seo-joon tells Suho that he can’t miss steps when he knits and starts to help him knit. Hoon shows up and asks how Suho can hang out without him! He sits to knit with them.

Then the leader of the comical thug guys shows up and asks why Seo-joon isn’t hanging out with him anymore! he sits at the table too.


Later, Suho and Ju-kyung meet at the cafe. He asks her if she is happy or sad and puts up a thumbs up or thumbs down. She says happy but puts up a thumbs down. He asks her why she isn’t happy.

Ju-kyung says a girl friend her previous school came. She thought she wouldn’t recognize me but she recognizes me now. He asks if she is okay (he also thinks he must have guessed wrong with what was bothering her). He holds her hand and asks if she wants to eat something. Anything you like.

Ju-kyung goes home and looks at her skin. She thinks she isn’t getting prettier at all and sees another commercial. She puts some more Claritin skin products on her skin to help clear it up.


The sister tells their family that she is dating someone and starts to talk about how cute he is. But she doesn’t tell them exactly who he is. The little brother comes home sadly and tells them that he is just a fly and cries himself upstairs.


At school, the Instagram goddess competition comes to the gym to take a lot of photos of Ju-kyung. Ju-kyung is kind of embarrassed about that and asks why she has to do it? Doesn’t the #1 at school have to do this? The president and teacher says that she is #1 Instagram star so she can do it, plus, no one else wanted to do it.

At gym, Soo-ah happily tells Ju-kyung that she is the representative of their school! Face goddess! Ju-kyung tells her that she is nervous about it. Don’t say those things. They look over at Seo-joon and Suho doing sit ups together and think they are friends again.

But Soo-jin is texting the bad bully back and forth. She also takes photos of Seo-joon. Seo-joon asks why she is taking pictures of him when she likes Suho. They have a mini argument about that. She walks away and sends a photo of Seo-joon to the bully.

The bully texts back that he looks cool, thank you. Then asks why Soo-jin wants photos of Ju-kyung? she sends all the photos she has of Ju-kyung. Soo-jin asks, is it only this?

Outside, the sad victim bully accidentally bumps into Ju-kyung. She apologizes right away, but Ju-kyung takes it the wrong way and leaves angrily. She dropped her necklace though when she fell. Soo-jin sees this entire thing and sees the necklace. She picks it up.

Ju-kyung realizes she lost her necklace when she goes back to the classroom. Soo-ah asks if it is the one she is always wearing? Lets go look for it together! They run off. Soo-jin looks at that and stays in the classroom. Suho also notices that she lost it.



Later on, Suho sees Ju-kyung looking for her necklace in the gym and thinks that she shouldn’t look for it. She will spend all night looking for it. But he leaves to go somewhere.

Seo-joon goes into the gym and starts to help Ju-kyung look for the necklace but says she will have to do something for him. So he starts to find all sorts of things and plays with her about them. She tells him not to joke, it is a present from Suho, I have to find it.

He says he is leaving. She tells him not to leave! I have to find it. So he asks if it is that important to find it? You should have kept it well. She thinks she wont go home until she finds it. he tells her to work hard, bye. 

He gives her the whistle he found but he tied a flower bracelet around it.

Elsewhere on campus, Soo-jin asks Suho if she is looking for that necklace and throws it into the fire. He asks what she is doing? She says she did it because she likes him. You knew that right? You are not surprised?

he tells her she is friends with Ju-kyung.

She says she likes Ju-kyung, she is bright and warm. But I don’t like her as much as I like you. I want to throw her away if she takes you away. If you don’t want to get hurt then break up with her.

he asks, are you really the Kang Soo-jin I know? He starts to walk away.

She asks, why her and not me? You just met her, I have known you for years. You would pick me if I told you first that I like you. He tells her no, he wouldn’t. He starts to walk away again, but she stops him and might have been about to kiss him? But he pushed her away.

He storms off and pulls out his phone to tell Ju-kyung not to look for the necklace.


Seo-joon eats with the leader of his comic thugs but he can’t eat and runs off.

In the school, Ju-kyung is still looking for the necklace. It is dark and she is the only one there. Suho comes up to her but he hides the necklace in a plant. he tells her that he knew she would look for it all night. She tells him that she can’t not look for it.

he tells her to look over there by the plants. she says she already looked over there. He tells her to look again and he will look over here. Seo-joon is watching her from the corner and smiles. But then he sees Suho and thinks, ah, why did I come here.

She finds the necklace and is happy that she finds it in a plant and tells Suho that it was smart to look for it. he tells her yes and puts it around her neck. he leans in to kiss her but a security guard spots them. So they have to run off and hide in the chemistry room.

But her sister and the teacher are hiding in there too! LOLOLOL

They both have to be quiet until the security guard leaves. Then they both have an awkward moment when they have to speak to the teacher and Ju-kyung sister.




The bullies are hanging out int he bathroom and it clicks to the head bully that Kang Soo-jin’s friend Ju-kyung must be the same person as the Ju-kyung they know. Soo-jin calls them so they go to meet her and the head bully asks if they are the same person.


Meanwhile, Ju-kyung, Suho, the sister, and the teacher are awkwardly eating together. The sisters are both upset at each other for being at school after hours. Ju-kyung says they were looking for her necklace. The sister tells her it is pretty. She also says she is dating her sister.

Ju-kyung is super shocked so they argue back and forth about this and how it is uncomfortable. The sister asks why she is dating her bosses son! Don’t you have anyone else to day! But they think it might be okay since he is her ex boss.

They keep arguing. The two guys are caught in the middle and just want to make the ramen.

Afterwards, Ju-kyung and Suho walk home. Ju-kyung wonders how she can see her teachers face tomorrow? Suho tells her that it will be okay.

Meanwhile, the bully girls take a taxi to Ju-kyung’s house and start to walk there. Seo-joon heads to the comic shop and texts his sister to see if she is done working? But then he sees the bullies and follows them. He asks why they are there.

Suho and Ju-kyung are walking up from around the corner. But when they turn the corner, the bullies and Seo-joon are gone.

Seo-joon had pulled them away. The bully says she just wanted to talk to her. She shows them a photo of the Im Ju-kyung that she knows. He asks why they are showing this to him and he doesn’t actually recognize her. They laugh and says that they wanted to show him that. She is the mandu shuttle.

Seo-joon says she is prettier than her to him. The bully says that she is all cosmetic. Seo-joon breaks her phone and tells her that he can’t stand to see bullies because it reminds him of his friend. Shuttle? If you do that one more time and I see it…you should behave, okay? He storms off.

Around the corner, Ju-kyung and Suho are happily saying their goodbyes. Neither one wants to be the first to leave. Finally she tells him goodbye and goes inside. But she opens the gate again to see if he is standing outside still. But he left.

However, he walks back around the corner and takes her arm to push her against the wall lightly. Then he smiles and kisses her. He tells her that was the thing they couldn’t do. Then he kisses her again.

It is a very long kiss outside her gate.


Ju-kyung gets to school and sees all the photos of her as the school spokesperson. There are cardboard cutouts and posters and everything up. She is happy to see it. But then some guys come up and mockingly say, you are representing our school? then walk off.

She doesn’t know what they are talking about.

Suho gets to school. Some people mutter, is she all cosmetic?

In the hallway, a guy tells Ju-kyung, you are not a goddess and then walks off.

Ju-kyung doesn’t know what that was about.

She gets to the classroom and everyone is looking at something on her phone. Soo-ah comes up and asks, is this you? She shows her her phone then angrily walks off. Ju-kyung looks around, it is really like her nightmare came true. She feels exposed. Soo-jin just looks at her and starts reading her book.

Ju-kyung runs away but trips and falls in the hallway. Suho sees her and comes up to her. He tries to hold her arm, but she hits his arm away and runs away. He looks at her running away.

Fade Out


Oh no, poor Ju-kyung! I super feel for her. I hope her true friends rally around her and tell everyone else to F#@$ off. It kind of looks like Soo-ah was just hurt that she didn’t know this about Ju-kyung as her best friend but will come around in the end. Soo-jin is too far gone though. I’m pretty sure she is the one that leaked it in a super big character change from how she was in the opening. Oh well, thems the breaks for my Soo-jin love. I shall hop on the Seo-joon love since he is a really good guy and just so hard not to love.

Episode 13 preview!


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  1. Flower
    January 21, 2021 / 11:00 am

    Noooo poor jukyung!

  2. Gold
    January 21, 2021 / 3:26 pm

    Poor Ju kyung i wonder what she will do now. i agree with u guys i hope her friends stand by her as for soo jin she’s gone far. Thanks for the recap i cant wait for next week’s recap.

  3. Jackie
    January 21, 2021 / 4:40 pm

    Of all the dramas that I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen quite a few, Ju Kyung is my all-time favorite heroine! You know a show is really good when you truly care about the characters, and I had the tears rolling down my face at the end of this episode. It was just so incredibly heartbreaking.

    I’m also very sad that this drama is about to end, I wish it was more than 16 episodes. 😭😭😭

    • V
      January 21, 2021 / 4:53 pm

      I really love her as a heroine too! Moon Ga-young is doing a wonderful job of bringing her to life.

  4. CH
    January 22, 2021 / 3:13 pm

    I find this so weird because it varies so drastically from the Webtoons comic.

    I love the actors, and I think they chose well. The personalities of many of them are phenomenal. Soo-jin is so very different from the comic.

    While I love the crazy antics of the families that is also very different.

    Sometimes it is hard to watch because there is so much more awkward situation humor and it feels like you would die of second-hand embarrassment.

    • V
      January 23, 2021 / 8:14 am

      I love the drama more than the webcomic. I think they are doing a great job with it.

  5. Amirul
    January 23, 2021 / 12:22 pm

    I hope soon Jin die ,Mann.
    That would be a happy ending…

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