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Live Recap: True Beauty Episode 1 (Part 2)

Here is part 2 of our live recap for the Korean drama True Beauty!

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Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Ju-kyung sits up in bed, this is it! 

Cut to her at school. Everyone is looking at Ju-kyung. She wonders why everyone is looking at her? Is it because I am prettier?

But no, it is because she literally looks like a clown, the poor thing. She put on way too much foundation that makes her skin look like a snowman and her cheeks are much too rosy like a literal clowns. Why didn’t anyone check this look before she left home? Poor thing.

SO everyone laughs at her. The other ugly duckling girl looks sad.

Ju-kyung goes home and almost gives her mom a heart attack because of the way she looks. Her mother tells her to wash all that away! That is ghost makeup!

Ju-kyung says she can’t go back to school! Her mother tells her that they are moving anyway. They are going to their old house. Ju-kyung is thrilled and does a tiny celebration.

Then her brother comes home and jumps backwards three feet at Ju-kyung’s look.

Ju-kyung wonders if her makeup is really strange so she sends a photo to her friends online and asks for their opinion. They tell her that she is like a ghost. You need to take care of your eyebrows first, they look like hairy caterpillar.

They give her a lot of tips to do for makeup and videos and clips and all sorts of things so that she can learn how to properly put on makeup. Ju-kyung thinks, daebak! This is it!

She gets out a box cutter and opens her piggy bank.

VO – This was big trouble to my mother and father who almost got a divorce, but to me this was a seed of fire so that I could have a new life.


The next day Ju-kyung goes to all the shops and happily buys all the make up things and tries on all the makeup. It is a pretty adorable montage.

On a makeup video, the person int he video says that lips complete the look. So how do you look? Are you born as a new me? Truest me, believe Selena!

But Ju-kyung does not look good. She looks better than before she just doesn’t look good. So she wipes it all over and tries again.

Another montage of her fixing her own eyebrows and then accidentally cutting them all off. But she thinks it is fine. It is fineeee. I am going to draw a line anyway.

She runs out of her room hiding her eyebrows then goes back inside and lays out all her makeup things. She bought a ton of stuff. I am not so sure she had that much money in her piggy bank, but I love it.

She spends all night and finally gets her look just right.


Meanwhile, Soo-ho goes into a rock music store and asks the owner if he has a new You Are The Devil (he had to say it twice). The owner says he just got one. Soo-ho walks to get it. The owner mutters that he has seen that kid for 10 years, he is always the same.

Soo-ho comes back and says that the first page is ripped out. It appears that this is a book rental place. So the person who lended it first must have ripped out the first page.

the owner says that he can read it from the second page. Soo-ho asks him if he says the National Anthem with the second verse? Do you watch the second half of the world cup and not the first? You shouldn’t skip things, you should know this at your age!

The owner says he is right, I should get a new one! Soo-ho leaves angrily. The owner chuckles and says he is always the same.

Soo-ho leaves the store. Ju-kyung drives by with her parents. Her face is out the window which causes her face mask to fly off and hit Soo-hyung int he face. She gasps and mutters an apology, though mostly hides from him as they keep driving away. Little kids laugh.

Soo-ho goes to her location, which appears to be a new makeup location and starts to apply it. She talks about what she is doing as she applies it.

SH – A light brown color shadow with a deep color on the eyes. Under the eyes you can apply a shadow. Tap Tap. This gives an open eye concept then you are done. I am done with my makeup that gives a good first impression.

She looks in the mirror though we don’t see what she looks like.

Her family is eating in the kitchen area. Umma is grumbling about moving so far up to that condo and now coming back to this house. The daughter and father try to tell her that it is not that bad to be back. He says it reminds him of their honeymoon life.

Umma scoffs, what the f? Then yells for Ju-kyng to come eat breakfast.

She comes down and everyone gasps. But we don’t see what she looks like. She tells them that she will go to school without eating. Bye bye!

She goes to her new school and everyone stares at her. They call her a goddess. She wonders if they are all looking at her? Is she the one that is a goddess?


Yes, everyone is looking at her. They think she is just gorgeous. She does not know how to respond. A guy even spits out his milk talking to her.

In the teachers offices, her brother mouths to her that she is pretending to be a good mannered girl. She mouths back that he is pretending to be a good student.

They both say they will kill the other and motion like they will hit each other. But then the teacher tells her that this school is not that far away from where she used to live, but it might take time to get adjusted.

She says she lived in that neighborhood until she was 10 so she will be fine.

The principle comes in and says that he heard that the #1 student came to their school! He goes to Ju-kyung and says that she looks like a good student! But he looks at her report card, her grades are horrible so he turns to her brother and sees that he is actually the good student.

The teacher tells her that he is the vice principal and to not worry about him, there are more important things than your grades. Then Soo-ho comes in. The Vice Principal greets him happily as the second grade #1 good student in the school.

Ju-kyung mutters that he is so handsome. It does not appear that she recognizes him because her glasses were broken that day on the rooftop. He might not also recognize her since she looks so different.

He hands his items to the teacher.

JK – (Ah, the voice sounds familiar.)

Teacher – Next time ask the class president

SH – Okay

JK – (Wow, a face genius. I have never seen that kind of face genius.)

The teacher introduces Ju-kyung as the new student and if he can take her to the classroom. He asks if he has to. The teacher says yes, you have to. So Soo-ho leaves and walks ahead. The teacher tells her to follow him.

Soo-ho keeps walking ahead of her. Ju-jyung is mesmerized walking behind him. then he stops suddenly and she hits his back, some of her powder comes off on his back. She gasps and thinks, oh no! this powder should not make a stain!

She tries to kind of wipe it off without him notices. 

He tells some girls that called him Oppa to not call him oppa. They ask for a little of his time. He tells them 3 seconds. So she says that she likes him and gives him some cookies with his face on them. He hits it away.

Ju-kyung runs to catch up and thinks that her makeup might all be gone.

Ju-kyung gets to class. His friend asks what is wrong with his jacket. Is that a fashionable thing? He notices that this is the new girls makeup and throws his jacket at her. She drops her makeup and it breaks.

She is much more concerned with that.

She goes into the classroom and is introduced by the teacher. Everyone cheers and comments on hos pretty she is.

VO – Everything changed after I became pretty. Except one thing.

Kid – Our face average increased!

Teacher – Dont say those things. To me you are all pretty from far away and prettier close up.

Kid – Cheesy!

Teacher – You don’t know how pretty you are. Just being eighteen itself is pretty and soleda (like pitter patter), so don’t try and put a lot of makeup on, okay? Especially Sooha, okay?

Kids – *Grumble*

The teacher tells Ju-kyung to sit next to Soo-ho. She tells him her eyes ae not so good. The teacher tells her to sit behind Soo-ah since that student hasn’t come to school for awhile.

She says okay and goes to sit behind Soo-ah.

Soo-ha haleps her find the right page, pleasantly, and then turns around and listens to the professor.

After the teachter finishes talking, Soo-ah turns and talks to Ju-kwung. Another student sits next to her. This student is Shi-hyun. They both smile and ask her if she does ByulStar (like Instagram). She says no.

They tell her that she should. They also say that she is so pretty and ask what makeup she uses. Ju-kyung is about to show her her lip gloss but she drops it. It rolls to Soo-jin. Soo-jin picks it up and gives it back to her.

Ju-kyung thinks she is really pretty and it does not look like she has any makeup on.

Soo-ah says Soo-jin is her best friend. She is the goddess of the school though that might change with you Ju-kyung. The three of them talk to her happily.


Cut to Ju-kyung washing Soo-ho’s jacket and muttering about how it was just a mistake, why did he throw it in my face? Fine, I’ll wash it for you.

But it is not coming off, probably water proof. She wonders what she should do. She coesm out ringing off the jacket and accidentally hits Soo-ho in the face with it. She apologizes and says that she has to take it to the dry cleaners. He tells her to throw i away and stalks off.

Her new friends ask her what happened. Ju-kyung says she got something on his jacket and tried to wash it off but he told her to throw it away. They tell her that he is like that. He is so handsome that he is a sociopath. Then they say they can walk with her to grab something to eat.

They ask her what she likes? Ju-kyung us about to say heavy metal music and horror comics, but she tells them books and music. She says a certain Idol group and that she likes spicy things.

They tell her that they can go to a certain shop after school to celebrate being new friends, right Doo-jin? Soo-jin tells her that her name is Soo-jin, not Doo-jin (Doo-jin sounds a bit cuter).

Soo-ah says that she is #2 in the school after Soo-ho. they ask Ju-kyung if she studies well, she says no. Soo-ah tells her that she likes her since she is pretty and doesn’t study like her. Soo-jin tells her to study more. JU-kyung is just so happy that seh has two friends like other girls around her.


They go to a ddukbogi place and eat all the food. Then walk away and laugh together.

Montage of them playing a lot of different games in an arcade and just hanging out and having fun.

VO – Before, I tried so hard but I couldn’t get that one thing – Friends. Now finally, I have friends.



Elsewhere, Soo-ho practices Jujitsu with another guy. His instructor asks him why he is trying so hard today after not practicing a while.

SH – I just want to be able to sleep well.

Man – You can sleep again? Is it getting worse? Okay, I will make you pass out then!

They go harder on the jujitsu mats.


Meanwhile, Ju-kyung is invited to a private chat while hanging out in her room. She is amazed that she has her own private chat room that she has only ever heard of.

She starts to chat back and forth with her new friend. Soo-ah asks if she went home okay? JK says yes. She asks about Soo-jin. SA tells her that Soo-jin doesn’t check this often.

JK tells her that she made a new ID for ByulStar and writes it down for her. SA tells her that she will show her all the photos she took today and posts them all. Ju-kyung smiles.

But she is distracted by her brother who takes a photo of her and says, you are my noona, and a famous goddess, but why are you so ugly? Should I spread this around?

he smiles and shows her the photo that he just took. he hides his phone well. He tells her, hey, young man, behave as a gentleman.

She looks at the phone and sits on the couch. He sits across from her and puts his phone on the coffee table. Then he sits back and smiles

JK – (Yes, this is so chilly. A knife stabbed me in the chest. But the hand is faster than the eye.)

She quickly grabs the phone but she has to enter a pin number. Her brother asks if she thinks he is dumb?

JK – What do you want?

JY – The new release of you are the devil.

JK – Then you will erase it?

JY – We will see.

JK – DO you want your wrist cut?

He holds the phone up like he will send the photo somewhere.

JK – Stop! *she sits and does an internet meme* Okay, just double and bury it. The new release and a cup noddle. Call?

JY – Call.


Outside on the dark night streets, Soo-ho walks home and thinks about the girl he saved from the rooftop. He remembers being relieved that he saved her.

Elsewhere, Ju-kyung looks at her phone. Her friend Soo-ah says she started following her and that she already has a lot of likes with her first photo.

Ju-kyung checks her photo and sees that she does actually have a lot of likes! More than 100! She is still stunned that they are calling her goddess. But then she realizes that she is walking outside her house and that the school kids might live there!

She runs to the comic place and thinks that this place still looks the same. She wonders if the same owner is still there.

She goes inside and sees that it is still the same ajusshi that owns the place. He recognizes her too and says that she came back. He hasn’t seen her for like 8 years and thinks that little girl because this tall and same as before…..

She says okay, I am an ugly Ju-ball (her nickname). He says no. She laughs with him and they walk around. Her doodle is still on the wall. It says, “If someone sits in my seat then they will grow hair on their butt.”

Smiling, she walks around and happily thinks tis place is the best dilapidated place. She looks for the new release of the book for her brother. But then Soo-ho comes up from behind her and grabs it before she can.

They end up getting into a tug of war with the book. She jumps to get it, he falls, she lands on top of him. They both look at each other. He recognizes her from the rooftop. She recognizes him from school.

JK – (Lee Soo-ho!)

SH – You….

Her eyes grow wide.

Fade Out

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Adorable, I loved the entire thing. I especially loved how she did not know how to put on makeup perfectly right away. it actually took a lot of makeup and a lot of trial and error. That is accurate!

This setup is nice. It feels like a fun warm hearted chuckle of a story, so I’m looking forward to the next episode. See you tomorrow!


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  1. WPB
    December 9, 2020 / 2:27 pm

    Question – In the scene she try to make her new look, did Moon Ga Young actually mess up her own eyebrow or was it a CGI effect?

    Her character reminds me her role in “Live Up to Your Name”, where she plays a character who wants to become a doctor one day but due to the rule back in the days only male can become a doctor so she dresses as boy to become the assistant of the legendary doctor.

    • V
      December 9, 2020 / 3:03 pm

      I was wondering the same thing, WPB. It looked real to me, but it had to be CGI or makeup!

    • V
      December 9, 2020 / 3:03 pm

      Also, that drama sounds great, OMG!

  2. Hahanzyy
    December 10, 2020 / 8:12 pm

    I find the bullying in school really hard to digest … i hope it is just comic and not a real reflection of the situation in SK… ostracising someone just bcos she doesn’t look pretty? Disgusting

    • V
      December 12, 2020 / 9:22 pm

      Yes, bullying in this shows is so extreme! I often wonder if it is like that in real life or if they make it extreme for the show.

  3. sunny
    November 14, 2021 / 8:09 am

    thank you for your recap!
    really loved it <3

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