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Live Recap: My ID is Gangnam Beauty Kdrama Episode 5

Bar scene in My ID is Gangnam Beauty
This show keeps trucking along with the delightfully poignant moments and satisfying verbal truth telling moments (I mean, they are just so satisfying, like a verbal B slap). Everyone in this show has some growing pains to deal with and I am gladly grabbing my popcorn to see how it all shakes out.

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Shorthand: My ID is Gangnam Beauty

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Umma is in a room talking to someon about a favor even though it might be difficult. It look slike she called MR about it possibly.

Cut to MR walking with Hyun-jung. They talk about how Hye-sung is Kyung-seok’s umma and how she is so pretty and beauty runs int he family. They keep walking down their alley and someone is behind them, but he or she hides. However, they turn around after seeing something and asks who is there.

The person hiding runs away. MR chases them and HJ calls the police and tells them that someone is following them. MR catches all the way up to this guy and the police come up as well and blow thier whistle at the both of them.

MR catches the guy, but it is just a young kid, he is taken into police custody.

Cut to the polcie station. The police station is basically like, it was so super stupid to follow a perp. MR tries to say that he was following her. The kid says that he just thought she was an entertainer so he wanted to see who she was. he is with his mother and apologizes.

But then MR’s appa comes in in a rage. Everyone is all like, huh, appa?

The situation gets resolved without our watchful eyes as we cut to the young kid going home with his mother. The boy said it was his first time following anyone. The father is the one that was following his daughter around to see if she got home safely.

The police are all like, um, are you really her father? Can we see your ID? Appa is all like YES and here is my ID. The polcie man checks his record and says that he is missing. They are all like, WHAT?

Cut to the umma on the phone running toward the police station, she tells him not to run away or they will get a divorce.

Meanwhile, Appa walks MR home. They softly talk a little bit but not that much. Appa tells her to go home…~. But then HJ runs out and tells abogi to come up to their room! You came all the way here, let’s drink some tea or something! he goes up to their room for tea. MR is pretty awkward and wants to make the tea in order to hide, but her friend tells her to go sit with her appa.

MR hesitantly goes to sit at the coffee table. HJ brings the ery hot tea which appa thanks her for, but it burns his lips which makes MR run to get him something cold to drink. Everyone is concerned about appa’s lips and mouth. Appa say, okay…bye-bye.

They asks, already? But then Umma comes in and asks what happened! You made me worry! But appa just ushers her away. HJ also ushers MR to follow them. So umma is following appa and MR is follwing them, but she stops as she watches them walk out.

Umma and appa end up arguing about some money that is in the bank, is it a secret account? Did you have a secret account for me? (It looks like appa paid $5k for the hospital bills). Umma is not actually upset, she is actually kind of happy that the money is for the hospital bills and not a divorce.
MR texts KS and asks to see her tomorrow for a second. He is at the bar with WJ, Woo-jin is the one looking at his cell phone and wonders about it. He asks KS about it as well, but KS does not answer.

Everyone at school is all into the festival. they talk to each other about serving the alcohol and other things for the festival. SA asks WH and SW if they have to serve the alcohol (or can they serve alcohol?) but they are all like, um, we aren’t the face of the deaprtment.

SA looks outside and sees KS talking to MR. MR asks him if he would like to have a drink.


they go to a place to drink and talk. KS hesitantly apologizes to her and says that he was angry at her because she met that person. Aren’t you angry? MR smiles and says that she forgives easily (has a nice heart). She drinks a shot and then drinks another one as if she is trying to get some liquid courage.

he asks her what is going on. She tells him not to be angry, you really don’t want to talk to your mother, right?

He purs himself and asks her if she is telling him to drink because she wants to talk about it. is that what you mean about having a wide heart? You both in other peoples business. MR tells him that she did not see her appa for a long time. he a posed her plastic surgery so she lied to him and said she would study abroad and saw him for the first time at the first day of school. he was angry and left.

Hating each other in a family is because they are sad about something. Flashback to appa following MR around and running to hide when she turned around.

Maybe he had a harder time than me.

KS thinks about his mother standing and looking very loving as she looked at him. he takes his drink with watery eyes and tries to blink them away.
Cut to Mirae’s umma and appa at home. Umma is wearing a pretty dress and tries to make appa happy by saying that Mirae looks so pretty so she wanted to look pretty also when seh stands next to her. Look at her face! New face! New face! but appa is just like, everyone will like her if they get to know her. But he still looks at the video that umma has in front of him.

KS asks if she is happy with the plastic surgery that she had to lie to her appa about. MR says that she is not happy completely. She tells him that he even laughed at her before. He asks when he did that, but she says, if you don’t remember it than it is okay. he says to tell him. She mentions the time at the bus station.

Flashback tot he bus station where she was happily feeling the music. KS watched her and chuckled. MR tells him that he laughed at her, you might not remember it. He says that he remembers it, he never laughed at you, it was not your face, it was your feet. Your feet were funny, I never saw anyone dance like that, that is why I recognized you during college training. Your foot moves.

I only laughed once in middle school and it was because of you.

Afterward, MR leaves the bar and is a bit drunk. She stumbles a bit so KS is a bit concerned about her. he tells her to be careful. Mirae says that she needs to drink in order to know how much she can handle and keeps on walking. But she is about to walk into the street so he grabs her to hold her back.

They have a moment where they touch and are close to each other, but it is broken when he tells her that a car could come. A cute song keeps playing as they continue walking.

Cut to a Bus, they both sit at the bus stop. KS asks MR when he can see that again – the foot move. She says that she forgot so he tells her, it is like this right? he tries to do it. She looks a bit bashful….but then she asks why he asked her what perfume she wore? Did you want to instigate it?

he tells her that he hates that perfume smell the most. that woman’s perfume. She was always looking inthe mirror and spraying a lot of perfume like a crazy person. Flashback to his home life where his mother looked like she had depression. KS tells MR that she ditched them and left.

KS – I wasn’t mocking you.

MR – Back then….

But the bus comes right at that moment so she stops talking. He asks her if she would like him to take her home. She says no, bye-bye, and hops on the bus. he watches the bus until it fully leaves and then grabs his bag to walk home.
Umma meets with the best actress in Korea and thanks her for being their model. The model is Bora (I think) and asks if she can ask Hye-sung how old she is. Hye-sung answers and Bora says that she looks so young. What kind of shops do you go to? But Ummasays that she does not go to any shops. Bora leaves in a bit of a huff and asks her assistant to find out what shops she goes to and change me to that shop!

At that same time, Hye-sung gets a call from MR. MR apologizes for the task that Umma asked her to do, umma is not upset she says that it was a difficult task. She also invites MR to her shop. But she is definitely sad that it did not work out.

Meanwhile, KS is walking home thinking about MR trying to walk straight and her explanation of having to drink in order to know how much she can drink.

HJ runs in and tells MR that the rapper wants to see her! She sent him her lyrics and he liked them. MR is so super happy for her friend, but then thinks about KS and how he said that he liked her feet, he was not mocking her. She thinks that she misunderstood him this entire time and thinks back to all the times he stood up for her and helped her out.

MR – KS never did a bad think to me.

She also remembers her face being so close to his and thinks about him telling her that he only laughed once in middle school and it was because of you. She hides under her blanket and squeals in delight.

Sunbae’s talk about how the school banned alcohol at the event, but they need something to drink. They need something to bring the students to the event so they talk about the best visuals of the class. Soo-ah and Kyung-seok are the best. They also wonder about Mirae but think that she has a new face, however they also think that she is pretty. YE looks at the men as if they are the stupidest things on earth.

Elsewhere, MR is walking to class when she sees KS getting a drink from the machine, everything stops and they song plays as she is mesmerized by KS performing this simple act.

KS pops the drink open with one hand and looks oh so very cool doing it. But MR tries to think that he is not that cool, he is also not a bad guy….but why….

KS looks at her looking at him so she turns and tries to run away, but several people block her which allows KS to catch up. he asks her if she got home okay. MR answers his questions but she is so flustered and says things that are so silly like…I slept well!….I am busy…everyone is busy…hahaha….so funny…..bye-bye.

YE comes up so MR can sneak away. She asks KS if he will serve alcohol but he says he won’t so she accepts that right away.

YW then asks SA and JH about it. SA says she can do it but MR should do it also. YE mentions she will ask MR also. YE goes to find MR in the bathroom and asks her if she can do it, the sunbaes are driving her crazy about it. JB comes out of the bathroom and says that she can do it, she heard it all.

She is bright about it but later find out that the hubaes only want the faces of the class to do it. She is a bit bummed about it but not super sad. (I think this is the same girl that didn’t get the job at the bar). MR, JB sit with SA and JH in class as they talk about the event coming up. But then KS waves at MR which makes SA question her about them knowing each other (with a smile of course).

Outside, a group of guys talk about SA and how pretty she is as they look at their phones.

Inside, WY makes it known that he is looking for a roommate. But then he leaves as soon as the freshman come in. Th talks to the freshman faces about something which makes MR comment that Tae-hee is really cute and has big eyes.

YB is also at the table, she has a severe look so a lot of the freshman think she is a boy. The guys also laugh at Kim Tae-hee because her name is Kim Tae-hee. Th just rolls her eyes at them. They talk to Soo-ah about being pretty but Soo-ah says she is not the top of the class. (it really looks like everyone knows that SA is doing these “not so pretty” things on purpose and always deflecting to MR).
Woo-young looks at an apartment critically. The owner says that he needs to decide quickly on it because a few other students are looking for it. HJ runs into them outside and lets Woo-young know that they live in the area. HJ thinks she can help him because she knows what places are good or not that good in the area.

Cut back to the meeting for the Festival. They talk about the uniform, the guys want skirts. they start to get into a discussion/argument about that which also ends up talking about if they like each other still. They settle on skirts and get everyones sizes. I’m a small…..extra small…..

But then MR says she is a large. They all wonder how so Mirae tells them that she is tall. They talk about SA’s look and says that Mirae is honest pretty but Mirae is sexy pretty. They talk about that a little bit so it gets uncomfortable.

back to the apartment hunting, it looks like HJ is a pretty big help as they walk around to all the apartment. She says yes or no on the sly as the realtor shows them to all the places. Woo-young thanks her and says that he will treat her to a beer better near the school, you can bring Mirae.

At the school, YE is so annoyed with the upper classmen as she walks out with Mirae. She thinks she would not act like this if she was an upperclassman (she would be angry if she was not a freshman). At that moment, MR gets a call about the beer.

Cut to the bar, JB is at the bar looking at the owner as if in love. But then she actually sees that the waitress steals money from the register. JB pulls WJ to the side to tell him, but he just thinks this is about her budding love for him. He tells her that Oppa does not consider her a woman.

JB is all like, I am not talking about that, you should fire her, she is a robber. But WJ does not believe this and tells JB to leave. He pulls her outside and says that she went to far, he did not want to be angry at her but he does not want her to come there anymore. She mentions that she did not pay for the beer but he just smugly says that he will assume it was stolen (or something like that). MR and YE get tot he bar at that time to see JB yelling at the club about how they are over!

KS is at home. The maid says that his sister is eating lobster every night or something. KS is about to go into her sisters room but decides against it. Inside her room, his sister has on a mask and is doing VJ’ing where she opens a lobster and eats it for money.

Meanwhile, KS goes into his fathers room. His father looks really tired. KS asks if his sister really has to go to america? She does not want to go there. Appa says that he should have sent her earlier, he delayed it before the election. If she studied like you then I would not send her there. KS asks if he is sending her not for her, but for him? Appa says that it is good for her, she will at least learn English.

KS is about to storm out, but appa tells him that “that woman” is back, she might try to contact you. You won’t see her, but I am telling you this just to let you know.

KS goes outside to think and cool off, he pulls out his phone to call Mirae, but perhaps he thinks otherwise.
Mirae, Hyun-jung and Woo-young are all talking about the apartment that he wants to get while drinking beer. he had a scholarship in undergrad but he is actually spending more money in graduate school. He was lucky to have a lot of part-time jobs tutoring. The friends says that he is good as a TA.

MR and HJ want WY to be a little bit more comfortable with them and speak banmal. He says he will do it if it makes them comfortable.

Int he bar, WJ figrues out that his employee is actually stealing money from him. KS comes in at that time but WJ is not in the mood to talk and joke, so he goes over to MR’s table and asks her what she is doing (with Woo-young).

Cut to SA giving drinks to everyone at the coffee shop. Three men really like her so they go up to the bar. She asks them if they would like something, but they lose the ability to speak. One of them says that they want 3 americanos. these boys are so dumbfounded that she spoke to them.

One of them takes a deep breath when the drinks come and tells her his name. he also mentions that she told him that his picture was nice on SNS. She feigns that she recognizes him and smiles pleasantly. he goes back to his table like a champ and acts as if she knows him.

In the bar, the conversation goes to middle school. HJ says that KS’s nickname was rain Yung-seok, all the guys wanted to walk like you without an umbrella. But they weren’t friends with him, he was just like a handsome entertainer.

MR tries to drink which HJ talks, KS comments that she will learn to drink like that, which makes her cough on the drink a bit.

The conversation changes to unpacking and his house warming party. HJ says she can help him unpack! MR and HJ are invited, but KS was not invited. WY tells KS that they live in the same neighborhood, that is why they are invited.

They leave, HJ comments that she was so happy to talk with all those handsome guys that she did not even get drunk. But MR is stumbling away.

Outside, KS asks WY if he likes one of those students? he can set a schedule for the best day for everyone in his house warming party. See you later.
The students preparing the event all talk about beuty again. Kim Tae-hee says she is not pretty, but MR says that she thought she was cute and pretty. SA says that Kim Tae-hee is normal sizes right? (it seems like everyone looks at SA like she is either so stupid or inconsiderate) Kim Tae-hee says that people tell her if she loses weight then seh will be pretty.

the guys start to talk about how Kim Tae-hee shouldn’t eat so she can look pretty, but it is a back handed compliment. The subae tells Kim Tae-hee that she will be pretty like SA if she loses weight but then SA says that she is not pretty stop telling me that. The guys wonder why SA is talking like that.

But the conversation gets interrupted when the uniform comes.

Outside, the guys are setting up everything for the event. One of them thinks that he wants to be a pretty woman so that he can be the focus of the event (instead of doing all the manual labor).

Cut to the bar, WJ thinks he should apologize to JB.

Back to the event, the girls try on their uniforms which is a short flowy white skirt with a revealing top.

Fade Out


VO – Daebak, this is what I imagined
WY – Ah, these pricks
WJ – Why are you bagging me so much, do you miss someone over there?
SA – You guys came?
VO – This is the one that I said was pretty
VO – Gang Mirae
VO – Why…I am happy to see her again
VO – how do you feel meeting Kang Wook again?
MR – Ya!
HJ – His profile has all his middle schools and high schools. It seems like SA wants to screw you up.
KS – She was cute. Kang Mirae was cute.
WY – Yeah, recently [kids are more] careful because the two of you are in our department.
KS – Can I point it right away?
VO – Who do you like?
KS – This person.

Another adorable episode. I love how Mirae is slowly starting to build a new relationship with her father and how her father was the one following her around. It was so stupid for her to run after the person following her, but that also shows her personality, she will not be intimidated by anyone.

KS looks confident in everything that he does, but I feel like his confidence is going to be shaken. It might not be shaken, but perhaps it will. I think it won’t have to do with school, it will have more to do with his family environment and possibly forming a new relationship with his mother.

In that regard, I really like how this episode set up the mirror relationship of Mirae getting to know her father again and Kyungseok being upset at and getting to know his mother again. In Mirae’s case it is her father that was upset at her and she is the one that has to reach out, but in Kyun-seoks case, he is the one that is upset at his mother so she is the one that actually has to reach other to him. Mirae sympathizes with that which is why she wanted to help the mother. I don’t think she would have agreed to help her if she did not have that strained relationship with her own father.

Looking forward to tomorrow!

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  1. Shayri
    August 10, 2018 / 11:30 am

    Thank you for the recap! I like how the FL is opening up more & showing more personality now.

  2. Anonymous
    August 10, 2018 / 12:22 pm

    Thanks for recapping! The romance is on now and I’m loving it.

  3. Sashaa
    August 11, 2018 / 7:08 am

    I wanted to drag the seniors out the screen and smack them. I want to see the feminist side of Eun (YE). She is turning out to be my fav character. And can’t wait for MR to face the reality that women have it bad with or without looks. It’s time to stand up for yourself and be confident. Good thing she also has KS by her side, her knight.
    And TA is a great character. A senior who they can respect and look upto.

    And SA. This woman. She liked a guys pic because he was in the same school as MR. does she hate her so much because of KS or just hates her.

    The father -daughter reconciliation was so sweet.

    And MR and KS are so adorably awkward together but still getting close to each other with meaningful conversations.
    I can see why he is drawn towards her.

    • Hanny
      August 11, 2018 / 4:38 pm

      Sooah knows that if she is with kyeongseok she will get more attention she knows kyeongseok likes mi rae so she will do anything to screw her up

  4. September 15, 2020 / 5:25 am

    Cute mirae and kyung seok they are my favourite character.

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