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Live Recap: My ID is Gangnam Beauty Kdrama Episode 4

Cafeteria Image from My ID is Gangnam Beauty Korean Drama
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Shorthand: My ID is Gangnam Beauty

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We open at the end of the last episode where SA drops the flask buc makes it seem like MR dropped it. WY tells SA to clean it with water and go to the nursing room. But other than that, no one cares about SA, they all care about MR.

MR runs to the bathroom to see how SA is doing. SA says that it is fine, it is just a little splash. Her frien asks her what if it splashed to your face? SA says it is okay it is not severe. WH runs in to see how she is doing, but they all tell him to leave because they are in the girls restroom.

SA goes to a private restroom stall and looks at her leg which looks perfectly fine. She cleans the water off of it.

Afterward, SA goes to talk to KS, but he is very sarcastic twoard her and tells her she is great.

But two other guys run up to her and asks her if she is okay! I can give you a piggy back ride! All the guys run up to her to give her a piggy back ride. But seh tells them that she is okay so they all cheer.

Later on, KS talks to MR in the cafetaria and asks her if her hand is okay and if she even broke that flask. MR is all like, yeah – I broke it. KS walks away.

MR goes to sit with her friends as they talk about how cute WJ is (the bar owner). But MR is thinking abck to what happened. She rememembers that SA took the flask. She definitely took it. YE asks why she is not eating, is it because the TA yelled at you? MR says it isn’t that.

YE starts telling them that she told the TA everything about what happened with MR and CW. YE heard what he told CW about him blocking CW getting a joblater if he does it again. We also see some flashabacks about WY being a good sunbae. YW says she was about to hate this school because of CW, but with that sunbae, she like it again, she should have told her that.

KS’s mother is at a meeting, she is at the head of the table and tells the person speaking that it is a good plan. She starts talking about how perfume is important and personal and we need to keep our identity with it. So it looks like she has a perfume company.
She leaves and walks around her sons campus. She went to this school once upon a time ago. She meets a professor and exclaims, wow, you are a professor now? As they walk down the hall. She says that she still remembers acting like Mackgiver in a play.

they run into WY. The teachers says that WY wrote the paper. Umma is impressed and happily looks at WY as he greets her.

Elsewhere, MR thinks about what YE said about hating the school but changing her mind when she sees a sunbae like WY. Her mom calls her and tells her to play hard and study hard. MR asks about appa, he is not picking up the phone. Umma thinks for a moment and tells her not to worry, appa will call you. Just wait a little bit.

Her friend sits next to her and asks to take a photo with her but MR leaves.

Appa is in a car and listens to his voicemail from his wife. She says that Mirae is paying for the surgery, the surgery already happened, are you abandoning your family now? Appa drives tot he cafe to eat, but he sees his wife and drives away. She runs out yelling, Mirae appa! You should eat!

Appa goes to another shop to eat. he gets a text message. it is a picture from his daughter, but she hides her face and just sends him heart fingers instead. Appa looks at all the photos and the title shows up one one.

KS gets home and sees her sister taking his beer. He asks her if she wants to die. Why did you put my picture up? She says that she needs his picture to increase her followers.

She tells him that appa is sending her to America because she has no hope to go to a good school like him. he asks her if she is going. She says she is okay, he will give her more pocket money. She won’t miss appa, she will miss him.

KS looks sad about it, but he is not showing it. He goes to his room and drinks his beer as he looks at his phone. It is an article about his mother. he puts his phone on his nightstand and stares off somewhere.

Meanwhile, HJ walks home with MR. HJ thinks the guy that secretly helps is a good person. But then MR turns around, she heard something but no one is there. that makes it scary. HJ thinks it is nothing to worry about. But MR tells her friend to be more careful and listen to her.

KS and family go to church. The minister is preaching in the pulpit and everyone is listening to it. He is preaching about living well, then he says he will introduce someone that is following Gods word, you know his wife left him and he is busy with government work for the country, but he still raised his children well.

KS clenches his teeth as everyone claps for his father.

Afterward, the minister wishes that God blesses him. The politician says it is all becuae of God. Later on, the politician meets with a Buddhist monk and is basically told the same thing. It is all because of Buddha. The daughter and brother walk behind them. The daughter is like, what is our religion? KS says that whoever has the most people is their religion.

MR and HJ go to a huge perfume event. They look around at all the things happening at the envent. Ah, this is the drawing that MR won (maybe it wasnt an Idol event). WY is there as well and asks why she is there. MR says she got the drawing.

The UMma shows up and slowly walks up to them. MR thinks this is the perfect natural beauty, 100 points. But she is upset that she did this again. However, it look slike she remembers this mother and there is a flashback to Umma on a street looking at something.

WY introduces Umma as a big sunbae of their department. WY bows deeply to her in shock. Cut to a man calling appa to let him know that he was following her. He searched everywhere but did not see KS and KH. The appa is all like, um… they are with me. He hangs up.

Appa asks his kids how school is. She says it is fine, KS turns on his cell phone, but the cell phone is about the mother. KS erases the search but the sister sees it.

At the perfume event, the invited guest comes and starts rapping for everyone. MR is walking around the perfume event and kind of spying on KS’s Umma as she talks to several people. Umma tells the people she talks to to just follow your heart. It looks like MR might want to ask the Umma something, but people keep coming up to her to talk to her.

HJ is at the rap part of the party havng a fine time. The crwd all cheers as the Idol finished up his performance and everyone lines up for his autograph. HJ tells him she is a big fan, he asks her her name. He tells her that it looks like she raps well. She bashfully says that she likes rapping. If Isend it to you, will you listen to it. He says he will try, but it is more of an offhand remark as he signs the nest persons things.

Meanwhile, MR is still looking around the perfume. Umma comes up to her and asks her if she is interested in perfume? MR says that she is, that is why she went to the chemestry deaprtment. She has been interested in it since middle school when she saw a magazine.

SA is a big hit at the shop. There is a long line of men who all want a coffee from her. The owner is so happy and even gives SA a chair to sit in while she works. Her friend comes up to her though and shows her MR’s middle school yearbook. She found it.
It is now Hye-sung’s turn to speak to everyone, she says that she did not know what to say at first. But a young person reminded her that beauty is real in perfume because you cannot see it. Smell is the only beauty that you cannot see. i hope that this smell will comfort people who are tired of this external beauty. Please enjoy this even and thank you for coming.

MR looks mesmerized as she watches MR, she does not even notice her friend come up to her. Her friend asks what is up, MR says, she is that person.

Cut to the cafe, SA and JH look at the school yearbook, but there are no pictures of MR in the yearbook. Maybe she really hated it.

HJ asks MR why she wont tell Hye-sung that she is the middle school student that told her that. But MR says that she told her that she liked perfume because she did not like external beauty, but now I have changed, she will hate it.

WY comes up to them both and asks to buy them dinner, I want to buy hubae’s dinner. But they say that they need to go home to go to sleep. MR apologizes to him though, she tells him that she was sorry that day when he tried to protect her. he tells her not to worry about it.

HJ leaves and says that seh needs to write the rap while she has a feeling for it. She leaves. MR stays looking at HS. The Umma comes up to her and says that seh is grateful that she ran into her because she reminded her about that magazine interview all those years ago. Would you like to go eat with me? Would that be strange?

They go to eat and drive off together. HS says she used to walk in zig zags down this street because she was drunk. Lets go drink, do you know of any places? Anywhere is fine.

Cut to WJ’s bar. He is on the phone talking to someone when MR and HS come in. It looks like WJ recognizes her, but she does not recognize him. He politely tells them to sit.

At home, KS tells his father that his friend wanted him to help him in the bar. Abogi tells him to not stay out too long.

In the bar, MR and HS drink cheerfully. She tells MR that she thought about trends and all those things for her speech. But what MR told her made her think that she was not a business person, she loved perfume. MR tells her that she is super cool. HS tells her that she is getting old, so she is not as good as before, but the drinking ability is the same.

But MR tells her that she is doing what she wants to in life. HS gets a bit sad and says – you envy me, that is a sad thing also. You don’t envy something cool, you envy a normal thing. that is a sad thing.

MR thinks back to all the kids telling her to reveal her face. They all mocked her when she was little.

VO – Envying a normal thing is a sad thing. It is not like envying a good thing.

MR was on the bridge as a kid, she wanted to jump. Umma was there, that is when they met.

MR starts to cry a little bit which concerns HS.

Outside, KS is alking to the bar when he sees a mother and child walking. The mother is doting on her son which makes KS sigh with feelings.

He gets to the bar. MR tells HS that she has something to tell her. But then she sees KS come in and makes a startled sound. HS turns to look at what she is looking at.

KS sees MR sitting with someone, but does not know that it is his mother. he smiles as he looks at MR, but his friend asks him what he is doing, you should work. (maybe his friend did not notice the mother?).

the mother turns around and sees KS standing there. KS sees her and they have a moment where they look at each other in alarm. MR says that this is her friend. But KS asks her why she is there.

Umma stands up and lovingly tells KS that he grew up a lot. But KS just turns to his friend and tells him that he does not think that he will be able to work today. he leaves.

HS turns back to MR and says that she is his mother. The friend hears this and runs out to KS. he grabs him but KS tells him that he is leaving.

Later on, MR is at the car with HS. HS apologizes for leaving like this, but MR tells her it is no problem. She waits and watches the mother drive off.

Everyone is in a reflective mood. MR as whe watches the mother leave, the mother in the car, and KS walking down the street.

He thinks back to the mother trying to kill herself at home with a broken glass. The father keeps her from doing it. KS and his sister witness this, but KS covers his sisters eyes so she does not have to watch.

he continues slowly walking down the street.

The mother is still in the car thinking about her happy moments with a very young KS. They sit outside and hold hands as they look at nature. She starts to cry at the memory as seh is driven away.

VO – Even though everyone looks normally, they all try hard to just live.

MR also has a flashback of a middle school age KS looking pensive all the time.

She tries to shake it off and calls her mother. She asks if appa is there, but it looks like he is not, she says she was just curious, she wanted to see her. But then MR thinks she hears something as she is walking home. She turns around, but there is no one there.

They hang up. But she gets a text just at that time. A lot of money went into their bank account. Umma wonders what is going on. SHe calls her own oppa and asks what is going on, did you talk to my husband today? I don’t know…he left home!

MR gets home safely. Her friend finishes her rap and wants to know if MR will listen to it. She also wonders if MR told her that she was that middle school student. MR is a bit concerned about someone following her outside. She heard that noise again. She goes to the window to look, but no one is there.

Elsewhere, Soo-ah walks home. It seems like she is from a poor family (because poor families live on the top of hills). She has to walk up a lot of steps to get home. She goes inside her house and checks her computer.

She searches for something in Naver, but I’m not sure what.

MR and HJ ride the bus somewhere, perhaps to school. HJ is sleeping so MR checks her phone to look for things about the mother. She finds out that her ex-husband is the politician.

WH is grumbling in class, but he is doing the same pose as KS so his friend comments it is the same pose, but a different feel. WH glares at him.

MR gets to class and looks at KS, but KS is deep in thought about his mother telling him that he grew up a lot. He picks up his bag and goes to sit next to MR. The other girls in the class wonder what is going on.

KS – Can I talk to you for a second?

They go outside. MR asks if he went home okay, but he just asks how she knows her. MR says it is the first time meeting her, she went to the perfume event and the TA said that she was their sunbae that went to the same event.

KS asks if she drinks with people seh just meets. MR is all like…um…it just happened. She also left quickly….are you okay? I was worried.

KS – why do you worry? It is none of your business. Don’t spread rumors.

MR – Of course not.

KS – You told me to keep that we went to the same school a secret, but you told first.

MR – That is my problem, but I don’t affect you.

KS – Do you change your word easily like that? I hate people that don’t keep their promise.

MR – I hate people that put all the anger of their life on someone else…..anyway, I won’t do anything so don’t worry.

She walks off and leaves KS in his anger.

Cut to Umma following the Instagram of her daughter. She happily looks at all the photos. She gets to the one of her son and thinks back to their brief meeting. He looked very upset to see her.

She thinks about that all night.

All the students are studying in the library. ALl the seats are full. KS is studying as well so the sunbae that likes him goes to sit next to him. She says that she has all the previous exams, the really really good ones, not the ones that everyone else has.

He tells her that it is okay. Then he packs to go.

He passes by MR, but it looks like they ignored each other (missed a bit of this part).

Everyone is happy that class if over for the semester. MR and HJ go to a perfume shop where you can make your own perfume. MR mentions that seh needs to sell a lot of perfume or take on another part time job. They go to pay for it, but it is $70. This is too much money so MR asks for a discount.

HJ tells her that they need to use aegyo. HJ tries to use it but it does not work. She tells mR to use it too. MR looks hesitant and just bursts out in super aegyo. She asks for 10cent discount.

it looked so foolish, but it worked. He gives her the discount.

Later on, MR talks about how she really wanted to do aegyo. Her friend looks so annoyed, but in a friendly way (I think it is because MR’s aegyo was so horrible). But then MR gets a call from Hye-sung. HS wants a favor.
While walking home, HJ asks MR what she is going to do. HJ says that she would do it if she was her, it is hard to refuse someone that saved your life.

WJ helps one of his employees learn how to use the bar instruments. This girl is very pretty so the girl that wante the job earlier is upset. She is sitting with YE.

KS shows up and is invited to sit with YE, but sits at the bar instead. JB wonders if KS is avoiding her, but YE mentions that she also wants to avoid her.

KS talks to WJ about friend things. But then KS gets a text from MR asking to see him. WJ wonders if she called him yet, but KS tells him that she doe snot want to talk about it.

It is May so it is the school festival. A sunbae wants KS and SA as apart of the festival. At that time, SA sees MR and KS meeting otuside. MR asks KS if he would like to have a drink? MR smiles brightly and KS starts to smile a little bit as well.

Fade Out



(the preview might not match fully, we translated from the end of the episode and the video might be shorter)
KS – In middle school I smiled only once and it was about you.
MR – Crazy crazy!
Sunbae – The best visual ever among the class of 2018
Sunbae – Mirae is also good.
VO – New face!
YE – For the festival, can you help the bar?
SA – Mirae should do it.
VO – She is Hanguk University Goddess, why did someone like her *like* your post?
SA – At first I thought you two did n’t know each other because you did not greet each other.
VO – What are you doing about the festival
MR – Festival, I am a little busy now
HJ – You are Mirae-s department TA?
WY – would you like to have a drink together? We can go near the school and call Mirae to join us also.
VO – We picked good servers, naive good looking SA and sexy looking MR
KS Abogi – That woman came back to Korea, she dumped the kids for an affair with a young man. I know you wont see her, but…
HJ – Mirae
WY – After cleaning up, I will have a house warming party, what are you doing
KS – What are you doing here? You said you are busy.
KS – When are you going to have the house warming party?
WY – Are you really coming or do you like someone among them?

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  1. Anonymous
    August 4, 2018 / 2:38 pm

    Thanks for recap….

  2. Kayen_SAA
    August 4, 2018 / 5:34 pm

    Thanks for the recap. This drama is growing on me…looking forward to the coming recaps.

    • V
      August 5, 2018 / 9:28 am

      So glad you are starting to get into this show Kayen_SAA!

  3. sashaa
    August 5, 2018 / 8:05 am

    I didn’t like the way it ended. Hope they are not going to pull a ‘I got close to you because of your mother -then conflict etc’.
    And kudos to MR for calling out KS’s BS second time (first was don’t grab my arms, now its don’t take out anger on wrong people). The guy looks perplexed – clearly no one calls out for his rude behavior.
    In his defense, he chooses to be a sociopath but people won’t let him be ; )

    Sorry, I did not like the mother character. Such immature and irresponsible behavior – MR respects her like a mentor and she takes her out for dinner, but skips dinner and goes drinking! Then leaves abruptly without even offering to drop-off MR. Somehow that interaction bothered me. May be am reading too much into it.

    • V
      August 5, 2018 / 9:50 am

      I love how MR called out KS for his bad behavior. KS definitely has an air about him that he is better than everyone else. he does exhibit a lot of characteristics to show that he does think more altruistically, but then he also has this annoyance with the world that he just thinks everyone should accept.

      I also thought the mother should have dropped MR off. That would have only been safe. She could have at least offered.

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