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Live Recap: Mr. Queen Episode 2 (Part 2)

Live Recap: Mr. Queen Episode 2 (Part 2)

This is part 2 of our live recap for Mr. Queen!

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





Bong is at the official concubine appointment. She says all the usual things with concubines out loud, though thinks in her head about this Cho person and her family and how she is a dangerous woman to him which makes her even more attractive to him.

She extends her hand to have a good relationship.

Bong – (The winning team is my team but a pretty woman like her is the demilitarized zone.)

They shake hands. Though it is more forced on Bong’s side. it does not seem like anyone knows what a handshake is so maybe it has not been imported yet.

Bong sits to have a lovely chat with the concubine. She wants to talk about the King. She motions for Choi to leave. So the maid does. Bong asks Cho is the King ever bluffs? 

She uses the word Lee Bam Jook (which is during the day he winds, at night he falls).

Bong – You know, he bluffs like we had a hot night and lied about what happened last night and_

Cho – Your highness I am sorry but this is an inappropriate conversation.

Bong – Oh, sorry if I made you uncomfortable.

Cho – Well I came to the palace yesterday. I had a busy schedule.

Bong – Okay, sorry, sorry.

Cho leaves but before leaving she tells Bong that the King is not that king of person.

Bong wonders wha that means and starts to yell about her situation because she thinks she slept with the King.


Meanwhile, the king is in his room reading upside down. The eunuch goes and sees it and then walks away with a chuckle. But it looks like the King did this on purpose.

Cut to the Kings memory of another night. Ont his night several men in black are fighting. Two men break into a safe style room to find something. One of them is the King. They are looking for something though it is unclear what. They also steal all the gold.

One of the servants sees them and yells that there is a robbery. he rings the bell so the men in black have to run away.

Another man follows on a horse and catches them quickly. Then more men follow on horses.

There is a little baby that is being rocked to sleep when all these men run into her. She accidentally drops the baby in the street, so of course the King has to run back and super fly kick another person to rescue the little kid and gives him back to the mama.

The men did not see a reason to stop and apprehend the King? They just kept riding on by.

The next day, the King changed in his room and was caught by his servants. So this all happened last night.

VO – It wasn’t in the secret shed. if it is not in the most secretive and the most secure place then did they hide it in the tiger cave? (an impossible place)

The queen is announced and comes in. She is heated. He tells her that he is busy right now. She tells him that she has the same issue and also tells him that he is so busy so he doesn’t have time to hold his paper properly. She flips it around for him.

he says he was thinking about something. So she says to go on, I will wait. She sits and glares at him. 

He wants to know why she is glaring at him like that? Bong is snide and says he works hard. You have your concubine so sleep with her from tonight. Also, don’t you have something to tell me.

King – You came to see me so you should have something to tell me.

Bong – It is only you and me so let’s be honest. Last night we….

King – We had a good time together.

Bong – Okay, you are doing that.

She stands up and glares at him sadly.

King – You are bothering me.

Bong – *goes up to him* Hey, if you are embarrassed to talk about it, why don’t we make our own hand signal? Like this!

He crosses his fingers.

King – What is that?

Bong – It means that what I say is a lie if you cross your fingers.

Bong uncrosses his fingers and tells her that the King never says lies, you may be excused.


The Queen goes back to her chambers and thinks that life is so hard right now. The young maid, Hong, comes in and gives her a massage. Bong laughs at how ticklish it is.

Choi comes in and tells her that they will have a crash course in palace manners right now. Bong is all laid out and says that she doesn’t want to. Choi hits a fan on her hand several times and says it is Queen Mothers orders.

Bong thinks, well, I need to get the Queen Mother on my side so…

He sits up and tells them that he went to a manners course once when he was 4 to learn diplomacy manners. Shall I show you the power of diplomacy!

Montage of the manners scene. They go over how she should sit and how she should walk and eat and all that. Bong does it all wrong. They go over sewing for embroidery which can calm her heart. But Bong is horrible. She pricks her finger and says it i snot that she does not have manners it is that you two have too much manners, this is worst that Chong Apdong! 

(Chong Apdong is a traditional town in Korea)



They finally get to where Bong can eat something. She holds out the food so that her young maid Hong can try it. But then she is hit with a memory of a certain night. It is Kim So-yong’s memory.

Bong holds his chest and thinks that she is not sick, she liked the King.

The maids think that So-yong is poisoned! They hit her food out of her mouth. She spits it out. She remembers the face of the King and spending time with him. it appears that he did not like her. That is why he wanted her to get drunk because he did not want to spend the night with her at all. His goal was the same as mine

The maids shake her around. Bong thinks that the King lied about them sleeping together!

She happily shoots her hands up in the air and thinks HALLELUJAH! Nothing happened! Ah, that bothered me so much! I trust myself but I do not trust him.

But the maids are all flipping out because they thought she was having another episode. They are so happy that she is fine, tearfully so.


Bong sits with the Queen mother while she is getting her face massaged and pulled to remain young. Bong says that after the manner lesson she realizes the proper lesson of the queen.

Queen Mother tells her maid she can stop with the face pulling. The maid stands in the corner.

Bong starts to talk about how all the lakes are empty in the palace so there is no negative yang energy. if the lakes are all filled then i will have the prince right away.

The Queen says no, you were almost killed in the lake. Following our rule, everyone that serves you should be executed, but we did not want to draw blood in front of the royal wedding. If you want to fill the lake then I will follow the proper steps I will execute everyone who was responsible.

Bong thinks this Queen is crazy. He tells the Queen he will try to sleep with the King for three days to try and get a prince. Can you fill the lake?

The Queen says 7 days. 

Bong says 5 days.

The Queen says to execute all the people next to the Queen.

Bong quickly tells her 7 days! If you promise to me that you will fill the water ten I will get pregnant with the prince. But he thinks that he will just leave so its no problem.


The Queen Dowager (Daebi) prays in her room or at a temple. Cho comes in. They are both from the same family. Daebi gives Cho Hwa-in a talisman to look at. Cho looks at it and grows alarmed.

Daebi – Living in the palace is like that. No one to rely on and when you feel nervous it is forever nervous. What is your birthdate? What is the best thing to make a prince? Ah, ha ha ha, I have to read your match with the King first. if you need a stronger talisman then let me know. I know a shaman who is good at curses. it works.

Cho looks all sorts of alarmed. She tries to play it off and tells Daebi that she is sorry but she is there to only serve the King. I am sorry. 

Daebi tells her not to worry and then mentions that she should have a lonely night as soon as she became a concubine. I am sorry but the King and the Queens sleeping nights are seven days. Sleeping with the queen should not be missed but they have seven days straight? Don’t worry, his heart to you will not change in that seven day period.

Cho smiles politely and bows. But she looks worried.

That night she writes in her room and thinks back to that night. The Queen told her that she would lose an important person to her. Then the Queen fell in the water? It is almost like she jumped in or  So-yong pushed her in.

Her maid comes in and snaps her out of her writing. She accidentally messed it up with her thoughts. She says she will have to throw it away.

The maid thinks Hwa-jin should be the queen because she has the best mannerisms. That Queen does not deserve it. Hwa-jin tells her to stop, the Queen is like another King so let’s stop talking about her badly.

The maid keeps talking and says that they forgerized the sleeping days and blamed you for things you didn’t even do. Why did that happen why you were passing by? 

But then she holds her mouth in alarm. She probably shouldn’t have said that. The maid says she is not use to life in the palace. I am sorry.

Hwa-jin asks what she can do for the King this time? Then she crumples up her paper.




The King asks Bong why he set the dates to sleep with him? Bong says she has a request, let’s not touch each other. He tells her no. She says you said you would liste to my every request. But he says he never heard that word before.

Bong – You don’t even know what it is.

King – I do not understand you so I am saying no

Bong – Listen to me, no touch means that we have our own personal happiness. We just say that we sleep together but you go to the concubine and are happy and I am happy here. Okay? No touching each other.

King – Ah, but I say no.

Bong – Whyyyyy?

King – I do  not like your behavior. 

Bong – (This super crazy guy. Well, a crazy guy knows how to deal with crazy guys.) I don’t know what happened last night so let’s have a hot night again.

King – Hot night?

Bong – Today is our real first night.

Bom chicka bomb bom plays.

King – is that so?

Cut to the King walking slowly. Bong tells him to hurry up. He says the King never runs. So she calls court lady Choi over. he quickly starts to run-walk away.


Bong dresses in men clothing with the help of maid Hong. he wants to walk around the city and says he will be back by curfew. But maid Hong says no, she will try and stop him if that is the case.

Bong looks in the mirror at his new man look and asks what kind of person she was like. The maid says she was kind and nice. Bong says it is better to hear the truth from her and not others.

So Hong tells her the truth.

She was reading once and someone sniffed so she kicked him out and told people to hit him.

She was practicing her music and did not like the music teacher’s rhythm. It was 1/8th slower than it needed to be so she told some people to come hit her.

She was riding in her carriage and some girls laughed so she told some people to hit them.

Hong continues talking about the Queen and tells her everything that she did. She is giggling while saying it but then says she is sorry, you wanted me to tell you the details.

Bong thinks that a lot of people probably wanted to push her in the lake. Hong says no one knows what kind of person she really is. I served you since we were young. You are warm and smart and a cool person who did everything you wanted to do. You were lonely in the palace because the King was so happy with another woman.

Bong – She is not just a lonely person. She has someone that understand her.

Hong – This woman?

Bong – it means that I am not lonely because I have you. Yeon ah, don’t worry. No one will find it out, sleep tight.


A man fights off some palace guards. His eyes is bandaged. He says he does not want his wife to become a slave, just poke my other eye out. My only sin is giving birth to a kid in this screwed up world.

He holds a knife to one of the guards and yells. His wife tells him not to do this. He looks at his daughter and then throws somethings and runs away.


Elsewhere, Kim Byong-in polishes his sword. His father, minister Kim Jwa-gun comes in to great him. he tells him palace things and if he decided on a position. Then he tells him that the queen had an accident in the palace. She fell in the lake and lost her consciousness for one day. But now she is awake

He asks how she is, is she fine now. He looks concerned.

Back at the palace, Bong tries to sneak out as a man. He runs into Kim Hwan, one of her cousins or brothers or something like that. He says she looks familiar. Bong thinks he must be royal born since he is dressed nicely and looks confident.

Bong asks what his name is. He says he is Hwan of the Kim family from Hwangdong. Am I that famous?

Bong jokes that he is super famous, it is nice to see you. Hwan starts to walk with her and tells her about a sword fight and how the King has a nightmare. He has had the same nightmare from since he came here from that island. It is being slashed because of the coup.

Bong gets to the gate and holds his badge to get out, but it looks like the guards do not want to let him out. So Bong has to pretend to know Hwan like a brother which makes the guards think he is normal and can leave.

he walks up a street with Hwan but then karate chops him. He passes out.

So Bong happily goes to the giseng house and looks at all the gisaeng happily. But the head gisaeng knows he is a girl and says they do not accept women customers. However, Hong throws them a lot of money so she yells for the women to come in because they have a man customer!

The women all come in. Bong is super happy to see them he winks and smiles like the playboy he is.




In one of the noble rooms, political talks are going on with Kim Byong-in. He wants his son to have a position. Kim asks why he wants the position now, I heard he passed the exam a while ago.

They tell him that he contacted the family first. The man says his wife’s side is a relative to the Cho family, I am sorry. he bows.

(He is talking to a person from the Kim family.)

Kim tells him that he understands that they think they cannot be successful because of this. This man pledges loyalty to Kim for his entire life. Kim asks him to pour him one cup.

then all the gisengs come in.


Meanwhile, Bong is having a wonderful time getting kissed on the cheeks by all the gisengs and throwing money around. He asks, today, who will take off my clothing!

The head giseng peaks in through the door and says she has never seen a pervert like this in all her life as a giseng.

In the politician room, the Kim family continues to wine and dine with soft music.

In another room are police Hong and Yang Pyung the royal guard and step brother. They are trying to think about where that thing they are looking for can be. They know that the Kim family will be appointed as head of the royal guard. Because they are doing this, they will hostage the Kings life. It is also hard to sneak in to their place now.

They keep talking about all the political things about how they have to find corrupt people in the day and assassins at night. is this why you brought me here from Kang hwa?

The King is sipping tea in another room and chuckling. It looks like these two re pretending to talk to each other but are actually there to talk to the King.

King – Hey, you followed me when I said I was going to rescue this corrupt Joseon.

We see a flashback of the King living dirty on the island and saying he was going to shove it up the corrupt King.

Hong tells him that he was so cool when he said that, I did not know that this super cool thing would make me wok this hard.

Yang Pyung wonders if they notice what they do, maybe that is why they will take over the royal guard? they think, yeah, if they notice it then they should have spies listening in on our conversations.

They look around, presumable for spies.


Meanwhile Bong is having a great time in his room. He is also super drunk. He leaves and stumbles to the bathroom. But he can’t find his penis so he looks at the guy next to him (Kim Byong-in) and says that she envies him because he has a penis. Bye bye my penis! I envy you. Ah, I can’t even pee now.

She ties up her stuff and goes back to her room. All the while he is muttering about why the gods are so cruel.

In the Kings room, they wonder if there really are spies around? But if they knew that then Hyung-nim and Hong should be executed already. Hong rubs his neck. they think that the only thing that changed is that the Queen and the concubine came to the palace. So the Queen maybe used her influence.

They think the Queen put her sword to her husbands throat as soon as they got married.

The King tells them that the only way they can win this war is to prove that the book of corruption exists. They need to find that book right away. To find it, they can give away the position of head of the royal guard. We can get it back later after we get the corruption book.

Hong and Yang Pyung thinks it is more difficult to take it back. The King thinks the head of the Royal guard is for the soldiers. If his body cannot physically support the position then he can’t handle it.

The King thinks he will use a way to get the head of the royal guard position as the last way if it comes to it. But the last way is assassination. It will happen to him anyway.

Suddenly Bong comes in looking all drunk. He stares at everyone. Everyone stares at him. Bong wonders, what the f is this rom?

His eyes settle on the two men sitting in front of her and the King in the background. He yells, the bell rang! Then runs off.

The two guys think that that is the Queen! She followed us dressed like a man, we need to follow her and find out how much she heard!

The King stands up. The guard wants to unsheathe his sword. The King puts it away. The guard says not to hesitate because of a little relationship. The King tells him he will do it himself and takes the guards sword. Then he cuts a piece of his clothing with it, maybe?, and ties it around his face.

He runs off after the Queen. 

Bong is still running to the palace though she is super drunk. The bell keeps drinking. The King jumps in front of her. She startled back.

He turns around and looks at her through his see through hat. Then he pulls out his sword. Bong has sobered. He starts to back away, but he strips on a wagon.

The King pulls out his sword and holds it to Bongs throat. Bong looks up at him.

Fade Out


This episode was pretty funny! They had me laughing a few times, especially at the end when Bong was acting a fool at the gisaeng place. I sneak peaked the preview which promises more laughs to come because Bong is going to get his hands on a knife in the kitchen and show them what’s up.

Shin Hye-sun is really embodying the life of a man. She is not lady like in the slightest which was pretty fun to watch today. Anyone enjoying this show like we are? We will be back next week for some more Mr. Queen!

Live Recap: Mr. Queen Episode 2 (Part 2)
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  1. Poppie
    December 13, 2020 / 9:23 am

    Thank you for your recap 🙂
    I started true beauty last Friday and was hooked. With Mr Queen I will have a busy week haha. SHS is amazing like her male lead.

    • V
      December 13, 2020 / 10:15 am

      True Beauty is so cute! So happy you are hooked! Mr’ Queen is getting me to like it. I wasn’t there with the opening episode but I liked episode 2 much better.

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