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Live Recap: Mr. Queen Episode 2 (Part 1)

Live Recap: Mr. Queen Episode 2 (Part 1)

We are back for another live recap of Mr. Queen, this time with episode 2! Episode one was pretty wacky and had me questioning how exactly I should address this Mr. Queen. Should I call him Bong or should I call him Kim So-yong (his lady name), or should I just call him Queen?

I also don’t know what pronouns I should use. Should it be he, she? Or maybe this is the perfect opportunity to use “they” when referring to a gender non specific person in a Kdrama? Though he is gender specific, since he is a man.

Y’all, I have no clue! I have mostly decided to use “he” since Bong considers himself a male even though he is in a female body. This might get super confusing because I also use she/her when other people are referring to Bong/Queen. Hopefully it isn’t too confusing though.

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Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Chul-joon takes off his outer coat. Bong flips out, not that, not that! He blows out the light and dips her/him into his embrace. Bong thinks that this guy is really fast.

King – What are you doing?

Bong – What are you doing?

King – I turned off the light to have more mood for drinking.

He pulls himself away from the King.

Bong – To massage your neck before we drink? You’re just warming up.

He karate chops her neck.

King – Like this?

Bong – What are you doing!

The King holds his hand like a karate chop.

King – i thought we were relaxing each others necks.

Bong – This guy….he did it on purpose. Wicked.

King – Of course it is not. Let’s drink properly since we relaxed our throats.

He sits on his side again.

Bong – What’s so fun drinking alone?

King – Ah, I did not think about that.

He drinks some.

King – Because of that warming up, I can drink super well. What did you do until now?

Bong – Drink, drink.

She pours him some more. He pushes it away and asks for her to drink some more. This causes Bong to think that he is changing his method.

Bong thinks the King should drink one shot like a man.

But the King had walked to the side and stood to look at the bed. He says that he is sensitive at night so you can sleep far away from me. He goes and lays down in his bed.

Over him it says “Win during the day, and down at night” in electric lights.

Bong chuckles. Is that the reality of this King that is a famous womanizer? Korean empire history book was a tabloid. All wrong. But, I shouldn’t let my guard down. I am using a crucifix knotting method that I learned in the army.

He ties up his shirt tightly.

VO – To take my clothes off, he will have to cut it.

Bong stands next to the bed and looks at him.

VO – That selfish King guy, he sleeps on that soft silk blanket. 

Bong tries to pull the blanket away. The King wakes up.

King – I understand what you think, Queen, tonight I just want to sleep.

Bong – Not that! I grew up preciously so I can’t sleep on the bare floor.

King – I cannot sleep unless I am on three layers of silk. You shouldn’t have been raised more precious than the king himself.

Bong – (He is just like an island boy)

Bong tries to sleep on the floor but glares at the King. She thinks this reminds him of the army (I might go back and forth using her and him for Bong/The Queen)





Bong finally gets to sleep on the floor. The King is sleeping on his silk and he is having a nightmare. He dreams about someone getting killed by a guard or some kind of soldier.

Bong/Queen suddenly wakes up. It is morning. Her hair knot is loose and no one else is around. The King has gone somewhere.

her maids come in and ask her how she feels to wake up as the Queen. (though she said something inappropriate). She looks down at her shirt, her crucifix knot is undone. She wonders if he did it???

She holds her clothing tightly. Her maids wonder what is wrong, did you lose something? Bong thinks, perhaps I loosened it because it was too hard to breathe?


Meanwhile, someone breaks into a room in the palace. He is dressed like a ninja in all black. 

The eunuchs come into a room, it looks like another bedroom and see the King dressed in his all white. They ask when he came back? The King says he snuck out because he had a nightmare and did not want to bother the Queens sleep. it is the first day for her as queen.

The eunuch says he will serve him tea to have him sleep better. The King tells them that the Queen needs to great the elder ladies of the court. 

Eunuch – They just left

King – I am looking forward to seeing what she will do.


Bong is in his carriage going somewhere outside. He asks his head maid why he is so busy now. The wedding was just yesterday. The maid tells her that she has to greet the Queen Mother and the high officials. 

Bong asks, does the national wedding end then?

The other maid says no, the King will announce the Queen officially. Bong gasps, is this wedding ever going to end? But he also thinks back to the King talking about how he did not want to go against the Queen Mother. So Bong asks Maid Choi how the Queen Mother is.

Choi tells her that the Queen Mother is in the same Kim family as she is. The Queen Dowager is from the Cho family. Bong tries to understand it all. He tells Choi to tell him everything.

Choi starts to explain all the family dynamics. Bong tells her carriage person to stop the wagon! He saw a woman standing by the water so he tells the carriage people to back this wagon up! Then he stares at the girl looking at the water.

This girl is Cho Hwa-jin and her servant. 

Bong steps out fully in her wedding gear and strikes a pose to seduce Choi. He says this is the first time he has seen them around– but then he trips.

Bong – Ha, ha, I am not use to this body yet. Ah, you have an expensive elegant mood. Are you part of the royal family? Are you a princess?

Cho – I am sorry if I bothered you because of my attitude.

Bong – No, it is nothing, nothing, what I want to say it…

Hong maid – Ah! You are so fast *breathes hard*

Bong – Do you know her?

Hong maid – *Whispers*

the Hong maid whispers to Bong all about Cho and how she is the main concubine and there is a rumor that she is the one that pushed you into the lake.

Cho’s maid whispers to Cho that there is a rumor that she lost her memory is fake. 

Both maids tell their ladies to be careful then take their place behind them again.

Bong – I dated a lot of woman and can read their face well. You look like a….good person. You know, you and this one may not have a good past, but let’s start over. I like you.

She extends her hand.

Bong – Let’s have a good relationship.

Cho – Did you change your method?

Bong – Method?

Cho – Because of your lesson I realize where I am now. Now I realize I am in the palace.

Bong – No, you are misunderstanding me.

Cho – Sorry, but excuse me.

The King shows up then.

Cho – King

King – I wanted to great you but I couldn’t find you.

Cho – Me too.

King – I have met you.

Bong thinks about the concubines in the palace. Cho’s servant thinks that she is super scared because of the Queen jealousy. Bong steps between Cho and the King and tells them to get a room why don’t you.

The King tells Bong to order the concubine appointment quickly. Bong says he is sorry but I am too busy to do it. Then thinks that the one husband many wives rule is stupid. he spits on the floor.

Everyone is all like, um, did the Queen just spit?

he head maid comes up and tells the Queen that the elders in the palace are waiting. So Bong tells them that she is busy and picks up her dress to leave.

The King turns back to Cho and tells her that she must have been surprised. I am finally happy to have you as a wife. She says that she is happy to live in the same place as him finally.

the King tells her that someone saw her at the lake. They made you into the one that pushed the Queen so I had to process the marriage quickly.

Choi says she was just surprised to hear a big sound at the lake. He says it is okay, don’t worry, even though they are from the Kim family, they won’t be able to accuse you because you are innocent. No, I will make sure that they will not be able to do anything. I will protect you with everything that I have.

he continues and says that he is a paper king who has a step brother and friend and one beautiful woman. He gives her a flower. She happily takes it and says he is rich.

He smiles and says he will make sure that night is fine, so don’t worry.


Bong goes to the Queen Mother meeting but does not know which one is the Queen mother so she bows kind of to the middle? Or maybe to the Queen Dowager? The head maid clears her throat.

Bong says that the Queen Mother looks so young so she mistook her as the Queen Dowager. The Queen mother likes that. Bong thinks he was smooth, this is good.

The Queen Dowager asks if she isn’t fully recovered yet? The Queen Mother thinks she is the perfect queen, don’t you see that. But the Queen Dowager basically says, bless you heart, and smiles.

Bong reminds himself that he needs to be alert since these two are dissing each other with a smiling face.

Daebi, the Queen Dowager, says she has a secret recipe to be pregnant with the new King. When you sleep….

This part is all blurred out so it is XXX rated. She is basically explaining what to do with the kings jewels. Bongs eyes are so big.

Bong – (This horrible Mother in law world.) I can take care of it, I know those things well.

Daebi clears her throat. The Queen Mother chuckles and says that she worked hard to be the Queen, she should be all prepared. Daebi smiles and says she was too meddlesome.

Bong thinks that the Queen Mother thinks her daughter in law is B rated and troublesome but the great daughter in law (aka Bong) is B rated and is a fun thing.




Bong gets back to the palace and crawls out of her carriage. The King is there to greet her. He says she should be tired from last night. He says they only drank last night, nothing to be tired about.

They both go inside to great the high officials of the palace. Bong is amazed with how pretty the palace is. They go sit at the throne together to receive bows from all the politicians one by one.

Bong recognizes the Kims family and thinks they are the infamous Kims. We go to a cartoon that explains all the Kim family and how they got a lot of taxes unethically since they had the Queen on their side. In modern terms it would be military corruption, tax corruption, and real-estate corruption. They did all the corrupt acts possible. They are exemplary corrupt Kim family from Andong.

The Cho family is announced. They all bow. Bong thinks about the Cho’s from Poon-yong. They are famous because they have the Queen Dowager on their back. When one of them was mother to the former Queen, they did a lot of corrupt things to the country. But now they are nothing. 

But there is something that is big, right.

Kim Jwa-gum comes out. He is the biggest real power of the Kim family world. The King looks at Bong to see how she will react to this man.

Kim Jwa-gun – I need to announce one thing with this happy marriage. Why don’t you appoint the head of the royal guard whom will protect the palace. Kim Mun-geum, the Queens father.

The King asks, my father in law? Why all of a sudden?

Kim Jwa-gun says that the Queen is worried about his safety. The King asks her if she ordered it. Bong does not know what is going on, but he is trying to get with it. She says that she wants him guarded in the day and she can guard him at night.

Some of the politicians shake their heads and say, ah, this foxy woman.

The King stands and says that his brother is the head of the Royal Guard so give me some time to think about it. But the Kim Jwa-gun guys says that his safety is the most important thing so consider our loyalty.

The Queen Mother gives the King a signal. He does not look too happy about it but puts on a smile and says the Queen’s care for him is endless. So Kim Jwa-gun tells him that he will process this.

Bong thinks that Kim Jwa-gun must be the real head of this palace. Wow, I need popcorn.

he sits happily looking at everyone and then falls out of his chair. Everyone looks at him/her with worry and shock. She tells everyone she is sorry, just continue.

The King says the Queen is tired right now so let’s finish this greeting event quickly. You know that sleeping together is a holy thing for the heir. It should not involve emotions or joy, but last night I could not control myself.

Kim Jwa-gun says a good relationship is nothing to be sorry about. Bong wonders what he is talking about. The King tells them lets end things here.

While they are walking out. Bong asks if the King is just pretending? Nothing happened last night. The King says he is sad, I thought you would remember your one night with me. Maybe it is a side effect of your lost memory.

Bong tells her that is impossible.

The King says we did blood drawing. Now I have another schedule. He walks away.

Bong tries to stop him but he is already gone. Bong tells himself that he is bluffing, I should know if that happened. That never happened.

He sits in his carriage and still worried about it. Bong thinks the King is forgerizing evidence. So she asks her maids if a woman doesn’t know after they have that thing? The maids look at her and asks, what thing?

But, once looking at them she thinks her young maid is too young and her older maid is probably more strict than a monk.

Suddenly, a girl starts to cry after looking at the Queen. Her mother bows and then quickly walks away. Bong asks if that kid was crying because she looked at her? The maids says they should close the window and basically pushed Bongs head back inside he carriage.


The Queen Mother and her brother, minister Kim Jwa-gun, talk about the Queen. They wonder about her. Why does she act out this much? The Queen Mother thinks they need to correct the Queen, they should not have things for people to talk about. Also, was it really true that Cho Hwa-jin was with the King?

The minister says yes, her footage was perfect. Only fraction of minutes different when she came in and the Queen had her accident. Of course it is not direct evidence that she did not do it, but the Cho family will use that as an excuse.

The Queen Mother thinks this is a maze. if the concubine did not do it then who did it? perhaps there is another force?

her brother thinks, maybe, but for us, who did it is not important. Who is should be is important. Jirokweema (an old saying where you say, if you point at a dear and say it is a horse then it becomes a horse.)

The Queen Mother says, in our case, the deer can be a real horse. The brother says to forget about politics, let’s have our meal. She smiles and says her younger brother has volunteered to be the taste tester, how can I be careful with my health.

They start to eat. he looks at her a bit too long when she eats. It is suspicious.


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