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Live Recap: Mr. Queen Episode 1 (Part 2)

This is part 2 of our live recap for Mr. Queen!

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




The king looks over and says the Queen woke up from her coma, perhaps she recovered completely since she is giving the maids a hard time. Let her come in.

The head eunuch runs off to tell the Queen to come to the King.

Bong looks around and spots the pergola. He thinks, ah, he is the head of this place. Then he takes off running to it. All the maids have to follow quickly once again.

The King just watches all this going on. He thinks she is so energetic (in a worrisome way).

Bong – *out of breath* Hey King.

King – What happened? *pinches nose*

Bong – that is not important

King – Not important? You should always maintain clean clothes and a straight mind.

Bong – I know, I know, but I am in a hurry.

King – aristocrats wake with the rooster in the morning and get dressed nicely and…um…

He was going to say something else but forgot it because it was difficult.

Bong – Let’s just stop all this, I am in a hurry, I need water so much.

King – Take water to her

Bong – No no no, I need water in the lake. You know, you emptied the entire thing

King – Ah, you want me to fill the lake?

Bong – Yes, yes.

King – No.

Bong – Why not?

King – This is an order from the queen mother. If I fill it then I am against her will.

Bong – But you are the King. As a King you can’t even fill water in a lake?

King – Of course I have to understand the Queen Mother, she was probably shocked by the accident. I also think that emptying the water is the proper thing.

Bong- Why is that right? Tell me logically!

King – Just because.

Bong – (Are you joking?)

She slaps him hard across the face. The Eunuch gasps.

King – How dare you!

Bong – It seems like you are a person that talks like an aristocrat all the time. It is n ot good manners if you inch your nose in front of someone all the time.

he removes his hand.

King – I am glad you look normal, I worried about you a lot.

Bong – Yeah, okay, I understand your true heart

King – Did you always talk like that?

Bong – I came back from almost death so I have a lot of complaints to the world.

King – How did you jump into the lake?

Maid – She does not remember that part only

King – Just that part? That is strange

Bong – Ah, you are reading [Chinese scholarly books] what you are reading now is the most difficult one.

She tries to open it. He stops her.

King – I don’t like it when someone tries to open my books.

Bong – I already touched it. It is already dirty so let me read it.

Bong pulls it.

King – [says some old thing like women have to serve husbands but he made a mistake in the quote]

Bong – [picks on the mistake he made]

King – Yin shouldn’t be against Yang and women should listen to the husband

Bong – *laughs* Is this the Joseon dynasty now?

King – yes it is!

Bong – Hey, we have the King here

King – I am the King!

The servants look miserable.

Bong still tries to take the book. The King holds it back. The Eunuch tells him it is his official meeting time. The King starts to tell Bong that the Kings day is like a bird that has to keep the….

Bong interrupts and says okay, you are busy. She starts to walk away. But when his guard is down, she runs back and pulls the book away.

It flies high into the air and we see all the sexy pictures. He yells for his eunuch. The eunuch jumps to try and grab it. He hits it away and it falls into water.

King – You know how much I care about that book!

E – i am old so my hands were not as precise as before.

King – Ah, that book is three times your salary.

E – Kill me, please! *bows*

King – I shouldn’t, even though the book is important, it is not as important as your life.

E – Your highness.

King – My wife, you like books so much so I will prepare a new book for you. Now I have to go to an official meeting. Prepare.

They all prepare to carry him to the official meeting. Bong hops into the carriage and says they should ride together since the palace is bigger than expected. He pushes her out and tells her that it is too narrow and you should take a bath.

He orders his men to walk off. Bong mutters something about his personality. Then he falls to the ground and complains about his back.

A mysterious woman look on from behind a tree. The King mutters to himself, she lost her memory….


The doctor thinks that this is not just lost memory. She thinks she is a different person now. He is talking to the Minister. The Minister is heating up an iron rod. His name is Kim Jwa-gun

JG – The queen mother and I are the only ones here. So if I hear what you said to me….

Doctor – It will never happen

In a separate area, the Queen mother is getting a medicine bath. Ah, wait, this is the same area. Kim Jwa-gun is sitting in her room. The Queen Mother says that she does not even recognize her elders.

JG – i will process this and make sure that [the queen] has no more contact with others.

QM – Do you know why she went out that late?

JG – I think someone lured her pretending to be the King. It is difficult to suspect if it was the Kings order.




A maid tells Daebi that the future Queen has woken up. Daebi tells her that her talisman worked. She tells her maid to bring more things to her.

In the Queen Mothers room, she tells Kim Jwa-gun that the rumor is that the concubine pushed the Queen into the lake. Jwa-gun says that concubine event can be cancelled.

The Queen Mother asks if that is Cho Hwa-jin? She is happy to cancel the event. her brother tells her that even though the Cho family is almost extinguished, we still have to be careful with a little kindle of fire.


The King sits in front of the politicians. they ask him difficult things that they know he does not know. He stumbles around to answer it. The Queen Mother has a signal to Kim Jwa-gun to help him out so JG starts to say something.

They bring up the royal wedding. The King says that the Queen woke up. A politician tells him that he heard a rumor about how she is now. He says he did not hear that rumor at all. I just heard that she woke up because I saw her. Am I the only one that is slow?

Another man says it is a rumor so we did not want to worry you. another man says it is not a rumor. The King thinks she did look different than normal. I heard she lost a bit of her memory.

The man says that falling in water is not just a normal accident. I heard that one of the eunuchs saw a strange person around the lake. We see a flashback of that.

The King asks who that person is. The man tells him that only one woman came to the palace according to the registry. Cho Hwa-jin. She is the concubine to be so that is why she tried to kill the Queen to be.

The politicians start to argue about this. One side protects her, one side blames her.

The angry side thinks the King should investigate and punish all that are related. The Queen Mother smiles. The King laughs. But then he apologizes to the Queen Mother.

He tells them that the concubine to be was with him all night. I am not married but with my young energy….I thought you all knew that. Well, it happened anyway so let’s process the Royal marriage and the concubine also. Don’t judge the Queen too quickly. If our parliament keeps arguing then nothing will happen.

Afterwards, the Cho family side thinks that if the marriage happens as it is then our palace becomes Kim world. But the King likes Cho Hwa-jin so much so we have a chance. Our family names future is all up to Cho Hwa-jin. We need to make her a concubine first and then think of the future.

The Kim side is also talking. They talk about the Royal wedding and how it is settled. But it will be a troublesome fight.

Inside, the Queen Mother stands in front of the throne and the young King bows to her. He says he is sorry to make her worry because he is not capable enough. She tells him not to worry about that, your skill to control the palace is getting better.

King – You talk too nicely to me. I am just surviving because of you.

QM – Anyway, I did not understand your energy.

King – I am sorry.

QM – I am sorry, I should have thought of that in advance. But you need balance to take care of women. Don’t forget that the Queen is more important than the concubine.

King – I will make sure.

QM – And I will find out who the woman is that the eunuch saw. We have to make sure that the Queen to be does not have any danger.

King – yes, you are right.

She walks out, he moves out of her way.


Cho is studying in her room. She is writing something. her maid accidentally drops ink on her page. Cho does not get upset, she just write a character around it and tells her maid that she wrote this poem with her now and it is prettier because of it.

The palace guard comes in to her house and starts to read official documents. The King wants her in the palace quickly because she will be the #1 concubine after the royal wedding tomorrow.

Choi bows and smiles politely. She looks like a good person.


Meanwhile, Bong is lounging in hot water while the servants put in more hot water. He asks them if there are any other lakes around. The maid says there are two more around here. But the other lakes are the same.

Bong – What do you mean? 

maid – the queen mother ordered all the lakes to be emptied

Bong – All of them> For how long?

Maid – Forever

Bong – That means….(I like like this forever?)

He passes out in the water. They hold him up.

He goes out of the room and says, I will try any water! He runs to some dirty water and puts his head in it. They pull her out.

Then she runs to the bathwater and puts herself in it, but t is empty now. She goes to the fish bowl and does the same, they all try and pull her out. He thinks, it has to be that lake.

He isn’t able to get anything to work so he relaxes in his room with his maid massaging his feet. Bong sits up and asks what the maids name is (he calls her cutie). she says her name and asks if she forgot that she served her ever since she ws born. How sick are you?

She starts to cry.

Bong asks why she is crying, that hurts me. He wipes her tears away. The head maid comes in and tells the maid, how dare you cry, it is the Queen that is suffering. Bong says yes, I a having a hard time, you do not know how I feel.

The head maid tells the other maid to step out. Bong thinks that he needs information to survive here. It seems like I wont go back soon.

Bong – What is the name of the king with no manners?

Maid – How dare I say the great Kings name

Bong – Oh that’s right, you cant say his name. So what year are we in Joseon?

Maid – [says all the years and things]

Bong – [starts to mutter her history lessons] I need another hint

Maid – Hint?

Bong – Ah, I will sing a song, if you hear the name of the King then let me know.

He starts to sing the names the maid helps her out but she can’t really help her out so she coughs and then pretends like she grabs a fly to show which name it is. 

Bong thinks, its that King!

Bong – that entire family was involved in a coup and sent to gong Hwa island. He became the King because he is the dumbest. He lived his entire life as the dumbest puppet King in history and gave the people in the country a difficult time and died from disease after 15 years. Ah, it is so important to learn early. Hallelujah to my mother. Southern wealth is a scary thing with this King (Southern wealth is a Korean saying because southern wealthy people do not have manners, they just use money and give people a hard time. Traditional wealthy people know how to behave.)

The King walks to meet her and enters the room.

King – I was harsh because I did not know how you are now. Let me check you.

Bong – *moves away from his hand* what are you doing?

King – Don’t be shy, we will be husband and wife tomorrow.

Bong – Tomorrow?!

King – I ordered to process the royal wedding which was delayed because o your accident.

Bong – (Wah! He is Joseons exemplary playboy who is a womanizer and did not care about politics at all!)

The King smiles.

Bong – Wait! You have to know something.




Bong talks to the King outside. He makes sure everyone stays far away while they talk because Bong asked him to do that.

Bong – It is difficult to explain this but….

King – Something is here.

he grabs a flower from her head, she moves back to keep him from doing it then blows the flower away.

Bong – I am going to tell you something shocking. I am — a man. I am a healthy man from 200 in the future. I am from Korea. I do not know what is going on. I thought I was dying jumping in the water and I woke up like this. What you see is not everything. You must think this is all nonsense, but you should understand this well. Sure, we can get married but the first night won’t be good. I am not a man that likes man. You re not my type. It is just not my thing. But you will think it is a crime.

King – i understand what you say.

Bong – Really? Ah, you are a better King that what I heard from the history books.

King – EVERYONE, call the doctor and find out how she is and what her disease is!

The head maid whimpers and runs up with the eunuch.

King – Don’t worry, whatever it takes I will do what I can to make you better. Don’t forget, you are not alone. Even if you go crazy, I am your husband forever.

he hugs her. She is about to throw up. He asks, you still don’t feel good. Please take her to her bedroom. Dont worry and go rest. You will be okay. It is okay, everything is fine.

Bong is pulled away.

Bong – Yeah the history books don’t lie. Maybe he is worse than the history books.

She chokes off her maid and starts to walk away alone. She lips up her skirt to walk faster. The maid tells her not to do that! Don’t show your under clothing.




The doctor tries to get Bong to eat medicine. Bong says he only likes western medicine! She head butts him and spits it out.

So they hold her to the med on her belly and tells her that she has negative water energy in her body. You need to remember your energy.

Bong tells him that he is a quack without a license.

the doctor tries to open acupuncture points to clear the negative energy. Bong thinks, whatever, it is not my body anyway. But then he sees a super long needle and sits up and says, I remember everything! 

He starts to say that the maid is her servant since she was young! The doctor sits back and asks what the head maids name is. The head maid gives her a hint so she says court lady Choi! he asks what his name is. She doesn’t know so he tells them to hold her down! She can’t move or it will hurt.

Bong tells him that he can’t use that to humans! The doctor says acupuncture is his specialty.

She tells him to stop! When I get my memory back, I am the queen from tomorrow. With this over treatment, what kind of punishment do you think you will get?

The doctor stops and says well, too much is worse than not enough. I will finish my treatment here. Bong says he is a good doctor, I am all cured. Then he thinks that he will be the Queen since everyone wants it. I am the Queen of the country so I can fill the water in the lake.


The morning of the wedding, Bong wakes up and is pampered by all her maids to get her ready to be the Queen on her wedding day. 

Getting ready montage.

They bring out all the clothing she has to wear. Bong is amazed, I have to wear all this? hen we see a cartoon of her putting all the clothing on like she is a cut out doll. The head court lady explains it all.

All the clothes are put on Bong.

The final wedding clothing is also put on her. He thinks the crown is so heavy. The court lady tells her that it is her wedding day, she needs to endure this weight.

So Bong goes out to the wedding. But the maids cleaning up the room see that she forgot to wear one thing!

At the wedding, Bong says, I am the first not to wear a bra in Joseon history. Ha. 




Bong has to bow but she doesn’t want to so the maids basically force her to but in as polite a way as they can. But she bows like it is a memorial so the court ladys tell her this is a wedding, you need to bow like a wedding.

She bows several times, reluctantly.

At the head, Daebi says something snide to the Queen Mother. The Queen Mother thanks her though she knows what is going on.

At the ceremony, SY’s father is int he political crowd, he sniffs. Someone asks if he is crying. He says he is happy that she is becoming the Queen of the country, but I feel like I am losing my only daughter. His son says he is the father of the Queen now. The father asks, am I? haha. Just stop. They both chuckle.

A man comes to the front an announces that Kim So-young (Bong) has become queen. As soon as she heard her name, Bong remembers a memory of the Queen

We are taken to a flashback of the King turning around at night.

Bong – (I can’t breathe. I will have a heart attack.)

She falls. He catches her. She looks at him starry eyed for a moment but then stands back up and sits.

The entire congregation snaps something.

In the city, Cho Hwa-jin tells his daughter that she needs to be careful not to be involved with anything. there are no forever allies or enemies.

Choi says she just wants to be a little help to the King. her nanny cries a bit. She tells the nanny not to cry, I am not going there to die. The nanny asks how their little lady can survive in that palace?

Her maid says not to worry! I will serve her well! She smiles at Choi. Then they head out.


But then we cut to a sword fight scene on a beach between two men. 

It is a pretty cool scene. They are spinning and pushing and everything.

But one of them gets the upper hand so the other surrenders. It looks like this was just practice.

they start to talk about how its good to get sweaty. One of their fathers is the Minister of the military so he has to practice martial arts. The friend asks why he has to be forced to practice. The man standing is Kim Byong-in. He is the cousin to the future Queen.

Byong-in asks if he would like to practice free style fighting? If you win then you can go back. The friend is all like, hell no. But Byong just gets ready and smiles.


Bong grumbles in her private room about the wedding. But then thinks that her room got upgraded. The court lady tells her that she has to score a big win for the country in this room. You need to get pregnant with the prince.

Bong is so shocked.

Bong – (Ah, I forgot that I have to sleep with the King. This is the biggest trouble that I had in my 33 years of life).

Jump to Bong looking at the King from across a blanket. He thinks that there is a way to get away from this.

The maids come in with all the alcohol. Bong thinks, yes, alcohol. Ah, my ancestors are smart.

The table is set up and the food is tasted. The maids all leave.

Bong – I will serve you one. What drink would you like?

King – I like side dishes more than alcohol.

Bong – What the f, hey today is the day, lets drink.

King – Too much alcohol is not good for your health

Bong – (calm down, calm down, all Koreans brag about how much they can drink). Hey, you can’t drink? It seems like you will drink a lot less than me.

King – Oh yes, all the drinks are for you.

Bong – (Is he a bullet proof vest or something? nothing is working) Lets play a drinking game. I have a few games we can play while drinking.

King -Okay what?

Bong – [starts to sing 369 game] 

He looks at her like a dummy.

Bong – (when was multiplication imported to Korea?) Do you not know? Okay next game. [starts to clap with attendance book game] 

But the King does not understand anything.

Bong -(Ah, the word humiliation was made for this kind of situation.) Hey, why don’t you do it!

King – What do I do, you said it was play but all you say is attendance book. It is not fun.

Bong – Dancing! Dancing! [he starts to do the drinking dancing song]

King – Are you having fun? [he drinks some]

Bong – (ah, it worked!) let’s drink.

Bong drinks some. The King takes off his outer jacket.

Bong – no, no, not that! (ah, I have to use the last method.

He tries to karate chop him but he stops her and blows out the candle. Then he spins her into his embrace.

Fade Out


Okay, we’ll see how this goes. I was a bit apprehensive in the opening becuase this show looks kind of cheaply made, especially for a tvN show. It looks more like KBS made it.

But the story started to pick up when he was transported to the Joseon dynasty so I was pretty engaged in the watch, actually. It looked like they also might have had some more money to make the Joseon dynasty look a bit better visually than the 2020/2021 world as well.

It had some silly moments that didn’t really make me laugh out loud chuckle, but they were amusing. Enough to tickle my insides if you will. Hopefully it keeps with this comedy because I kind of like it. Not in love with it yet, but I liked the watch.

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