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Live Recap: Mr. Queen Episode 1 (Part 1)

Live Recap: Mr. Queen Episode 1 (Part 1)

We are picking up Mr. Queen to see how we like it! I have not really heard anything about it except that it is about a man who goes to the past in a time slip and becomes the Queen. So that means he is slipped into the Queens body? Is that innuendo? (Yeah, this is a comedy.)

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




We open at the Blue House in Korea. Bong-hwan is  a chef there. He voices over.

VO – Even a fearful beast does not bite the one that gives them food. When I was 13 I decided to be a cook. My dream was to cook for the Blue House. I want to be the one that gives food to the strongest. That is how I became a cook.

He says this to a woman interviewer.

W – As you said, you really became the youngest cook in Blue House history.

BW – The first cook 

In the kitchen, he finished up another plate and hands it over. A man comes up speaking Chinese, itis translated by a woman. The man tells him that the diplomat is sensitive to fish bones so be careful please.

Bong-won tells him, if you say that one more time then I will only serve you fish head. The woman stares at him then translates something more appropriate.

BW mumbles something about the Chinese emperor.

In the interview, BW says that fish cake was developed by this emperor because he is so particular about fish bones. He likes so he ate it all the time, but as soon as he finds a fish bone, he chops off their head. The chefs are all dead.

While he is talking we cut back and forth from the interview to the kitchen where he is making the fish.

BW – The new chef cut the fish on the table and thought, Eureka! And made that dish. Lucky guy.

They give the food to the diplomats.

BW – Good food can penetrate into an iron heart. The most attractive bullet in the world. SO when I cook in the Blue House, the food is diplomacy

W – Let’s hear something that people will be interested in. Like a background story of the Blue House

BW – Before that, kets make sure that my name is not released and the money is only cash, right?

Cut to a dark kitchen room. BW is trying to kiss a woman but she stops him because of the camera in the room. He tells her that is broken. She asks if it is broken or was broken by someone.

He tells her that sometimes they need their own privacy. She wonders if they can do this here? He tells her that the diplomat will taste Heaven with this main dish.

The diplomat eats another piece of the dish. He loves it, but there is a fish hook in the dish. Someone sneers.

Cut to tons of officers running after Bong-won. But he thinks they must be running after him to thank him. He starts to whistle and walk outside the kitchen.



two police officers knock on a door to try and get Jang Bong-hwan. 

Inside another room, another chef complains about Jang Bong-hwan. He thinks people will remember chef Boo Soon-min and not Jang Bong-hwan (this must be a few years ago with the corrupt president).

The man talking to him tells him that they are clean, don’t say something suspicious.

In the apartment or hotel, the police tell Bong-hwan that they have evidence of corruption in the food supply. Bong tells them that the hook was just left accidentally (or placed on purpose, something like that). He asks if that makes him fired?

The police tell hi that there is evidence of corruption for two years. Bong tells them that he did not do this corruption, someone is blaming him for it. It is Boo Sung-min who is doing it. He worked in the Blue House longer than me. It is him.

The police tells him to just come. Bong wonders why Boo Sung-min would do this much only to get him fired. Now I see that it should be someone at the executive level.

The cops tell him to stop talking to himself, we are in a hurry. Bong is about to close the door on them, but they force themselves in so he runs to the balcony and locks himself out.

They run and try and bring him back in. He tells them to go home and find the root of corruption. Then he tries to hop off the balcony and escape on the ledge. The cops tells him he is crazy, just come back in!

Bong – I have an important question. Why do you serve Korean sausage (blood sausage) I really hate it.

The cops yell at him and ask why he is talking so much about food!. He says he is a chef. a bird poops on his hand. This makes him fall because it is gross.

But while he is falling he sees a couple pretty girls and smiles at them. He lands in the pool, sinks to the bottom, and hits his head. All the while he thinks that there are so many pretty women that he did not meet.

A woman starts to swim to him (he is now in a deep deep pool or pond). HE tells the woman to save him, I want to live. There is green aurora like light all around him. The woman kisses him.



Bong wakes up and thinks he is in a morgue fridge. He kicks off his sheets and gets out. He is now in the past, but he doesn’t know that yet. He looks at the door and pokes a hole in the paper to look out. Then he does some squats.

He wonders where his muscle went? How long have I been laying down? But then he looks at his hands and wonders, what is this?

He runs to the mirror and looks at himself. He is a woman! Not only a woman, but a woman in the Joseon Dynasty.

BW – Maybe this is a dream. A woman dream. I was almost dead. Maybe I am okay, but I should have a dream with a woman, not becoming a woman. Dream and nightmare is only one thing different. But this woman looks familiar. Instagram? No, someone I had skinship with.

He remembers that this is the woman that kissed him underwater. The water ghost. He says something but his voice is a lady voice.

Then one of the maids comes in and is surprised to see her moving. 

maid – You woke up! I am so surprised! No, don’t move, you are not 100% yet. Let me.

She holds Bong nd lays her down softly then gives her medicine. Bong thinks, yes, I should have this kind of dream. But the drink is super bitter so he/she spits it out.

The maid tells her that she will make it again! Bong wonders what is going on. The maid apologizes profusely on her knees and ays it was her fault. She will never take her eyes off her again!

But when she looks up, the Queen is gone. The queen has walked outside the room and sees dozens of women bowing to her. Bong is like, what is this? He takes off running.

All the maids start to run after her. Bong wonders why they are following him! This is scary.

Running montage around the castle.

Bong runs outside and thinks this is crazy. Am I in the palace? This must be a dream. But the really strange thing is that I am running like this but nothing bothers me.

He grabs his crouch and wonders, where is my thing! Where is it!

The maid says that she can help her find it! What are you looking for?

Bong falls to the ground and says she became castrated. She sadly asks them what they did to her! What kind of screwed up dream is this! Does Boo Sung-min have this much grudge towards me?

They look at her like she is crazy.

She asks, was it Han Sijang that had my entire body surgeried like this!  Can the manager of the Blue House do this! Argh!

Everyone is looking at her. Bong asks why they are looking at him like that? Its almost as if I had a time slip.

But then he realizes that he probably did have a time slip. He/she screams!




Cut to the doctor asking him what he date of birth is. He/she says 1990-something. He says his birthday. The doctor asks where he lives. He/she says Seoul. He asks her parents name. He says everything about his parents. They are teachers and she is the only son. Do you want me to tell you more?

They think she went crazy. The do tor goes outside and shakes his head at the head nurse. This does not look good.

The queen is shaking her leg uncontrollably. He asks the maid to tickle him so she does. He laughs and thinks this is too real. It can’t be a dream. So he asks the maid what happened to this woman. Me, this woman that is me.

the maid says this is all her fault. Please kill me! Bong thinks that if killing her can solve his problem then he will do it. The maid freaks out. Bong says he won’t do it, calm down. Tell me everything.

The maid tells her that a couple days ago the Queen said she was tired and wanted to prepare to sleep. I saw that you slept so I left.

Flashback to that night. She left and saw two officers walking towards her. They are patrolling. She nodded and kept walking.

One of the guards is Yang Pyung. He is the Kings step brother so he is a prince. Hong is also walking with him. He complains, do I have to patrol over night with my rank. 

Yang Pyung tells him he was only there for two years so you shouldn’t complain. Hong says you are the brother of the King and I am your friend. Yang Pyung sighs. Then Hong asks if he heard something.

Yang asks if this is about woman or ghost? It is one or the other when you talk like that with a low voice and a whisper.

Hong tells him that a ghost showed up in a lake. Then they hear a splash and run to the lake. The Queen is inside.

In the present, the maid says that the guards jumped inside and rescued her. Your pulse was normal, but you did not wake up for one complete day.

Bong – And I just woke up?

The maid nods. Bong thinks, water, me and this woman woke up after being in water. Water changed my body.

He stands and tells them to take her to the lake. All the maids take her to the lake. 

Bong turns and tells them that they do not need to follow her! I just want to remember where I fell. But all the maids look at her like she is crazy. Bong thinks this is a super tail, they will keep me from jumping in.

The head maid tells them that they are here. She motions to the bridge. Bong thinks, this is my chance! He takes off running up the bridge and then leaps off a rock. He goes dozens of feet into the air.

VO – I am going back into my own body! I will do nice things! Maria and Jesus and Buddha!

But then he/she looks down, his eyes go wide. The pool is drained! So she falls into the mud.

On the way back, she asks them why there is no water in the lake! Why is it all dry! the head maid says they drained it to prevent the same thing from happening again. I am sorry.

They all apologize.

Bong asks why she is there highness, she is tired of hearing it. The head maid tells the servants that the Queen does not feel good so call her young lady. Bong asks what that word is. (Bee which is an old word for wife that is chosen to be Queen but has not had a royal wedding yet).

The head maid says she was chosen but is not married yet so you are still Beeshimama. Bong asks what all this means. The court woman tells her that she will be the Queen.

Bong is all like, what? I am going to be the wife of the King? Ah! This is driving me crazy!

They all apologize.


Elsewhere in the palace, the King is peacefully reading outside on a pergola room. Flower petals are falling around him. Some maids walk by and say that he is so pretty. But then we cut and see that the king is actually reading a sexy book.

The head Eunuch notices and tells him that it has been two hours already I am worried about your health your highness.

He tells the eunuch that as a King thinking about the country, the most important thing is thinking about the heir. It is difficult for me but I can’t stop studying. The eunuch is all like, you know that you are not studying right now.

At the same time, Bong is still complaining about being Queen. But he thinks, well if he is the Queen then he is in the Royal family. He smiles and tells his servants to call her highness if they want. that means I am above you.

They all say yes, your highness. She tells them to fill the lake with water right now. I order you to. Then he thinks this is so easy.

The head maid tells her that it is not possible.

A woman is walking up to them but is distracted by the handsome King so she trips and water flies. Another maid blocks the Queen from getting wet. When the person who spilled the water looks and sees that it is the future Queen, she drops to her knees and apologizes. 

The King looks over.


Click here for part 2! (coming up)

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