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Live Recap: Mr. Queen Ep 9 (Part 1)

Today is the day! Time to see if all our guesses and theories are right or way off. I’m excited!

THE RESULTS ARE IN! Read about which dramas won in our first ever Milky Awards! Did your favorite Drama, Villain, Couple, or Kiss come out on top? See for yourself!

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




The Queen rubs her head and asks The King why he was standing there. But then they both hear one of the guards yell, Over Here! So the King grabs the Queen and tells her, today, I am not going to do No Touchy.

He kisses her!

Yong-in Burst s in and asks if The Queen is okay? He stops when he sees them kissing. He is frozen. Her father comes walking sleepily up and sees them too. 

Then the Queen grabs the Kings head and keeps kissing him! They are in a deep deep lip lock.

The father tells Byong-In that they should go and quickly walks away. They go outside where the father tells Byong-In that he put them in separate rooms so they could rest. But perhaps he wasn’t considerate enough.

BI – I heard something breaking.

Father – I also heard that. I also saw that the door paper was ripped.

BI – We should investigate it.

Father – That would bother them.

They keep kissing and moving around.

Father – I would not question if they broke everything. This is the honeymoon period, we should protect their personal life.

Byong-in tells the men to keep their distance from the room. The men all run off. The father tell shim that he is going to the other room and asks Byong-in to guard them.


The King and The Queen are still kissing! They are lying all on the bed and kissing in her room. But then the Queen snaps out of what she is doing and pulls the King away from her. He is super into their kiss.

Byong pulls her hand back to slap the King. He braces himself for the slap, but she slaps herself instead! 


She spits out the kiss and thinks that finally they made an accident. So do you want a challenge!

The King asks who she is challenging? The Queen tells him to step aside, this is between the So Yong and me! Then she tells So Yong that she is here so she will move this body with her own will! The soul is the owner of the body!

King – You are still drunk. You can’t distinguish dreams and reality, that is good.

Q – What are you talking about? Even if I die, I always go home.

He puts his finger to her lips which quietly her and he dips her into an embrace. She looks super smitten and  closes her eyes. But then she pops her eyes open and tells him this is not a dream. He karate chops her and tells her, sorry I am in your dream. The karate shop knocks her out so she lays on the bed, tucks her in, and tells her to forget about bad dreams.

The he starts to sneak around the house again.




The King goes to the room with all the richness in it and looks behind the screen he mentioned in the last episode. There is a secret storage room there. Inside is a locked chest. He tries to open the locked chest but he is making too much noise. Byong In hears him and is about to go inside.

But then the Queen giggles in her sleep so he puts his sword away. He might think she is still happily with the King and not by herself.

The Queen happily rolls over and mutters…Hong Yeon…*smiles*

The King opens the chest and leafs through what is in it. But it looks like there is nothing important there. He wonders where it is then? He thinks back to the well and thinks that Kim Mun Geum was not embarrassed because of what happened before.

The King goes to the well and peers inside. he throws a lit piece of paper in to see if he can see the bottom. And, he does, he sees what looks like a book.

But, before he can go inside, he hears servants cleaning around the house. He hides behind the well. One of the servants tells him not to go near the well. They start to talk about the Queen and how she is crazy. She wakes up and runs around at night. The other servant thinks that is crazy, he has never seen their young lady run around in their entire life.

The King releases their chickens secretly and runs to the other side to escape. He is able to hop the fence and make it back to the Queens room. He thinks about the masked man when he gets there and remembers that the man wore the royal police uniform which means…

Cut to Byong-in who is drinking himself drunk. His friend tells him not to drink so much, it will kill you. BI says he is thirsty, the more he thinks about it the thirstier he gets. His friend tells him to drink water if he is thirsty and asks the servants for some. But Byong-in passes out. A tear trickles from his face.


The Queen wakes up and groans that she slept well like she got punched and passed out. She looks to the left where the King is gazing lovingly at her. He tells her that he feels really light too.

Q – You, you, you!

K – *stretching* Ah, maybe this house is in a good location. I had an unusually good sleep.

Q – You shouldn’t wake up like that so naturally.

K – Why shouldn’t I be so natural? I don’t have to think about sleeping together and having sex but it went really well in your house.

Q – (Yep, he is in the middle of enemy territory so he needs fake sex).

Q – Your acting is good today. Okay, lets take it as having a hot night together so everything is in…

She looks around and sees thing knocked over.

Q – …turbulence?

K – At least you remember. If you didn’t remember it, like our first night, I would have been sad.

Q – Is this the side effect of my memory coming back? I slept like a baby

She looks at him and he looks at her innocently.

They wash their faces side by side.

Q – (Now is not the time to waste here. I should be irreplaceable as the Queen Grandmother so I can kill all the Han family.

K – (the masked man has the same goal as me. How much does Kim Byung In know? The book should  not be in their possession, ever.)

Q – (Today, I am going back to the palace)

K – (Today I am definitely getting the book)


The Queen grandmother is angry and isn’t eating her food at all. Her brother comes in and tells her that it will hurt her health. The grandmother asks when the Queen is coming back? Jwa Gun says he will send a letter for her to come back quickly with the King.

The Queen says she never felt bored in the palace, but without the Queen for a few days, I feel this empty. Jwa Gun asks if the Queens cooking is that good? She says it is not about the taste. I am just more use to it.

He says, yes, getting used to things is dangerous. Her stomach grumbles. She tells him she was so hungry this morning – no, I woke up because I missed the Queen. He tells her she is a poor person. She says that is why it is dangerous to get used to something.

She stands and walks around to a side table.

G – I think I am using the other person, but I am the one getting trained.

JG – that is why we need a second option. I will make the chefs learn the Queens cooking method.

G – My brother, you are making the palace life for me perfect. I do not have to go out of the palace at all.

JG – That is my purpose of being here, to protect your perfect world.

G – Ah, cham, tell Byung In to great me sometimes.

JG – Do you need anything from him?

G – He is your adopted son. I did not care for him enough. Sometimes I think I will give him small work to do because you are getting older so only take care of the important things.

JG – Everything related to you is important for me.

She smiles and pours him a drink. He looks a bit concerned.


Elsewhee in the palace, Byong In shows up with all his red police. They go into the training ground where Yang Pyung’s blue guards are. Buong In tells him that they are going to do background checks on all the Royal guards in the police because the Royal guards are serving the King closest, so we have to be sure about their background.

They start to walk in. Yang-pyung yells, DO NOT LET THEM IN.

Everyone’s swords are drawn. 

YP – All the soldiers were picked using proper channels. 

BI – Well, now people sell their family registries. Who knows, someone could have snuck in to have a coup. You should cooperate with us and let us do our job.

YP – if you do not find the evidence of what you are saying then I will do my job.

BI – if you are still there. If you are not related to it, can you step aside?

They step aside and the red guards search the rooms. Byong In tells them to search everything an carry all the documents to their offices.


Daebi feeds a bird in her quarters. Her minister comes up and tells her that she has a pretty bird. Daebi tells him this bird is very precious. He asks if she had a good thing that happened? She says that she found out that the bad faith between the Queen and the concubine is deeper than she suspected.

Cut back to her talking to Hwa Jun at the lake.

HW – I have a secret I never told anyone between me and the Queen. The Queen thinks that I snatched the King from her because of what happened eight years ago.

In the present, Daebi tells the minister that the poison in their arrow is getting stronger so it is time to use the second object. The minister tells her that this will take time because it is hard to find a similar thing. But I will bring it in front of you even if I have to make it myself.

Cut to Hwa Jin in her room. She tells her maid to put the accessory (that it appears only Queens use) on her today. She looks in her mirror happily once it is done.



The King tells Byong Pyung that it will take no time for them to reveal the true identity of their royal guards. It appears that BP went to the Queens house to meet with him. Byong Pyung wonders if he thinks that person saw his face the night they fought?

The King says it seems like he does not know him. But if they meet later then it might be revealed that he wants the secret book. He was wearing a peculiar mask.

YP – DId he have a scar on the chin?

K – Yes, it looked old

YP – He was the one that tortured [the maid]

K – we can confirm that Jwa Gun uses actions through Byong In. The good thing is that the do not know where the book was moved to. Tonight is the last chance.

They hear someone talking outside and go outside. Byong In is there with the Queens father. He is delivering a Royal letter to the King. The King says delivering a letter is the work of the lowest rank policeman. Why did the highest rank person come? Do you really have nothing to do?

BI tells him that this letter is very important so he delivered it himself. The message is that he should come back to the palace right away with the Queen. This order was from the Grandmother Queen.

The king says he is going to stay there one more night for the Queen. BI tries to interrupt. The King tells him, I am done talking. Don’t bother the Queens recovery. Go back.

the father says he will deliver Byong In’s word. Go ahead and go back. The King tells him that he will have a light breakfast, just as you normally eat.

The father tells him, yes, yes! Just as we eat normally!

Yang Pyung tells the King that the concubines house is nearby so he will check out how Ol Wol is (the concubines servant). The King thinks that is a good idea. He was sad that he left the concubine alone like that. I am going to be here one more night so please take care of her for me.

Byong In leaves.


The head chef says a sad monologue about how he feels that the kitchen is empty without the Queen he starts to whimper, but then the camera scrolls around and we see that he is actually really happy. He says, I am so happy now!

The music changes to something upbeat and he happily yells at everyone to cook things his way. He thinks things are so peaceful, I am a natural born boss. His servants do not think so, but they go along with it to not get in trouble.

The chef happily walks outside the kitchen and sees Choi. He asks if the Queen is still not good? She says this is not about that. The Queen is healthy right now. He asks why she looks so depressed. Choi says that recently the Queen gave her such a hard time so she thought she would feel good if she did not see her. She would not have to yell at her. But it drives her even more crazier. I am worried about how much she will misbehave without me.

Manbok tells her that parents miss misbehaving kids more than good behaving kids. Take this. Be happy. He gives her something and tells her to open it. She does, it’s some kind of root. He tells her that he picked it up on the way there. Then sings and heads back inside.

She looks at this and wonders why he is giving trash he picked up on the street to her? Why isn’t he throwing it away himself? He is so strange.


yang Pyung sits with the concubine and asks her if there is no contact with Ol Wol at all? Hwa Jin asks if something went bad with her? He says that she did not make it home. Maybe she went somewhere else because she is sorry to you. I am investigating it so don’t worry.

Hwa Jin says she is afraid of losing all her people. She wonders when he King is coming back. YP tells her it will be one more day. But it isn’t what you think. Hwa Jin says it isn’t like he is busy, perhaps his heart to me changed? Am I the only one hanging on to that old memory?

YP tells her that he remembers the first time he met her in Hanyang. But if that was the first today that our King saw you then I definitely think he would fall in love with you. She tells him that makes her feel better.


Cut to the king sitting in front of a huge breakfast spread. He asks if this is the Queens regular breakfast? The Queen tells him that she is the one that has to recover, why are you staying here?

K – To take care of you

Q – I was diagnoses by the doctor, the pharmacist prescribes medicine, the King should take care of the country, not me. Our citizens are having a hard time.

K – Ah, you say good things.

Q – yes, so eat this turtle soup and do your King things. Don’t waste this turtles life.

K – Why don’t we go out undercover instead of talking about the sacrifice of this turtle. It will be late so let’s stay here one more night.

Q – you also don’t want to stay in the palace. Why is the palace more uncomfortable than he inlaw house?

K – Yes, yes, I feel comfortable and am happy here.

The QUeen thinks back to asking Choi how the Queen Grandmother is. Choi tells her that she never left the palace once entering it.

Q – (What if I present outside food to Soon-won eunnie?) (Note – she said eunnie instead of noona so she is thinking like a woman now!)

Q – In sageuk I saw that people always eat rice soup. How does that taste?

K – How do I know about that kind of low class food?

Cut to him showing down on rice soup in the city. He slurps it all up. The Queen looks at him smugly. 

K – It didn’t taste that great.

Q – The taste you are used to is a dangerous thing.

The Queen eats some of the soup and  immediately knows what all the ingredients are. We see a mini montage of the food being made. It looks so good. She heard that another King liked this food when he went out undercover.

Suddenly, a man in the background complains about taxes and how his neighbor ran away without paying taxes so they asked him to pay the taxes. They are all thiefs. Another man tells him to watch his mouth, do you want to die by being tortured?

The man says he will either die getting tortured or become a thief. I have nothing to lose so what should I be careful of? The other man yells that everyone is getting corrupted, what is the King doing? The mans ays he is corrupt as well, of course. He is just a scarecrow that was appointed only to stamp for corruption.

The King holds a bottle and goes up to the men. The Queen tells him to stop. But the King stares at them and says, THIS IS SO DIFFICULT TO HEAR. Then he sits with them merrily and says that it is hard to live so much because of the King.

Man – You look like you are in high class.

K – I am fake hangban. the family registry was so expensive. Without the fake family registry and my clothes, I am broke.

Man – I heard that among those young people there are all empty snacks inside

K – The country is empty so if the inside is filled it does not matter! *laughs*

Man – *laughs*

man – How dare they put a rebel as the King!

King – *Looks a bit sad*

Q – *Notices*

Man – Father, grandfather, brother, are all executed with a coup but he became the King that is nonsense. And the King became King because they made him the King. He is a little parasite that is attached to the Kim family.

Q – *hits table* Hey, you went too far.

Men – *look at her*

Q – Curse or whatever you want to say but you shouldn’t touch the family! There are lines that you should not even cross even in bad replies in comments! And do you think the king has a happy job! He is always threatened to get assassinated and is about to get killed at any moment! It is super scary!

K – *um…*

Man – Are you from the palace?

K – *tries to calm her*

Man – Are you a spokes person for the King! Who are you!

Q – Me! I am…..in the Kings fanclub.

Men – What?

K – Fan-club?

Q – An anti-fan is still a fan. Anyway, if you touch that family one more time I will…!

She grabs the table, they grab it as well to keep her from flipping it, the King grabs her and pulls her away. He asks for he check and leaves.

K – Ah, your temper.

Q – Let me go, I am not really angry. This is under cover. You shouldn’t be angry so I was angry for you.

K – *looks on happily*

Q – What?

K – Your acting is pretty cool (he used a contemporary word)

Q – Do you even know what that means?

K – I thought it was a good thing. What does fan-club mean?

Q – You know, those things that wish for happiness and good future of the person with only good purpoes and intentions.

K – Ah, it is more like a determined mind. What about an anti-fan?

Q – Well, they are those people who put more effort and interest than fan clubs.

K – Ah, strong determination. Your heart is too much for me *seriously*

Q – Ah..well, if I am fired as the QUeen then I will sell gukbap and make a living.

K – Don’t say that! I will not let it happen. I am your anti-fan *seriously*

Q – Okay, okay, you are great. Lets walk around separately. You and I have different purposes. Ah, let me look at the good restaurants where people line up.

She walks off. He thinks about anti-fan in Chinese word meaning but can’t think of it.

K – I thought I studied hard, but I have a long way to go.

He runs off after her.


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