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Live Recap: Mr. Queen Ep 8 (Part 1)

Live Recap: Mr. Queen Ep 8 (Part 1)

I am so excited for this episode! I feel like a lot of secrets will be revealed and they all involve this well and this book they highlighted at the end of the last episode!

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Caution: Be wary of typos

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Mr. Queen Character Chart

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




The King takes off his black robe at a fighting site. He puts on a new black robe and is informed by Yang-pyung that Byong In found out that the fabric belonged to the King. The King thinks BI is following them closely, so they need to hurry.

They start to train together.

The King and the prince fight. the prince asks why they are practicing attacking now? This is not like you. The King says he is always crouching so it makes him itchy. He takes out his sword and cuts through a banner.


They both adorn their black attire and set out. They get to a house where yang-pyung gives the King a rabbit. The King walks with Yang Pyung and the rabbit. They run into Jwa Gun.

Jwa Gun asks them if they went hunting. The King tells him, there is an old saying, while I am resting my enemies are getting tired. Jwa Gun tells him he is right. But hunting without arrows? The King says arrows are difficult to handle, it hurts my arms. It feels more like it is for torturing, not hunting. Arrows are hunting a person using arrows, haha. Anyway, traps are easier.

Jwa Gun tells him it is too dangerous for only the two of them. The King should take guards with him. He says he will make sure. Yang Pyung apologizes as the head of the guards and says he can step down at any time.

The King gives JG the rabbit and says it is for him to have some protein. Don’t refuse, I am giving it to you. He hands over the rabbit. Jwa Gun asks if he heard that the Queen is awake now? The King asks how she is? He is relieved. He says he needs to go to the Queen right away.

They both walk off. Yang Pyung does not think now is the time to visit her. The King thinks they are not in the worst position anymore. He can find the book by himself. Yang Pyung wants them to go together. The King thinks, if we move together then people will look at us more carefully. You should stay here and see what is happening in the palace.

The Kings processional sets off to the Queens house. He looks around at a couple holding hands and kids playing and thinks it is a good day.

A man asks a woman to marry him. She hits the flowers away and they soar through the air and land in the Kings hands.


The Queen thinks that she asked for her soul to come back but her soul did not come back. Her memories did come back though. She starts to say everything about Hong Yeon. She also talks about a smell she remembers. She wonders why she is so good too.

The camera cuts back and we see her playing a traditional musical instrument. Yeon tells her she has been playing it since she was young.

Q – (This is all messed up. The heart attack or whatever has messed things up. Why am I thinking in her voice? Ah, ah)

Q – Ah! I lost my voice.

HY – What are you talking about? I can hear your voice so well.

Q – I earned my fingers back but I lost my voice. Is this like the little mermaid?


Meanwhile, Byong-in tells one of his people to make sure all the details are perfect with the poisoning of the Queen. His father comes in and asks to speak to Byong In privately.

Elsewhere in the palace, Hwan walks around. He thinks it is so empty. He has a flashback of seeing Hong Yeon and happily smiles. 

Back with JG and Byong In, Jwa Gun says he will give Daebi some time. They have to wait for her to work things out with the women int he palace. But Byong In needs to complete the picture so they can use it anytime. However, the secret needs to be kept.

Byong In says they put the picture together. Daebi might be related to the people that tried to harm the Queen. The Queen could be in danger again. Jwa Gun mentions that the Queen said it was a suicide attempt and this time it happened because of her health, do you know of anything else?

BI thinks back to the fight he had with the mystery man. He says he just suspects it because the Queen has had more murder attempts in the palace. Jwa Gun nods and stands to leave. He tells Byong In that the King went to see the Queen.

Hwan runs in to talk to Byong In. He says he is still conducting his secret mission. But he has big trouble, he likes a woman that he shouldn’t like. He feels like his heart is empty now that the palace is also empty. One woman left the palace, the Queen, maybe I like the Queen. She is our family, the gods will punish me and she is married to the King and belong to another man. I am not just crazy, that is also super dirty and crazy! 

Byong In groans.

Hwan continues and says the Queen is much older than him, this is bad. Byong In slams his fist on the table and says being older than him does not matter. Stop saying those things. Hwan asks why he is so angry? You never even raised your voice before. You changed after you got this position in the government. Byong In apologizes. 

Hwan tells him that he can’t stop thinking about her, that person that put a shade over the Queen and brings medicine for the Queen and serves the Queen.

Byong In asks why he thinks he loves the Queen when he thinks about Hong Yeon. Hwan says he is the only son in three generations. Of course I shouldn’t love a servant. It should be the Queen. But then he realizes that he loves the servant and gasps. Byong In tells him that he supports his difficult love and smiles.



Hwa Jin looks at a book and obsessively starts to scratch the edge of it. Yang Pyung comes in and tells her that the King went to see the Queen. She asks why he went there. He tells her that the Queen is conscious again. He wants to visit her at her fathers place.

She breaks a nail on the book. He asks if she is okay? He also holds her hand momentarily. She says she is fine and will go see the Queen. She hurries out.


Hong gives their snipers a pep talk and says they have excellent eyes and that they did not belong to a certain group because they were good for nothing, but now you are the best sniper because I picked people with the best eyes.

Hong starts to shoot a coin in the distance. He hits it and tells the guards to shoot. He mutters dramatically that he does not want to, but he has to save the country. Then he yells for them to shoot.


Elsewhere, Daebi shows up at a mans house. It is the prime ministers house. She asks for a certain type of hair tie with a mystical bird on it. He asks if it is for the Queen? She tells him no. The man says this thing is only allowed for the Queen.

She tells him that is what she is talking about. She also tells him that she needs one more thing.


Hwa jin is being carried to the Queens house. In the carriage she thinks that the Queen did this to bring the King outside the house. She tells her people to hurry to the house and then mutters, before the Queen tells the King the truth.


The Queen is playing the jumping game where you jump high into the air. But she is thinking while doing it and is in slow motion. (The game is called Neolttwigi)

Q – (Is this like the little mermaid? Did I lose fingers or toes instead of my voice? This is continuously shocking. If I keep staying here, then what about Han? He can do anything. Hmm, I can actually destroy the Han family. *wicked look* He might not even be born. I can kill three generations of his family. But which Han family is it?)

Yeon – Why does she look like a crazy woman

(Note – There is a Korean proverb that if someone is crazy then they look like a crazy woman doing Neolttwigi) 

The Queen stops jumping and asks why everyone is so good at Neoltwigi here. Is everyone int he circus? Yeon says every Joseon woman is good at this. This is the only way you can look over the wall.

The Queen says she has lived as a Joseon woman for a a week, it is not easy and I am the Queen. She turns dramatically and thinks, for bloody revenge!

She puts cloth in her nose.

Q – (I will not smell. If I do not smell then her memory will not be back and my voice will be back. I will use my big power.)

Q – Hey, Hong Yeon, what should I do to have big power as Queen?

HY – You have one way. You make the prince.

Q – *gasp* That is not a good thing to say. *gasp* I have Soon Won!

HY – Who is Soon Won? That is a nice old fashioned name.

Q – The Queen Grandmother.

HY – *drops things*

Q – What do I do to make her happy?

HY – make a prince.

Q – Maybe jewelry….small, sparkly…pretty

But she pulled the cloth from her nose and starts to smell something she likes. She follows the smell to a room filled with precious items. One of the chests is filled with gold bars.

HY – Wow, he is richer. This is all filled up.

The Queen starts to think of all the warehouses they have. Yeon thinks she can use all of Korea. Wow, this is so shiny.

Q – (So shiny! My silver-spoon life.)

The Queen actually said this is her gold spoon life. She starts to take out some gold and other things and tells Yeon to carry it ad bring it all with them back to the palace. Yeon mutters that she can already hear her father passing out. The Queen says she is the Queen of lobbying from now on.

One of the servants comes in and says that the King came. The Queen tells the servant to tell the King to go back, she will visit him soon. Yeon asks, what are you talking about! The Queen says she is going to be on the Grandmother Queens side so she will not have to have ties with the King.

Yeon pushes her outside to greet the King.

Q – But I should be clear when I am on someones side. Wah, he is in a parade car? All the royal family are attention seekers.

HY – Queen, you need to have your manners.

King – It is okay.

He starts to walk towards her. Petals start to fall from the tree. She remembers the day he appointed her as the Queen and congratulated her. She looks like she is remembering falling in love with the King. A soft song plays.

he takes her hand and gives her a bouquet of flowers and says, I picked them up on my way here. She is shocked.

King – Queen, are you okay, you look flushed, you are breathing hard.

Queen – Get out of my body, no, get out of your body!

She starts to hit herself with the flowers.

K – Are you hitting the flowers or are you being hit by the flowers? Stop, stop.

Q – Stop! This is mine!

K – I did not know that you would like it so much

Q – Who said I would like it? It is better than living like a dead body.

K – You are more weird when you wake up

Q – I am not strange, you are strange. What you said is strange. Picked up on the way here? How come that “man seducing woman” parade has thousands of year history.

K – it is true, I picked those up on the way.

Q – Okay, I understand, ho ho.

K – It is true!

Q – Eyyyy

K – The King doesn’t lie!

Q – Eyyyyy, okayyyyy

K – Why is she doing this?

The father comes out and bows to the King. He says all the proper things about the King visiting. The King helps him stand and says that he should visit the Queen. Then he starts to walk in with the father. 

Q – you have your welcome from the inlaw, I am busy going back to the palace.

She pulls Yeon away. The father asks, already? Are you going back to the palace today? She says she is recovered quickly. The father tells her that she just woke up from her coma though. The King says her father is right, take things slowly.

Q – I worry about the internal affairs without me there.

K – Internal affairs are peaceful. A lot more peaceful than when you were there. A lot more.

Appa – I am sorry, I tried but perhaps she was not good enough as Queen. Maybe she is already use to the palace so she does not like to spend time with her father.

Q – Ah, ah, I was too into the Queens duty. I did not think about you abogi. Maybe tomorrow?

Appa – Okay, I will take you to the guest room together!

Q – (Ah, he tricked me)

She follows him back inside.



Jwa Gun sits at a table in the palace and tells his assassin that he has something for him to do. There is something that shouldn’t exist in a warehouse. Bring it to me.

He gives him the medicine. The assassin takes it and tells him that the location is the secret warehouse of the Queens father.


The King and Queen sit together with the father. She starts to scoot away from the King. Her father scoots her back towards the King.

K – The Queen is so different from others, I wondered where she grew up.

They show all the expensive things in this room like a tigers skin and gold.

Appa – I raised her without her mother so I cared about her twice as much as others

K – It should have been so difficult.

Appa – No, no, she did well alone since she was young.

K – I heard the story but the Queen’s personality is so strong and she doesn’t tell me what she thinks. Maybe I am not good enough or women are just not easy to understand. 

Appa – Of course you are not, for men, women are as difficult as Buddhas heart.

Q – you do not have to understand. Married couples mean they eat each others misunderstanding and live.

Appa – What does that mean?

Q – From the beginning, without misunderstanding you don’t end up married. *laughs*

K – I want to understand everything about you.

Q – Well….

K – Can I look around the house to see where the Queen was born and raised?

Appa – It is nothing special, but if you want to then I will show you around.

Q – Okay, if you two want to

K – It would be better if it is with the Queen *holds her arm* We did not see each other for one night but I want to see you even more. Ah, you have something here….

Q – That is my aegyo mole.

K – Ah, you look different today. Queen, lets go.

Appa – You two come out slowly.

He gets up and leaves. The Queen scoots over from The King and tells him they are not Touchy. He tells her that the more he thinks about it the more he likes No Touchy. Even though we don’t agree, we can coexist and be happy. That is a great thing right? We acknowledge each others differences and get over the difference.

Q – Are you a philosopher now? You got all that from that one word No Touchy? Ah, that’s right, you are a politician.

K – Your father is that happy. I want to be a good son in law. You should cooperate.

They both head out. The King looks at the servants running around. he thinks they have very strong bodies which is not normal. They also know this house very well.

They get inside another room with even more expensive things. The appa tells him it was difficult to find all these. The King starts to look around. The father tells him he should not look behind the cover. The King says that the art work behind it is also good. he smiles. But the appa looks a bit suspicious.

The King yells that a bee came in due to the Queens beauty so her father tries to find it. The King finishes looking behind the screen and then comes back out.

They start to talk about how nice the screen is. The King says the appa should have nice guards. The appa says he does not have guards. They usually become thiefs. I trained my servants who grew up in the house as guards and servants. They serve a dual purpose.

The King asks how many of them there are. The appa says that is a security reason. The King says he does not have to tell him but he is worried since this is where the Queen stays. The father looks touched and tells him how many guard-servants he has. 

The King thinks that is a good number to guard this huge house. I am relieved. Do you have any old books in this library? Those things are difficult to get even with money.

Her father leads them out and starts to brag about all he has around the house. He even says he has a tree that looks like a phoenix. He heard a story that if he has that in the house then a Queen will be born in the house.

Q – I am going to burn that tree this year.

K – I am happy to hear your tough and cocky way of talking. When you first changed like that, I thought you were showing off and cursing me with your family power. My misunderstanding. You are just…

Q – Just?

K – Have no manners.

Q – Well, I own so much so it is okay not to have manners.

K – I am truthful that I want to understand you. What kind of life will fit someone like you in a Joseon aristocrat family?

Q – Don’t even think about it, it is impossible for someone like me born in Joseon.

K – You are the only one in the world, you are so cocky.

They keep walking. But then he stops when he sees a well. He thinks back to being in the well? She  asks what’s wrong. He holds her arm and starts to breath hard.

Cut to a flashback. A man holds a banner.

Banner – Putting the fired King as the King again.

A man gets sliced with a sword.

In the present, the King starts to breath really hard and ralls to the ground. The Queen wonders what is wrong with him. The appa also asks what is wrong. The King says it is nothing. The appa says he might be weak since he has been caring about the Queen. I will go get something. 

He walks off.

The King looks at the well. The Queen asks him why? Did you see a ghost or something? The Queen looks at the well. We see a series of flashbacks to little So Yong.

little SY – It is all because of me. I am killing him.

Hwa Jin shows up running around the corner just then. She sees them looking at the well. She yells the King name. They both look at her.

A nother set of flashbacks with Hwa-jin as a kid perhaps? 

Hwa-jin helps the King stand. The appa comes back with servants to help the King and is shocked to see Hwa Jin.

Queen – Abonim, can you take the King inside? It seems as if the concubine wants to talk to me.

HJ – I am worried about you but it seems like this King is more in trouble. What happened?

King – I couldn’t sleep last night. I was jut a bit dizzy.

Abonim – Lets go to the room. I will call a doctor.

King – I don’t need a doctor, I just need to rest a bit.

The servants help him away. The Queen glares at Hwa Jin.


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    • V
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