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Live Recap: Mr. Queen Ep 7 (Part 2)

Live Recap: Mr. Queen Ep 7 (Part 2)

This is part 2 of our live recap for Mr. Queen!

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Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





Meanwhile, Hong is back in his office putting some things into a bag and mumbling about complaining things. He thinks that this person should have come already. Then he hears them outside so he opens the door and is greated by Kim Hwan and another man. Kim Hwan says he met a good friend who is Lee Sang Ban (the Queens fake name was Lee Sang hwan).

Hwan wants to drink and gamble. Hong asks if he thinks he is int he bar to drink and gamble? I did it because it was you not anyone else. Am I one of your friends? I am not special? He sulks and turns around. But he turns back and divides the two men as if jealous.

Then he goes back inside. The two men look at each other and wonder what is up.

Later on, Hong relaxes at his desk. A man comes in and tells him that he should come to the palace. (At first he thinks this is Hwan so he asked if Lee Sang-ban was gone, but then he hops up in alarm).

Hwan walks away and wonders why he feels so isolated. But then he sees a man who he thinks is Lee Sang-hwan. He runs up and grabs him around the back in a hug. But this man is not Lee Sang-hwan. Hwan apologizes. But the man stops him and says he has something he can give him. He hands it to him.

Hwan is all like, um, what is this? Then guards come up and asks, are you selling thees sexy things again after this punishment? The man tries to blame it all on Hwan so the guards take them both to the palace jail.


Hong and Yang-pyung sits with the King and he tells him that they asked what happened after the royal wedding. 

Hong – The Queen must have revealed it. I wondered why she was so quiet.

K – if they knew that I tried to kill the Queen then it would not have ended in questions. They read it to me when I became King.

YP – Save the country that was in danger. That power makes the King scared.

H – How dare they! They are threatening you by saying they may change the King if they need to. The King should endure the situation a little more.

YP – If he didn’t do anything then they will investigate what happened that night. They have that trap to reveal the Kings true face, whatever happened.

H – They are smart. They got something. I will see how much they know.

K – Let’s wish that the Queen wakes up safely tonight. For everyone involved, it is the most important thing.

H – What about our training? Kim Byong-in is targeting you.

K – We should work harder in this situation because it means we do not have time.


The Queens father is outside waiting on a message. Byong-in comes riding up and tells him that the Queen is coming. The father asks if the critical part is over? Bong-in says yes. The King asks what is going on, poisoning? I called all the good doctors in Joseon. I should be alert in this situation. Calmly…*cries a lot*

Meanwhile, Hwa-jin sits with the King and tells him that they are cruel. Daebi lost the previous King. The king tells her to keep a bit of distance from Daebi due to what is going on. She says she should not have visited her, now they have something to accuse me of.

K – Don’t blame yourself, they make up reasons anyway.

HJ – By the way, why did you move the Queen to her family house?

K – Her life in the palace might have been hard, she was looking for her mother.

HJ – The Queen wanted that?

K – Are there any problems?

HJ – No, nothing.

K – Don’t worry, when things are taken care of then I will contact you through my brother.

HJ – your highness….

She holds his hand and looks at the scar on t from the sword.

HJ – Don’t get hurt.

K – Okay.


The Queen arrives and is put in her family room. Byong-in sits with her and says, you have come back here, it feels as if time went backwards. He starts to think about all their time together and all their happy and sad memories. He says, if I could turn the clock back…he thinks about the King saying she is his woman….

BI – You should be mine and I should be yours also.

He leans in to kiss her but he stops and stands. He grabs his hat and takes one last look at the Queen then leaves.



Hwan is in jail at the palace. It is morning now. He yells at the guards and asks if they know who he is! I will be in the royal guard soon! I am Kim Hwan! The man asks if he is now using a future position?

Hwan – I am a very innocent and good person. I do not compromise

Man – Hey, shush!

Another man – We have a noisy guy today.

Hwan – If you let me out now then I will give you five.

The man that got him in trouble says, why don’t you give me those five coins? I can give you something important. 

Hwan drops some coins in his hand. The man says, you are a different guy than yesterday. You can become a real adult.


Byong-in goes to Jwa Gun’s home (his own family home). Jwa gun is there to meet with him.

JG – I heard what happened to the King last night.

BI – Ah, yes….

JG – Even though he is not a manly man, if you push anyone that much then they will want to be like a man. Why did you do that unnecessary thing.

BI – That is….that is….

BI – (He had the eyes of a man that is hiding his manliness)

BI – ….I went too far because I did not want the Queen Grandmother to worry about anything.

JG – Be careful.

BI – Abonim, don’t you worry about the Queens condition?

JG – I heard the Queen is out of her critical moment. 

BI – Her consciousness did not come back yet. 

JG – She will be okay soon. Anything else?

BI – I heard the Queen grandmother talked about stepping the Queen down.

JG – She didn’t mean it, she was just angry in that moment. You worry abut unnecessary things. I know about how much you care about the Queen. Not as much as you, but I also care about the Queen. Don’t worry.

BI – yes.

JG – See you in the palace.

Jwa-gun walks inside.


The Queen grandmother tells Jwa Gun, who has just come to the palace, that she got a lot of gifts from the Queens father. How is the Queen?

JG – She is not in a critical condition anymore but to recover, she is in her fathers house.

QG – She is a troublemaker. She did not come back 100% after the accident and she looks like she is broken.

The camera focuses on a blind maid.

QG – We are fixing her and are using her anyway. But she is half dead and is so weak. What if the concubine makes a prince first. Then Daebi will raise her voice again?

JG – Don’t worry, I have an alternative. I made two of the finalists not get married.

QG – Brother, you are good.

JG – yesterday, Byong-in pushed the King too much.

QG – Yesterday, everyone behaved strangely about the King, as if the King has something that we do not know him as.

JG – This King is different than the previous King.

QG – Of course, who picked him.

JG – The only reason I put the King in that position is because I did not want to make you have a painful choice like the previous King anymore.

QG – yes, it was a painful choice. I put my grandsons blood in my hands and saved the country like that. If anyone tries to ruin the country, I will not forgive them even more.


Hwan finally gets out of prison.He walks like a zombie and looks at the sun. Then he sees Hong smiling at him. Music starts to play. Hong opens up tofu for him (something you give people when they get out of jail) and smiles.

Then the maid sees them walking together. She smiles and hides quickly. Music plays as she watches Hong joking with Hwan and walking away with him.



The Queen wakes up and wonders where she is? Joseon or Hell Joseon (people joke that Hell Joseon is modern Korea). She touches her thingy (or lack of thingy aka penis) and realizes that she is in Joseon. She mutters that she is sad about that so that is not good, but she is happy that she can move around an at least say that not having my thing is unfortunate.

She blinks and sits up and wonders why it is so bright in here. Then she looks around and sees tons of gold sparkling all around her. It is a room filled with gold.

Q – What is this? An empire of gold? Am I with the Incas?

The maid comes in and screams, my Queen!

Q – Ah, I thought I time slipped somewhere else!

Yeon – You are finally awake!

Q – Don’t overact okay?

Yeon – But you were in a super dangerous condition. You stopped breathing. *whines*

Q – Stop stops stop. *pats her* Did I really stop breathing?

Yeon – The doctor said you did.

Q – I was a vegetable here? Where am I?

Yeon – Your fathers house.

Q – So I can’t avoid the meeting I really wanted to avoid?

Y – Huh?

Q – There is only one thing I am afraid of meeting in the world. My arch enemy. A woman’s father.

Abonim – MY QUEEN! My Queen are you okay? What do you need? The doctor

Q – You need a doctor. Here is the medicine.

She gives him the medicine.

Yeon – That is for women energy.

He drinks it all.

Q – Why are you breathing so much?

A – I worried about you so much I couldn’t eat anything or sleep.

Q – Ah, you were super surprised. Worrying is the root of all disease so rest well.

A – Where are you going? No, I should be formal.

He bows very deeply but the Queen moves to another spot. Abonim stands to bow to her again.

Q – Abonim, everyone takes me as the Queen in Korea, I just want to be your daughter Seo Yong.

Abonim – The more graceful the position, the more lonely. 

Q – yes, yes.

A – While you are at home, I will take you as you were before so you can rest well while you are here. Okay, sit down.

They both sit. The father says that this room was all empty. But you are back and it looks shiny again. The Queen looks around and thinks yes, it is blindingly bright. I am happy.

A – I tried so that I would not taint your reputation. I prepared everything as usual. All the best.

Cut to a lot of men standing in line with gifts in hand. But it looks like these are all the best doctors in the country who have come to check on her.

They all come in one by one to check her vital signs in a traditional way. The Queen wonders why she did not see a lot of good doctors int he palace but now she sees all of them?

But it isn’t just good doctors, she also has all the good food to eat. Even better than the palace. She even has a turtle to eat. A literal turtle is in the soup. Turtle soup. Yeon tries to feed it to her.  The Queen leans back.

After that , she is taken to a room with lots of jewels and accessories. A woman bows and says it is her honor to serve her. The Queen tries to run away. But Yeon pulls her back and says this is the best beauty artist in Korea. The Queen thinks she is a natural beauty she shouldn’t have to use this. But Yeon duck walks her inside.


Meanwhile, Byong-in and the Queens father talk in another room about who would want to kill the Queen so much. BI tells him not to worry. The more they try, the more our power will grow. Abonim thinks the Queen is so fortunate to have such a reliable cousin as him.

BI bows and brings the fabric. He asks if he remembers it. The father thinks that silk is silk, is it anything special? Abonim asks if he presented any special jacket that was made of this fabric? Abonim thinks that he got a lot of presents when his daughter became Queen, he did not have to give any. The only one he had to give was to the Queen grandmother.

But, maybe, I had my warehouse robbed twice. Maybe this was part of the stolen objects. BI asks if his house was robbed? Abonim tells him no, he has several warehouses to house important things. Someone is vandalizing those that have his most valuable things.

BI asks if there is a way to find out that it was lost? Abonim tells him no. I have a lot of things. Also, I shouldn’t keep a book of it. But don’t talk about my warehouse too much. If people know then it is a little….

Byong-in says he understands. Abonim asks if he heard anything from his father? I am worried that the Queen grandmother does not like the Queen because she saved the King and the concubine. I also have nightmares about the Queen stepping down. BI tells him not to worry about those things.

Abonim says he heard a rumor that the other finalists for the Queen received secret letters. Maybe they are thinking of appointing a new Queen so I am stress eating because of that. BU tells him that the Queen will not give up. Abonim says he will give more presents to the Queen grandmother.

BI asks how abonim feels. Abonim says he will recover from his injury soon. But he has shoulder pain. BI wonders how he had that kind of accident. Abonim says he forgot about his age for a moment. he chuckles but then thinks now is not the time to laugh.


Meanwhile, the Queen looks at her new look. She looks really pretty. Yeon asks how she feels and the Queen says she feels like she is a Barbie Doll.

Yeon – Does that mean that you are happy?

The Queen winks at her so Yeon is super happy about it. Then the Queen goes to a book and smells it. She thinks it smells like students taking exams. Yeon tells her that if you are a man you should go to the palace and pass the exam. you really enjoyed reading books.

Q – No one enjoyed reading books, I just wanted to make my father happy because I was born exchanging my mothers life so I have to be worthy….

The Queen stops and starts to think

Yeon – That is why you study so hard when your birthday comes.

The Queen is taken to a memory of herself as a child. She is holding her book. Her father comes up and wishes her a happy birthday.

Q – Because my birthday is my mothers memorial day. I was always sad about it. But I am thinking about that now?

Yeon – is your memory back!

Q – *drops book* What is this memory that feels like it is mine but is not mine but is mine???


The king reads a book in his room. A secret word forms: Kim Chang Hyuk.

We see who Kim Chang Hyuk is. He is the military minister and is very corrupt.

Another name comes out: Kim Suk Koon. He is another corrupt minister. We see both men doing corrupt things around Seoul.

Kim Byong Hak is prime minister who takes a lot of bribery gold.

Kim Moon Gun comes out. He is the Queen’s father. He is super corrupt.

The King dresses in all black and looks at them at night.

Kim Jwa Gun’s name comes out. He is the man bad guy. He is at the top of power and made all the current corruption.

In his house, The Queens father takes outa  secret book and looks through it. His eyes go wide.

In the palace, the King looks out the paper door.

VO – In the palace, everyone holds their secret. The secrets pretend like they are lies. Secrets that you cannot see or hear. Secrets that are waiting on their chance.

We go through several people at the palace while this voice over talks

VO – To keep this secret hidden deeply we all wear our own masks.

Hwa-jin takes a book out of a chest.

Cut to the King wearing all black and going to a training ground. He takes off his black outside and holds his arms out. he is super buff. Another black garment is draped over him.

VO – But the seal of it does not last forever.

Fade Out


Yes, Bong is back in the Queens body! But they kind of introduced some other things going on in the modern times that Bong has to address. For instance, if he goes get a chance to go back to his body, will he even have a life to live? He is blamed for everything that happened in the Blue House and it also looks like he will have to undergo a lot of therapy. Is he modern body okay?

But the doctor was able to acupuncture him back to the past and give him this new life as the Queen. the only problem is he was pulled back into this craziness of everyone trying to kill him in the palace.

Gah, I just love how there are huge stakes on both side of the time jump thingy. See you all tomorrow!



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  1. Lyn
    January 2, 2021 / 10:16 am

    Another intriguing thing in the episode is that somehow the queen and bong’s memories are starting to mash up together. Do they actually share a soul? Is he actually her reincarnation?

    When you look at their lives, the queen ended up being an instrument used by her clan for them to stay in power. Bong in the present is also being used for whatever issue is going on in the Blue House which is equivalent to the royal palace during the Joseon era.

    • V
      January 2, 2021 / 11:54 am

      I love this theoryyyyyy! It is the best!

  2. SS
    January 2, 2021 / 10:19 am

    Do you realize that the inside voice of the Queen is not the chef voice anymore????

    • V
      January 2, 2021 / 11:55 am

      I did not realize that 😱

    • YL
      January 2, 2021 / 11:57 am

      yes I also realized this… When she woke up she thinks in soyong’s voice. I thought it was Soyong not Bonghwan! Also her expressions and speech aren’t that manly as before, it has softened sooo much I was confused by those.

      • manai
        January 2, 2021 / 3:24 pm

        Yeah, being Korea I was predicting they would make the chef fully become a woman and feel like a woman to tone down the homosexual vibes. It appears that I am right. They will make the audience forget he existed in the first place.

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