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Live Recap: Mr. Queen Ep 7 (Part 1)

Live Recap: Mr. Queen Ep 7 (Part 1)

Has this week felt extremely long for anyone else? It felt more like two week since the last episode aired. Probably because they left us with that huge cliffhanger last week! What is a poor modern man trapped in a Joseon Queens body to do? Time to find out.

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Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Bong’s body is in the hospital. A man touches his mask. This man is Han Siljang

Han – Hey, this Jang Dong-hwan needs this line for his life? 

Cut to the Joseon period where the Queen is mentioning that she is like Steve Jobs or Thomas Edison in this era. I am like a person that can save the world.

The shaman does her ritual and mutters that something is in the Queens body tht shouldn’t be there. A devil!

In the modern era, Han tells Bong that he should just die. He pulls off his mask.

In Joseon, the Queen passes out mid air-conditioner speech. Everyone screams in shock.


In the modern times, the doctors shock Bong’s heart several times.

In the Joseon period, the chef and maid are running to get help. The King is walking to meet the concubine and sees them. He asks what happened. The maid mutters, the Queen.

The King takes off running without hearing anything else. His eunuchs all follow.

Cut to Choi just recently getting back to the kitchen. she sees the Queen passed out and runs to her side. She asks what happened. The chef says that doctor is coming now. Choi yells that she will never nitpick her again! 

In the present, Bong gets shocked again. His heart beat comes back. He mutters, what happened? What are you doing to my eyes? Am I in the hospital Am I back? I am back! Yes!

The doctor tells him, you could have been in big trouble. Bong mutters in his head, tell me about it. I was trapped in a woman’s body. The doctor asks the nurse, Tell me, how many days has passed? The nurse says a week.

Bong talks to himself and says, ah, my body is so heavy. He hears that it has been a week and thinks that time passed the same as Joseon. The doctor says he is still in comma.

Bong yells, wait, what? Are you talking to me? I am a normal person! What are you talking about!

The doctor leaves. Bong yells in his mind, where are you goin! I am normal! I am back! Is no one listening to me! Jang Bong-hwan is back!

In the Joseon period, the King runs to the Queen and pulls her up. He asks what happened! The chef stutters and says she was standing and then passed out. The King says she should have had a reason!

Choi – Poison? It could be!

Chef – It shouldn’t be! We take care of the ingredients. Only authorized persons can come in and she didn’t eat anything.

King – What was she doing? Did she cook?

Chef – Yes

Eunuch – Maybe she was tasting something and ingested poison?

Chef – Maybe it could be

Choi – I was always nervous that this would happen

The King has the Queen cradled in his arms. The doctor comes running up and says he will diagnose her. The King asks him to hurry.

Doctor – This is not the pulse of a person that is alive.

K – What are you talking about?

He checks her eyes and neck

Chef – She is in a coma. (he uses a Joseon word)

K – Coma?

Chef – It is like a dead body. If her energy comes back then she will live again. Otherwise, she will die.

K – Die?! What should we do!

Doctor – [says medicine stuff]

K – Get the medicine ready! Can she be alive until medicine is ready? Don’t wait, just do whatever you can now!

Chef – Then we should move.

The King picks up the Queen and carries her out. The nurses follow.


Meanwhile, the shaman says that they need to remove the devil soul from the Queens body right now. Daebi asks her if she has a way? The shaman says they have to secretly put all the shamanic objects and have a ceremony. 

The court lady thinks that is dangerous. A shamanic ceremony in the palace? if they find out…

But the shaman tells them that if it is not done in the palace then it will not work. We have to do it closest to the Queen so that it will work.


The spy maid hides something in the Queens bed and then heads out with the other maid.


Bong is still awake-ish but no one hears him. He can blink but he can’t talk. He wonders why he is a vegetable. The cops come in and look at him. They wonder if he is awake or not? Did he say something? 

Bong is super mad that the cops are not listening to him.

Cops – Of course he should be mad. He got all the blame between Han and the Prime Minister power game. He is the victim here.

Bong – (What are they talking about? Han did everything?)

In the Joseon period, the King lays the Queen in bed and asks the doctor to do his treatment.

In the hospital, one of the cops says that Bong shouldn’t be treated like this.

Cop – What can he do? In this power game he can only be a victim. It is better to be a vegetable like this.

Bong – (Are you kidding? If you were me, would you be a victim and lay like a dead body like this? The police can say that!).

In Joseon, the doctor says he will put one needle in her with his life on the line. He puts the acupuncture needle in the Queen in certain parts of her body.

In the present, Bong thinks, I will revenge Han–

But then he comes back in the Joseon era

Q – I will kill and chew you up! (Man voice)

But then she realizes that she is back in Joseon.

Q – Huh, Chul-san, why are you here?

She passes out again.

Her maid tells her that she ate things without too much caution, you even ate poison. What are you going to chew up again! The doctor checks her pulse and says they overcame a big hurdle. The King asks why she fainted again?

The doctor says she is still in danger, we will have to see. Tonight is the most critical night.



Hwa-jin is alerted that the King went to see the Queen because the Queen passed out. So he will take care of her overnight. Hwa-jin holds her breath and tells her okay. The maid asks her to change but Hwa-jin says she is fine.

Meanwhile, outside Daebi’s people hide the talisman ritual things all around the Queens room. They are told to hide their mouths, if anyone finds out then you are not safe.

The court lady carries one of the Queens items to Daebi. Debi thinks the mountain gods are helping her since the spy maid serves the Queen.

But then Hwa-jin comes in so she has to hide it. She tells Hwa-jin that she can sit.

HJ – I need to tell you something

DB – I heard it. You asked your father to take the request back to take the Queen down.

HJ – Daebi, you said that I do not have to do anything.

DB – Yes

HJ – What if I do it in person? Then we can for sure take down the queen.

Daebi’s eyes grow wide.


Meanwhile, the servants are trying to feed the Queen while she is still passed out. The King is still sitting next to her. The eunuch mentions he is worried about the King. The King tells him he is fine, they can all leave.

The King looks at the Queen and thinks back to her telling him that she has not had any happy days here. My husband tried to kill me….

He goes into all the flashbacks of the Queen telling him everything in the last week.

King – I hope that understanding the Queen is not too late.


Elsewhere, Byong-in asks a tailor about the white cloth. He says it is of the highest quality. If someone made clothes from that cloth, then they would remember. Byong-in keeps investigating this cloth. He talks to a eunuch about left over fabric. The eunuch tells him that some left over fabric went to Jwa-gun.

Byong-in asks about the white fabric. The eunuch remembers seeing someone burning fabric. He checked the fire when he man left and says he saw someone burning an expensive thing. It looked expensive so I remembered it. Byong-in knows that was probably prince Yang-pyung. He thinks back to the fight with the mystery man and wonders if that was the Kings order?


The queen grandmother gets word that Daebi wants to have a shamanic ceremony in the palace. She shakes her head and says she thought Hwa-jin was a smart person but she is just like Daebi. Well, we can give two dumb women a lesson together.

JG – the talisman and shamanic ceremony makes a good rumor, but it is not critical.

QG – Yes, it would be better if we could give them something more than a lesson.

She taps her fingers on her desk. A man runs in with urgent news. He is let in.

Eunuch – The Queen’s breathing stopped, she became a vegetable.

QG – What! Her breathing stopped!

E – The doctor took care of her, she is breathing now but she needs overnight care.

JG – What happened?

E – She might have been poisoned while she was cooking.


The shaman starts to conduct the ritual with Daebi. She cuts up the Queens thinks and offers them up. Hwa-jin is there as well.

DB – If you really want to remove her then you should not hide anything from me. Can you do that?

HJ – Yes, I can do that.

DB – So, is the King the same as he appears? Does the current King has the same dream?



The King is still by the Queens side. He wonders if she is breathing and checks. He knows she is and wonders why she is so quiet while sleeping. The Queen starts muttering.

Q – Umma, you wanted a daughter so much. Are you happy now?

K – Ah, more bad things happened. You miss umma.

Q – Umm, uhgh

The King lightly starts to pat her on her shoulder.

K – You can win. Like you do. You should keep the promise that we have no touchy. Your weird speech attitude and your cocky way of talking…I will forgive everything. Please wake up.


Byong-in gets back and finds out that the Queen fell into a vegetable coma. She is breathing now. You should take your guards and go to Daebi. 

BI – Who hurt the Queen?

JG – We think it is Daebi and the concubine.


The ceremony is in full swing with praying and dancing all around. Byong-in busts in and cuts a shaman line. He holds his sword to the court lady. Daebi yells, what are you doing! But then the QUeen Grandmother comes in and Daebi cowers. The QG yells, DO YOU THINK YOU ARE OKAY TO HURT THE QUEEN!

Daebi bows and tells her that she was praying for the future of the country.

QG – *throws shaman thing* We found this around the Queens room.

DB – It has nothing to do with me.

QG – So she did it alone? Does your god not know about your life? You are dead today. *to the shaman*

Shaman – Daebi, save me. I am just following your orders.

Court lady – Shut your mouth

Shaman – I will have a ceremony to undo the curse.

QG – You are having a shamanic ceremony to un-shamanic ceremony? You serve the mountain god, not the King. Do you think our palace is a joke?

Shaman – No!

QG – it is too late. The Queens life is already critical.

Shaman – Shouldn’t be

QG – You did the ceremony, you still do not believe the effectiveness? What are you doing by swaying that con artist? You ruined our reputation and tried to murder the Queen and made the country unstable. How are you going to repay all your sins!

Daebi – How is the Queen?

QG – Are you trying to deny it? I will tell you what happened. She was poisoned! We found poison in one of the ingredients she used for cooking. Cyanide. That seems familiar with you, right?

Flashback to the previous King dying, probably from cyanide. Daebi is angry.

DB – It is not me, but you should k now it better.

QB – You are still doing it. You blame me for the previous Kings death in your delusion. Humans are dumb so it is easy to forget the past. You should know how precious your life is that you saved by selling your own sons death. Daebi, you asked me first back then to stop the investigation of the former Kings death by cyanide. You begged me to not take your life. Look at this, you convinced the young concubine to do this curse ceremony with talisman and things. Aren’t you ashamed to see the former King? If you know shame then you should die with the former King.

DB – Whatever I say, it won’t work. You know best that I was wrongly blamed.

QB – If you keep arguing then what can I do?

DB – Yes.

QB – Court lady Han, execute this court lady and shaman (she literally said to rip the body apart with horses)

DB – Please don’t kill me! *holds her leg*

QB – Begging me again won’t work. How long should I pity you and let you do things? This is not the time, I cannot give you any more breaks.

DB – It is my mistake! Give m another chance!

QB – What can you do with this big sin?

DB – Queen, you think the King is in your hand, but you were that cocky about the previous King and you stopped politics for him because you were so cocky about him. Did you forget?

The Grandmother Queen leaves the palace. Byong-in asks her if what she said bothers her? I will check and see what kind of person the King is.

he leaves and heads to the Queens room. Choi tries to stop him. He pushes her out of the way and busts into the room. The King asks what is going on. Byong-in tells him that they will take the Queen.

K – Take the Queen? Where?

BI – I cant tell you.

The King stands up and walks to Byong-in and the other guards.

K – You can’t tell me about the Queen? What happened?

BI – (You’re fake face)

BI – We witnessed a shamanic cursing ceremony against the Queen in Daebi’s place. It was Daebi and the concubine together.

K – It shouldn’t be and are you arguing that the Queen became like that because of the shamanic ceremony?

BI – We also found cyanide in the kitchen. From now on we are going to start our investigation among the royal guards. I will have questions to you about it. What did you do on the night of the national wedding?

K – What did you just say?

BI – (show me your real face)

BI – You don’t remember? Then I will have to interrogate prince Yang-pyung.

he starts to walk out.


Everyone draws their swords.

BI – Don’t move anymore. Your soldiers will hurt your body.

The King grabs a sword from a guard and holds it to Byong-in’s neck.

K – Stop. That is the King order. She is my woman. If you touch any finger on the Queen then I will cut your throat.

BI – I did not know that you cared about the Queen this much

K – You do not know a lot of things. I will teach you a lesson.

He turns and looks at the guards who have their swords up.

K – Do you see me? I AM THE KING OF THE COUNTRY! Who do you serve? You are my soldiers. All of you leave.

He breathes hard and glares at them then throws the sword on the ground. Yang-pyung comes running in and tells Byong-in, how dare you do this. If you don’t want to draw blood here then step out.

BI – You will do anything for the King. Even draw blood. I had a question so I am glad that you came.

K – I did  not grant this investigation Whose orders are you following? I will investigate the case and make sure no innocent person is accused.

BI – The most innocent person in this case is the Queen. I told you, you will be unfortunate if you make the Queen unhappy. I told you that is not a threat. I will change what i said.

Yang-pyung yells HOW DARE. But the King stops him.

K – She is not your cousin anymore. Her safety and happiness and her misfortune and happiness is not you, it is me. Move the Queen to her house. Ready the carrier.

Choi tell shim yes. Byong-in tells his guards it is time to go. They all walk out. Yang-pyung tells him he is too late. The King tried hard to hide himself.


The King makes sure the Queen is okay in her carriage. He tells the maid to serve her well and apologizes for sending her off alone. He tells the guards to guard her well while on their way there and to guard her well when they get there. They all say yes sir and head out.


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