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Live Recap: Mr. Queen Ep 6 (Part 2)

Live Recap: Mr. Queen Ep 6 (Part 2)

This is part 2 of our live recap for Mr. Queen!

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





Byong-in is appointed as the head of the Royal Guard. He looks at the King and thinks about his stare down with him. The King tells him that he is famous as passing the government exam as the youngest and he is good at martial arts. Everyone wondered why he did not want to get a position in the palace since he is so talented. He asks him if there was any reason for that?

BI – In difficult times for the country, I want to help correct the country.

Everyone looks at the King.

King – Danger? What? is everyone hiding that from me because I might worry again? Is it china or Japan? *mockingly*

BI – The more difficult thing than outside danger is inside danger.

K – We have inside danger that we did not have before? Does that mean…*SNEEZE*….ah, haha, I got a cold taking care of your health is the duty of the King.

Outside in the pavilion, the Queen eats with her maid. The maid wants her to go inside and rest after eating this. But the Queen does not want to. 

Q – This is not my body so I am not going to let it have a good life….one more bite

The maid feeds her another bite.

Maid – Queen, torturing your body will not bring your memory back. It will give you a hard time. Even though you do not have a memory, your body is your body. Who is suffering You are suffering. You can be happy without a memory. See, it is a nice day.

Q – yes, a sky without micro dust pollution. The smell of fertilizer. Three meals of Korean traditional food. Yeah, that is happy enough.

Maid – Yes it is!

But the Queen gets upset. The maid asks her if she is crying? The Queen says no, she will just try and like this place and leave. The maid asks if not getting her memory back is this sad?

Inside the throne room, the politicians give the King the letter about the Queen. He asks if they are talking about stepping the Queen down

The Grandmother Queen stands up in alarm. The politicians say that the Queen habitually tries to kill herself. It makes the inside palace ministry in danger (the Queen takes care of all that). So I suggest removing her.

But the other side says the Queen is lying to protect the concubine. Another man says that the Queen went crazy after she jumped into the lake. There are also a lot of rumors spreading about her trying to keep committing suicide.

The Kim family said that if you believe rumors then you should believe the rumors that the concubine pushed the Queen into the lake.

All the man start to blister with rage. The King hits his hand on his throne and tells them all he is going to ignore this case since it did not go through the proper steps. But I guarantee to you that I looked at her closest, she is not crazy.

Jwa Gun asks why don’t they just end things here today. The King agrees.

Afterwards, the cousin goes to the Queen in the pavilion to talk to her. He asks if she has heard what is going on? But before she can answer it is announced that the King is here.

King – Ah, you are already here

BI – King, you are late

King – I thought I was sensitive but you have a lot of complaints towards me.

Q – Huh? Head of the royal guards?

BI – King, you ignored the Queen in front of everyone over the concubine. I can guess what you did to the Queen. Maybe that is the reason for her suicide attempt.

Mr. Queen thinks “I don’t know” in her head as Bong.

BI – The Queen is in danger for rescuing the concubine. What are you going to do about it?

Q – In danger?

K – I am not going to let that happen.

BI – How? What can you do?

K – You are crossing the line. Is your talking attitude about the Queen’s cousin or as Kim Jwa Gun’s adopted son? 

BI – You have no power to protect her so that is why I am telling you rationally

K – No power, I acknowledge that, but we don’t have to win the strong with stronger force. There are ways to make myself lower and win. If I have to be softer, I will do it. To protect the Queen, I can be weak.

BI – You don’t have to do it. I will protect the Queen. It is easier to win with stronger force.

They have a stare off.

Q – Hey! What happened? This sounds like it is about me but why are you talking without me?

The Queen hops up to stand with them.

K – There are requests to step you down Queen.

Q – Ah, I tried to live here with a bit of jang (Korean word) but now everyone wants to kill me and now step me down?

BI – Who else wants to step you down?

Q – The Queen Grandmother was angry

BI – I will take care of that

Q – i have ways to take care of it. *SNEEZE*


K – Even though thinks are in a hurry, you should rest. And if you do not have anything else to say, can you be excused? We have our couple talk.

BI – I will wait for you becasue I have to tell you something. 

He tells the Queen that he will visit her again and leaves.

K – I wanted to wait for your answer but there is not time. From now on I will be No Touchy.

Q – Why are you talking about no touch now?

K – If you don’t like it then I will do it alone. No Touchy

Q – That is a misunderstanding.

K – Give me your hand.

Q – What? What are you–

He takes her hand and kneels. Then he gives her a hair accessory.

K – My life has always been hostage in your family. maybe because I was blinded with that fact, I did not realize that you are also trying to survive with this reality. I am really sorry. Can you give me one more chance? The chance that I can understand you as a person without any prejudice.

She pulls the accessory back and mutter, you don’t have to do this much.

K – I know you don’t like these thing. But I have to apologize to you properly at least once.

Q – Whatever okay let’s do no touchy.

K – Then we are day one from today

Q – What?

K – Our no touch is day one.

Q – Don’t say that! 

K – Why?

Q – Never say that!

K – What is wrong with that? We are day one from today.

Q – Ah! Just don’t say that!

She holds the accessory at him

K – But we are day 1 from today

Q – DOn’t say that! You know what you are saying

K – But we are day 1

Q – Stop saying that!

they go back and for the with that. Byong-In looks on like, what is going on.

K – Okay, we are day one so I will do something that I can do for you.

Q – Okay, now is not the time to do this.

The Queen runs off with her maid. the King tells her not to run, you will get hurt. But she runs off anyway. The King walks to Byong-In and asks what he wants to tell him.

BI – If you make her life miserable then your life will be miserable.

K – Are you threatening me?

BI – I am worried for you.

K – The Queens cousin cares about the Queen a little too much.

BI – You are not taking care of her enough.

K – Even though I am a King without any power. There are manners between the King and the aristocrats. If you cross the line again then I am going to bring up your attitude.

BI – Why don’t you do that.

The king takes a closer step to Byong-In

K – I am going to make you write a long long apology letter. A really long one, you will have to spend overnight writing it. Your hand will hurt.

The King walks away happily.



In the Queen Grandmothers quarters, she asks her brother what the politicians are thinking with stepping the Queen down with that puny letter? Jwa-gun tells her that they are just gathering their side to remove the King using that excuse.

JG – They will increase the people that re writing the letters. All the people that do not like the Kim family.

QG – How dare they

JG – We have to go through it one time anyway.

Announcer – The Quern is here.

JG – Let her in.

The Queen Grandmother looks angrily to the side. The Queen comes in and bows.

Q – Sorry to make you worry. I deserve to be stepped down. But even if I am stepping down, it should be by Queen Grandmother, not the Cho family. That is not right.

Q – (Even though that person is stupid, that person does not like people under them having a hard time by others. This is about pride.)

Q – If I am stepping down by the Cho family, then that is not my loss but the Kim family loss.

G – You know that but you are behaving like this so they can pick on you.

Q – They are relying on rumors. I will take care of it.

G – HOW?

Q – Danger is also opportunity. If you give me some time then I will change the public opinion about me.

The Grandmother Queen thinks about this and taps her finger on the table.

JG – The King was on your side after receiving the letter to remove you.

Q – (Chul Jong? That dude?)

JG – The Queen stepping up was not all bad.

G – We need to give a lesson to Daebi and show who owns the palace.

The music kicks in and the Queen meets with the palace carriers. She asks the head carrier if they have all the carrier people?

She wants tall handsome and young carriers. her maid asks if she is picking out her carrier people? The Queen says she is not only picking out people to carry the food tray. You will be surprised, what I pick now is….*whispers*

The music kicks in to deliver food everywhere and the carriers start to spread a rumor to the maids.

Man – The Queen did not want to commit suicide, she actually wanted to protect the King and the concubine.

Man – She lied to save the King and the concubine!

Man – The Family

Man – Or the husband

Man – That is the problem!

Man – Now the Queen Grandmother hates the Queen because of what she did

Man – The Queen put a tiny knife on her neck and said, ah, my fate that I cannot be on any side. I want to get out of this fate! That is what she said.

Maids – her nickname was witch in that part of the palace.

Maid – From the rumor, she saw heaven and came back

Maid – Oh, at the lake???

Man – She saw the gods and changed into a goddess!

The carriers carry all this all over the palace.

The Queen looks on and says she didn’t just pick a food tray carrier, she picked a storyteller, They are like human tabloids.

Q – (The rumor becomes a real contagion when it is mouth to mouth. Event he person who started it cannot even control it. It can go into an unexpected way).

The servants keep talking

Maid – So if she did not commit suicide and that is a lie, then who pushed the Queen?

Maid – So the Queen protected the concubine who tried to kill her and risked her life!

Everyone – Wow!

Meanwhile, the Queen feels extra cold all of a sudden. Yeon tells her that she needs to rest. I will carry you. The Queen says it is fine. Now that Choi is not nitpicking me, you are. But, where is she now? Ah, I cam cold.

Yeon hugs her on the shoulder. The Queen asks her to hug her harder (Bong is enjoying this).

Meanwhile, Choi is leaving the palace like a spy. She goes to the bamboo forest.


Choi – Ah, I still do not feel good doing this. If I say all this to the Queen then she is suffering. If I don’t nitpick on her then I am having a hard time. What should I do? *SINGS* YOUR HIGHNESSSSS*



Daebi asks the concubine if she heard the rumor. The palace has a big rumor spreading. The queen rescued the concubine that tried to kill her.

Hwa-jin wonders who spread the rumor? Maybe the Queen spread it? Daebi thinks that the rumor that she is a witch became that she is Buddha, a goddess, a fairy! She turned it around. People will say that you are the devil woman. This was her plan. She even came to see me and threatened me. This was it.

Hwa Jin says that she will see the King and talk to him so that he will not be tricked by the Queen. Daebi is not sure if the King will believe her because he refused the request to step the Queen down.


Hwa-jin is announced and goes into the Kings room. He sneezes and goes to talk to her. He tells her that the request to step the Queen down at the meeting came up. She asks if that happened?

K – The Queen is in danger for saving us. I should not do nothing. I want to request to refuse the request. Are you okay with that?

HJ – To my father?

K – Because of his reputation, a lot of people are following him. Is that difficult?

HJ – No, I will send a letter to my father. Your highness, I wanted one thing when I came into the palace. As I first saw you, I want to be the one to make you stop worrying about anything.

K – You are already a big comfort for me.

HJ – Sorry, we didn’t sleep together yet.

K – Ah, I left you lonely.

HJ – I know that you didn’t have time.

K – I wasn’t considerate enough. I will visit you tonight.

HJ – But you still have one more da with the Queen

K – DOn’t worry about it.

HJ – I will see the Queen and relieve her worry then I will write the letter right away.

K – Good idea.

She leaves and goes to the Queens room. Yeon tells her that the Queen has a cold and fell asleep after having her medicine. The concubine says she will come by next time then.

But the Queen opens the door and looks at Hwa-jin like a man resting against the door.

Q – You came?

Yeon – I thought you were sleeping like a summer dog.

HJ – i heard you were not healthy.

Q – Even though my body is hurt, it was all for saving justice, so I have no regrets.

HJ – What? Justice?

Q – Don’t just stand here, come in.

The maids start to go in as well, but the Queen stops them and backs them away. Then she closes the door.

She turns happily around and stands really close to Hwa-jin with this huge smile on her face. She sits happily right in front of her. Hwa Jin backs away and sits. Yeon scoots closer to her.

Q – (I saved her life by showing up like a prince so her cold gaze should be filled with love).

However her eyes gaze is colder

Q – Why is your gaze colder towards me?

HJ – I will remove the letter, then I do not owe you anything.

Q – Um…okay…thank you….

HJ – Do you think everything is going the way you want?

Q – Of course not, nothing is going the way I want.

HJ – Are you going to take your King back with lies since he was taken by lies?

Q – What are you talking about? I am not honest but I don’t lie.

HJ – I knew that you would deny it.

Q – I am not denying it. I told you many times, I really do not care about the King at all.

HJ – Okay, I will ry and trust what you say.

Q – Then tonight, would you like to have a pajama party to build our friendship. No…an underwear party….

HJ – I am going to sleep with the King tonight *smiles*

Q – What? Why do you have to come tell me that? That hurts my feelings when you say it so pointedly.

HJ – You don’t care but you have this big resistance.

Q – I don’t’ care about the King, but not you.

HJ – You have to prove that your kindness is true. If this time what you say and what you do is different, then I will fight with all my power.

Q – You are doing this much so I will give up. Okay. I will bless you two’s future. Its your loss. You don’t know my charm.

HJ – Okay then.

She stands and leaves. The Queen  thinks Hwa Jin has a super defense and is an extra cruel woman. She rolls on the ground sadly.


Elsewhere, Choi goes to a merchant. She tells him that she is there because her chest is so tight He tells her that she came to the wrong place. He has everything but he does not sell medicine. I need to close, come this way.

Choi asks, do you have that previous thing? That precious thing from China?

He makes a move like the topless man and she gasps. Then he closes the door and gives her the telescope with the topless photo of the strong man in it. She happily looks at him flexing.



Three politicians eat dinner together and talk about the Queen. Bong In is with them. One is upset that the other wants to step the Queen down. So the other one gets up and leaves. But Bong-In throws a chopstick at him which makes his sleeve get stuck in the door.

BI – I invited you to listen to what I have to say. As I told you, we have no ears in this room.Can you keep listening to what I say? Sit down please.

The man goes back and sits. Bong In tells him that he is not sure if he remembers this. The letter that Daebi sent to the concubine.

(In a flashback we see the Queen Grandmother talking about it)

The politician says that is a fake letter. Bong In asks him if he can prove that it is fake? I want to exchange this letter and the request to step the Queen down. With this exchange, both of our families will not suffer from the same thing. That is my suggestion. What do you think?

He holds up his cup, they all clink cups.


Yang-pyung sits with Hwa-jin in her room. She gives him a letter and asks him to deliver it. This is the letter that the King wanted her to write.

A maid calls in and tells her that it is time to take a bath. She pushes the letter over to Yang-pyung. He takes it and leaves. She thinks this is okay for now.

Cut to Daebi. A monk shows up to speak with her and asks how she has been. Daebi tells her that she is not fine, that is why I called you. I feel really nervous. The monk tells her to rest assured, I will give you all the answers.


Meanwhile, the King is getting ready for his night with Hwa-jin. Yang-pyung comes in and says he has to tell him something. The King orders his servants to leave.

YP – Stepping down the Queen is a chance for us, why do you want to change it?

K – If we step down the Queen, they will put in another person. She is choosing favorable things for us. She is the best person for us.

YP – Are you shaken? Tell me, are you–

K – Yes, I am. She rescued the husband that tried to kill her and the husbands lover. Not because she is merciful like Buddha or that she does not love me. She just did it because she could not ignore the truth. She is not asking me to apologize or thank her. She is in danger only to maintain her justice. How can I not be shaken?

YP – Are you betraying the concubine and us?

K – It is not like I am treating her like a woman. The Queen is not our enemy. I am not betraying anyone.

YP – That is dangerous. You liking the Queen will be our weakness.

K – I won’t let that happen.

YP – Okay. Promise me one thing. If the Queen changes or is proven to be hostile to us then will you slash her throat?

Yang-pyung asks if he cannot answer? 

k – If the Queen is proven to be an obvious enemy, then I will cut her throat with my own hands.


The queen is embroidering in the kitchen. She thinks her skill is improving. But then she looks at Yeon who made this amazing embroidery. the Queen is amazed. Yeon tells her all Joseon women can do this much. But she says not every woman can do it well.

Q – you can do everything and you are strong also.

Yeon – I am weak as a slave. People call me a flower.

Q – In Joseon, everyone is a master of life.

They hold up the banner they created.


One side looks great and the other looks pretty bad. Th Queen tells her that they can put this up and maybe start charging for delivery.

The chef looks at this and shakes his head.

An eunuch comes up with a note that is a delivery of a plant. She opens it and it says NO TOUCHY. She rumples it up and throws it int he fire.

Q – That bad guy, I am trying to forget about him! I am making jobs that the King cannot even do. Maybe nothing is comfortable in Joseon. Maybe I am too smart? Yeah, that can happen.

The chef mutters that he is losing his appetite hearing about al this bragging.

Q – Wait!

Chef – *scared*

Q – Joseon doesn’t have anything convenient so if I start something then that is the first in Joseon? No, the first in the world!

Cut to the concubine waiting for the King.

Then we cut to the Shamanic ceremony with Daebi.

And back to the Queen who is all happy about something. She thinks she is like the Thomas Edison or the Steve Jobs here. No, she is like an even better person. She is like a person that saved humanity!

In the future we see someone try to take of Bong-hwan’s mask.

The shamanic person shouts and then says, the Queens body has something that she shouldn’t have! A bad ghost! The world will turn upside down!

Meanwhile the Queen is super happy and thinks she can be the person that made the air-conditioner!

But the mask is taken off Bong int he future which makes the Queen pass out. The chef and the maid run up to her. He is hesitant to put his hands on her neck but says there is no pulse!

Yeon cries in alarm.

Fade Out


Oh wow, what a turn of events! And what a cliffhanger! So Bong goes back into his body but he is in a coma and the Queens body is left empty? So does their time go simultaneously? I don’t know but I definitely want to find out what will happen. I kind of wonder if Bong will try and go back to the old body?

Remember to vote on who you think the best villain of 2020 is! We have some good ones to pick from.



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