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Live Recap: Mr. Queen Ep 6 (Part 1)

Live Recap: Mr. Queen Ep 6 (Part 1)

Time to figure out just what Bong-hwan (aka Mr. Queen) is going to do now that jumping into the lake did not seem to work the way he thought it would. I wonder if the Queen would have to jump into water at the exact same time that Mr. Queen jumped into water? Also, is the real So-yong having a blast in Seoul right now?


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Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




The King and Hong are working secretly in a room and looking at a war book. Hong tells him that if they do not have enough soldiers then the enemy will hide in a difficult place. If you can’t protect yourself….

But the King is not listening. He is just thinking about how “she” is very strange. He starts to remember the Queen running to him covering mud.

K – (Her strange behavior)

She was dancing and singing a drinking song and she was trying to fight him when drunk

K – (And her cocky attitude)

She speaks cockily towards him and hits him and dances in the rain

K – (She also has a rough behavior)

She burps in front of him

K – (Sometimes she makes decisions like Buddha)

She saves the concubine

K – (Sometimes she gets angry like a devil)

She yells at him

K – (Trying to understand someone that is too much like a human.)

She scoffs at him.

K – (Is it too late to understand her.)

Hong asks if this explanation was too difficult. The King asks, what were you saying. Hong realizes that he was thinking about something and asks what he was thinking to ignore his favorite work book. Where you thinking about the concubine?

The King chuckles and says no. Hong chuckles and says he is. His eyes look like he is thinking about a woman. He says he was thinking about the Queen. So don’t say those uncomfortable things anymore. Even though the Queen is a woman, she is not a woman to me.

Hong – Yes, you should be concerned since she is unexpected.

K – She is the most peculiar person I have ever seen. Like she is from another world.

Hong – Well, I know a proper word to explain a person like the Queen. Aliens.

K – Aliens? haha. From the outer world. Yes, that fits well. 

(wae-gae means alien and also a person from the outer world)

The King starts to think about how the Queen said she would use those expressions until today because tomorrow everything is going back to normal.

He stands up and hurries off to his horse then rides quickly to the lake. Hong follows on his horse. He gets to the lake and looks around. He sees the Queens jacket on the pavilion and sees her hair pin and the note on the rock.

He quickly takes off his hat and jumps into the water that magically becomes bottomless. He looks all around for the Queen but does not see her so he has to surface. He takes a deep breath and then goes back to look for her.

He sees her floating underwater and starts to swim to her. She sees him and starts to shoo him away. But she passes out so he pulls her to the surface. She coughs up all the water and asks what he is trying to do, you are trying to kill me.

He yells, what are you doing! You tried to kill yourself again, are you crazy!

Q – What do you care! That’s what you wanted! So don’t bother me and F off.

K – It is not too late to understand you. Let’s do what you said. No Touchy.

Q – Okay, No Touchy!

She starts to try and get back into the water but he stops her and has to pull her away.

K – You wanted to have No Touchy so why are you trying to kill yourself.

He touches her more. It seems like he thinks No Touchy is love?

She head butts him and yells, How dare you touch me!

K – *seriously* I know you are angry. I owe you. Anything I say sounds like an excuse but it is a misunderstanding.

Q – Whatever, I don’t care about you.

K – Listen to me, even if it is an excuse

Q – No, I don’t want to!

K – Listen to me, we are doing No Touchy. So I am not going to let you do this.

Q – Do you even know what No Touchy means?

K – I know. I know everything you said. No Touchy. Live happily and joyfully.

Q – *stares at him*

K – You should live queen

Q – The most important thing is missing here. You do your own thing and I do my own thing. We do not do it to each other. We do it separately.

K – I will try my best to No Touchy. I will find a way that you and I can both live.

Q – No, I am not doing No Touchy!

K – Why?

Q – My no touchy and your no touchy are different! They are all polar opposite with one little misunderstanding.

K – it is not different, I will prove it. So let’s do it! No Touchy!



The music kicks in. They both glare at each other. (This scene was the best.)



The maids come out right away and ask what happened. The King tells them to call the eunuch. He is okay so serve the Queen.

Both Hong Yeon and Choi grab her coat and quickly put it on her to escort her away. The King, huffing and puffing, looks at what the Queen carved: I came here on accident and am now leaving – Jang Bong-hwan.

The King picks up the hair piece and holds it in his hands.

Cut to Bong-in tying his hair up and putting on his hat. He looks out his door and then thinks about his kiss with the Queen. But his father is announced so he has to stand.

JG – You are already dressed.

BI – How were you?

JG – My eyes just opened because it is the first day you are working in the palace.

BI – I will try my best not to taint your name and family.

JG – The rain stopped so it won’t be difficult to go in. Get ready.

Jwa-gun leaves. Byong-in pulls out the mask fabric and looks at it.


The Queen is shivering in her room. She thinks that she was about to die from suffocation. Why didn’t “she” come back?

In the hallway, one of the maids is listening in while cleaning. Choi walks up and looks at her.

Choi – Are you still here?

Maid – I-I-I am all done.

Inside the room, Yeon tries to dry off the Queen and asks why she left. Did you jump into the lake again! The Queen tells her that it is not what she thinks.

Choi brings in a change of clothing. Hong Yeon asks why she was so late. The Queen tells them that she saw the lake with a lot of water and had a fun time swimming.

Choi asks, what? You? Swimming? You should never do it! You will catch cold!

Q – (Is it not the lake? No, nonsense.)


In the Kings room, he is still all wet. He holds the hair pin in his hand but hides it when Hong comes in.

Hong – What happened, King? I looked for you everywhere. Why are you so wet?

K – It is nothing.

He hides his expression from Hong.

Meanwhile, the maid that was kidnapped sneaks out of her recovery room and starts to walk off somewhere. She says, my sinful life, I will live my life for you.

She walks off, but bumps into her abductor. He asks, did you really not see anything? He stabbed her! He tells her, a weak person not knowing much is a sin. That is the law of the palace.

She tries to say that she needs to live for her young lady. But falls to the ground. The hitman wipes her blood away.


Jwa Gun is told that the Queen jumped into the lake early in the morning but they do not know why she did it. The maid that was eavesdropping is telling him this. She asks if this will make her useful to him. he says to tell Daebi about it. She asks if she should tell her everything about the Queen?

JG – While you are telling her that, tell me everything that you see and hear. Do not decide what is useful.

Maid – I will make sure.

JG – From now on you will work for one of the court ladies to the Queen

Maid – *smiles happily* Will I get paid a lot? Thank you.

JG – Daebi will think you are more useful. Also, keep a close watch on the Queen.

Maid – Yes, anything.


Hwa-jin paints in her room. She asks her maid if she thinks one thing is better or another, but the maid is not there. She looks sad and thinks that the King is the only person for her now.

Daebi is announced and comes in. Hwa-jin bows. Daebi sits so they can talk. She talks about her painting and asks if she is all done. Hwa-jin tells her that she did not decide on a flower or a flower bud. Daebi thinks a flower bud is better. What kind of flower will blossom leaves great expectations.

Hwa-jin starts to pain blower buds all around.

DB – Ah, that is pretty. it should not have any sadness like it will not blossom. I have a little gift for you.

The maid brings over the gift. Hwa-jin thanks her for it. Daebi tells her that sh did not know what she liked. Hwa-jin opens it and sees several sharp arrows. 

DB – I heard you are good at bow and arrow. I wanted to learn also. I prepared my own and prepared extra for you.

HJ – They are pretty and strong arrows. Thank you.

DB – This is not the real present. The real present will be delivered to the King directly at the meeting.


The queen’s knee is tapping continuously as she wonders what it could be if it is not the lake? Would she have to go right to death? But no, what if she really dies? Death would be so painful!

Q – There should be a safe and peaceful way. Let me try and understand her. *closes her eyes* I am Kim So-yong, I committed suicide.

Q – (She wrote that she was throwing away her fake self)

Q – But why commit suicide? Because she did not want to live? that is why she is not coming back? So she left?

The camera scrolls to the maid who is looking at her.

Maid – I know why you are doing this. You are obsessed with the lake and you talk to yourself a lot. You try hard to bring your memory back right?

Q – That’s right. I was rescued from the lake but my consciousness did not come back right away right?

Maid – right

Q – That should left! It shouldn’t be, this is kidnapping

Q – (the daughter in law left the house is a fish. The soul that left the body is a shamanic ceremony) *Korean proverb*

Q – Yes! A shamanic ceremony! You know, using a lot of expensive talisman. Choi are you there?

Choi comes in.

Q – Do you know anyone that specializes in shamanic ceremonies and talisman stuff?

Choi – *passionately* You should be away from those things, but you will still do it. There is one person doing that. 



Cut to the Queen at Daebi’s place. Daebi wonders in her head why the Queen came here.

DB – Why are you here?

Q – I heard that you are a specialist

DB – Me? What?

Q – I need to have a shamanic soul ceremony or talisman

DB – (She noticed that I have a talisman to kill her?)

DB – Oh, no, where are you going to use it?

Q – Nothing special, I just want to bring back a soul that left the body. You know, these things happen.

DB – (She kind of smoothly makes a common interest and will nitpick my talisman. This foxy woman.)

DB – I do not believe those things. Souls or ghosts and stuff.

Q – Then what is this place for?

There are talisman everywhere but they are kind of badly made, lol. The maid starts to take them all down.

DB – Ah, you are misunderstanding, they are not that kind of place. It is for exercising the soul. But, whose soul would you like to bring back?

Q – Someone very close to me or sticky….ah, it is a woman so no misunderstanding.

DB – Ah….your mother that you don’t even know. Aigo, you poor woman, the time in the palace is so lonely and you mis your mother so that is why you wanted to commit suicide.

Q – Ah, so does it become like that?

DB – You can tell me anything. The King is not my own son but I am in his mother position. I can take you as my daughter and–

The Queen removes her hand.

Q – I already have two moms. But this is not like suicide.

DB – Then why did you say you committed suicide.

Q – Yeah, why did I saw that?

DB – (You want me to guess the answer? It means she has something else in her mind. So, she is threatening me so that I will be more alert?)

the Queen leaves and mutters that Daebi is no help. 

Daebi watches her leave and says that the official meeting is not here yet, but she is already attacking me. Maybe they also have a bird that brings rumors to them. The maid thinks, what? Who do you think?

Daebi thinks this person is confidently licking up this information. it should be someone very unexpected. Bring the psychic. I need to ask for the future.


While being carried away, the Queen wonders about the situation.

Q – Something difficult happened to her but she cannot even commit suicide. And she just leaves her body and does not come back. So why is this so difficult. According to the Queen Grandmother, she does not want to be the Queen. Chul Jong does not like her. He loves another woman. She commits suicide for that guy?

Outside, the maids worry and think that the Queen talks to herself a lot. A lot of ears are listening.

Choi thinks that talking to herself is nothing. Nitpicking on her is also my obsession. Yeon thinks Choi will be Buddha soon.

Inside, the Queen thinks that after experiencing this, the Queen is like being in jail without bars. She is an aristocrats daughter and candidate for the Queen so she has never dated men or met any men and saw the King. Yep, I understand that she fell in love right away because he is also the King. But this woman should be crazy now. experienced this monk like life and is exposed to a new world.

Q – (is she doing something stupid with my body???)

He imagines himself at a bar and winking all lots of men. the men all look at him like he is at the wrong bar for this. He goes up to a guy and smells him and then tries to kiss him.


The Queen yells a the Lake and tells the soul to come back right now! All the maids look at her and smile. Choi walks through them and mutters, what fun you are all having. Which makes them all shut up.

The Queen pulls out her hairpiece and tells the lake that she is going to kill herself! Do you think I can’t! I can do it!

She tries to stab herself but it hurt too much. She says she will draw blood this time! But she only pokes herself and cries how hard this is. It hurts.

Choi smiles like she is going crazy and thinks, this is my limit.

The Queen starts pulling petals off flowers. Coming back – not coming back – coming back – not coming back –

But they are all not coming back. Her maid says it’s okay, we can come back.

The Queen yells.


The Queen does a shamanic ceremony in her room. It is all red and she has a Joseon Ouija board to find out if the soul is coming back. But her maid opens the door and everything turns bright.

Maid – Are you talking to yourself again?

Q – This is self shamanic ceremony. Talking to myself.

Maid – Rumors will spread. They spread quickly in the palace.

Q – What is that? It looks nice.

Maid – The King wanted to give you a present so I received it.

The Queen opens the present, it is a book. A note is inside that says – let’s have No Touchy. The maid thinks this is so cute.

But the Queen hits her table and says, No touchy! When I told him to do it he said no, but now? *SNEEZE*

Maid – Ah, you caught a cold by swimming in the lake.

Q – This is not a cold. 

Maid – What is it?

Q – it is despair. I thought when the lake would fill then everything would be taken care of. But hope is this cruel

Maid  – You wanted to have a shamanic ceremony to have your memory back. I hope you don’t try too much. if you had a lot of good memories then you shouldn’t try to commit suicide. For your happiness, it is maybe better not to have your memory back–

Q – No! It has to come back. I can’t live like this.

Maid – I will prepare good food for your cold so rest.

Q – No, I am going to make her come back with a white surrender flag.

The maid holds out a handkerchief for her to blow her nose. The Queen takes it and says she is an adult, she can do it herself, she is not a dummy.

Cut to the King who has the eunuch blow his nose for him. The eunuch tells him to go back inside. It is a cold. The King says at first that it is not a cold, but sneezes so he says it is a cold. He asks if there is still no answer from the Queen? Was the book delivered okay? Yes, it is still difficult to open a closed line.

The King asks the eunuch to find something precious for him. The eunuch is happy so the King asks what he is thinking and tsks.


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