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Live Recap: Mr. Queen Ep 5 (Part 2)

Live Recap: Mr. Queen Ep 5 (Part 2)

This is part 2 of our live recap for Mr. Queen!

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Cut to Yang-pyung talks to his hitman guy who tells him that Prince YP stormed in with soldiers that were specially trained. Not too many of them, maybe seven. So they are preparing something secretly with only seven soldiers.

Jwa-gun asks the hitman if he needs more medicine? You should be the best swordsman without your disease. The hitman says he is grateful that he can stay living because of Jwa-gun.

Jwa-gun slips him the medicine but tells him that if he fails again, he will not give it to him anymore.


The King sits with the concubine in her room while she is sleeping. He is talking to Yang-pyung. They think that they thought the Queen had a hidden purpose when she jumped into the lake, they did not know that she really wanted to commit suicide.

YP – Maybe she did all of this to win you over?

K – She knew that I was going to step up for the concubine.

YP – If you did not step up then the concubine is dead. If you stepped up then she will win your heart.

K – Whatever the Queen does, you think she has a hidden purpose?

YP – The Queen is the center of the Kim family. We know the Kim family killed all our family. I will never forget that.

K – Of course I will not forget that. But look at her choice today. She revealed the truth for me and the concubine that she hates the most. Event hough she did that, do you think the animosity we have towards her is the right thing? If it is true that she committed suicide, then that means I killed her twice.

We go to a flashback where the King was smiling at the lake. He turned around and saw So-yong, his smile went away.

K – So-yong….

Q – I have to tell you something.

K – Your matters are complicated but anyway, i am in your families hand. Next time tell me to give you the letter.

Q – Do you hate me because I am from the Kim family?

K – I did not say that I don’t like it.

Q – Then you like me?

She walks closer to him.

Q – If I was not from the Kim family, would you take me differently?

K – Of course not. Yo are the Queen because you are from the Kim Family.

Q – I tried hard, I am not in this position with my family name. I put all my life’s effort. But why is everyone–

K – Tomorrow you will be in the position that you wanted so much. It is dark before the important event, why don’t you go to bed.

Q – You should love me.

K – Are you giving me an order?

He walks away.

In he present, he says his coldness pushed the Queen into the lake. The concubine starts to wake up a little.

YP – No, if she committed suicide only because of your coldness, then she should jump into the lake alone. But she jumped into the water in front of Hwa-jin with that letter as an excuse. That makes me think that she has a purpose behind it.

K – Purpose? I need to see her. All the bad people approached with a smile. If she did it to win my heart then I will notice with her behavior. Hyung-nim, watch over my concubine.

He leaves.


Meanwhile, the Queen is in her room thinking that she has to be a perfect Queen for 15 days. She will be confined in this body all that time inside Joseon as the kicked out Queen. Sigh. I dug my own grave so who can I complain to?

Choi – The King is visiting.

Q – Of course I complained to the King. If he did not step up then I did not need to step up. And before, before, if he was a good King then I would not even have to do it. And Before before before he took care of her well then she would not have to commit suicide. And before before before before–

But the King is now standing behind her.

K – Queen, how do you feel?

Q – You worry about me this much that you put a sword on my neck? I never had a relaxing day since I came here. As soon as I open my eyes, tomorrow is the wedding and the husband I share my room with tried to kill me and now my own family threatened me by stepping me down.

K – Stepping you down?

Q – Are you happy? It is the best chance to put Cho Hwa-jin as Queen.

K – Why are you so hostile? I am not here to fight you.

Q – Your face just makes me angry. You tried to kill me and your girlfriend, you will even die for her. To save you two I am in big trouble. Before I committed suicide, I was almost forced to commit suicide. If I am not angry in this situation then that is not human, that is Buddha.

K – I understand you should be angry at me.

Q – No, don’t understand me. Don’t even think about saying that you understand me or whatever. That understanding is something you should have done before you put the sword on my neck. You should understand this body before she committed suicide. It’s too late if you understand now. Just go away, I don’t have energy to be angry now.

K – I will be back when you calm down.

Q – Don’t come unless you kneel and beg in front of me.

K – I will be back.

Q – I told you not to come!

She takes out her hair piece and threw it into the door. It goes through it like a knife. Everyone looks at that, surprised.


The King walks back by the lake and sees that it is filled again. The eunuch tells him that the Queen asked the Queen Grandmother for it. The other eunuch tells him they do not know the reason for it, but the Queen was at the lake to direct the refilling by herself.

The King goes back into the concubine room and hugs the concubine. Yang-pyung leaves.

HJ – I am sorry to make you worry.

K – I was worried to lose you. Are you okay?

HJ – Your wound hurts me more than if I got hurt.

K – Today was too harsh for you. I am sorry I put you in this trouble.

HJ – How much were you lonely and hurt?

K – I did not call you in here to share my tragedy. If you put yourself in danger for me again then how can I be sane? 

H – I will never to anything to make you fear

K – Until things stabilize, we will directly guard you.

H – What about Oh-wol?

Hong comes in with Yang-pyung. They tell her that her maid is being treated right now. Hwa-jin thanks them. They ask if he met the Queen? He tells them yes. She was angry. She blamed my coldness that pushed her to suicide and her hate that I tried to kill her. She released all her emotions. It does not seem like she did all that to win my heart. And, she was threatened to be stepped down by the Kim family.

Hong tells them that Byong-in still does not know that you are the owner of that sleeve. Which means that the Queen is not revealing it. Yang-pyung does not know what the Queen wants, but she does her own thing. 

K – I thought I would know what kind of person the Queen is according to her decision, but I am even more confused.


Byong-in goes in to see Jwa-gun. He sits in front of him and apologizes for what happened today. His father tells him he does not have to be. He will make them understand, if they do not understand then I will have to slash them. Byong asks who he is talking about. Jwa-gun says whoever. There are no forever allies.

Byong hesitantly tells him that he decided the size of his dream. He wants to be the head of the royal guards. His father asks if being a soldier is the size of his dream? Byong-in says he wants to start from a position where he can work for himself and move up from there. So he wants to do things with his own effort.


The kidnapped maid is getting treated for her wounds. Her knees look horrible. The concubine comes in and asks who did this to her? The maid says they covered their faces so she does not know what they look like. She does remember their voice.

The head nurse tells her that an injured person who is not a member of the royal family cannot stay in the palace. Hwa-jin asks how she can go out in this condition now? But it is the rule of the palace. Hwa-jin thinks everything is so cold inside the palace. She gives her maid an accessory as a gift and tells her, if anything happens while you are out, use this as bribery. When you are safely out of the palace, use this for traveling. I will send word to my family, so don’t worry. You are like my sister, I grew up with you. If you survive then I will survive. Be brave for me. That is what I ask from you.



Int he morning, everyone is cleaning in the palace. But the maids asks, what happened? The other maid says, didn’t you hear it? The Queen….

Suddenly the music kicks in and a eunuch tells a politician that the Queen grandmother….

The man runs and tells another politician that the King *kiss face*…..

A cook runs and tells the chef about the sword…..

This rumor is spread all over the palace in an adorable way because we see the people running around in a sped up way from a birds eye view.


Meanwhile, the politicians are conducting business in the Kings throne room. The discussion is on the head of the royal guards. It is brought up to make Kim Byong-in the head of the royal guards.

The King thinks this is unexpected. We have a lot of people in the Royal guards but we are picking an aristocrat? People will complain. 

JG – There is 100% agreement.

K – I did not expect for all of you to be in this harmony. He should be a great person.

JG pulls out a letter.

K – Is the appointment letter already prepared? I should not sleep at all to follow your speed.

JG – Of course not, you should keep yourself healthy and make a descendant. 

One of the Cho family says he is not a King, he is a stallion.

The King puts his stamp on the letter. Afterwards, the Queen Grandmother tells the King he should not forget to be humble.

Two men from the Cho family look at this and chat about how they hurt themselves because of the concubines false confession. But the concubine is not the cause, just the result. We lost so now Byong-in has more power. If we keep losing then we will be more of a loser. Now it is time to step up first.


Hwa-jin presses her own ink. But she stops and is about to cry. Yang-pyung holds the ink and starts to mix it for her. She asks him if he thinks her maid is fine? She always ran around because of her temper, but now she wont be able to run anymore. If she did not come to the palace with me….

YP – Don’t think too much. Thinking is like a swamp. if you think more then you cannot get out of it.

HJ – What do you do when you have too much thinking?

YP – I see Hong

HJ – He can comfort you?

YP – he says lost of childish things and makes me angry. After getting angry I am already out of the thought swamp.

HJ – Can you make me angry?

YP – Well….

HJ – Otherwise….

Cut to him standing still while she draws him. He looks at her drawing him and it appears that he might be falling in love with her. He looks at her even more and smiles. She tells him not to move so he turns back.

She finished up so he steps towards her to look, but collapses on the ground. She comes up and asks if he is injured? He tells her not to touch him because he has a cramp. She asks if she took that long? He says he is happy that she was so focused that she forgot about time passing. Thy both smile.


The Queen goes to the kitchen and embroiders. The chef asks why she is embroidering here? 

Q – I said I would be reborn as the perfect Queen.

Chef – *Chuckles* Are you perfect?

Q – Do you have time? Do you want me to give you something to work on?

Chef – Ah, my back, I have back pain.

But he is alerted to the Queen food that was returned. She did not eat her food at all. The Queen smiles and says she tried her food so she does not like the old food anymore. She smiles mockingly at the chef.

Later, she gives what she was sewing to the maid and tells her that they need to make this a lot prettier than how I made it. If they do that then the food will not go cold. She also tells the maid that they have a living CCTV and motions to Choi who is watching int he corner.

She shrugs and hops it to tell them that it is magic time!

COOKING MONTAGE (with everyone looking impressed)

The queen asks for meat, the jealous head chef asks for salt right afterwards. The cook tells the chef that the Queen asked him to take the meat first and ignores the head chef and takes the meat to the Queen. The chef mutters, okay, let’s let her do everything and we can see how successful it will be.



The Queen Grandmother sways back and forth in her seat. Her maid asks, why don’t you ask the Queen for your meal? Btu the Queen Grandmother shushes her. Then the Queens meal is announced which makes them both look up.

The maid asks, do you not want it? The Queen Grandmother gives her a look.

Then she goes outside and looks at her food which showed up in a carrier to keep it warm. This is shocking to everyone.

The Queen goes inside and starts to eat the food. She takes a bite of fried cheese and looks like she is in ecstasy.

The eunuch tells her that the theme of todays meal is “Outside Crispy and Inside Soft” This is the first time the Queen has heard this and wonders if it is from a book. The eunuch explains it to her.

Int he kitchen, the Queen waits to hear what the Grandmother Queen thought and if the food stayed warm. They look at all the food which is brought back as empty. The eunuch tells her that they gave her a brig compliment. Especially the idea of the food carrier.

The Queen says, of course it is successful even in that competitive hell Joseon (she said a modern word for how hard it is to live in modern Seoul). They all look at her. She smiles happily.

But Choi tells her that royal women should be humble and not show off. The Queen asks if she is knit-picking? Choi changes her statement to a question. The Queen says no, life is already too hard even if I show off. The chef does not know what she is saying, but it makes him mad.


Hwa-jin and Daebi meet to discuss how hard the Kim family is. Daebi tells her to be stronger and prepared for them. She also mentions that the former King did not die from disease. That means that the former King thought the Kim family was ruining Joseon.

She talks about all the things the King did against the Kim family and we see a flashback of this. He was harsh to the Kim family. Then while hunting someone shot the King with an arrow. It grazed him. The arrow might have been poisoned because the King died on his bed.

Daebi says the kings court-woman disappeared after the King died. If we moved quicker than the former King would still be alive. It is not bad for you, but if you miss this chance then it will be too late. This time it was your servant, the next time it will be you. I am going to ask for them to step down the Queen. You do not have to do anything, that is better for the King. The only thing you need to do is say yes.

Hwa-jin asks Daebi to help her. Daebi tells her to just think about the King. The King will see the Queen a little differently with this incident. He does not know how bad the Queen really is.

She tells the maid that it might rain, let’s light some more candles because it is dark inside. the maid goes to do that.

Hwa-jin thinks about meeting the Queen on the night she jumped into the lake. She told her that she sill not see the King tonight. Do you have to take everything from me?

HJ – Did you change the letter?

Q – You changed a more important thing. Can’t I change that thing?

HJ – I don’t know what you are talking about.

Q – I know your lies. If the King knows the truth that I know, then you will understand how I feel. The person I love looks at me disgustingly. The fate that I have to fate that eye gaze. How cruel that is.

The Queen takes another step to Hwa-jin, Hwa-jin is backed almost to the lake.

Q – If you want to keep your lies, then leave the palace.

HJ – You found my weakness. Then reveal the truth to the King. But you should reveal the other truth also. the truth that you tried to kill the King.

So-yong grips her own dress.

Q – You knew everything.

HJ – You can’t do anything.

Q – You will lose an important person!

The Queen turned to the lake and jumped in.

Hwa-jin tried to stop her but it was too late so she ran off.


Hwa-jin was thinking of all this while looking at the lake. Yang-pyung is with her. He asks what happened. She tells him that he knows the King’s weakness is his guilty feeling. Yang-pyung says it is because he survived.

She turns and walks away. In her mind she wonders, are you doing this much to get his heart?


It starts to rain. All the food is taken inside or tied back. The Queen sits and looks at it. The maids sit around with her. They are in the kitchens.

The Queen mutters that she has a better rank than in her last life, but her life if worse. The little girl Dam-hyang comes up and asks if she has a current life and a previous life? The Queen tells her that when you think of parallel universes, it is true.

Then she explains parallel universes. The girl tells her that is difficult.

The chef mutters that the little girl spends too much time with the Queen and what the Queen says is strange. The girl asks if the dog can be a real human then? the Queen says it could be. the girl asks, what about the chef?

The Queen says he will work hard under her in a different life also.

The CHoi asks, what about me? The Queen says she is always court lady Choi. The little girl asks, so my mom and dad are having a good life in the other life? My Mom only had 4 finger nails because she was sorting out rocks in cold winter. I hope she has ten finger nails in real life. So you think?

The Queen says yes.

The girl asks, so my fathers one eye will be okay?

The Queen asks, what happened to your father? The girl says he got hit. The chef says it might be because they did not pay the military tax so he was threatened. Every other house became like that.

The Queen tells the girl not to worry, in the real world your mother has ten sparkly fingernails that don’t need nail art and your fathers two eyes will be so sparkly that it will look like he is wearing circle lenses.

The girl is happy about that and says she wants to see her mother with ten pretty fingernails. The Queen mutters that she does too, she wants to see her mother. Her maid starts to cry and says that she has never seen her mothers face. Choi also cries and asks why they are talking about that again.

The Queen tells them that she is not talking about that mom, se is talking about another mom.

The chef complains that they are all crying. But then he starts to cry when he sees Choi crying. So everyone cries. Even Hwan who is spying on them starts to cry.

The Queen sighs and thinks the rain is making them all sentimental. She tells the head chef to bring pajan and rice wine.

The chef asks, why don’t you go to the building? The rain will not stop quickly. He knows because his wrist is hurting him so they will have big rain overnight. Probably at least many hours. Pouring rain.

The Queen asks, what? Pouring rain? So the lake and the well will all be filled! Oh! Oh!

She hops up in happiness.



In the Kings room, he tells the eunuch that he needs to read some more books to focus on his night with the Queen. You can go back for the evening. The eunuch leaves.

The King pretends to read a sexy book, but he reads a Chinese military book instead.

It is raining a lot so he looks outside and thinks about telling the Queen that she is upset so he will be back. She told him not to come unless he kneeled in front of her.

King – I kneel all the time but I can’t kneel to the person I should kneel to.


Meanwhile the Queen is happily soaking in all the rain outside. Her maids try to bring her back inside. But the Queen loves being outside in the rain and yells that the sky is helping her!

The King walks outside and sees the Queen dancing. he thinks it is beautiful.

But for the Queen, she is rocking to some rap music. She may as well be pop locking and twerking as fas as she is concerned. her maids try and keep her covered.

The King walks up to them and says he was there to apologize. The Queen says it’s fine, don’t worry about it.

K – No, I can’t just not do it.

Q – Hey, I am okay. Its not a smudge

K – A smudge?

Q – Hey, I am a simple person. If I am happy to see someone then I curse. If I am thankful then I bother that person, okay? So just go away.

K – What? Go away? I am here to apologize to you with this courage but that is the only thing you can say?

Q – Hey, the apology is for the one who is accepting it, not for the one who is making it. That is not an apology.

K – But we have royal manners. How long are you going to use that strange language.

Q – Until today. *smiles* Tomorrow, everything will be back to normal.

She keeps dancing. The King walks away but walks back.

K – Today I am not going to sleep with you because you hurt my feelings.

He gives her his umbrella

K – You sleep alone.

The rap song starts to play again and the Queen dances even more. 

Q – I welcome that news!

The King walks away thinking that this was smooth. Yang-pyung puts his umbrella over the King and asks if he came out without his umbrella? The King smiles and says she resolved all his thoughts.

The Queen is back in her courtyard twerking, for real this time, lol.

Q – Because of my twerking booty the sky is angry and gave me lightning!

She stars to twerk even more and Black Pinks song keeps playing (Black Pink DDu Du Ddu Du)


Some Cho men meet in the rain and think that the Queens craziness is getting worse. We need to ask for them to step her down. The Cho family needs to put our influence together!

Cut to Daebi praying. She mutters that she showed her neck so we need to bite it.

Back at the political meeting. The head Cho guy starts to write a letter to the King to remove the Queen.

VO – There is an immortal called Achilles but his heel was weak so he died from an arrow shot to the heel. So the word that was created was Achilles heel. Actually, the reason he died was because he did not have a blacksmith who could make steel boots for him. If we do not have any weakness, then we do not need each other anymore. We become a weakness to each other and pull each other down to hell.

While he is talking, we see the King preparing a battle. Then we cut to So-yong’s voice.

VO – We feel each others weakness and rescue them also.

The Queen sneaks out of her room. Her two maids are sleeping so she puts their heads together to rest on each other. She tells the young maid to tell her family to buy land in Gangnam and tells the older maid that she suffered a lot because of her.

She sneaks out and goes to the Lake which is all filled now. She carves something into the large rock by the lake and stands. She carved Jang Bong-hwan visited this place for no reason.

Then she looks inside the lake and drops a rock n there.

Q – Everything will go back to normal.

She leaps in and sinks. She opens her eyes under water and waits. But nothing happens.

The lake us suddenly really deep by the way. She tries to swim back up to the top. But she cant make it and starts to fade. Then she sees someone swimming towards her.

It is the King. She starts to wave him off, don’t come, don’t come. He tries to grab her. She tries stop push her away. But she passes out.

He looks at her and angrily pulls her to the surface.

Fade Out


Love this show. I just love the woman playing the Queen, she is acting like a dude trapped in a Queen body so well that I am seriously forgetting that she is acting. WHEN SHE STARTED TWERKING IN THE RAIN….OMG. I was done y’all.

See you tomorrow for another recap!



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