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Live Recap: Mr. Queen Ep 5 (Part 1)

Live Recap: Mr. Queen Ep 5 (Part 1)

Here we are with episode 5! I am excited to see what awaits this man trapped in a woman’s body.


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Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




A swordsman pulls his sword out of his sheath and holds it up to the concubine

VO – Everyone has their critical weakness. 

The King looks on as the sword is at the concubines throat

VO – The almighty superman is only a pitiful pervert who wears underpants outside in front of a green light.

Th King thinks about his loved one dying in front of him.

VO – Even for superman, things are like that. So for normal people?

The concubine holds the words and looks at the Queen.

The King collapses on the ground and says the Queen is not the one that has to confess. He holds the sword. Hwa-jin whispers for him to stop. He asks her, will you be against the Kings order? They are both teary eyed.

VO – For normal people, weakness is like a minefield. We become a weakness to each other and pull each other to hell. the almost perfect me, Jang Bong-hwan, has a weakness. 

The Queen looks at this.

VO – Which is, I cannot stand it when another guy is cooler than me.

The King says that the person who tried to kill the Queen is…

But the Queen yells STOP!

VO – I especially ave to be the best in front of the girl that I like.

The Queen starts to strut to the front.

VO – The only weakness for the too gifted guy that never left.

A 2NE1 song plays as she struts to the front (I am the Best) as the Queen kneels in front of everyone.

Q – I will reveal the truth as to who is at the center of the case. I…tried to kill myself.

Q – (I am not going to let you be cool alone. Chul-jong, you just be in the corner. I am the hero of this district).

Q – So innocent people should not draw blood.

Q – (I am so super cool)

QG – What did you just say?

Q – Queen grandmother, I tried to kill myself. This is my will that I always carry with me.

She pulls out the will.

Q – (I am going back today, no matter what happens here)

G – What did you say? The day before the became Queen? 

Q – Um, well.


Q – The reason I was depressed and even wanted to kill myself was because, um….

The concubine passes out. The Queen looks at her and thinks, what the f? Then she passes out. Her maids run to her. The head guard runs to the concubine.

The King starts to walk to the Queen, (she says in her head, don’t come!) but he passes her and goes to the concubine and picks her up. Then he glares at the Queen Grandmother.

Jwa-gun looks at this glare then says that the King wants to save this person that even lied. You should be merciful for this holy sacrifice that she blames herself for things she did not do.

Q – (wow, he can translate my action like that?)

Kim Byong-in walks to the Queen and picks her up. The two men glare at each other. The Queens father walks in with a broken arm and leg and asks, what happened?

The head Queen tells them all, since the Queen tried this hard, I will give her mercy for her effort!

The King  turns and carries Hwa Bin out of the courtyard. Daebi smiles at all this mess.



Daebi walks back talking to one of the politicians. She says that was an interesting show. The politician wonders what the Queen was thinking. He asks if she is going to pray today. She tells hi that she needs something else today. The concubine is super weak, but she is the only arrow I have. I need to add a little poison to it.

Meanwhile, the cousin carried The Queen back to her room.Several people are around her bed. The father is muttering, suicide? Nooooo.

The Queen thinks, hmm, I need to find a good time to wake up. Her maid cries, I should have served her better. The father wants to know what the reason is for this. He asks the maid. The maid tells them she wanted to jump into water whenever she saw water. I just thought it was a shock.

The father cries, many times? How hard was it your highness!

Everyone cries.

Queen – (Just stop, if you cry like that them I can’t wake up.)

The father stops crying and says now is not the time. If she sees us crying, how sad would seh be.

Q – (Yes, that is true)

The maid says they should be strong.

Q – (Time to wake up)

But then the father starts to cry again so the Queen has to stay fake sleeping. Then Choi starts to cry as well and mutters that the Queen has never seen her mother. She is sad and muttering that she did not know that the Queen had such a hard time.

Everyone is pitifully crying and saying everything that is on their heart. It’s pretty funny.

Q – (Ah, I give up, this is too cheesy).

The father hobbles out with his broken leg and arm. He goes out of the gate and bows for the Queen to take care of herself. He says he is sorry and is not good enough. The gates to the palace close. The cousin is by his side. He thinks of a memory of Seo-yong.

She ran to him and told him that she was going to the palace today. It is the first time to see the King. He asked if she was that happy. She said that she was curious. Some days he is all ugly, some days he is handsome. In my dream, last night he looked just like you. She giggled.

The cousin thinks that he believed giving her up would have made her happy. You were that happy right before you came to the palace. After you came to the palace you tried to kill yourself. Is it because of that? (The King and concubine).

The gates to the palace fully close.


The Grandmother queen yells that the Queen is out of her mind. She slept with the King for several days and did not convince the King, she was the one that was convinced! Her brother tells her to calm down. We will not get anything getting angry.

But The Grandmother Queen says that she is angry, she has lost this chance. Did you see how the King behaved? His daring eyes. He should have ended his life as a normal person, but I made him the King, how dare he challenge me.

Jwa-gun tells her that they need to train him. He can give him a lesson for him to realize who he is. She sighs and looks in the mirror. She pulls her eyes back and thinks that it does not matter how much she takes care of her face. One even ruins everything. Her brother tells the maid to bring in the female nurse.

The Grandmother Queen tells him that the Queen visited her the night she jumped into the lake. In the flashback, So-yong told the Grandmother Queen that she wanted to leave the palace. She did not think she deserved to be the Queen and could not stand as her in this unhappy life.

The Queen Grandmother told her that she heard a rumor that So-yong’s behavior was cruel. Did you do that on purpose so that you would not be the Queen? Did you think that would work? You were so eager to learn how to be the Queen, but now I do not know what you think. Your destiny was already determined when you were born. Serve the family and become the Queen. That is your destiny and your meaning of existence. Are you here all by yourself? No. You cannot come down. If you die then you must die at the palace.

So-yong’s eyes grew wide at that.

In the present, the queen grandmother thought that kids were just weak now. Maybe she was just complaining about her lessons to be the Queen so I did not take it seriously. I never thought she would commit suicide and jump into the lake. If she really hates to be the Queen by jumping into the lake, then todays crazy thing….

Jwa-gun – She wanted to step down from being the Queen.

QG – If that is true then I won’t give the queen any more breaks.

Cut to the Queen running over the bridge on the lake. Her maid is running after her. But the Queen Grandmother stops her and yells, you cannot go home Queen Jang Bong -hwan! You must stay in the palace until your body decomposes forever! You will live without your thingy forever!

The Queen runs to the lake but there is no water in it. She falls to the ground and reaches for the water and yells NOOOOO, I don’t want to live without my thingy!!! (she literally said she does not ant to live as a eunuch).

She wakes up suddenly. Her maid is by her side and cries about So-yong trying to kill herself so she says she would jump in as well. The Queen tells her to be quiet, no more tears, I can’t believe there were three rounds of tears, that is why I fell asleep. You look pretty when you smile.

The maid tells her that her father was here until almost sundown and left. You would have seen him if you woke up earlier. The Queen thinks it is good that she did not see him.

Q – (If a guys soul is in his precious daughter, how sad would he be?)

Q – Okay, let’s do it now. The lake should have enough water.

She hops up to go to the lake and smiles thinking that today is the day.


They both walk to the lake. The Queen thinks that the last thing he has to do today is leave this poor man lingering image and go back. I survived because of you Hong Yeon, and Choi, so you should leave a word when you die to your decedents. Tell them to buy land in Gangnam. You should say that okay? After 200 years all your descendants will have a happy life. That is the only thing I can give you. Alright, let’s go!

She gets to the lake and sees that they are not in the people conveyor belt anymore. So everyone is bringing the water all the way from another place. The Queen asks, can you tell me this one more time? It sounds like you cannot fill the water today?

They all bow their apologies on the ground and tells her that the nearest well is miles away so they need another fifteen days. They all yell for her to kill them

The Queen stands up angrily and yells that everyone here says to kill them. Do you think I really wont kill you? Do you want me to show you how saying things and behaving is the same!

They all whimper. She tells them all to shut up, this should be enough. Her maid stops her from going any further and says she will stop her. The Queen says she is not going to jump into the water to kill herself. This is how she is going to live.

She tries to get around Hong Yeon. But Hong Yeon tackles her, lol. She yells for everyone to stop the Queen. But no one thinks they can touch the Queens Holy body. Choi grabs her as well and cries that she was not supposed to do it.

The Queen wonders how she can get away. She starts to tickle them but they still do not let go. 

The Queen ends up saying that she won’t do it, she won’t jump into the lake. She looks at the head eunuch and tells him to lift his head and straighten his back. Then she checks his height and asks if he can swim?

Cut to her watching the eunuch walk into the lake to check out how deep it is. It is only about waste deep now though he said it is deeper in the middle. 

However, before he gets there someone tells her that the Queen Grandmother is looking for her.


Meanwhile, Kim Hwan is hanging out at the gisaeng house. He tells one of the gisaengs that the world is changing too quickly without him. She tells him he is he center of the world which makes him happy. Another gisaeng brings in cold noodles. He tells her that he did not order it.

The gisaengs tell him that it is on the house since he is a regular customer. Kim Hwan tells them that he is only doing this to find his friend Lee Saeng-mang that has disappeared. They ask why he is looking for him so much?

Kim Hwan says he thinks the friend’s absence holds an important truth. My fear says that he is the center of this case. Though he doesn’t know what case.


The Queen sits in front of the QG. Kim Jwa-gun is beside her. The Queen thinks that she is at the testing sight. She starts to tell the Queen about what happened today.

But QG stops her from talking and says this is all her fault. She knew that So-yong did not want to be the Queen but she made her the Queen. Do you really hate being the Queen enough to commit suicide?

Q – (So she committed suicide because she did not want to be the Queen?)

QG – Okay, you want that so much so I will let you leave the palace. I am going to step you down. You will end your life here alone in your place and will not even be able to visit your house.

Q – (No, I can only go home through the lake).

Q – I can’t remember! My memory did not come back ever since I jumped into the lake.

QG – So you have no memory but you remember that you wanted to commit suicide?

Q – I had painful emotions. I do not know why I anted to commit suicide.

QG – Why did you step in without the complete memory? If you have no good reason then you just wanted to be against me?

Q – No! I don’t want to be against you.

G – Are you directly against me today?

Q – (I have to get away, I have no way).

G – I am not letting that happen.

Q – KILL MEEEEEE. I deserve to die! I am having trouble with my sparse memory and I cant be against the family or my husband. Please give me poison so I can end my PAAAAAAIN!

Q – (What they really want is to not step me down).

G – Life is not that easy thing! You tried to commit suicide and now you want poison? Why are you so weak!

Q – (What they want is to know who is in charge.)

Q – My stupid choice to commit suicide brought misunderstanding. Please KILL MEEEEEE. I deserve to die!

G – You dying will not end this. Because of this, Daebi has a big weakness of us. It is not your weakness. the entire Kim family!

Q – I will take care of–

JG – Both of you calm down please. I will ask you the last question. Do you really want to leave the palace?

Q – I want to live in the palace.

JG – What do you think Queen Grandmother?

The Queen Grandmother is deep in thought. The Queen says she is a new person since she still does not have her memory. She will be reborn as the perfect Queen.

G – I do not believe promises people give only with words.

Q – I will show you with action.

JG – Why not give her a chance?

G – Okay.

Q – THANK YOU FOR YOUR MERCY. I will never make you worry.

JG – I don’t worry.

He pulls out the embroidery letter that the Queen made and tells her that they do not have weaknesses. If it is troublesome then they can cut it out. He throws the embroidery in the fire.

Q – (This was the real warning.)

The Queen leaves the Grandmothers quarters muttering that it is so dark. But she is talking about her future instead of how dark it is outside.


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