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Live Recap: Mr. Queen Ep 4 (Part 2)

Live Recap: Mr. Queen Ep 4 (Part 2) Explained

This is part 2 of our live recap for Mr. Queen!

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




While the Queen is being carried away, she thinks that everything goes the way So-yong wants (So-yong is the Queen). And So-yong is in trouble now. She thinks this woman will be punished by God. Poor Cho Hwa-jin. But anyway, when I go back she is bye-bye anyway. I have no time to take care of other people.

She opens her window and tells Choi to walk slowly or she will trip. Then she tells the men carrying her to hurry up! Go faster! Faster!

The men start to run. The Queen enjoys this fast look at the palace.

Q – (Ah, this ride. Only different class people can enjoy it).


Mun-geun shows up at the palace guards station wearing his palace guard things. He is the new head of the guards. He tells Yang-pyung that this is his last day so he will be sad. But Yang-pyung says he isn’t, you will be better than me.

A stately horse is led up. Yang-pyung tells him that this is the horse for the captain of the royal guards. It is the Kings gift. Why don’t you try it?

MG says it has been a while since he rode a horse. He needs to get the Kings appointment to be officially appointed so I will ride it slowly.

Hong comes up and asks if the King’s father in law knows how to ride horses?

MG – Who?

Hong – I am the Kings best friend and the top 5 attractive man–

YP – You do not need to know him

Hong – You don’t look like you can ride horses from your body. Especially a horse as tall as this. With your short legs, you will not be able to sit.

MG – How dare you, when I was young I could ride horses without holding on. It was so comfortable on the back of a horse that I fell asleep on the horse. It is true. I will show it to you.

They tell him that he does not have to. But he hops on the horse anyway. He accidentally hops on it backwards so he has to turn himself around.

Yang-pyung hits the horses rear which makes it race off.

MG is taken for a wild horse ride around this guard area until he falls off. All the guards run up to him. MG yells and says my leg! My leg!


The Queen gives the eunuch a list of grocery items including milk. But she uses a word for milk that they don’t know so she has to use the old word.

She mumbles that they probably won’t have butter….do you have pepper?

The chef mumbles something rude about how the Queen will use these things like water or sand.

She tells him that she hears him. So he stops.

A maid runs in, its Choi. She says she is here! i am slow but I never fall! She huffs and puffs and looks like she might be about to pass out.

the chef thinks she has grit.

They start to cook. The Queen tells him to pour the milk inside a big container. She knows the milk is precious, that is why she is using it. For this recipe milk is 80% of the ingredients.

They tell her that the calf will starve if they use too much milk. The Queen says it is good sometimes to be starved. That is intermediate fasting. So fill it up to this level. If it is one less than this level then *motions to cutting off his neck*. The eunuch runs off.

The little girl comes in again. She has a dog with her. The chef complains but the Queen tells her to come up. She asks her name and asks if she is raising a dog in the palace?

The chef complains about how that dog has a higher rank that he does. That dog is from China and has a precious bloodline.

Q – That ming China is like 200 years ago so he bred with other dogs. He is a mixed dog. What is his name?

Girl – No name

Q – Why don’t you call the dog Dang Dang i. 

She spells mung mung i on the floor and then changes it to Dang-Dang-i.  She asks if she is around the kitchen because she is hungry? Because the little girls stomach growled.

So the Queen gives her some food from her pocket to eat. The little girl doesn’t eat it because it is too precious. The Queen tells her not to worry, it is not free. After you eat it then help me take care of the potato.

The chef tells her that she can’t. You are royal family, Queen, but food should not be touched by women. he says all the reasons women can’t touch food traditionally.

Queen tells him he is Gondae (a Boomer, lol). She teaches the girl how to say that then tells her to eat the food. The girl says she fells like she is eating clouds. The Queen tells her she is good at describing tastes. You can have a food eating channel!

Then she asks if this kid is too young to come into the palace? The chef says the entire family because servants and ays something bad about the father.

The Queen covers the girls ears and tells the chef not to say such things in front of children. Then she uncovers the ears and points at the chef and says Daeng Chung I. (Mung-chung-i became Daeng-chung-i which means he isa  dummy). They all laugh.

She starts cooking again. The eunuch runs back in and tells her that he squeezed all the milk in the palace. She tries to give him a high five but he does not know what that is so he puts his head in front of her to be pat.



She starts to cook. She is making pasta with all the ingredients she has and tells them all that she is serving her by herself.

She takes the food to the Queen.


Cut to the Queen eating and enjoying the food. But she thinks the food looks cold and is a bit harder after getting cold. She is also sad that the milk spilled over. Well, you can’t be perfect all the time.

The Queen is stunned. While riding back she thinks she has perfect food but there is no way to deliver it perfectly. How can I make it so it does not get cold. That is the problem.

She opens her window and looks at a traditional Korean accessory. Then her mind starts to do all these calculations. She looks at the men walking and does even more calculations.

Lots of math is going on inside the Queen’s mind right now. She is super excited to think about this.

So she breaks into the workshop (at a run, she might have had to run away from her people) and tells them that she needs a carrier for her food.

Everyone that works on making the carriages bows and wonders what a carrier for food is?

Her maids catch up to them huffing and puffing.


The Queen goes to the lake where everything is being refilled. It is barely filled at all. One of the eunuchs tells her that the lake is on a little elevation so it doesn’t take long to empty it. The Queen thinks about something.


Back in the kitchen. the chef is not working at all. He asks his people if they would like something to drink. Then Choi comes in and tells him that the Queen would like a cold drink.

So the chef makes a cold drink for her that is filled with fruit. We see him preparing this, it looks precious and pretty with petals all around.

He presents it to Choi and brags about his creation. He says he can make it with his eyes closed. She tells him that she say him with his eyes open wide. Then leaves.


Back at the lake, the Queen decided to stay there all day so the servants will continue working hard (they had been slacking off earlier). She drinks the drink the chef made for her then tells the eunuch in charge of this that the need to fill it by the end of the day today.

She tells her maid that the head chef needs to make this drink for everyone here. They both look at her – everyone?

So Choi goes back and tells the chef that they want another serving. The chef is happy to see her and asks if the Queen dropped her bowl because it tasted so good? Was she crying? haha. Choi, I am this person.

The other cooks start to chant, head chef, head chef! He motions for them to stop and tells Choi that he can make it for her as well. Choi looks like she is literally in pain. The chef laughs happily then tells her that he will make one more for her.

Choi – You should make some more.

Chef – Okay, how many more?

Cut to all the servants standing in line for this precious drink. the chef had to bring it to the Lake. They are all so happy to have it and are ready to work hard.



Meanwhile, Kim Hwan is hiding by a tree. He thinks he is hiding perfectly, but a maid comes up and gives him some of the water. he happily takes it.

The maid is Hong Yeon. He might like her because he spits out the drink. He asks if she could see him? She says yes, of course.  She motions for him to finish so she can take the dish back.

He drinks it quickly and hands it back. They hands touch. A love song starts to play. She removes the dish and turns to leave. But that is all it took, he is super smitten. Petals start to fall around them. he walks off dazed and looking at the petals.

H – When she recognized me, I went to her and became a flowery handsome man. (this is a parody of something)

While walking away, Hong bumps into the maid. She drops the bowl. He fixes his guard uniform really quickly and dramatically kneels and tells her not to get hurt.

She looks at him and the same song starts to play. she is instantly smitten. He dramatically pulls holds her arm and tells her not to hold it with her bare hands. Then pulls out a handkerchief and gives it to her fancily. He walks away.

She looks at him walking away with the rose petals falling around him and is in love. She thinks, I am willing to get hurt and be in pain for him.


Elsewhere, the concubines maid is being tortured.

Hwa-jin is looking for her. Another maid tells her that they are looking for her. Hwa-jin says her maid is not that kind of person to disappear.

Daebi comes in and excuses the maid. She tells Hwa-jin that she is the only one she can rely on. Tell me everything. The girl will live and we will live.

Time jump t an arrow hitting a post in the guard area to Yang-pyung. Hwa-jin did it.

Later on, the King, Yang-pyung, and the head eunuch are walking on the grounds. the King convinces the eunuch to leave and go do something. The eunuch leaves reluctantly.

But he is about to follow them. But they are prepared with Hong who runs into the eunuch on purpose to keep him from following.

This allows the King and Yang-pyong to go to a foresty area to talk. They talk about the maid that disappeared and mention the Queen finding out that the King was the sword man. This happened after that.

The King says it wasn’t him, she wants to slash the concubine. Is that the Queens choice? revenge?

Hwa Jin comes to talk to him. She apologizes. he says it is not her fault, it is his fault. He tried to kill the Queen himself. In order to get her revenge, she tried to blame you. I will reveal that I am the one who attempted to kill the Queen.

Yang-pyung tells him not to. The King says that they both know about revenge. They need to return everything back exactly. That is revenge. Just as I did to the Queen, she wants to point her sword to the concubine. The only way to calm the Queens revenge is for me to kneel. That is it.

Hwa-jin tells him that the Queen planned this from the beginning to blame me. If I step forward then everything ends.

Yang-pil tells the King that he has bigger things to do. Remember what you have prepared for the last two years. Undergoing all the humiliation. You should get away with this with a bigger deed. 

King – I never wanted to be the King, especially the scarecrow King. But, there is only one reason I came into the palace and not runa way anymore.

he remembers the flashback where he was running away as a kid.

King – So don’t tell me to run away anymore. I will never run away again.

Pang-pyung says he will find her maid. She should be in the palace getting tortured. As soon as she falsely confesses, they will arrest Hwa-jin. Wait until I find her.

King – Okay, in the last moment, I will step out. No one stop me. This is the Kings order. I lost too many people. I will not loose anyone today.

Yang-pyung leaves. Hwa-jin tells the King not to get hurt. He says he will not get hurt. If they want, I can kneel even deeper. Or I will deny it. I will try my best not to get hurt.




Yang-pil goes to the training facility and gathers all the guards that he trusts together. He tells them all to dress up. Today they are looking for a servant in the palace. Be sure that noone sees you.

They all dress in black attire with red bands and run off to find this servant. it is during the daytime though so it will be hard to not be noticed.


Meanwhile, the Queen lets out a big yawn. Choi gives her some yarn that she might like for embroidery. She wants her to take out her hobby again.

The Queen says no, I always sew my own finger. Choi happily presents a thimble though she presents it on her middle finger so the Queen asks if she is telling her F-you?

Everyone is confused. She asks if anyone knows what that means? No one knows what that means. The Queen pushes Choi’s finger back down and mutters that that bothers her.

Int he palace, the King walks around and asks the head eunuch where the Queen is. He says she is at the lake.

Cut to Daebi who is still talking to the older politician man. She says that, on that night, the concubine ran away from a big scare? They do not know if she is telling the truth. The man thinks that the person the servant saw is the concubine.

Daebi asks if he thinks they were caught in the Queens trap? A maid runs in at that time and tells Daebi that the concubine is –.


Cut to the concubine kneeling in front of some door. It might be the Queen Grandmothers door. She thinks in her mind that she will protect the King.

Inside the Queen Grandmothers room, the QG and her brother talk about Hwa-jin walking here with her own two feet. They think she has a good relationship with that servant. That is good, things might go easily. Since she came herself, perhaps she should say things from her own mouth.

The Queen Grandmother thinks their health is important so they should finish their meal first. They start to eat.

Meanwhile, the guards in black run all around the palace and check over every building.

The maid is still tied up. The torturers pour water over her. She says that her Queen is not that kind of person. It wont change even if you torture me.

Man – You are just a dog who licks the hand of the owner who tries to kill you. It is too late, even if you confess, your young lady will blame you as the criminal.

The maid says that wouldn’t happen. But she whimpers like perhaps it could have happened.


Back at the lake, the Queen teaches them how to play Cats in the Cradle with the yarn. Choi thinks that yarn is too precious to play that game. But they keep playing regardless.

The Queen thinks that precious things are all weak, that is the problem. She looks for stronger thread but finds a red embroidered message.

Q – (Throwing away my fake self)

HY – You made that everyday until recently. I can’t read but that is a pretty poem or something.

Choi – I have never seen it.

HY – Whenever you came in she made something else. is it a love letter!

Q – (This is a death will).

Q – So I made this before I jumped into the lake?

HY – Yes.

Q – Was I like this, I couldn’t sleep and had no appetite?

HY – You were. You were always like that.

Q – i always looked depressed?

The Queen asks if she gave things to people around her with no good reason? Yeon says yes. So the Queen thinks that Hwa-jin was wrong. The Queen did not want to put her in a trap, she wanted to commit suicide.

the King is announced. The walks by. The Queen yells, do you want to have a fight!

K – is this it? Is that your choice?

Q – What are you talking about?

K – You pretend like you do not know anything again? Am I tricked by your lying eyes and lies.

Q – i am not the one that lied. It’s you. I slept in the same room and didn’t even know that you tried to kill me. I am the one that should be angry, not you. 

K – You told me, Queen, how cowardly it is to try and kill he weakest. If this is revenge, if you do the same to get your revenge, I won’t let it just happen.

The King storms off.

Q – What the F is he talking about?

She sits and lets out a few breathes. The Eunuch tells Choi something then Choi whispers it in the Queen’s ear. The Queen yells, what?



At the same time, the Queen Dowager is being carried away. She wonders what she should do with this weak girl.

Cut to the Queen Grandmother and her brother walking outside to see the concubine.

HJ – if you want to blame someone, just blame me.

QG – Who am I asking for their sins?

HJ – My servant disappeared.

QG – You think I did it? Why?

HJ – You want to hear something from her. The thing you want to hear, I will tell you.

QG – Okay, I will hear it.

HJ – When the Queen fell into the lake, I was with her.

Flashback to that night. The So-yong told Hwa-jin that she will lose someone important to her. Then she turns and jumped into the lake. Hwa-jin tried to stop her.

HJ – I pushed the Queen into the lake with my surge of emotions. So just ask me for my sins and do not harm the innocent servant. I will take all my sins with me.

QG – Really? Do you know what is in this letter? This is the letter you received from daebi. They gave it to me. The location, time, everything matches the accident that happened to the Queen. Do you know what this means?

HJ – I never received that letter

QG – Do you think you can cover everything alone? Do you think you are someone very important? You are just the tail.

Old Minister – *bows* Queen grandmother, that letter is fake.

QG – Of course it is not, it is from the same family, they work for the same goal

Old Minister – Daebi does not agree with that kind of cruel crime only because she is from the same family.

QG – Then who made this fake letter? You need someone behind you to have traction for your plan.

The King is announced.

HJ – Your highness

K – Queen Grandmother

QG – You came, that is good. The concubine just confessed. She pushed the Queen and tried to murder her.

K – that is all a lie

QG – Even though you are under a woman’s skirt, you should make a clear decision. How can I trust you? Are you for that cruel criminal? She tried to murder your wife. So, tell me, who is the one that tried to murder the Queen?

The Queen has come in by now. her and the King look at each other.

HJ – I did it.

QG – You all heard it. If you argue that you are the only one up to the plan then I will give you a chance to prove it. 

Cut to the men in black flipping all around the palace to find the maid.

In the torture room, the men got her confession. But she is passed out now. The man int he mask tells the other ones to treat her because she needs to be a witness.

But the men in black storm in and starts to fight the three men. The masked man tries to get away. he busts through the wall and takes off.

Yang-pyung checks the maid.

Back at the Queen Grandmothers quarters, the Queen Dowager says that the concubine can accept her sin and execution right here. Then she will not ask anyone else for their sins.

Q – (The Kings nightmare every night is that someones head is chopped off. he is all stiff now and messed up.)

The concubine looks at the Queen and holds the sword. The King falls to his knees and says she should not be executed! he grabs hold of the knife.

HJ – *whispering* Your highness, please.

K – This is the Kings order

His hand is all bloody. She removes her hand. the Queen looks at them both.

The guards steps away. 

Q – Chil-jong is cool.

Q – (why is he the only one cool right now? Wait, tonight I will have the water filled in the lake and can go back.)

The King stands.

K – The one that tried to kill the Queen is….

Q – WAIT! 

The Queen holds out her hand to stop him.

Cut to the spring, it is dry. There is no more water. All the servants fret over this. What do they doooo?

Back at the scene, the Queen walks to the center of everyone. Her music plays. 

She stands next to the King and kneels. 

Q – I will reveal the truth to who is at the center of the case….I tried to kill myself.

Q – (I am not going to let you be cool alone. I am the hero in this district. I can just go back, that’s it.)

Q – So no innocent should draw blood.

She smiles.

Q – (ahh, I am super cool.)

Everyone looks on in shock.

Fade Out


What a hilarious and yet serious ending. This show gets better with every episode, y’all. I love how the pressure is building inside the palace and how Mr. Queen has to figure all this out in order to stay out of the fray. Though he is caught right in the middle of it all.

I am excited for next week!

If you want to see a quick video recap of episode 3 then check out our YouTube channel (and be sure to subscribe)!

See you next week!


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