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Live Recap: Mr. Queen Ep 4 (Part 1)

Live Recap: Mr. Queen Ep 4 (Part 1) Explained

This show is so fun! I love the music, the action scenes, the cooking scenes, I love it all. I am glad I did not drop it after episode 1 (because I wasn’t all that into it after the first episode) because now it is a gas and a half.

Watch our video recap of episode 3!

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




We open on the tea that the King and The Queen are having. The Queen thinks that she smelled that same jasmine scent that night in the room and on the sleeve. it was the same smell.

Her maid looks at her.

The Queen looks at the King and recognizes him from that night.

Q – It was you, you were the one. 

K – (The worst case, the left sleeve)

He grips his sword and unsheathes it.

Q – You are the one I need.

K – I am happy that you like it.

Q – (So he was around me so much to see if I remembered that)

Maid – You are so pale, you are sweating.

K – *puts in the poison*

Q – I am fine I am just a little tired since I stayed up over night.

K – This tea is really good in that situation. Why don’t you drink it.

The maid tried it and then tells the Queen that she can drink it now.

K – I will serve it, you can step out.

The King serves the two teas. The maid leaves.

K – It smells good, let’s have it.

The Queen reluctantly takes the tea and starts to drink it.

Q – (I should pretend that I do not know, then I will survive. Why is he looking at the tea so much, is it poison?)

Q – *gasps*

K – What?

Q – It tastes so good.

K – Good, that mkes me happy. When was the last time you ate dinner?

Q – (He wonders about my dinner because an empty stomach can absorb poison better)

Q – You are very interested in me recently.

K – I was just busy. I am also interested in your family and you.

Q – Then you drink this. For our love.

K – If you wish.

He drinks it.

Q – (Its not?)

The King leans her back and kisses her and puts all the tea in her mouth. She pulls away and calls him an a-hole. He asks if she thinks he is poisoning her? Do you have a good reason for that? She tries to pull away. He holds on to her and tells her to wait. I can prove my innocence. If you don’t like it then–

He grabs her hair piece and puts it to his neck. Then he tells her, the symptoms of poison is for your tongue to go numb. Do not hesitate if you feel that.

Q – Do you think I will hesitate?

Q – (I am not going to die alone, even if I die)

She holds it to his neck strongly



Cut to a maid saying that she can’t work anymore. Even if she is killed. She drops her bucket. Everyone else drops their buckets too. They are exhausted.

Back in he Queens room, she stars to feel sleepy. He asks if she is going to try and kill her while nodding off. She asks, this is strange, what did you feed me?

K – I have a questions. What did you do when I went to see my concubine?

Q – I am going to get out of this place. I can’t die like this. I am almost out of this place.

She hobbles to her feet. The King closes the door.

K – That night, hat happened to you.

Q – (No, it is dangerous, I shouldn’t say anything)

Q – That night, you, tried to kill me.

K – (She knows.)

K – You knew that so why are you trying to hide it? What do you know!

Q – I did not know. I just knew because of your tea smell. I am sad. If I knew this in advance then I could have killed you first. You bad guy. Even though you are crazy about other women, you tried to kill your own wife? You are not human. You are having an affair lawfully. Do you really have to kill your own wife?

K – (she does not know the reason?)

K – Queen, you heard something you should not have heard that night. What did you hear. Tell me! What did you hear?

Q – You have another reason? Okay you have a good reason to kill this woman. F-you. Whatever I hear or you are crazy about women. You have only one reason to kill me. I am weaker than you. If I am stronger than you then you would not even dare because you can easily kill me because I am weaker than you. That is the real reason.

She puts her hair piece in his hands and holds it to her neck.

Q – Do it again. Prove that you are a murderer that only kills weak persons.

He pushes her on the ground and storms out. Her maids run in.

Q – How dare he think I am easy! If I am the original me then he wouldn’t even be one punch!

The King runs to his bedroom office area. He is still holding the hair piece.

He looks at the hair piece and picks it up. Yang-pyung comes in and asks what happened.

K – I aways thought I was the weak side that fought the stronger side. That everything I do is all justified. The Queen already knows that I tried to kill her. I thought she deserved to die. Not just because she overheard what we were talking about. But because she is the one that let them abuse their power. I thought killing the Queen was justified. But that was a cowardly excuse. I am not confident enough to face the strong so I try to kill the weakest. The Queen.

YP – Your highness.

K – I am only killing the weak. I am no different than them.

YP – You need to focus on your purpose. If the result is justified, then the method becomes just. The Kim family is not a family that we can fight fairly. Don’t be shaken, they should be up to something scary.

K – Only the Queen knows and she just noticed it.

YP – We have to quiet her now. They will all know it soon.

K – I am not going to use a cowardly method anymore.

YP – Your highness!

K – Just because the Queen is from the Kim family, we guessed her behavior. But all her behavior was unexpected.

He thinks back to her telling him that she is not the person he thinks she is and how what he sees is not everything.

K – The Queen said she was a different person. Maybe she wanted to tell me that she was different from her family and can make different choices.

YP – What are you expecting? The Queen is a Kim! 

K – I am only the scarecrow King. But they won’t be able to do much of anything, only trust the Queen because they do not have the evidence. I will wait for the Queens choice, then I will see what kind of person she is.




The silk merchant tells Kim Byong-in that he found out where this fabric is from. It is from the palace. To sneak out this precious gift to the King – it will be noticed.

Byong-in thinks that would be normal with a normal aristocrats powers. The merchant asks how much he is going to give him for his efforts. I spent a lot of time.

Yong-i throws a bag on coins on the table for him. The merchant tells him to give him all the difficult and dirty jobs from now on.


At nightfall, Yang-pyung burns the Kings clothes her wore that night. A eunuch sneaks in and looks at the fire.

Cut to teh Choi family. Daebi is praying at the alter. An old man comes in and tells her that just shaking the concubines heart is not enough. They need an event to get her heart.

DB – the concubines weakness now is the lake. 

Man – Then?

DB – We have to make her a criminal who does not have power or allies, like a little baby deer without its umma. Like that.

Cut to a man sneaking in to Hwa-jin’s room and stealing the maid away using chloroform


Elsewhere, Hong and Kim Hwan play card games. Hong asks him ifhe has any worries. Hong says they have a lot of criminals now. I made a good friend but I think he is also terrorized by criminals. My cousin Byung-in is following someone with a piece of fabric.

Hong listens intently.

Kim Hwan – With my sharp sense, I think the owner of that cloth cut my friend and something happened with Byong-in hyung-nim. what do you think?

Hong kind of chuckles lightheartedly.

Hong – For me, you just staying here as a scholar and doing nothing is a big loss for Joseon. 

Hwan – Ah, you are also sharp like me.

Hong – No no.

Hwan – something scary is going on.

Hwan looks off dramatically, though comically. But Hong looks off seriously because he knows something is happening.


Meanwhile, the maid that was kidnapped is taken to a torture room. Three men are around her. One of the men holds a sword to her and tells her that she cannot see his face anyway. he is wearing a mask.

He has a joker like scar on his face. He tells her that someone wants to hear from her. You know the criminal that tried to push the Queen at the lake. That name should come out, then you will live.

She shakes her head no. They bind her mouth so she can’t scream.




A tea is made for the Queen Grandmother. But the maid tastes it and basically gags. She says it does not taste good. The Queen Grandmother says it is okay, it works well.

Her brother, the minister, is sitting in front of her.

QG -Yesterday the Queens father brought me a very precious thing. I am so energized during the day when I drink it on an empty stomach. I feel good everyday

JG – Because Mun-geun always finds nice precious things

QG – Yes because he takes care of all he presents for the King

She drinks the tea and grimaces a bit, it might be super bitter.

She asks what happened with Hwa-jin. He tells her that he has a person to take care of those things. She smiles and says she will have one less wrinkle if that is taken care of today. He nods, this time they won’t be able to get away with it.


hong runs up to Yang-pyung and tells him that Kim Byung-in is following the King and using the Kings sleeve as evidence.

Yang-pyung tells the King that he took care of the sleeve, but now the Queen knows about it. The King thinks that if the Queen used that to attack me then my decision was wrong.

Yang-pyung – That is a risky gable

K – I know. But, if my decision was right then no innocent person will be hurt.

Yang-pyung frets about that. The King tells him that today is his father in laws first day with the National Guard.

They have to stop talking when the eunuch comes in. They pretend like they are looking at a dirty book together until the eunuch leaves.


meanwhile, the Queen is in her quarters thinking.

Q – (That psychopath guy, pretending to be dumb but he was up to something. I will be more in danger if I am involved with that guy. Until the lake is filled, I will just survive here and go back.)

HY – Are your arms okay? You have been sitting like that for a long time.

Q – This makes me feel more calm

The maid tries that out.

Q – Her tongue was just moving without stopping. I should not be relaxed at any moment.

Q – (But if he wanted to kill me then why didn’t he give me real poison?)

Q – Ah I don’t know! I don’t have to know a psychopaths reasons. I want to know how much water is in the lake now.

She stands up and asks the maid if she has something, but then Choi comes in and says that the Queen Grandmother called her. The Queen complains and says, no! I am done with her!


They carry her to see the Queen Grandmother. While they carry her, a suspicious person walks around the palace grounds. He walks right past the Queen carriage and bows. The Queen sees him. Then he goes to another room.

Meanwhile, the palace workers are refilling the lake one bucket at a time in the conveyer belt. One of the maids says she has to go to the restroom and runs away.

She ends up talking to a white haired politician. This politician tells her that she has a sibling that became a government slave due to debt. I heard you worry about him a lot and want him to return to a normal person.

She says yes, she is saving money. The politician tells her that the Queen dowager is giving her a rare chance right now.


In the room that the mysterious eunuch went to, Jwa gun talks to him and asks how long it will take. The mystery eunuch tells him it will not take long. Jwa-gun says he has no contacts, but make sure she says this also. It is a  letter from Daebi (the Queen Dowager).

Cut back to the other maid. She is on her knees and says that if she is blamed for those sins then not only her, but her sibling won’t survive. He tells her to not worry about her brother. Her sacrifice will give her sibling another life. But how long will your young sibling survive in that harsh life? Bad things could happen.


The Queen meets with the Queen Grandmother. The Queen Grandmother wants her to process something important. The Queen says she is not good at that.

The Queen Mother says she will take care of the group of concubine event for her. So now the Queen is super eager to help out. She will do her best. How many can you pick?

the Queen Grandmother starts to list all the things the old book says which adds up to around 27. But this year they can only pick 3.

The Queen is all bummed about that but changes it to be happy. She says they have one concubine already so now they will pick 2 more?

QG tells her that Hwa-jin’s servant said that the Queen jumped into the lake on her own. The King protected her but the maid broke that effort. We are about to take away the Kings favorite toy so we are giving him a new one. Can you prepare my meal also? I can’t eat any other food anymore.

Q – Oh, it is difficult.

QG – Oh?

Q – What if you eat all my healthy food everyday and become younger than me? That is a big problem.

Q – *Laughs*

The Queen pretends to smile and laugh along but thinks, until I have all the water filled, I will make her happy.


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